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on February 25, 2014
We've had trouble with leaking overnight with our little guy (13 months), so I was really happy to see that they were overnight diapers on the market! We didn't have trouble with this for our little girl, so I never searched them out before. I tried two kinds:

Pampers Extra Protection Diapers (Size 4) -
I have been pretty loyal to Pampers. They seem to keep my kids dryer, and both of them have horribly sensitive skin but Pampers tend to keep diaper rash at bay. Thought their Extra Protection were the answer to my prayers, but they aren't. They leak just as much (in some cases worse) than regular Pampers Swaddlers or Pampers Cruisers, which we use for daytime. They also have a more plastic-y feel to them.

Huggies Overnites (Size 4) -
I am slightly surprised, but Huggies seem to really outperform the Pampers Extra Protection! They also have a bit more of a plastic-y outer feel, but are softer than the Pampers Extra Protection. I am SO happy to have found these and have been leak-free for two weeks of overnights after about a month of constact overnight leaks!
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on April 21, 2013
Finally finally finally! I can stop washing my 2 year old's sheets on a daily basis. We tried everything from doubling up on diapers, moving up a size, moving down a size, to putting on undies with the diapers to hold them in place. We just could NOT stop the night-time leakage. I think it was both the quantity and the fact that she rolls around at night. But after we got these diapers, it was like magic. I don't know what these diapers are made of that makes them soak the pee better. It's not like the diaper is any thicker or rougher than her other day time diapers. (I use both Pampers and Huggies on a regular basis.) But it works. So thank you, Huggies!
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on June 7, 2013
Huge fan of these diapers. Wish they were cheaper, but they've been extremely effective for our wee pisser and they, like, never ever leak. Whoever designed them should win a Nobel Prize.

As first time parents, it hadn't occurred to us that regular diapers wouldn't be able to handle the overnight workload until our son kept waking up irate and soaping wet in the middle of the night over and over again. Not that I didn't enjoy changing the diapers and pajamas of a screaming, urine-soaked baby at 4:00 a.m. (who wouldn't?), but these diapers immediately solved that problem.

My only complaint is that the front and back isn't as clear as our regular diapers (Pampers Baby Dry, which feature Sesame Street characters on the front). I mean, I'm down with Winny the Pooh, but it's embarrassing when my wife finds that I've put the diapers on the baby backwards. A little more distinction would be appreciated by us weary fathers, Huggies.
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on February 27, 2012
We have tried to bargain shop for diapers, but nothing compares to Huggies for overnight protection (please send endorsement money to...)... Seriously, my friend was changing her son's sheets almost every night around this age because she was using some other brand, and we just... don't have issues when we use Huggies Overnites. Over the weekend, I thought my hubby had changed our son's diaper, and he thought I had, so we took our son out to play. After lunch, we went to get him ready for his nap, and we realized neither one of us had changed him that morning (oops!), but with his Huggies overnight diaper on, it didn't matter. He was dry and comfy, even though that diaper weighed about four lbs by then. So that was a lesson in communication, which also taught us we should just go with Huggies for overnight diapers. They're that absorbent and really work for us. I know other folks have had incidents with Huggies, but I'm very grateful for them.
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on November 16, 2013
I could not live without these diapers, and I am definitely more of a Pampers person. In my opinion, Huggies are rough and hard, but I have not found any diaper that can withstand my two-year-old daughter's overnight wetting needs like these. She's a stomach sleeper, so it's been difficult for us to find something that keeps her dry in the front area. I've tried everyone on the market and these are by far the best. Barely any leaks (maybe twice a month...usually because my husband put on the diaper), which let's us all sleep in!

I would recommend buying them in a size larger so they can expand more. They are rough and hard and the side tabs (without the tape) snap off really easily when you're trying to adjust them, but it doesn't affect the product's performance.
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on November 29, 2013
I just got done writing about the economy pack and I will say it was rather negative these diapers are on the other end of the spectrum for me. These were a blessing. We purchased these because the normal ones would never last a night with our son and he would pee right through them and onto the bed. These will catch and take a ton of liquids. These are simply great diapers. I wish they came in bigger packs but they are pretty amazing for what they do. I would buy these again but we switched to the Kirkland brand diapers and they don't leak at all like the Huggies counterparts so we have no need for these. But if you are using some not so great diapers then these are for you. If you have a Costco nearby then take a trip for their diapers.
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on August 2, 2013
These are better than the pampers version in my opinion. I do like pampers too but Huggies has them beat here. I wish they just made diapers like this in general but I guess its costly.

A friend of mine introduced me to overnight diapers. She has 2 daughters and hers pee so much more overnight than during the day. I never had an issue with my son but when my daughter came along.. Sure enough she started leaking through the night. These can go an easy 12 hours through and hold up without leaks. My friend also has bought the next size or 2 up (if in a size 4 buy size 5/6)and says that works great too if you don't want ro spend the extra money on these. To me.. Using just one a day.. I think its just as easy to buy a box of these every other month.
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on May 28, 2014
I generally don't buy Huggies, I'm more of a Pampers mom but these worked pretty well although Maybe 5-6 out of the 60 diapers leaked through, but I'm sure it could've happened with Pampers too. I only wish the insert was a little smoother on my kiddo's bottom, but I really like how slim these new ones are. Oh, and I really only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because unlike Pampers the section that wraps around the baby's thighs aren't contoured to fit him as nicely, which may have been the cause of the leaks. These were fairly cheap so I'd definitely buy them again rather than buying some poorly made generic brand for the same price.
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on August 28, 2013
I have put my son in cloth diapers since he was born. But nothing we did could get us through the night dry. NOTHING. We tried inserts of all kinds, wool diapers, double diapers, diaper covers, cloth diapers, disposables... Until, on a holiday, we "broke down" and purchased Huggies (we had already broken down and purchased night time Pampers to no avail) and made it through a first night, and then a second, and then a third.... We have only had three spills in four months. Ahhhhhhhh, night time Huggies, how I love you.
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on May 20, 2012
I read several reviews that said the product wasn't as good as an earlier version - but all I can say is that our 13 month old son (who drinks TWELVE oz of formula before bed) has only leaked urine three (that's right, three) times in the six months that we've been using these diapers. We're even using them now with his twin sister (who drinks 8 oz before bed). The diapers are tops in our book :)

The only thing that I would suggest is that--if you use Pampers during the day (we do), then you might need to buy one size bigger than your Pampers? We didn't have to do so right away, but we decided to about halfway through our Pampers Swaddlers size 3 big pack of daytime diapers through Amazon. In other words, we used up our box of Huggies and then bought the next size up when it was time to get the next subscribe and save shipment. (We didn't use Pampers nighttime diapers because I have heard they are NOT as good . . .)
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