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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 11, 2015
The HurryCane is my favorite, all-purpose cane because it is comfortable to grip, lightweight, pivots to make walking more natural, and will stand on its own, with careful placement on select flooring. I own 4 canes, and I've had some experience with them over the years for various injuries, most recently a broken leg. This is the cane I always select when I am going out, to doctor's appointments, etc. The HurryCane folds easily, although you have to be careful; I pinched a finger when I first tried it. Despite the fact that it folds, the HurryCane is very supportive and it does not feel like you are compromising stability for compactness. The only negative is that the HurryCane does not stand up on its own as well as advertised; it will not stand up on gravel or uneven flooring, such as travertine and most carpets. With careful placement, it will stand on level surfaces, such as wood floors and flat tile, but sometimes it still falls over in this setting. However, the ability to have the HurryCane stand alone allows you to use both hands for something else (like finding that item at the bottom of your purse). Another incredibly useful feature is that if it falls, you can carefully stand on the base to make it stand back up. So although the HurryCane doesn't always stand up, it is so handy that it still rates 5 stars.

Here is my comparison:
The HurryCane is lightweight and comfortable, offering excellent support. It has a comfortable contoured handle. I am 5'2" and it fits my height comfortably, in the lowest setting. I measured and it can be extended ~7" more to accommodate taller individuals. It also comes in more interesting colors, like blue, as compared to other canes. My husband calls it my "Ninja cane," because of the way it folds and unfolds, so it has added a little humor to life as well.

I've included a picture of the different canes from the front, as well as an overhead view, so you can better see the base of each cane.

Basic cane (shown on left in picture): this was issued by the hospital a few years ago as I was getting out of a wheelchair after pelvic fractures. The candy-cane style hand is moderately comfortable, not as comfortable as the HurryCane, and it's weight is similar. This cane does not offer as much support throughout the gait cycle as the HurryCane; the pivoting action of the HurryCane offers more allows for more natural walking.

Self-standing cane (pictured second from the left): this mini-quad cane offers a little more stability than the HurryCane, which has a smaller tripod base. It will stand on some flat carpets and rough floors like travertine, where the HurryCane often will not. It is also about twice as heavy as the HurryCane. I use it the least often. If you need a sit-to stand feature, this cane has one in a compact design. Because of prior shoulder injuries, I do not use it, but if your shoulders can tolerate the weight-bearing of getting up with this, it is a handy feature. This cane also has a small light, which is intended to aid walking in the dark, in one of the handles. Also, there is a small area for storage in the handle, with enough room for a key, emergency money, or a few emergency pills. Overall, unless you need an added feature like the light, storage, or sit-to-stand assistance, I recommend that you spend your money on the HurryCane. This Palo Apallo self-standing cane was purchased on Amazon for ~$50.

Quad cane (shown on right): this offers superior stability and I use this when in the yard. Unlike the HurryCane, the quad cane will stand alone on gravel and in the grass, although it occasionally falls over if I place it on an incline. This offers more support than the HurryCane, but feels about twice as heavy. The sit-to-stand option is a helpful feature if you need assistance standing. This HealthSmart sit-to-stand quad cane was also purchased on Amazon for $35.
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on October 29, 2013
I would be remiss if I didn't tell you my whole story. I was in a very bad car wreck in 2006. I survived a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I was in rehab for 2 years after this. I had to relearn how to do almost everything! By God's grace I have made a miraculous recovery. Hallelujah.

The first cane I used was a large quad cane. I had to use that because my balance was poor and I needed the support from this type of cane. I now own 8 canes. Beyond the shadow of a doubt the HurryCane is by far the best one I own! When I was going up the steps on the back deck using a straight cane I had to hold on to the hand rail when I was going up or down the steps. When I use the HurryCane I do not have to be holding onto it. It provides that much more support. The fact it can stand on its own is also a benefit of this cane. I go to senior citizen's dinners around town. When I walk by the food table I can hold my plate with one hand & put the food on the plate with the other hand while my HurryCane is standing right beside me. With a straight cane I have to lean it up against either myself or the table. It could then fall & someone else could trip over it.

For exercise I go on long walks around my yard. On the premises we have pine trees & oaks. Naturally under these trees you're going to find pine cones & acorns. These could be a problem with a standard cane. If a cane were set on a large acorn or a pine cone it would roll & you may lose your balance. Walking with my HurryCane I don't have to worry about these objects. If the large base lands on something like this it will not roll away causing you to fall. It truly is for all-terrain!

In addition to these features the HurryCane customer service department is so much more committed to their customer satisfaction than any other company I know. After I got my first HurryCane I recommended to them that they attach the feet on the base more securely. The current generation HurryCane has feet that are secured to the base MUCH more securely. I also recommended they have a clamping device on the cane to hold it in the folded position. The Freedom Edition HurryCane has feet attached more securely and they implemented my clamping device idea. It is lighter, and it folds easier When I send their customer support a message they usually get back to me the same day! Another example of how committed to customer satisfaction they are is they asked me if I knew of anyone who would benefit from having a HurryCane. I told them I have a friend named Floyd who I felt would greatly benefit from a HurryCane. Floyd was a truck driver who survived a TBI. After I told them about Floyd they sent him a HurryCane.

I've also been in doctor's offices where the doctors, nurses, & other patients ask me to show them my cane. I show them the features of the HurryCane & they are always impressed.

I know this has been a long review but I wanted to make sure I tell you about the fantastic features this All-Terrain Cane has. It is easily worth 10 times what they charge for it! In my opinion if you need a cane you NEED A HURRYCANE!

I recently read reviews that reported of defects in this product. I suspect that this happened because the cane was purchased via and a third party was involved with the cane you bought. I have worked directly with the HurryCane company and my HurryCane has been a true blessing to me. I have only found 2 mechanical issues with the product. The first cane that I got in 2008 had the problem of the feet not being securely fastened to the base of the cane. I had to buy replacement feet. That was a problem only with the first HurryCane I owned. It was not an issue with any of the other editions of the HurryCane. The other mechanical problem I had with it was the pin that is used to set the height was sheered off on day. That happened on a Sunday night. I sent the HurryCane customer support staff an email that night. When I checked my email Monday morning two associates with HurryCane had apologized profusely for what happened & they told me that they had already addressed the issue with that pin. My new HurryCane was in the mail that day! I'm not trying to discourage you from buying one through I'm only telling you that if you want one that is guaranteed to work exactly like it is described you should buy it directly from the HurryCane company. If the HurryCane you receive is not satisfactory or has a defect all you have to do is let HurryCane know & they will be more than happy to rectify the problem. I give you my word on that; and that is not something that I take lightly.
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on November 1, 2013
I've been using canes for since 2004 (after a serious accident). In fact, I use two to get around. I decided to try HurryCanes in January, 2013. I was amazed at how good they are and how strong and reliable.

However in fall 2013, HurryCane released the "All-Terrain Freedom Edition." And here is what I found:

The handle is a better size and shape than the previous design (easier to grasp and find an immediate hand hold for the fingers). Built in cushioning too. Although, I need extra cushioning and HurryCane sells handle covers to make their standard handles even more cushiony.

The new design is lighter. More comfortable to lift, move around, and place for the next step. Yet they're as strong and supportive as any type of cane I've ever used.

The latest design has an even wider foot. (Yet not clunky.) It makes great contact with the ground. The rubber feet grip all surfaces well (wood or tile floors or pavement - even if slightly wet). I walk on gravel driveways and even use them on sand at the beach.

The pivoting head really works! The rubber feet stay in place even as I move and push forward.

When I go to physical therapy, I wholeheartedly recommend them to fellow patients. These are good even for people with disabilities.

And they're made in the USA.
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on September 18, 2016
This cane is amazing! I really like it so much more than my regular quad cane BUT there are some thing you need to be aware of before you buy the advantages of the cane outweighed the disadvantages for me but judge for yourself. Here you go:
1: The base of the cane is a bit smaller than the regular quad cane and for me it has a harder time sanding on its own, it falls frequently. It does come with a strap that you can attach to your wrist that does help with the problem.
2: The cane comes with a nicely designed egonomic handle that fits your hand nicely BUT after the first day of use for me I was left with a really sore hand from it. I'm sure it will get get better with use but something to be aware of.
3: This cane has the amazing capability of collapsing into three pieces very easily with a strong elastic that will snap back to a regular cane when you are ready to get out of the car. No more struggling to get the cane in the car or walking without the cane to the backseat to get the cane you just get in fold it up and put it in you floorboard or even in the handy carry case it came with. When you get out it just snaps back to a regular cane like magic. It is so wonderful!
4: The smaller quad base at the bottom really helps me to get around in the house and not hit everything with my cane because I don't need such a wide area anymore.
5: This cane is SO much lighter than my regular cane I am actually able to just lift it on my arm with the strap on it to grab something and it not even bother me it's so light.
6:Love the vibrant color.
7: The pivot at the bottom really seems to be helping me not to be so shaky with my cane it has been wonderful. Great invention.
There's my two cents😊 Hope it helps others.
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on December 30, 2013
Easy to unfold and set up
VERY sturdy - I was really surprised
Handle is comfortable
Clips and elastic keep the folded cane secure
I am really pleased!
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on March 20, 2016
To keep it brief, I am a walk-in, ok taxi-in, to the 24 hour clinic. Lumbar sprain was the diagnosis as I continue to clench my teeth to prevent the obsenties. I am now on Rx for pain and stress.

I had found it was helping to put some extra weight on my right side. This cane makes it possible for me to get around so I will try to get to the office since we just renovated the place over the weekend and I am going to hire a hitman if somebody took my spot.

You can keep your balance with it as it does pivot, but only when you apply enough weight to the opposing direction. It prevents me from experiencing pain or faling but I would recommend not to use it if you are experiencing vertigo. It hurts for me to get out of bed or stand up if I have been sitting for too long but this cane helps (I am scheduling to see a surgeon tomorrow as I was instructed so please don't start preaching to me).

Judging from the cane's height, I would not recommend this to a person approaching anything close to 6 feet tall
I cannot attest to the weight bearing limits either because I am 5'9" approx 160 pounds.

I have experienced extreme cases of vertigo maybe 10 years ago and I do not think this can would have helped with vertigo that causes an individual to fall to the floor.
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on March 8, 2016
This cane was purchased for my 87 year old grandma who has had her hip replaced twice and has issues with balance and getting around in general. Her old cane was a $9.97 version she tied a shoestring to in order to keep it around her wrist. It constantly fell over and I was scared she was going to fall while trying to pick it up. We got her this one for her birthday and she was so excited about her new cane! She loves that it stands by itself so she doesn't have to fetch it off the ground all the time. The wrist strap is nice as it makes her feel a little more secure and she said the handle has a nice feel to it. Great cane!
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on August 14, 2016
Nice to be able to fold it up.incredibly handy for that reason alone.I appreciate it most when I am shopping.I don't have to worry about my cane hanging out of the shopping cart just far enough to take down a display if I turn a corner to sharp! I love that it stands on its own.According to the people from Hurricane,the pivoting base works with use. I haven't had mine long enough yet.That is they only reason I am giving this cane four stars not five.It is quite sturdy an very functional. Definitely a keeper,I am very pleased.
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on February 5, 2014
The cane itself is well made, the shipping cost and item pricing were reasonable. However, the cane will not stand on carpeting, grass, department store and supermarket surfaces, etc. As a conversation piece, it's delightful. Other than that, save your money.
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on September 15, 2015
I'm not at all happy with this product. My husband and friends encouraged me to get it after doctor said he wanted me to stop using my single foot cane and was very anxious to get this after reading so many positive reviews. I had a very different experience. We live on a hill and most of the land around our area is hilly. It definitely is not all terrain and the foot does not meet the ground at all points. It doesn't seem to stand on it's own very well either, even on a flat surface.The base is stiff and doesn't have much give to it and I don't see the swivel motion they advertise. Thought there might be a lock or maybe a tab stopping it, but couldn't find one and the neighbor who checked it out for me couldn't either It's also so much lighter, I don't feel secure with it. I can't seem to get it adjusted quite right or maybe it's the handle being different, but after the first day using it both my wrist and back hurt. My husband said give yourself time to adjust to using it; maybe, he's right. But when you depend on something as much as I do my cane, using something I don't feel safe with is difficult. Maybe I just got a bad one,
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