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on August 27, 2012
I have 3 children, with my first child i tried every diaper out there and stuck to pampers thinking those were the best, its what the hospital gave us, because of the swaddlers used in the hospital. Unfortunately we had a lot of leaks, in the corners by the crotch area, and I didnt think the diapers varied that much, i thought i was buying the best there was. I chocked that up to that diapers arent perfect and you are going to have some leaks. But diapers are expensive, so i started to try different brands, and i found different brands had their positives and negatives, i even used the premiums for a while, which i agree are probably some of the better diapers but completely not necessary unless you are trying to keep your child sitting in their diapers for hours, and not changing them often enough. I finally ended on pampers the regular ones with him, after finding that costco had a really good deal on them, and a family member was helping me out on occasion buying them for me as a gift. I recently had twins, and i really stumbled on to the challenges of diaper duty. These diapers i have pretty much stuck with the whole time since we got out of the preemie and newborn size for the past 3 years and i have to say we rarely have leaks with these, i remember when the older child we always seemed to have some sort of leak on the edge. with the huggies my boys rarely have an issues although talking with other moms, with girls they have different experience, and sometimes swear on other brands. As for me with boys I Love the huggies snug and dry. Like i said i've tried everything in every price range. If you want to avoid leaks and have a toddler boy go this route. My boys are 4 now, and are a bit delayed developmentally and unfortunately we are still using diapers, and i have a feeling we will get to experence the size 7 diapers but the huggies hold up, and hold in what they need to! The only other diaper we will use is the huggies overnights, but as the boys are are getting older the overnights aren't becoming such a necessity! The only other diaper we used beside the different premie and newborn diapers where the natural chemical free ones when the boys had severe diaper rashes. But if you want a diaper that holds in what its supposed to and have a boy go this route!! As a mom of 3 boys, We love huggies!
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on September 4, 2012
We've used the brand diapers since our 2 year old was born - never any leaks. Since I was already placing an Amazon order I decided to add a box of Huggies Snug & Dry. What a HUGE mistake. They leak so easily that we might as well be putting him to bed without any diaper at all. I'm writing this review at 4:30 am because I just finished changing his sheets after another leak - the bed was soaked, but the diaper was barely damp! These work okay during the day when gravity pulls the wetness into the small absorbent area, but if they are laying down - forget it. Get ready for sleepless nights and wet sheets.
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on April 9, 2012
I really like huggies. They have a really good core that holds wettness all night. I know that as long as my daughter is in a huggies when she goes to bed she will be fine until morning without a change (she is almost 2 yrs.) I also like that the legs are snug but have stretch so she doesn't leak out of there. If she drinks a lot before bed, I always change her first thing in the morning because the diaper will just sort of ooze all over if I don't (especially if she sits down), but I think any diaper would after 12 hours! One thing I don't like is that the dark ink from the picture on the diaper rubs off on to light pjs and I can't get the stains out from that (but at least it is on the inside of the pj's)
I really like to get huggies giant pack from Amazon mom/subscribe and save because you save 20% and that is much cheeper than walmart or costco. Plus I don't have to lug them shelf, to cart, to check out, get the idea.
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on August 1, 2013
I've always bought Pampers for our first kid. But you know the second kid syndrome. Taking less pictures, having less toys, using hand me downs. Well, this held true again when it came to diapers. It's what happens when you only have one working parent and can't afford the more expensive Pampers.

Surprisingly, I found Huggies snug and dry work just as well. I think Pampers are great for younger babies who are more "sensitive". But as they get older and closer to two years old, they are more desensitized. Then again, maybe it was because I ran out of money for diapers. Either way, they work just as good, even for overnight. The only kicker here is that even though it was a little cheaper in price, the straps/ tabs I found were a bit flimsy. They tend to break off from time to time. So when you can't velcro your kid, you pretty much have to throw it away. It was a low percentage of failures, I would say maybe about 5%. Hence the four stars.
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on November 28, 2010
I have been using pampers until size 5. Pampers served it's purpose well. Always there always protected my kid.

The size 5 extra dry is good in size,shape and smell. But it has little less padding than past pampers and so my kid at 1.5 years old who peed and pooped more than before, the diaper could not handle it anymore. Every morning the the diaper would leak.

We thought we would switch over to another brand and started with this one. The size 5 of Huggies is slightly bigger than size 5 of pampers and it has more padding (absorption gel) which keeps everything dry.
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on January 4, 2016
Huggies diapers size 5 worked great for our twins! No leaks for us and thats why we stayed with the great Huggies brand!
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on May 21, 2011
Im a first time mom. Before my son was born Huggies send me out a few samples, not these the natural newborn umbilical cord natural ones. Forward a few months; I tried this in size2, at first I was unsure. Its been 8months now and Huggies Snug and Dry are the best!! I have stock pile them. Right now in my son's closet are 4boxes of size5, 1box of the Jean diapers by Huggies size5, and 2boxes of these in size6. All thanks to Amazon. The next time I have a child its Snug and Dry as soon as they get to Size1 in these diapers!! What Amazon does with the Subcribe & Save program is the best. Kuddos to Amazon. You guys are the BEST!!!!!!! Please keep the Subcribe and Save program.
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on June 20, 2013
Probably the best diaper out there for the money. Excellent leak protection and the only diaper I've purchased again and again ( and again) for my toddlers. Fits well and I like that they're just the right thickness. Not too thick or thin. Recommended.
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on January 4, 2013
We switched from pampers to these because of cost and I believe fit for our daughter. She started crawling at 6 mo, walking at 9 and running at 12. I like the convenience of the big packs and subscribe and save. Ends up being cheaper than Costco and their Kirkland brand.
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on August 4, 2015
We are Huggies people. Love em. They fit our children well and do the job! No rashes, no leaks, etc.
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