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on June 4, 2013
I have to admit I am not much into fantasy, paranormal stories. I will also admit to a healthy skepticism about these books. But, I was stalked and talked into buying it by my cousin and sister, until I finally broke down and bought this book, "A hunger like no other," by Kresley Cole.

To say it started out in a completely unexpected way, is an understatement. I love the beginning. I love the way she brought her heroine along to maturity. I don't mean years, I mean into her own. Very nicely done. Then she appalled me by having her heroine do the unthinkable. Shocking. Stunning. Kresley Cole is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. And ruthless with her characters. Very refreshing!

What a hunk. Her hero is arrogant, controlling, but willing to give up a little of himself for his love. Interesting take on werewolves...and since real wolves mate for life, this concept is very apropos, as well as unexpected. He is an interesting character. I hope I see him again.

Kresley Coles' perception of folklore is fascinating. I kept waiting to see what she would do to these characters on the next page. I have to say, I get the feeling MS. Cole writes for herself and no one else. Not her fans, not her publisher, or editor, just herself. I think there is a deep honesty in that and I love it.

Her characters are the most interesting I have read in some time. I loved them. Hated them. Was afraid of them, for them. Rooted for them. Laughed out loud at them, and with them. I'm not sure I like that Kresley Cole exceeded my expectations with the story, AND her wonderfully terrible characters. I can't say enough good things about this book. It is definitely worth the read! And I will be reading it again. I confess I am concerned about the next book in the series and can only hope it is just as good. I have a good feeling about it, tho.

I would like to offer one huge, gigantic and happily grateful "THANK YOU" to my cousin and sister for persisting in pushing Kresley Cole at me for the last two years. You done good! And of course, thank you to Kresley Cole for writing the most interesting fantasy/paranormal book I have ever read.

This was a wonderfully fun, horrifying and fascinating look into our perceptions of who, Werewolves, Vampires, Valkyrie and these other nether world creatures are. Kresley Cole has made it to my very exclusive and short, ABSOLUTELY MUST read, list of authors. Buy this book! You won't regret the purchase...
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on March 14, 2014
3.5 Stars

Sexy Beauty and the Beast? Yes, Please!!!

I love anything that resembles a fairy tale and all the better if it can add some sexy times on top. Adult Fairy Tale type stories are my kryptonite. Okay so Lachlian our tortured Lykae hero isn’t exactly furry but he holds a beast under his skin all the same. Emma a.k.a. beauty has half-Valkyrie and half-Vampire which I want to deem as a Vampyrie. She has been sheltered her entire life and this is her first timeout on her own in seventy years so she doesn’t know what has hit her when Lachlain finds her and takes her.

-- “Nix had told Emma before she'd left for Europe that on this trip she would 'do that which you were born to do.' Apparently, Emma was born to get kidnapped by a deranged Lykae. Her fate sucked.”

Right away I fell into this story. Yes our hero is totally an over-the-top-alpha who’s only goal is to claim poor little Emma as his mate. She has no idea what she is in for, Lachlain is deeply sexual and just coming off 150 years of torture by vampires so he isn’t taking the hole Half-Vampire is his mate thing well at all. Now, if this wasn’t a PNR I would have probably hated Lachlain, he is aggressive, pushy, roars a lot and is violent (hello Lykae here) but in PNR I give heroes a wide berth on just how extreme they can be in the beginning. He never really hurts Emma but he pushes sexual boundaries pretty far.

Emma and Lachlian’s worlds collide and no one seems happy that a Lykae’s make is a Vampyrie, it is interesting to watch as both Emma and Lachlain come to accept each other and what they are. Emma was so timid that in the beginning I wasn’t sure she would ever find a way to stand up to the beast but every man needs a woman to push his boundaries and make him better.

-- “When he watched her sleeping, he often thought, My heart lies vulnerable outside my chest.”

I love Nix as a side character, she is hilarious and added some fun when Emma trying to call in the cavalry for a rescue attempt. Instead of being the creepy person that sees the future she seems like the crazy and mischievous sort of soothsayer instead. Bowen another Lykae that lost his Fae mate was also of great interest and I see he gets a book down the line as well.

Taken for what this is it is a good time and great fun if you don’t analyze some of the over-the-top moments and just remember when they first meet up he is still mostly animal in nature, I’m surprised he didn’t just pee on her to mark his territory from the get go. Now excuse me as I’m already on to the next book.
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on December 2, 2013
I cannot believe I waited this long to read this series. I'm not sure what I was thinking. What I do know is that I'm really enjoying this world.

Emmaline half vampire half Valkyrie she doesn't seem to belong anywhere. Raised by her Valkyrie aunts and kept from the evil vampire horde she doesn't seem to fit in with any faction of the Lore. Searching for her father in Paris she unknowingly attracts the attention of Lachlain a Lykae.

Enduring hundreds of years of torture just to be brought back to life due to immortality he scents his mate is near and finding the inner strength to do what he hasn't been able to in the past he escapes the catacombs to seek out the mates he's been searching for for thousands of years.

Lachlain tries every which way he can to keep Emma by his side. Now that he's found her he can't lose her.

One thing that kept bothering me was how much Emma resisted. It seemed to get a bit repetitive. I loved Emma the Timid. She really came into her own in the end. The relationships seem tentative with the aunts yet it seems like it appears as though everyone may be breaking off into their own relations. I'm looking forward to being their for the wild ride.
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on November 28, 2012
...gawd I love this story. Emmaline Troy, half Vampire, half Valkyrie is in Paris researching information of her parents. She knows her mother is deceased..but knows nothing of her father. Hence, the search.

Emmaline, even though a figure of the Lore, is a very gentle, timid and shy creature. She is fearful of just about everything and she wears her fear like a flag. She's unable to tell a lie suffering excruciating pain if she does. She is not courageous or fierce and she is never cruel. She's never accomplished anything grand in her young 70 years. All she's ever done is attend College in New Orleans.

Lachlain is a Lykae werewolf who has been held prisoner by the Horde Vampires for 150 years. While imprisoned in the catacombs 3 miles below Paris, he "scents" his mate....Emmaline. The woman he's been seeking for a over a millinnia. He claws his way to freedom in his desperation to reach her, taking off his own leg in the process.

Lachlain is King of the Lykae. He is arrogance personified. Even though he is ignorant of the new technologies of the modern world, nothing shakes his colossal arrogance - - and he teaches himself everything. He learns very quickly, reasoning out his own answers and deducing much as he soaks up knowledge. He is highly intelligent and fierce, and without meaning to, he intimidates Emma.

After escaping, he quickly finds Emma and literally kidnaps her...forcing her away with him. And even though she is half Vampire (which he abhors vehemently), he eventually begins to realize beyond any doubt that she is his true mate. He hates the Fates for this dastardly trick! However he doesn't tell her upon first meeting her that they are Mates.. (knowing she will flee)...and instead forces her to drive him to Castle Kinevane in his homeland of Scotland. He doesn't bother to hide his disgust of her being a Vampire (he's killed thousands). He humiliates and purposely intimidates her at every turn. But the longer he is with her - - and the more he get's to know and understand her... he allows his Lykae instincts to guide him and he begins to care for her and will kill anyone who even thinks about harming her. He begins to realize she is far from the typical vampire. He becomes fascinated, intrigued and infatuated with her. His complete capitulation is to die for. He's quite simply...yummy!

I've read this story many times over the years, but have never written a review on it. I love this story just as much as the first time I've read it. When Emma is eventually forced to take blood from Lachlain for her survival and then soon begins to experience and see his memories...I'm always amazed. How Ms. Cole thinks of these stories is absolutely fascinating to me. She draws the images perfectly in my mind.

This HAWT paranormal romance is full of adventure and mystery as well as the political power struggles of each faction of the underworld Lore. I've read all of Ms. Cole's novels - - this particular story has always been one of my top favorites. The hilarious and humorous antics of the ferocious and graceful Valkyrie are to die for...and told in delicious detailed precision. They, of course, all have their own delightful personalities but as a collective...highly hilarious!

This story lays out the foundation of ensuing stories...those of Myst (a Valkyrie) and Vampire Russian General Nikolai Wroth, Kaderin The Coldhearted, on her amazing race (Hie) and whom she meets and falls in love with (Sebastian Wroth) well as Lucia and Garreth, and of course Bowen and ?? No spoilers.. lol..
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on January 22, 2011
What I Loved: The 2nd half of the book! It would have gotten a solid 4 maybe 4.5 from me. I really enjoyed the characters, the suspense, the action, and the story from about half way on. Once I got past my initial reservations I fell in love with Lachlain and Emma. I thought they were both compelling and well-thought out lead characters.

What I Liked: I am really looking forward to the rest of the series where I get to learn more about the secondary characters in this book. I thought they were all fun to get to know (didn't realize this was the 2nd book in the series so I will have to go back and read the first one).

Complaints: The 1rst part of the book did not really thrill me with the very violent way that Lachlain treated Emma. I understood why but it still did not sit very well with me. Luckily it never crossed a line that I could not come back from.

Why I gave it a 3: This is a really good book but the first part really lowered the rating for me. That being said, I am going to read the rest of the series and can't wait to see what it holds.

Who I would recommend it too: PNR readers. This has got a great mixtures of paranormal characters in it and is a very good read.

Author Website: [...]Books in this series:
Playing Easy to Get
A Hunger Like No Other
No Rest for the Wicked
Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night
Dark Needs at Nights Edge
Dark Desires after Dusk
Kiss of a Demon King
Deep Kiss of Winter
Pleasure of a Dark Prince
Demon from the Dark
Dreams for a Dark Warrior
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on January 6, 2014
All I am able to say is OMG. This is a story about a woman who has lived a sheltered life, not of her own doing; but because her guardians wanted to protect her. She has never felt the touch of another, never felt the love of another, but always wondered what it felt like, yearned for it, craved it, desired it. A man who has been in the pits of hell for over150 years, under chains and Fire by vamps. He never thought he'd have his mate, never thought he'd find her., after all he's been chained for a long time. Then he smells her..... I'm not going to go any further. The book was great! I actually loved it.
The characters were well developed and I look forward to other stories by this author.
I totally disagree with some of the critics as well. But everyone has a point of view, it just doesn't make it right. To me it was an awesome story.

On a side note:

NO SHE WAS NOT RAPED as some have suggested. It is obvious that they did not read the story.
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on April 4, 2017
The book that started the series. Kresley Cole is one of my favorite authors. I originally had this in paperback, but finally broke down and purchased the ebook when the price dropped to $1.99. All the books in this series are reread worthy; some more than others, The writing is original and keeps me coming back for more. Each book will touch on previous characters and will even take place at the same time as other books, but are truly about the featured couple. This creates a familiar world that you can fall back into with each book.
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on May 21, 2016
I just re-read this book and still love it. This was my first book into the world of Kresley Cole but I have read so many others and loved all of them. She's a wonderful author that creates fascinating worlds and incredible characters!

Lachlain MacRieve is the King and leader of the Lykae Clan, which are like werewolves. For the past 150 years, he's been tortured and held prisoner by the vampires. In this world, there is only one being that is your partner. After all those years of waiting, he finally smells her since he's trapped in the catacombs below Paris. That gets him to finally make his escape, even leaving one of his legs behind.

Emmaline Troy is half Vampire and half Valkyrie and she went to Paris to try to find out who her father was. She's been raised by a group of Valkyrie's in New Orleans since her mother passed away soon after she was born. She has no idea who her father is. Lachlain escapes his torment to find out that his mate is a Vampire and he doesn't handle that well. He's also has to come to terms with the differences since he's been trapped for 150 years.

Lachlain is hugely intelligent, good looking, and he's a huge alpha. He hates Vampires and for good reason as they have held him for such a huge amount of time, tortured him, and killed his father and brother. He's in shock to learn after waiting all that time to find out that his mate is part Vampire. But he learns so much about her and is able to see that she is so much more than that. He does everything he can to take care of her and show her that he cares about her.

Emma has felt lost for such a huge amount of time. She grew up in a Valkyrie house and clan and she always felt like an outsider. Her family is pretty crazy but they do love her and do what they can to protect her. She wants to know where she comes from so she goes searching. Her time with Lachlain makes her realize that she is so much more and she's powerful.

Definitely worth reading.
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on December 5, 2012
This is the story about Emma-a half Vampire,half Valkyrie innocent who gets abducted by Lachlain the king of the Lykae otherwise known as werewolves. Lachlain has just spent 150 years being tortured by the leader of the vampires and only when he senses his life mate nearby is he able to escape. Emma has left her family of Valkyries in New Orleans to travel to Paris to try and find her father who she has never met.She thinks Lachlain is a crazed madman. Lachlain is kind of crazy in the beginning due to the torture he has gone through. He doesn't tell her that she is his mate at first although he expects her to come with him to go back home to Scotland. He has a hard time with her vampire status as vampires are his enemy as should be expected after the torture he has endured. She is timid in the beginning (that changes) and has been sheltered her entire life. This is how their love story begins. There is lots of action in the later part of the book and some gore but mostly it was a sweet love story. The book was published in 2006 and is the start of a series. The price of a Kindle book this old should not be higher then what a discount store sells it for when it is first published in paperback. All of the books are priced like this and I really don't think it was good enough for me to want to pay that much for the rest of the books. There are just too many good Indy books out there for very reasonable prices and publishers should really start realizing this!
Addendum: It's 5 days later and I just looked at the prices of these books again and the prices have come down. This is good news!Hope it stays that way!
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on October 4, 2011
To say A Hunger Like No Other is the best adult paranormal romance I have ever read is a bit weighted since I have not read much in this genre. The reason for this is because I had two bad experiences with adult paranormal romance: Dark Lover by J.R. Ward and Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Both failed me miserably, and ever since, I have ignored this genre completely. The first read like soft-core porn and the second was just so boring.

Therefore, when a friend recommended me A Hunger Like No Other, I just brushed her off with one look at the book's cover. I mean, look at it! It screams SOFT-CORE PORN INSIDE. The cheesy summary on the back was no help either. Let me first say that I am not a prude; I do like sex in my books, as long as it is written tastefully. I also love steamy scenes of foreplay. It's just that I get really turned off by books with (1) love at first sight and (2) unnecessary scenes of intercourse in every three chapters. I believe that true love develops over time, not just in a week of knowing each other. Also, if the main characters are constantly having sex, it would seem they are more in lust than in love.

I love an author who can create amazing sexual tension without actual sex happening yet. A Hunger Like No Other is exactly this! The chemistry between Emma and Lachlain was very believable (and hot). You will love reading about them. They have some pretty funny scenes that got me laughing out loud. Plus, A Hunger Like No Other has a great storyline with action / adventure! The characters are all very fleshed-out as well, especially Emma's eccentric Valkyrie family. They are all bad-ass yet hilarious at the same time. I was so sad that the story had to end but am glad there are more books to this series, featuring some of the characters from A Hunger Like No Other as the protagonists!

I also want to mention that Kresley Cole is a brilliant author. She switches between Emma and Lacklain's POV (point of view) very fluidly in third person without giving each protagonist their own chapter. I read a lot of YA (even though I'm 22), and this feat is usually accomplished through first person narrative and separate chapters. In addition, Cole's writing style was simple yet descriptive enough, making it a very fun read and not a burden on the reader. It seems like a lot of adult novels these days try too hard to be sophisticated and end up straining my eyes and brain.

All in all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A Hunger Like No Other if you enjoy paranormal romance! It was s hilarious, fun, and sexy ride. However, the publishers should really change the cover to something a little more sophisticated . . . I don't know how many other readers have put off this book because it's a reminisce of bad Harlequin novels.
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