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on July 6, 2014
Excellent little multicopter: runs like a champ, takes a beating, and keeps on running. Stress tested in strong wind today, and still managed to hold up well on expert mode.
Flight time is actually longer than the H107C with stock or 380mAh battery, since it's lighter: about 10 minutes. Motors are smaller though, but the precision isn't at all sacrificed. Very responsive and fluid. Self-balancing is a great built-in feature.
This model includes the orange and blue LED's for helping with direction and night flying. It also comes with a charger, a full set of propellers (4, 2 black and 2 white) for replacing broken/lost ones.

The remote control is great to use, has wonderful range (tested easily up to 100ft, 1/8th of a mile), and pairs quickly with the copter.

I'd recommend buying the crash pack and extra 380mAh batteries to extend flying time and allow self-servicing when motors, propellers, or casing breaks or cracks. So far I've only needed to replace propellers and a burnt-out motor on a similar model.

For children and adults, this is a great deal for a quality product.
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on July 29, 2014
I ordered the X4 (H107L) along with an extra battery (380mAh) and a blade protector (which should arrive in two days). Growing up in the 70s, a toy like this would have been unimaginable, so when I first got it to lift off my desk, I was ecstatic.

I was looking for something fun to have in my office, and imagined allowing the X4 to hover over my desk while I took a break from work. So far I've only flown it in my office and a conference room, but I have a huge grin on my face every time I bring it back to my desk to recharge the battery.

This thing is amazing, and I don't understand how anyone can be so jaded that they could complain about a machine that flies by remote control and costs less than $40!! Honestly, I don't understand how this could cost so little. For the price of three trips to the movie theater I know own a full-sized remote transmitter with a simple LCD display for feedback and various modes and settings, and a palm-sized device that flies under my control while self-stabilizing. In the course of 10 flights I've learned to control it well enough to be more agressive with the controls and send it zipping back and forth a few feet above the conference room table.

Two things that I wasn't expecting:

1. The battery cables are exposed (there's no room inside the body for them), so you have to twist them up and jam them into the small opening, and occasionally push them back in when they pop out. This is more pronounced with the 380mAh battery, as it is longer and leaves no room for the cables. I've started using tape to fix them to the belly of the X4.

2. The X4 can't hover on its own. There is a spot just a few inches above the ground/table where it will stay relatively stable (vertically), but above that point, it is either always rising or sinking (faster or slower). It also drifts horizontally, even indoors with no air currents. You can "trim" the controller to compensate, but you have to do this for almost every flight, and the increments for the trim are bigger than what is often needed, meaning that instead of drifting quickly to the left, the trimmed X4 will drift slowly to the right.

However, given the low price and performance, I have absolutely no regrets about my purchases, and have already started eyeing the pricier models. If $37 isn't going to break you, and you're on the fence about this one, I'd say jump off that fence and pick one of these up.
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on June 8, 2014
I would consider myself an experienced amateur pilot, almost an intermediate, I have experience with dual and single prop RC helis, and quads like this one, so I'm not a complete newbie.

This quad is very flexible, in that a newbie could get this and fly it with practice. It's fairly stable and very manageable at the low dual rate setting. An experienced noob like me can fly this in the house easily.

Switching to the high dual rates, or expert mode, really wakes this copter up. It's forward/reverse/left/right speeds increase dramatically, and while this may prove too much for noob pilots, experienced pilots like me will appreciate that this copter remains quite stable, considering how heavily you can unbalance this copter in expert mode.

Advanced pilots can move on to aerobatics with this quad's flips. It can do front and back flips, as well as left and right flips. Executing flips is difficult, and requires plenty of space and elevation.

This quad can fly outdoors in light wind, but must be in expert mode to combat the added resistance from the wind. I have flown this heli in nearly moderate wind, and while I was able to keep the heli in the air for a while, it was a handful, and I eventually had to crash land it when some wind gusts knocked it off balance.

Speaking of crash, I haven't had this quad break on me, but I did most of my crashing on a Syma S107G (perfect for a new pilot with no experience) and some crashing on a Syma X1 (another excellent, but larger, quadcopter), so I can't really say much about this quad's durability.

Overall, this is a great heli. Anyone can fly it, from noobs to advanced pilots. So multiple pilots of different experience levels can enjoy this quad, or it will be a great machine for a noob pilot to grow into.
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on January 13, 2014
Having no prior experience with remote control gizmos, I can't weigh in on how the Hubsan X4 stacks up against other similar products. But I give this 5 stars. It's pretty dang fun.

• a reasonably coordinated person can fly it (i.e. if you can play Mario Kart on N64, you'll have no problem)
• it's affordable enough
• it has a feature called expert mode
• it's very agile and can do flips and loops, though I'm not good at them.
• the parts most prone to damage can be replaced fairly easily.
• it comes with some spare propeller blades which is key b/c you break those first.

• Poor instructions and documentation
• You'll exhaust the spare propeller blades that come with it quickly and have to order more.
• I'm pretty certain Hubsan doesn't do customer service at all. So you're on your own.
• It doesn't have a GoPro.
• Battery is kind of short. You really get into it and then the fun ends rather abruptly.
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on December 21, 2013
I have had some really terrible luck finding good rc helicopters that aren't budget killers. Well this little Hubsan x4 H107L finally met all my requirements, and then exceeded my expectations. I have flown 4 or 5 different helicopters and would consider myself an "improving intermediate" and this is the one for me. It's more stable than anything I have ever seen, moves faster than anything I've ever flown, and is the coolest looking thing! It's tiny, but once in the air it looks like it belongs. Bright LEDs make flying incredibly easy, and responsive controls make it incredibly fun. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND the Hubsan x4 (H107L improved version) to anyone looking to learn to fly, or someone looking for a fun helicopter. My friend with ZERO hours flying an rc had it sliding around on his first battery charge. My very advanced flying friend had the thing flying fast as blazes back and forth with a giant goofy grin on his face (he ordered one for him just after flying mine.) This truly is a great "helicopter" or "quadcopter" and I am 100% happy with it.

~ Looks good
~ Incredibly stable (seriously. Not "kinda stable" but extremely stable. Basically flies itself)
~ LEDs look great, and I love how they gave it character by adding blue eyes. Love the little details
~ Very responsive
~ Battery charges (for me) in 27 minutes and flying time (for me) is 9 minutes. (stock battery and charger)
~ Most people are amazed and have never seen such a machine (quadcopters are still pretty new)
~ Sturdy build quality (it has SLAMMED into my wall at full speed, and still flies like new.)
~ Inexpensive! It's so cheap! Yet so good! I am shocked I got someone so good for so cheap!
~ 10/10 amazing rc quadcopter. You will not regret it

~ It is a bit louder than I though. Having 4 motors makes a bit of whiny noise. NOT LOUD, but louder than expected.
~ Controller feels cheesy. Works great and has solid buttons, but it just feels cheesy. I'm just being a stickler.
~ The throttle stick isn't spring loaded down. Not a bad thing, but I would rather it was.
~ Charger cable and battery are difficult to separate. Must be careful not to tear out battery wires.

10/10 superb product and It has sold itself to everyone I know.
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on June 29, 2014
I will preface this by admitting this is my first quad. The first handful of flights were pretty rough, and since I only initially had what came in the box, my flights were spaced an hour apart which didn't help in the learning.

The stock props are super flimsy and although there are some spares included, I wore through them very fast. Also, the charger that comes with charges at the standard 1C rate, which for those familiar with lipo batteries means hour of charging. The battery lasts for about ten minutes of flying which actually feels like a decent amount of flight time. Because it only comes with one battery, and flimsy props, if you want to have more fun and fly more than a day or two, you will want:




The props I linked to are MUCH more durable and stay on the motor wayyyyyyy better than the ones that come with it. It makes crashing a thousand times more tolerable (which will happen a lot).

The batteries I linked to are decent, but they don't fit all the way in leaving room to hide the wires in the body. I twist them underneath instead and it works fine. The only downside is crashing which sometimes allows the battery to partially slide out messing with your center of gravity. Just check it each time you pick it up.

Now that we have turned our $45 purchase into a $85 one, lets continue the review. Start indoors, and on beginner mode. Once you get the hang of it you can switch to expert mode and you will never use beginner again. Essentially, beginner mode reduces your forward/backward (elevator) and side to side (aileron) inputs to a very low level. The rudder and throttle control are not affected. Make sure you are proficient before taking it outside or you will lose it. The thing will fly a couple hundred feet in the air, and it is extremely difficult to bring back to earth when you get that far away. I actually lost mine a couple blocks over at night testing these limits, but I was lucky and found it in a front yard.

This thing is extremely agile and has an INSANE range. I have pushed this as far as I can reach out flying line of sight, and I haven't had any issues with losing control. I am genuinely interested in the range of this, as I can't seem to find the limit. Since this tiny thing is so capable, it ha a decent learning curve, and those without commitment will possibly give up before they dial in their skill level. If you have enough batteries and patience, you will learn it.

Thanks for reading. I don't write a lot of reviews (most of mine are written by the wife actually), but I felt inspired to write this one. I will next write some brief reviews of the props and batteries I linked to.

PROS - Fast, fun, agile, capable. Great fun for around $45.

CONS - Needs extra batteries and more durable props to really reach it's potential. Without them it will end up in a drawer.

TL;DR - Great tiny machine, fast and fun. Absolutely needs extra batteries and extra more durable props to maximize your experience.

**********EDIT: 2+ years later***********

So I bought this over two years ago, and it lasted about six months. It would have lasted much longer, but I taught a few people to fly using this and it took too much abuse. Eventually the motor shafts took too many direct hits. I replaced motors twice before finally retiring the little guy. Would I buy this again? 100% yes, and I'm still recommending it to friends today. If you are just looking for a fun little toy, this is a blast and much better than the mall helicopters. If you are looking into getting into larger multirotors, this is a phenomenal starting point. I learned orientation and the muscle memory needed before moving onto more expensive quads. Once I had the basics down I moved on to everything from large videography UAS platforms to the 250, 210, and 180's in high speed races. Eventually I started designing my own frames and parts to sell. All of this started with my trusty Hubsan H107L.
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on January 15, 2014
After pulling this thing out from under chairs, book cases, and tables I realized I needed to rent a gymnasium:-( in order to learn how to fly it. Finally I taped a tiny 3' wire to the floor and to the bottom of the Hubsan and kept it from hiding. After several more attempts I leaned that while first using it only 1 control needs to be used. Trying to use both joy sticks is too difficult for a beginner or for flying in a too small of a space.
The instructions say to operate the joy sticks SLOWLY and that is very correct but the instructions also say there are two MODES but never explain why this annoyance is available.
It does fly and VERY gently moving only the stick YOU decide to use as the Throttle/Rudder I was able to hoover it. Maybe some day I will go back for more attempts to become a pilot.
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on March 3, 2014
First things first: I am completely new to RC toys. I had a little car as a kid, and nothing since. After flying a friend's RC "traditional" helicopter, I decided to look into something for myself. All the reviews seemed to indicate this was a solid product, and that was immediately confirmed. My first surprise came when opening the box: Wow, smaller than expected! (not in a bad way, I was pleasantly surprised.) The second came with how quickly I picked up the controls. It's very intuitive. After a few days of flying around the house in "normal" mode, I bumped up to the "expert" mode. That's when this little beauty really came alive. I could't put this copter down for weeks. I was amazed at how fast it was when I took it outside on a calm day. I can't recommend this highly enough. It really is the most fun I've ever gotten out of $50. I would recommend getting the blade guard, as it saves replacement blades, and my walls, while learning.
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on June 23, 2014
I am so extremely impressed by this little heli. I have had so much fun learning to fly it. That said, you will definitely want to buy a pack of extra rotor blades. Although there is one extra set in the package, you will likely need more. If you aren't familiar with flying quadcopters you will definitely have a few crashes. Don't worry the Hubsan can handle a few crashes though.

The Hubsan is fun to fly in normal mode and even more fun in expert mode. This way the Hubsan grows with you as your skills develop. You can snap easily into expert mode and have a lot more control. I would recommend getting an extra battery or 2 because you won't want to stop flying this thing. The battery that comes with the Hubsan is ok but it does not last for a long time. There are a few upgraded batteries like the 380mAH that still fit nicely if you take off the blue plastic surrounding the battery. Just make sure to check the reviews on batteries to see if they fit.

Overall, I can't recommend this thing enough. It is so much fun to fly and is amazing for the price ($43, June 2014). If you are on the fence, don't be. You will not regret this purchase.
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on August 22, 2014
This little sucker is heavier than most Nano Quads, has bigger motors, and handles fairly touchy compared to my Nano QX. As a beginner who bought both to play around before investing in a full sized quad, I noticed the weight, or perhaps the combination of weight and need for increased engine power, makes this nano change directions quickly.

If you're a newbie like me you need the prop guard to keep you from having to replace blades every other flight like me. I also recommend buying the Hubsan crash kit for this quad. Within 10 minutes of me flying I managed to hit a light fixture (didn't break the glass dome fixture) and jam one of my motors. This occurred because I did not have the props pushed all the way down and the speed I was traveling at pushed the prop into the motor to fast for the blade to simply slide lower on the shaft. Make sure you're props are pushed down low enough to prevent this from happening. The prop guard will also help, but not completely prevent, this issue from happening. It will also save your props from getting chewed up from the things you bump into... YOU WILL RUN OVER STUFF AND BREAK THINGS ON YOUR QUAD!!!

To replace a motor its a simple soldering job that takes about 2 minutes after you unscrew the bottom plate. If you don't know how to solder I strongly suggest you spend a bit more and get the Blade Nano QX. The motors on the Nano QX and plug and play. You simply pop out the old one and replace it with the new. You'll still have to push the wires into the slots but it's much simpler than replacing an X4 engine.

While I'm on that topic, I actually prefer the Nano QX to this bird at my current skill level. This one is more difficult to control when you're a beginner and also has a more unforgiving expert/advanced mode. However, I feel as you progress in your skill level you will greatly appreciate the rolls, flips, and extra maneuverability this quad offers. In expert/advanced mode, it can fly circles around the Nano QX.

Finally, I'm going to address the poor reviews. There are several that claimed defects out of the box that are most likely a simple failure to read the manual. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE READ THE FRIGGEN MANUAL! Every quad is different and the manual will give you everything you need to know to get your quad up in the air and chasing your household pets around in no time (my cat won't talk to me anymore since I got this thing). Secondly, do not freak out over broken parts. If the quad arrives and does not fly there are several simple things that could be wrong. If you have a motor that smoked out contact Hubsan and tell them. I didn't have this issue but, if they're a decent company (which I think they are) they should be willing to send you a new motor or replace your quad all together. The same can be said for board issues. If there is something wrong with the hardware upon arrival it should be able to be remedied with a little time.

All in all, I like this bird and my Nano QX. Its great fun buzzing it around the house and the office and I'm using it to gain experience so I will be able to fly larger quads in the future without running the risk of having to replace more expensive parts on a large quad. Again, my cat friggen hates this thing... But she wakes me up by sitting on my chest at 4am every morning so I'm not that concerned.
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