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on March 11, 2016
This is NOT a DIY, How-to book! Derek does NOT promise to tell you how to build YOUR tiny house, nor does he give you the exact plans, dimensions, etc for one. What he HAS done with this book (that I love!) is show his humour & creativity. Derek is an artist that sees things in ways that not all can & that is what makes this book fun! This book is one of those concept books or a dreamers book. By that I mean that he has given us a view into his world, shown us his sketches, his 'ideas' & basically said, "wouldn't this be so cool?!" Some of these sketches he has built on his own land, some are just ideas that WE can take and run with. There is no reason you cannot expand on an idea and make it a reality or just a fun hangout in the backyard! But that is what is so cool about this book, Deek is showing us the reader that there is no limitations on the imagination. The only limitation is your own! Enjoy his humour, for he has a wacky one at that. I just couldn't help laughing when I read this. It brought me back to my childhood, the days of building forts with sheets and chairs, etc, when it was raining outside or building 'clubhouses' with neighbourhood kids & scraps we found!
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on August 22, 2013
I have been following the Tiny Home culture for many years. Someday hoping to have my own. I stumbled upon Derek Diedricksen on youtube one day a long time ago. I thought, that guy is crazy...and really cool ideas. I saw he had a book, and I wanted it. I finally treated myself to it a few weeks ago, read it cover to cover (easy read), then again, and again. I got myself a notebook to keep with it because it inspired ideas. This is not a "how to" manual, or and instructional guide. It's an idea guide. If you have kids and like to build things, get it. If you don't have kids and like to build things, or even think you might like to build something useful, or just fun...get it. You don't have to be a master carpenter to do some of these projects. I have found that the only rules that really apply to tiny homes are safety, security, and desire.(this has nothing to do with any legalities.) Size, place and materials are up to the dreamer. If you can dream it. "Deek" offers insight, comedy and talent in his book. He also offers ideas from other Tiny Home builders and supporters. Recycling tips that maybe you hadn't thought of. While his sketches are of comic book style, humor as well the text is well worth it alone. It would be a much shorter book.
I really enjoyed every page, and have made notes, dogeared pages for structures I want to use to help me design my own Tiny Home. I also suggest not taking it or yourself too seriously while reading. Feel like a kid reading that issue of the Silver Surfer that you love the best. Dream and then figure out a way to build it. He uses as much recycled/reclaimed materials that he can. Wine bottle windows? Very pretty. Rain catchment, solar showers, tin can uses and wicked cool tree houses to boot. Deek did, and seems like he's having a great time. I really think he tries to focus on the idea of have creative,reuse, be safe and relax.
I enjoyed it very much. Maybe because I have a similar sense of humor, but I really think that it's a good time.
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on February 9, 2014
Who is this book for?
This book is great for those who are looking to design (on a dime?) outdoor structures, particularly using salvage, upcycled/recycled or low-cost materials such as wood pallets, water jugs, wine bottles, etc. Everything from a writing or art shed to a kids' play areas, from an actual fulltime tiny house to a vacation trailer. This is not the HOW TO guide to carpentry or building construction, merely an overview on the different types of structures you can make for a certain purpose and what types of materials you can use to cut costs or improve the functionality of the space.

What is different about this book?
This book at first glance looks like a collection of black and white doodles in a comic book style presentation with usually one outdoor structure per page. i feel like this is both good and bad. I grew up reading comic books so I felt like it was an unusual but familiar way to present the material but I can see it being very busy to some who are not used to this kind of format or who need things outlined using tedious mind-numbing bureaucratic order. I feel like by not sticking to the usual book format the author's personality and creative ideas come across more easily and I got a better feel for how each structure might be used and I was able to take something away from each individual design. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this book has a lot of detail in an easy to digest package.

The only thing I would have wanted added would be more tips and designs applicable to actually 24/7 living in a tiny house or off grid.
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on March 11, 2015
If you're looking for a how to book, this isn't it. Thank god it's not one. The whole point of this book is to inspire, and inspire it does. To the one and two and three star reviewers out there, I just can't see your points. What the author has done is nothing short of amazing, considering the vast array of "unique" books about small spaces out there, he actually has done something unique...truly unique. He's made a book of inspiration, arguably a feat much harder than simply snapping photos of "small houses". Also, his book has integrity, both visually and structurally; and it's just fun. I also like the fact that his small spaces are open ended, not guidelines or plans. Each idea is something that could be done with average skills by an average person, not a bunch of million dollar or even 30,000 dollar "small houses" that have become so popular. For the purist who loves ideas and disdains government rules on building, this is your book.
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on February 4, 2012
In the bubbling pot that is the tiny house movement, there are some special tidbits that float to the top. A few of these are "Deek" Diedrickson's micro houses. While most tiny house builders, advocates and dreamers are mostly concerned with symmetry, livability and traditionalism, Deek thinks outside the proverbial box and creates whimsical, recycled structures that defy most imaginations.

"Humble Home, Simple Shacks..." is more for the person who admires ingenuity rather than the person looking for blueprints for their next domicile. However, looking through Deek's imaginative sketches, project ideas, sustainability tips, jokes and ways to stick it to "the Man", you might start to think a little differently about the things you think you need.

My favorite structures are "The Beak (2)" and the "Hickshaw". Look them up.
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on May 1, 2012
Since I was a child I have always loved small spaces. I used to re-design the bathroom (in my head) into a space that would be livable for just me, complete with kitchen, sleep area, and toilet. I'm a fan of Jay Schaefer (Tumbleweed Homes) which led me to Diedricksens videos, which led to the book, which I just had to have. I love it! It's funny, imaginative, doable, and I can't wait find time to hone some building skills with these easy to manage projects.
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on July 13, 2013
He is on the right is a very Excellent book, one that you will keep going back to look at, enjoy and copy his handy work... This is what life should be all is a perfect read, with easy, simple illustrations to show the what, whys and how tos that anyone can build. Fun housing to surrounded us in our everyday life.... it is in the right context for what could be...the Peter Pan that grew up and never stopped building these endearing and amazing rest bits!
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on December 10, 2016
Very pleased!
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on March 13, 2015
This book is exactly what deek claims it is, a comic book meets diy idea book, the ideas in this book serve as inspiration for me and many others thinking about getting a start in the tiny house community! The drawings are very well illustrated and there are many helpful tips along the way,I will be using some of the ideas I gained trough this book as inspiration of the construction of my tiny home! The ONLY downside is the text is a little fine for my eyes, I wish it was slightly more bold but it is still legible, VERY great work deek, I will be buying more of your books and will recommend this book to anyone who shares an interest. I hope to attend one of your workshops in the near future, keep doing what you do and stay golden! -Jakob.
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on October 23, 2014
I stumbled upon this book on YouTube one day many months ago....I was looking for storage solutions from IKEA for all my consumerism needs. So instead of following the yellow brick road to storage solutions, I bought this how-to book on living solutions! Deek is part of the Tiny House Movement. But it is more than just Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages-Funky Forts to infinity and beyond. It is more of getting back to our roots and what life is all about. Simplify Simply put. The book is entertaining to say the very least! I read it, and reread it again and I know I am getting closer to making some big life style change. It's inspirational and has a message of the possible and the possibilities. Even for a more than middle age woman like me.This book is for the unlearned and learned, the backyard builder and the contractors who are full of themselves, it's for the young and old, it's for the hopeful and the dreamer, it's for people who are just looking to build a fort for their kids and for others who need the inspiration that this man has sparked in me that it's never too late to make a "U" turn. Also, great humor, fun drawings, and logic that I can understand.
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