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on November 6, 2010
I have a very bad case of ADD which stems from a childhood accident. I am in law school now and require earplugs when I study to block out as much noise as possible. I have gone through 7 different types of ear plugs over the last 4 months. THIS IS THE BEST EARPLUG I HAVE FOUND and I don't need to search anymore! These earplugs block out more noise then any other ear plug I have ever used! Furthermore, they are one of the cheapest (in price) I have ever bought!

prolonged use (such as sleeping with them) will cause your ear canals to become slightly tender after each prolonged use. However, the tenderness will go away shortly after. I believe this is because they seem to expand and put a 'slightly higher' pressure on your ear canals than other earplugs. I presume this is part of the reason why they work better than other ear plugs. So, just be aware of this if you use them for long periods of time. I use these for studying and use an entire different brand of earplug (one that doesn't put so much pressure on the canal) for sleeping.

I thought I would share this as it was a nice relief to finally find some earplugs that blocked everything out for me! Hope this helps!
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on March 11, 2016
The problem with these ear plugs is that they're just too big, I wouldn't recommend them if you want to use them for extended periods of time, like for sleeping. They just get extremely uncomfortable after a while, I even tried to get the top part off where it expands and that didn't help either.

Unless you shove these things deep into your ear canal (and obviously this isn't a realistic option), they're going to stick out a bit, and as a side sleeper this causes even more pressure on your ear canal. They block out sound essentially as well as any other brand, but for me comfort is crucial because I only use earplugs to sleep.

So as someone who has been using earplugs for years to sleep practically every night, I'd probably for go another brand if you will be using them for the same purpose. Short term use they're fine.
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on September 17, 2016
I've used many earplugs over the years. When I was in the military, we were issued the appropriate size of plugs after being fitted. For reference, I used a Medium size. While they block out noise well, these particular plugs are very wide and the amount of pressure they put on the sides of my ear canals is uncomfortable and even painful after a while.
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on December 2, 2014
After using these for a few days while sleeping, I finally gave up on them and realized that they're just too big for my ears. When i first started using them, I would wake up each morning with ear canal soreness, and even after hours the discomfort wouldn't go away entirely (though it did ease up). After a few days of using them, however, the discomfort would last until the following night , so even putting them in was uncomfortable. I definitely would not recommend these to any women or people with smaller ear canals.

I am going back to their smaller product: Howard Leight MAX Lite Foam Ear Plugs Uncorded NRR 30 which I would highly recommend.
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on November 8, 2015
These earplugs are great and I literally would be in jail right now if it weren't for them. I'd have killed my neighbors, the tenant(s) upstairs and my boyfriend from lack of sleep. Well, maybe I wouldn't have killed them but I'd probably be in the looney house! Seriously, you just put them and if you can still hear the noise at all, at least it's low enough that you can sleep. only complaint and concern is this...for years I have purchased the 20 pack...NOT individually wrapped, from Bed, Bath And Beyond. The individually wrapped ones were not nearly as good. They were inconsistent...some were more dense than others and it matters. It they're too dense, they are harder to get in. If they are too soft, they don't do the job and are done after one use. (I was able to use them about 3 times before they stopped sealing in my ear). So beware of the individually wrapped ones, but the loose ones are a life-saver.
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on May 6, 2017
I'm elderly and have some hearing loss, and want to preserve what I have, so now use earplugs inside earmuffs at the range. I can sense sound noticeably lower using these; however, they are a bit hard to insert - as you roll them between your fingers in preparation to ear insertion they don't stay squished long enough to easily get them in the ear canal. I've found the blue earplugs are a different material which works better/easier getting in your ear so that's what I'm using now instead of these red ones.
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on September 7, 2016
These things are a BLESSING!!! I was using solid baffled style ear plugs, they would chafe my ear, and cause serious irritation; AVOID the solid ones they'll jack your ear up and don't work that well. These things however are epic, I operate and must concentrate in areas and situations where pure chaos is going down constantly. We're talking machines that will leave your head rattling at the end of the day, areas with really loud sound systems, and other things I would call hazardous environments; I won't digress though, sound is the focus point here in this review. You twist these tightly, and stick them as far as you can into your ear, hold them in place by pushing, and they will slowly expand inside your ear, it creates a custom fit. They are also very soft compared to the garbage I was issued; the solid baffled reusable style, and I can sleep in these. They will not totally silence hard core machines, but it's done enough so that you can be 10 feet away and it sounds like a 3 on a loudness scale of 1-10. They're really effective, if you don't use earplugs regularly, and your body is not adjusted to abuse, anything you stick in your ear will cause a reaction over time, these however are among the best options I've found, that said fight through the pain if you're new to using such equipment, and after a month your ears won't be bothered. Be sure to keep them clean, they will discolor slightly if you use them half the day, then also sleep with them, once a day with antibacterial soap does it for me. You also get a TON of them, it sort of shocked me, got tons of reloads for these suckers if for whatever reason failure occurs. Also a thing to note, remove them slowly, they create a vacuum in your ear canal due to the custom fit when they expand, if you pull them out fast you could hurt your ears. If you want to sleep well in hazardous environments, or operate and need to think while under distress of constant loud sounds, these are what you want, they don't look like much, but they preform and hit where you want it too. Best ones I've used so far.
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on July 20, 2010
These ear plugs deserve all the raves they've received. They're by far the best I've used and among the least expensive. And they hold up very well when used repeatedly. A tip: When compressing them by rolling them between your thumb and index finger, do it gradually to avoid folds than can act as channels for wind and noise to seep through. This is the only brand I'll buy from now on.
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on July 22, 2016
Yeah, I keep giving these out to everyone who travels with me. I wish everyone could try these-- Stop complaining about the folks in the motel room next door; the person who snores; your rowdy campsite neighbors, etc. etc. You can't control other people but you can control how you cope with it. So give yourself some peace. Put these in and relax. they are so comfortable you won't even know they are there. I think every hotel, campground, etc outta hand these out. When I try to give these to people traveling with me, they often object at first. "Oh I've tried those" "They don't work for me" "I wasn't comfortable wearing ear plugs" etc. I ask them to just give em a try and the next morning, they all think l'm a genius. I'm not....but Howard Leight is! I like to go to bed early and I joke with my friends who travel with me, "feel free to throw a party, with my eye mask and ear plugs, I"ll never know what i missed"
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on August 24, 2015
These are great. My roommates in college had weird sleeping hours, not conducive for my sleep health. With these I no longer had issues sleeping. They also work in other situations. If the neighbors were having a party next door, I was still sleeping when I want not when their party ends with these. Also each pair of plugs is individually wrapped allowing you to take it places, like the subway or a testing area with ease. I would highly recommend them.


Can make your ear canal quite sweaty so don't keep them in all day and night!
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