Customer Reviews: Hoyle Card Games 2008 [Old Version]
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on January 14, 2011
Hoyle games 2008 is a little better then Hoyle games 2005 and a lot better then Hoyle games 2010. Slightly better logic in the 2008 version compared to the 2005, about as good as the 2010 version but the 2008 version has better graphics then the 2010 version.

All the versions must have been written by a none player because the game logic stinks. For do not trump your partners ace if it has already taken the trick, and if your partner has already taken the trick no matter what was played you do not over trump or play a higher card to take the trick away from your partner. All the players play as if they are alone no matter what the game is which makes for a bad partner.
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on January 30, 2010
Since 50 passed me by, I've gotten quite particular. I read the reviews on the newer versions wanting one that would work with my new Win7 pro 64 bit system. I even tried the '09 version and didn't like it for the same reasons others gave.

I love this 2008 version. My Pretty Good Solitaire games I've played for years aren't working out visually for me on this system with a new widescreen monitor, so I needed something I would enjoy playing. While it isn't Pretty Good Solitaire, I have to say at least I'm having fun with this 2008 version of Hoyle. It's everything others have said about it. If you like to play card games to relax as I do and you're worried about Win7 etc....get this one.

Kudos to Amazon for carrying it and at a price where I got free shipping when I included it with some DVDs in the purchase.

while I don't like how some of the games play compared to what I'm used to, I still give it a 5 stars.

I just couldn't take Win7 pro64 anymore. What a POS OS. It's nothing more than Vista with new wrapping, imo.
Unexpected crashes, you blink and it would crash.
Went back to Win XP 64 Pro
The game works flawlessly. Not a single issue.

As a matter of fact, so do all my other games with no issues whatsoever using WinXP pro 64.
I do love this game. Installed without a hitch and plays without a hitch.
This is still the game you want.
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on January 27, 2010
After a LOT of confusion and research on what version would best work with Vista, I came to the conclusion that 2008 was the way to go. (I have a 2000 edition that won't completely run on Vista). Then I came to Amazon and realized that there was a 2008 "Old Version" and "New Version".... WHAT????? I bit the bullet and found a "New Version - Jewel Case" 2008 locally and brought it home with some trepidation. IT WORKS GREAT! I also purchased the Board games 2008. I have the "New Version of 2008" loaded on my Vista Desktop and it also works on my XP netbook. Other reviews have stated that they haven't updated the players or the voices of the opponents, and I also agree that if Hoyle is going to release a new version every year without really "upgrading" the games then a "free upgrade" or a discounted upgrade for current owners would be good customer relations! The only other thing that irritates me is the fact that not all of the backgrounds/game boards/faces etc., are available for use, they have to be "purchased" with coins. I just received my Windows 7 Upgrade and am curious as to whether or not this will work with that. I have had no problems at all with this and am, for the most part, very happy with it.
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on August 9, 2010
The Hoyle card games package was easy to install and works well on Win7 and XP. I have had no problems with it and have been playing the games for the past month or so.

I am not too crazy about their Facemaker program, I think the older version on Hoyle Board games was much better and easier to use.

I would recommend this package to anyone who wants simple but challenging games to keep one entertained.
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on July 4, 2010
This is a great game, I never seem to get bored with it and the best part is that it works well with Windows 7.
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on November 27, 2010
For the price of $10 or less, this package contains quite a number of games and has something of interest for everyone in the family - card games, children's games, and gambling. In addition to the games played against computer opponents (such as Bridge, Canasta, and Cribbage), there are a significant number of solitaire games to choose from.

To add an extra dimension to game play, rewards can be won in the various games and then "spent" within the program to "buy" additional game components such as different Cribbage boards or playing surfaces. Miami Solitaire is a stand-alone game that has a fun little story and its own set of rewards.

Some reviewers have said that other, newer Hoyle products do not run on Windows 7 but this product definitely does (including 64-bit), although I find it works best if set up to run in the Compatibility Mode for Windows XP SP2.

The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because some of the games don't have instructions provided which make them nearly impossible to play. Also the screen can only be displayed in two sizes: full screen or a small-ish window. I wish it could be resized to something in between.

Overall though, I think this is well worth the money and will provide hours and hours of enjoyment.
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on January 6, 2011
The animation is great, the characters have interesting comments but the programing sucks. The computer controls the cards. It is programed to rotate the winners. Winning is not random. If you win a game, you will get a losing hand until all the other characters have won. Then you will get a shamefully great hand to insure you win. This is boring!!

I'd like to find a computer card game with a deck of cards that are not rigged!!! Obviously, it is not HOYLE. All versions have the same format. Boring!!
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on May 27, 2010
I love the card games on this. I especially like that there are demos for the games that I have never played before like Hearts. Now I am addicted to Hearts. My only complaint is that there is no Texas Holdem. This I do not understand, but there are so many other games that I enjoy that I forgive them.
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on April 5, 2016
My 85 year-old dad had a version of the Hoyle Games so old that it must have been written for Windows 95. We had managed to keep it working all the way till our recent upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Unfortunately, after hours of fooling with different configurations I had to throw in the towel...there was no way to get his old version of Hoyle to work with Win10. He loved that game, and for me to tell him that it was no longer an option broke my heart.

After MUCH reading, I decided that this 2008 version might be the best compromise between what many were calling 'awful' newer versions of the Hoyle Card Games software, and hopefully a Hoyle version new enough that it would not choke with Windows 10. Too old and it might have less of a chance working. Newer, and you're saddled with a game that has been panned by other Hoyle Card Games lovers of earlier versions. I think we picked a winner...with a (very) small caveat.

Installation is weird...insert the disk, and Windows 10 scans the whole thing before it begins the installation. Be patient...this may take 4 or 5 or 6 minutes. Once done, Windows will ask if you'd like to install the program. If that's what you're looking to do, go for it.

Once installed, the game does NOT need the disk inserted to play. Might sound like a no-brainier, but the old version my dad used for nigh-on 17 years required the disk to remain in the drive to have the character voices (which is something of a major attraction to the game for my dad and many others). Probably because the old .wav files used too much space in a day when hard drive sizes were a few hundred megabytes (or considerably less than the system memory in virtually any modern computer).

Now for the (very) small caveat: If you try to play the Blackjack game OR the Miami Solitaire, you may be in for a frustrating time. I have not tried EVERY game yet, but at least these two require a dedicated graphics window and overlay. What that means is that since Windows 10 handles this graphics situation differently from earlier versions of Windows, you may end up with no way to display the screen, or even ctrl-alt-deleting the running program may leave you with a hidden taskbar that refuses to come back without a reboot. I found a rather clunky way to get these programs to work, but then I later found a program patch on the website. I don't think Amazon will allow a url, so I'll simply say that you should Google 'Hoyle Card Games 2008 Patch', and the result from the website ought to be the right one. File name:'HoyleCardGames2008Patch.exe', about 28MB. Once applied, Blackjack and Miami Solitaire now function as intended. Yay!

So, if you're a fan of the older Hoyle Card Games programs, this is likely the one you want. With the patch applied, looks like everything is working the way it's supposed to. Perhaps my only gripe now is that the intro music is horrid (like out of some 1980 porno flick or some such), and if you want music in-game, you'll have to put up with it, since once you are in a game, you can select something else (Jazz, ocean waves, cheezy rock, etc..). Right now, this is selling for less than $5 and free shipping with Amazon Prime, so you really cannot go wrong here.

Edit: One more stumbling needs the display scaling turned up to 125% to see what's on the screen better. Unfortunately, that messes with the game. Not all the card games with the program are affected, but some of the 'most likely to be used' are, such as the Miami Solitaire and the ever-troublesome-but-lots-of-fun Blackjack. So if you're getting weird behavior as the game starts or as a particular card game is selected, in Win10 go to Settings, System, Display, and check that the slider is backed all the way down to 100%. Win7, 8, and 8.1 also have similar settings, but you'll have to track those down on your own.
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on December 28, 2012
Yes, this will install on Windows 8. Insert the DVD in to the drive. Select the computer tile and right click on the DVD icon. Select Install or run. Follow the prompts and install the updates requested by the install shield. It took about 15 minutes to download and install the updates so be patient. Continue to follow the prompts and when asked to repair or remove select the repair option. Follow the prompts to complete the install. I have not tried all the game options offered by the program but everything I have tried has worked fine.
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