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on May 8, 2013
Well if it does not work - as mine does not good luck. Customer service is non existent and all they ask is how big are the pieces you put in it... I tell them I followed the instructions-- all the fibers just cake up all in the basket and do not expel like they are supposed to. My friend that has one came over and she told me - no this is not right. It has never worked correctly - used it less than a month now- and my juice is all full of fiber. This is a lot a money for something that does not work correctly and the company will do NOTHING- NOTHING--so frustrating and a waste of my money - what happened to customer service and quality. BUYER BEWARE__ if there is anything wrong with it - you are screwed. NEVER HAS WORKED AND THEY DO NOT CARE! Have called Hurom for 3 weeks. Have sent an email to their customer service, have emailed Corner Shop the distributor and Amazon. NO COMMENTs. Finally got this email from Hurom:I have confirmed with my managers that Amazon is NOT authorized. Units bought from unauthorized dealers do not have the full manufacturer's warranty.

Therefore, for any warranty issues, you would have to contact Amazon directly or email the Hurom rep in your country.

I have added a list below for international contacts of the Hurom Juicer.

So if buying from Amazon invalidates warranties I guess it is not worth buying on line anymore. This is disgraceful.
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on June 29, 2015
Am I the only person NOT in head-over-heels love with this juicer?!

Simply put, I am not impressed. I had a Breville Juice Fountain years ago, but got out of the habit of using it regularly and impulsively sold it during one of my decluttering missions. Recently, after rereading some of the material and articles that initially got me interested in juicing years ago, I decided to purchase a new juicer. I knew I wanted a slow juicer (for better nutrient extraction), and I knew I wanted an upright juicer (to make storage easier).

My intention was to juice daily, primarily green/vegetable juices. But, with this juicer, juicing is such a long and frustrating process that it's just not practical for me. I have two young children and a household to run - I can't afford to spend an hour in the kitchen for a couple measly glasses of juice, no matter how fresh and nutrient dense.

My main issue is the constant clogging of the pulp ejector. Celery and leafy greens are the biggest culprits. But really, any variety of softer, more fibrous fruit or vegetable has the potential to clog this thing, especially when juiced in combination with celery and/or leafy greens. The "fix" to this problem is giving the juicer plenty of time between adding items, finely chopping the problem produce before sending it down the chute, and alternating between small handfuls of the problem produce with more dense, hard root vegetables (which help force the more fibrous produce through). But even after the laborious task of finely chopping my produce and the extra time between adding items and alternating between fibrous vegetables and root vegetables, it's STILL GETTING CLOGGED. Constantly. So, I still spend a ridiculous amount of time unclogging the stupid pulp ejector, extra time chopping my produce and standing around waiting in between adding items, and adding carrots to juices that I don't want carrots in. Hrmph. From start (gathering all my vegetables and fruit) to finish (putting the last clean piece on the drying rack) it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to get 64 ounces of juice.

If you're wanting to juice primarily hard fruits and root vegetables, I think this juicer could meet your needs nicely. If you're wanting to juice primarily greens and fibrous fruits and vegetables, I would keep looking. Or if you want to juice daily without spending an exorbitant amount of time doing so, I would keep looking. Or if you don't want to spend a small fortune on an appliance you dread using, I would keep looking.
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on February 16, 2016
WARNING - DO NOT buy your Hurom juicer from Concept Kitchens - they are not an authorized retailer. Hurom indicated that I have no warranty since I bought this from an unauthorized retailer. That's right - I just paid nearly $300 and NO WARRANTY. I had no idea that I wasn't buying this directly from Hurom.
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on December 27, 2016
After a lot of research and experience using a friend's Hurom, I was excited to get this baby in the mail. I was a little annoyed to have to cut everything up SO small (so as not to overwhelm the machine). I used it so much and it took SO long to cut everything up, wait for it to make the juice, then clean was such a pain in the rump. I called customer service because the pulp was really wet sometimes and it got clogged a lot. I cut things SO small and the guy pretty much said tough luck. So I returned it. Ended up getting a Breville which I love.
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on September 2, 2012
When I choose a product online, there's always a chance my expectations will get out of line with what arrives. The opposite happened in the case of the Hurom Slow Juicer. It is everything I wanted. I can toss an amazing array of vegetables into its little hopper and enjoy healthy beverages I never before imagined. The machine itself is well-engineered--the parts snap into place exactly as they should. It's efficient and quiet (and I often juice in the early morning before my household is awake). My amazing son-in-law suggested making vegetable stock out of the vegetable remains that are unjuiceable (is that a word?), so I save them in the freezer for a few cycles and use them in soup. Overall, I couldn't be more delighted.
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on December 8, 2012
First, I love this juicer. The best juicer on the market is the one that you will use everyday and this is the one for me. It is the fastest to use because it is self feeding. This is a fantastic time saver. I can cut up the produce while the juicer does its work, reducing my juicing time in half. Try to do that with the Super Angel. The YouTube videos I have seen on the Super Angel show the wooden pusher getting quite a workout forcing produce into the twin screws. I haven't taken the Hurom pusher out of the plastic bag yet. The clean-up is also easy and just as fast as with a single horizontal auger juicer. Please note that the parts are not dishwasher safe. Currently, there are at least three Hurom models on the market, namely the HU-100, HU-300 & HU-400. Functionally all three are the same. Differences are in the body, strainer and pin holder. The HU-100 is available in white, silver and black. I have seen a chrome model but it is difficult to get in the USA. The HU-100 has the latest improved strainer which is the black Ultem strainer. The Omega Vert still uses the amber Ultem strainer which is more likely to show stains after a lot of use. The HU-100 model is the only one with a handle. I like the handle because I need to move it around in our crowded kitchen. The HU-300 and HU-400 are slimmer but do not have the handle. The HU-300 and HU-400 are also equipped with the black Ultem strainer. The HU-100 and HU-300 models use twisting locking hooks that work just fine to lock the juicing bowl to the motor base. The $600.00 HU-400 uses a holder pin and three stubs on the top of the motor base instead of hooks. Although an improvement in design and a cleaner look, to me it is not worth the extra money. All three models now share the improved silicone bowl seal, larger pulp ejection port to reduce clogging and improved silicone plug that is attached to the juicing bowl. The juice catch cup and pulp container have also been improved. The 32 ounce plus juice container has a handle and the larger pulp container does not. The BPA-free juice container now fits inside the pulp bin to reduce storage space requirements. The materials are very high quality. The forward/off/reverse switch is covered by a clear plastic membrane for shock protection in case water from wet hands would enter the handle area. After juicing, it is a good idea to reverse the juicer for a second. The juice bowl separates easily with just a small counter clockwise rotation after this momentary reverse action. Also, the juice port has an added safety feature that prevents a finger from entering the rotating wiper section. An updated 80 page recipe book is included titled "100 Gourmet Recipes for the Slow Juicer" cookbook, a $14.99 value for free. A short instructional DVD names the parts and describes two different assembly methods as well as cleaning instructions and do's and don'ts. Finally, the packaging has been improved to insure that the juicer is in perfect condition when you open the box. The market is now flooded with vertical slow juicers with all companies claiming patents on their particular juicer. Many of the units are made in the same Korean factory; avoid Chinese knockoffs. The reviews on these juicers are correct when they state that the juice contains more pulp than other style juicers. A good strainer with the double mesh is a must as well as a nice glass bowl with a pouring spout in which to strain the juice. Personally, I like the extra pulp in orange juice and tomato juice. Some juices need body and are not as desirable when they are watery. I plan to make almond milk and coconut milk as this model works quite well for these tasks. I waited almost three years before I bought this style of juicer because I knew improvements were needed in the original model. I highly recommend the HU-100B as the black housing look is outstanding. To our health, as a Nation!
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on October 19, 2014
This juicer is amazing. It really does masticate, and very well I might add.
In person it is aesthetically pleasing, with a sparkly and glossy black paint.

It can juice your curly kale, Dino kale, and even the dreaded celery.
The juice production is on point, the (what my family calls waste) aka pulp is always dry.

We'll juice carrots, apples, bunches of kale, spinach, red chard, cucumber, celery, beets, heck even lemons, and many other fruits and vegetables with no problems!
It will however clog and lock up if you do not follow the DIRECTIONS and only feed in about 2 inch segments at a time.

It is very child friendly and you do not risk losing a finger, the hopper is long and pretty much impossible to put a body part in.

The very best thing about it is the noise level, or lack there of. It is very quiet, which is a must for someone with an open dinning and family room.

The Cons:
The hopper could be a little wider so that we do not have to dice up apples so small.
I wish the container held more, as we do make a lot of juice at one time. However it is not hard to put another bowl under and just mix the two when finished juicing.

P.S. make sure you push in the yellow tab at the bottom of the clear part that the wipers run against before juicing, if not you may leak juice...everywhere.
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on July 30, 2016
I wanted to love this juicer. And yes, it leaves very little pulp in the actual juice. The reason for 2 stars is the design of this juicer. About 6 months into it the auger would become lodged and took Herculean strength to manipulate it out. I generally never write reviews but after spending another 15 minutes (!!!) trying to once again get the auger out so I could clean the dang thing I thought--I'm not letting anyone else go through the this. It seriously happens 8 out of 10 times I use the juicer---& I generally use it 3 times a week. My next juicer will not be a Hurom, it will be an Omega.
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on May 13, 2014
I love this juicer. Have had a Juiceman since 91 (still have it) but I wanted to try this slow masticating juicer. For wheatgrass and leafy vegetables as I saw demonstration compared to a high-speed juicer such as the old Juiceman . Both work very well but the slow juicer does produce a better juice that's not so separated. I don't really care about the foam ...whether it's there or not just stir it up ...but this masticating juicer doesn't have as much foam and it lets a little bit of pulp in it ,which I think is really good. I've heard people complain about a lot of juicers being a pain to have to clean up. Well there's a few pieces but it doesn't take any longer than washing up breakfast dishes and a frying pan. I did use bok choy.... And it did get a little bit stuck ...but I believe it's because I didn't cut it small enough. I have tried spinach and that gets a little bit stuck as well putting wads of spinach in.... but the second time I wrap the spinach around little pieces of Apple and it worked great. Oh my God and is it quiet!!! So far everything's been great but I will come back in a month or two and update.
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on May 11, 2016
Excellent product. It shipped quickly and arrived on our doorstep today; quickly cleaned it, read the quick-start tips in the manual and started juicing. Juiced perfectly with everything I put in it; I tried Kale, spinach, carrot, ginger, zucchini, lemon, beet, cilantro.. all pre-cut into 2" bits. I have only had a rotary (Juicelady) before which was loud and didn't provide much juice for the produce put into it.. this on the other hand was quiet, easy to use and very efficient which produced beautiful juice. I got a kick out of the chewing sound the juicer made.. it was fun and I listened with joy when dropping produce into the hopper. This is a keeper! :D

There are a lot of parts but its extremely easy to clean.. very happy. 5 stars.
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