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on September 8, 2010
I decided to learn more Vegan recipes after realizing I wouldn't have a cholesterol problem if I didn't eat anything with cholesterol in it! All animal products have cholesterol, even Fat Free Milk. I also learned that all dairy products strip more calcium from your bones than the food provides! All animal products increase the acidity of the blood. In order for the kidneys to do their job, the acid must be buffered and the body releases calcium from bones and teeth. America drinks and eats the most dairy products and has the highest rate of osteoporosis in the world! No wonder Sally Field ate and drank her dairy products and STILL got osteoporosis! I'd rather not have to take the bone building drugs since the side effects (spontaneous Femur fractures, dissolved Jaw bones, etc.) are rather nasty, so I will reduce my dependence on animal products to hopefully maintain a normal bone density as menopause approaches.

Hence, the search for a practical Vegan cookbook. Having so many cookbooks over a 23-year cooking career, I wanted to find only one to add to the collection that will show me substitutions and give me new ideas for cooking and baking. I pulled every Vegan cookbook off the library shelf and found this to have a practical way of slowly adapting a Vegan eating style to your regular eating. Substitutions for milk products, eggs, condiments and tasty desserts were perfect. There is also a list of different Tofu products out there, what recipes the different consistencies are good for, and how to cook with them. I loved all the Mexican and Asian style foods since many of them can be adapted to vegan very easily.

I don't really need to substitute out leather and other animal products from my life, but if you need to be that thorough, there is an index in the back for those who wish to avoid all products relating to animals (bees wax, honey, cosmetics and such).

I will probably be treating myself to regular food on a sporadic basis since I will not insist on vegan when eating at someone's home and being a PIA of a guest. I don't need to run my mother ragged during family get-togethers. Besides, one's health won't be compromised by a regular meal once a week or so as long as you are eating vegan on a daily basis.

One bonus feature: I noticed my chronic indigestion disappeared after only reducing the animal food use in my life. No more Tums, Prilosec and Pepcid for the last year!

I returned all the other vegan library books and renewed this as many times as I could. I finally decided to order my own copy. I will probably have it bound with a plastic ring/comb style at Office Depot or Staples so that it can lay flat at the page I need. We do that to books of sheet music for the piano. Have them add a clear plastic cover to the front and back to protect it from the mess on the kitchen counter!
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on March 14, 2014
buy it, you will be happy about it. i love this book. i am a dietetics student and a vegan and i was tired of people arguing with me over health issues like protein and how boring vegan eating can be. this book is my best weapon against such allegations. i plan to buy everyone i know a copy for Christmas. or Kwanzaa or Hanuka or birthday.
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on September 25, 2010
DO NOT BUY THIS COOKBOOK ON KINDLE!!! Using a cookbook depends on being able to navigate to different recipes easily. Kindle makes it nearly impossible. There isn't even a link to the Table of Contents. The only way to get there is to go to the cover and flip pages. There are links to the Chapters in the Table of Contents, but that's as far as linking goes. If you can even find the index, you cannot link to a recipe from the index entry. Page numbers are given, but that is of no use, since Kindle uses locations. How frustrating it is to be using a recipe that refers to a recipe or technique on another page and not be able to go there easily. It is now too late to return the Kindle edition, so please learn from me! Until Kindle developers create a usable format for cookbooks, I'll never purchase one for Kindle again.

So enough about the Kindle problems. I am going to give this book a 4 star rating based on content. Sara Kramer's _Vegan a Go-Go_ is one of my favorite cookbooks. It has traveled all over the place with me and I use it a lot at home because nearly all the recipes are reliable and good. Based on my experience with this cookbook, I've decided to add more of her books. Her tone is friendly and her recipes are as well. She includes more than just good vegan recipes. There's ideas for health and beauty, household care, and animal care, as well as a great appendix to help decipher which ingredients are actually from animals. I will definitely be purchasing this book in the paper format.
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on May 21, 2015
My daughter had this book and I bought it because of the corn bread recipe....I have only made one other recipe since I purchased it....a bean recipe that I expected to taste more like a classic baked bean but it was more Mexican in flavor. There's nothing wrong with that except it wasn't what I was going for. That being said, this is a good cookbook for those who are already vegan or for those just starting out or wanting to add some vegan recipes to their menus. I recommend it.
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on July 17, 2015
This is the quintessential vegan book. The recipes are delicious, easy, realistic for every day, and written by amazing friends. Sarah Kramer is an
amazing woman and I am in the process of getting everything she has written with or without Tanya. You will not be disappointed with the recipes in this book and even though I have about 95 vegan/vegetarian cookbooks I treasure this one. Get it! you will be glad you did.
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on January 27, 2017
There are so many good recipes and ideas for a new vegan like me. It's simple stuff which is just what I was looking for, but it's also delicious. There are also some good explanations as to why you should use particular ingredients which were helpful for me.
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on January 14, 2017
This awesome cookbook features recipes that magically transform everyday ingredients into great vegan dishes! We love the peanut butter cups, bean and cheese casserole, and Brainless Banana Pancakes.
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on April 5, 2010
I believe "HOW IT ALL VEGAN" is a must buy for everyone in this day and age. I grew up in a meat eating environment and on occasion still do eat it when I know where it is from. But after doing my own looking into and research on most of the foods that are sold to us through our big supermarkets (which I advise everyone to do), especially our meats, poultry and fish, I was shocked to find out what we are actually eating.

Unless you are "Farmer Joe" and raise your own free range, grass fed cows, pigs and chickens or know someone who does, I suggest you think twice about purchasing meat and dairy products from the mainstream supermarkets. Yes, after finding out that most of the meats and chickens contain antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, and even arsenic in some cases---not to mention goodness knows what else---and of course the cruelty that these to which the animals are subjected in the name of profit on the stock market, to me it is not worth buying into that system. A simple little thing called greed is how and why quantity oversees quality today in almost everything produced these days.

HOW IT ALL VEGAN also encourages us to learn more about our diets and to read other works on the subject as well. Such has led me to learn a lot about what we eat and how it impacts the world, its animals, environment and people. I am reminded about what our marine life ingests in the form of PLASTICS which in turn we ingest---BUT---that's another story. I discovered HOW IT ALL VEGAN through a friend and ever since have been so impressed with all the great creative alternatives, the delicious recipe---oh and the deserts YUM!!! Also, the natural remedies section at the back of the book are just another great part of this book.

Finally, I have to compliment how lovely the book's layout/theme and presentation is. It is a whimsical fun 1950's theme! It is a great book for people thinking about alternatives to animal based foods and products and of course ideal for Vegans and Vegetarians---or anyone wanting to eat better, more delicious, and have fun in the process. You don`t even have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy or get something out of this book, for it will open up a whole new world and cornucopia of foods! I bought them for family and friends for Easter and I definitely recommend buying this one!!!
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on December 14, 2016
Very good. I got it because my daughter uses it all the time.
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on January 8, 2013
I LOVE this cook book and I LOVE Sarah Kramer!! I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady at her store (Sarah's Place) in Victoria BC a couple of months ago. What fun that was! :) Anyway, I have made several recipes from each of her books. From this book in particular I just made the vanilla cake this afternoon, which reminded me, I NEED TO LEAVE A REVIEW!! :) The recipe was perfect and simple, as are ALL the recipes in her books. Can I say that again? SIMPLE! And everything always turns out delicious. My favorite part (besides all the fool proof VEGAN recipes, of course) is that NONE of the recipes continue on the next page, so no flipping back and forth! You can put your book on a stand and not have to touch it until you put the book away, or flip to make another recipe for your meal :) This book has a few pictures in the middle and every one of them looks amazing, the ones without pictures all SOUND amazing, and the ones I have actually made were BEYOND amazing! I like to cook and own about 30 vegan cook books and her books are in my top 5. THANK YOU SARAH!! (And Tanya :)
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