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on December 1, 2016
I read the book and was really interested using every free time to continue... Up until the 80% of the book... After a successful operation of the group formed to work with the aliens, a nerve wrecking operation at that well written and all I was "heck, what a good book, I'll write a really good review of it in a few minutes that will take me to finish..." then I turn the page and the book is still going on, I check the % already read of the book and is at 80%, my positive mind was "cool, 20% to go, either something more exciting happens or there is a preview of the next installment of the series" and then the expectations die a slow and agonizing dead a rushed operation that predictably goes wrong and the main characters save in a rush and no up point comes from the solution... And then the closing chapter is extremely short and too endish knowing that there is a sequel to the series
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on March 1, 2013
The simple word on this story would be "close."

It was close to being perfectly entertaining
It was Close to being fun to read
It was close to being brilliant.

Sadly, that means it was also

Close to being boring
Close to being preachy

And just plain close to nothing.

The idea is very good. A very advanced alien crash lands on Earth near an inquisitive, but intelligent mant and their growing relationship turns into something much more.

The problem is that the author apparently wasn't happy with the simple plot. Sideplots and enemies appears, some in sensible ways, others through deus ex machina twists that quickly unraveled the main plotline and showed how threadbare the character development was.

I also found too many asides. The main character occasionally lapses into a mental soloiquiy and those breaks tended to be extremely preachy about some religious or political subject. They added nothing to the overall story.

In the end I can't find myself recommending this. For those interested in human/alien romances there are stories that are far more romantic than this. For those interested in action, the action in this story is stilted and uneven. This story can't stick with one plot and quickly proved taht having multiple plots done poorly is not a way to develop a great book.
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on March 2, 2015
All I had to do is get past the first 3 pages and then I was hooked. I was immediately surprised by how the authors managed to hold up a mirror reflecting humans as well as they did. The end of the book was a little abrubt like the authors had a time or space limit but the overall total enjoyment gained from this book totally out weighed that minor issue. Having read books by both authors before, I knew this one was going to be good. If you are looking for high-brow science fiction, forget it. If you are looking for a good story where the good guys win in the end this is your cup of tea. Thanks Dr. Taylor and Mr. Bain for a thoroughly good story.
Bill Hodges/badhodges@verizon.net
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on July 3, 2011
Really, really thrilled me. I usually enjoy sci-fi action with a bizarre romance, and this was far more compelling than I thought it would be. I was rather confused, and curious about how this freaky alien was going to turn itself into a woman, and decided that I would read just that much, then finish the novel I had been on. I couldn't; the relationship and concepts and action was as seductive as the Playboy playmate the alien metamorphed itself into.
Some of the slang came off as not entirely professional; a few colloquial word choices gave an amateurish sprinkling to some dialogue. But largely, the fundamentals were very enjoyable.

But If she really is as human as she claims, she should wind up pregnant. The implications of that alone would write the sequel.
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This one is great fun, and that is all that it is intended to be. Aliens are shipwrecked here on Earth, and must make the best of things. This is a hilarious and occasionally serious look at human-alien encounters, and what such might be like. The authors' prose is highly readable, the story moves along at a pretty good clip, and entertains the reader. I gave this one three stars because, let's face it, this is not great literature. On the other hand, it is a great beer-and-chips novel that most readers will appreciate and enjoy. Recommended for SF fans. RJB.
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on August 17, 2011
This book is childish in its plot and the quality of the publishing is horrible. I bought this book about a year ago and finally got around to reading it. SELF PUBLISHING IS ONLY GOOD IF THE AUTHOR HAS A GOOD EDITOR, and an honest one. The hero of this story gets to turn his alien into a Playboy centerfold sex toy nymphomaniac and gets immortality to boot. Adult sci-fi. Why does the book or Amazon, only list the better known of its authors? The typographical errors cannot be told apart from the spelling errors and there is at least one per page. Spellcheck too complicated? There needs to be a large caution sign in bright red letters on the Amazon pages of any self-published book and a free preview. I wasted a day reading it.Human by Choice (Cresperian)
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on July 6, 2016
It had moments that I really liked overall not a huge fan. A bit to nationalistic without cause for me. The plot didn't quite work for me in the second half of the book. I didn't read the next in the series.
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on October 6, 2009
This is a sci-fi book that takes many chances and could have failed on many levels, but didn't.
The premise is that a retired army man has a lifeboat from a failed interstellor liner deposit an alien in his back yard. here it takes off into left field. The non humanoid alien evolves itself into a playboy playmate who then falls in love with the human. Unbelievable sounding but written in a believable manner.
The story then becomes an exciting chase to round up the other suvivors while fighting off Russian Mafia, Arab terrorists, rogue CIA agents with the help of the US government. The stolid aliens are from a ancient race who respond to human society like a starving hound to a bowl of alpo.
My only real complant is that it is about 50 pages too short. The final sections are rushed and would benifiet from expansion. Buy the book, don't let my inept review put you off from a good book. It is just very hard too catorgorize.
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on August 25, 2017
Great story - Love the author. You have to read it
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on March 9, 2010
First, I love the book and the concept. It was well written, and the early character development was great. My only problem with the book is the further I got into it, the more the pace of the book increased. I really felt as if there were stories left to be told during the timeframe which were ignored. The three Crispies could each have had several chapters devoted to their experiences. I am looking forward to, and will read the next volume, but I hope the author is not in such a hurry to get to the end.
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