Customer Reviews: How To Draw Manga Volume 42: Drawing Yaoi (How to Draw Manga) (v. 42)
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on September 10, 2007
I found in past searches trying to find this un-locatable book--it is actually named How to Draw Bishonen in Japanese. Which would explain the minimal boy on boy content--a small section on kisses where the two androgynous bald heads could easily be two girls. However, the anatomy and facial structure sections are vastly superior to "How to Draw Men". It's worth the buy--unless you know how to draw Bishonen all ready.
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on August 16, 2007
I was very excited about this book, up until I received it in the mail.

Now, to start with, 'Yaoi' is used in the wrong context. Yaoi defines any manga that revolves around, obviously, gay men that holds little plot, and is mainly about the graphic sex scenes. I was under the impression that this book would at least go into anatomy or intimate scenes, and it barely does that. You get wear muscles go, and that's about it. It's also a good reference if you need help drawing hands or feet, clothing, and shoes, but as far as Yaoi goes? There's nothing in it, save for the ONE page of drawing kisses, which only has about two or three poorly drawn sketches on the page and does little to help at all.

You do get a few pages on 'Embracing' as the chapter is called. The book defines 'embracing' as an arm over the shoulder while the boy doing the embracing is pointing at some unknown object waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over there.

Basically, all this book does is give you a stereotype of how a gay man looks and dresses, with little insight to anything more then 'here's a man's body, we don't go into any detail on anything more', 'here's what his shoes look like', 'here's some hands', and 'oh, here's how to draw an arm over the shoulder.'

If you're looking to buy this book on the basis that you think it will give you anatomical insight, information on how to draw rocking sex scenes, how to draw kisses or anything at all intimate, or male anatomy, I don't recommend this book. It should be titled, 'How to Draw Pretty Boys' and nothing more.
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on July 28, 2010
This book is pretty fabulous, I wasn't seeking it for the yaoi either, but to expand my use of male form in cartooning. This book accomplishes that, and more~

It contains in depth construction tutorials on the youthful male figure, with great attention to hands and feet, with one of the "How to Draw" series better examples of under drawing and figure construction for proportion and foreshortening. An added bonus are a few guides on how to incorporate or depict interactions with objects in the hand, more elaborate clothing section, and a great amount of detail on shoes. The glove and glasses pages are nice, and overall the book is more about constructing a character's appearance and mannerisms for use driving a story. Also giving examples of how to utilize the same information in a broad range of graphic styles.

There is a cute little history lesson on stylization too, which is sort of fun.
If you were looking for something sexually explicit, this isn't the book for you, there is one diagram to show how licking should work (with ice cream) and one page showing how faces interact when kissing, but that is it besides the normal figures depicted in underwear you always see for anatomy lessons.

If you want a book on specific male romantic interactions there is photo reference and a tutorial on how to incorporate that in the Drawing Bishonen book that can get more explicit ~How To Draw Manga: Drawing Bishonen
If you are interested in yaoi for yaoi's sake, pick up both as a set.
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on April 4, 2014
However, it should not have "Drawing Yaoi" in its title. I agree with most of the people who reviewed this book, this is clearly a great guide to drawing nice looking boys but there is virtually nothing provided to help you draw yaoi. Also, not worth over 30.00. If you pay 50 or more, you will be disappointed!!
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on December 17, 2012
I found this book very helpful for learning to draw the male form. There were actually only about six pages or so that had yaoi-scenarios towards the end, but that is easily overlooked when you consider all the other information it has for you.
After all, if you can't draw guys in the first place then drawing BL is even more difficult. Which makes all the great drawings this has and the instructions that go with an absolute must-have. And if you think of those six pages as stepping-stones or starting points to give you a little inspiration then you're good to go!
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on October 22, 2012
But that has been said a million times. What I wanted was more tips on how to draw, and I like the steps in this better than the How to Draw Manga: Male Characters. It gives you a load of tips to prevent you from going into all those amateur (like me) pitfalls, tips I would have never dreamed of. A bit misleading, but if you want to draw bishounen, this is a good start.
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on June 1, 2009
Ignoring the inaccuracy of the title (it is mostly about how to draw individual attractive men rather than boy-on-boy lovers) this is a really good drawing resource. It covers mostly how to draw attractive men in a few styles commonly seen in anime and magna. Since it can be difficult to find good resources on drawing ATTRACTIVE males, I appreciate it.

I like this book because of the top-notch perspective figure drawing tutorials and excellent examples on drawing one of the most difficult things to capture right, the human hand. I'm looking forward to trying out this new approach to hand drawing and seeing if it will improve my style.

The How To Draw Couples book in the same series includes same sex and opposite sex couples as examples. That might solve some of the drawing dilemmas you might encounter drawing lovers and I would recommend that one over this if that is your end goal.
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on July 27, 2013
It's a g-rated look at male/male couples (that ignores the couple thing). It's a passable reference for drawing guys (but not in the style of the boys on the cover).

The only part of the book that deals with couples (3 pages at the end) has two "brothers" rolling around on the floor (because apparently that's less creepy that having a couple doing the same). The effect actually made me uncomfortable. If you're doing a book on couples depict couples! Not siblings sorta acting like couples.

I can't recommend this book as anything more than a reference to drawing males and not a great one at that.
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on July 11, 2009
While I have found that this book is quite informative and lots of fun as far as drawing bishonen (aka "Attractive Men/Boys"), I was rather dissapointed in it's actual info information on drawing YAOI, which is what it was created for. There are only 3 actual pages that show two guys together, (which is the nature of yaoi) and they're just full of reference images, but little instruction... /:
All in all, if you want an excellent book on drawing pretty boys, and a cute bishonen-themed side-story, this is the book for you. But if you want to learn to draw two men together, you'd be better off with "How To Draw Manga: Drawing Bishonen", which features a LOT of yaoi, despite not being a book meant for it. Or even "How To Draw Manga: Portraying Couples", and I haven't yet purchased it, but Botan Yamada's "Let's Draw Yaoi!" looks promising.

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on February 18, 2010
I am so glad I bought this book. But not because of yaoi, to be honest I am really not a fan. I assumed this book would have a lot of male reference.... and it does, which will make drawing somewhat afemmine guys easier. If you want to buy it for the yaoi.... this will be a let down there is like two pages of yaoi and one of the pages are more like brotherly like interaction.

But good book none the less.
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