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on June 23, 2013
The HU80722 2600 psi pump was purchased 3 years ago from Home Depot. I am a seasoned tool user and know how to take care of most items. The Husky was a very attractive when I purchased as the Honda Engine is first rate. The pump on the other hand is the Achilles heal. The number of very unfavorable reviews proves it is sub par. The pump parts themselves are very sub-par, so if you have not had issues, you probably will.
Looks like a decent pump replacement for the 7/8in shaft 2400-2600 psi pump is available at [...]. Feedback is good so far. As far as lessons learned, the soap tank needs to be drained prior to storage as the solution will harden and cause additional problems. The pump lubricant at storage time seemed to give me some extra time and another model I had lasted 20 years prior to this replacement. I fixed mine and now a friends and it appears the 120.00 for the new pump is cheaper solution than a new unit.

I will say that Husky will not be considered in my garage going forward.
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on December 1, 2012
I bought the machine used for $75 from a seller who was selling it for the Motor. He said pump went bad. I went to [...] and ordered this specific pump: RMW22G24 it cost me $87.99 plus delivery ($13 to ID). I have used this pressure washer now for over two years on a regular basis with no problems what so ever. This little thing has generated an income I have been very pleased with and I still use it today!

For those of you who have one and are reluctant do get it repaired, my advice would be this: spend the $88 dollars. You will be glad you did and will soon get over your frustration.
To change the pump is simple simply pull out the 3 bolts pump falls out. Put the new pump in its place tighten bolts and you are ready it fire it up! Bottom line is the Honda motor is what you paid for, get the quality pump and you will be happy after all.

I know this doesn't take away from your frustration paying the $300 for something that was short lived, but don't throw it a way, that would be a waste. I hope this helps.

Louie Ruiz
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on May 14, 2013
EVERYONE! ALL TOGETHER NOW! Kindly take just a few minutes to let the public at large and the Better Business Bureau know what a truly subpar product these pressure washers truly are. I have used mine 8 times and it now leaks like a sieve and has no pressure.
Mine is (purchased at Home Depot) Husky "smart" pressure washer. Small, compact, for washing decks and sidewalk, house etc.... REALLY!!!! Just 8 times. Babied and cared. I am one of those folks that takes care of what I own and enjoys the long life of a well cared for product. Shameful. I'm going to check with company and report back to this review. Give them the benefit of looking for a recall from company or a " yes, that has been a poor performer sorry for your trouble, time, money, good faith we have clearly taken advantage of".
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on May 31, 2016
I have one of these units. It's a 2008. (today is 05/2016).
The unit has served me well for these 8 years. The Honda motor is (of course!) perfect, starting easy and running flawlessly.
It's a decent home-owner unit. I've washed my decks every year and other "around the house chores". I even washed my house with it last fall.
I'd buy it again.
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on March 30, 2014
I bought this back in 2008 and had the same pump problem as everyone else that has complained. I was pretty pissed! I then went to find support and could get none. However, I did a lot of research and finally found an aftermarket replacement pump. That was in spring 2009. Well, it's now spring 2014 and I haven't had one problem with the washer since I put in the new pump. Bottom line is, the pump that comes with a new unit sucks, hence the 3 stars. However, the new pump cost me about $80 dollars, so my total cost is around $390 dollars for this unit. I don't consider that too bad for the use I have put it through. Check other power washers if you'd like and you'll see that $400 is a bargain for a high quality unit and with the new pump, the is a high quality unit. Replacing the pump took me about 30 minutes. I did expect to get a quality unit when I bought it so that isn't good, but don't give up on this thing. It works great with the new pump.
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on April 22, 2013
Bought in 2007 or so. Year 1 worked great. Year 2 after 4 or 5 uses pump froze. Out of warranty. Repaired by Home depot. pump froze on second use. It sat around for a couple of years while I used my neighbors. Neighbor moved. Back to repair shop. Replaced entire pump. worked a half dozen more times. Guess what....pump froze ( found out it has a plastic piston what a p.o.s. ). Talked to Home depot local General Manager about the pump. Its been a lemon since day 1. He said their liability ceased when the warranty ran out. No he would not take it as a trade in, no he would not give me a break on a new better one, no the fact that I had bought almost $10,000. In various construction materials, appliances, etc didn't matter (2 remodelings). Lowes here I come in the future.
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on August 4, 2011
I purchased this unit 2 years ago and used it that summer I bought it. Last summer I didn't think our house needed washed so I kept it inside the garage well protected to be used the following year (2011). The unit cost almost $300 from my memory. Anyway, last week I pulled it out, put fresh gas in it, bought a gallon of pressure washer soap and plugged in the hose to use it my 2nd time. Well the engine started right up but nothing came out of the wand.. no water or anything. After playing around with it for awhile I decided to take it back to Home Depot for them to have it fixed or to let me know what I might be doing wrong. They charged me $35 to be looked at and shipped it off. Well here it is several days later and I just got a phone call saying the water pump in it went bad after that one use and it would cost $200 to replace the pump. This amazes me what garbage this unit is and how much I paid for 1 spraying of my house. The guy at Home Depot said that power washers sometimes go bad because they don't take well to water! What?? I am really ticked off because I don't have a bunch of $$ to throw away like that! I paid the extra $$ to get the larger 2600 psi unit and didn't want to skimp on quality because I wanted one that would last a long time.. but just 1 time!!! And it wasn't like I kept it outside... I kept it inside the garage well protected from the elements. The unit still looked new! I guess as it should since it was only used once.

My recommendation is NEVER BUY HUSKY AGAIN... they are a $$ pit. Money I could have spent elsewhere! Thanks for listening to my rage on this. So in the end I spent $299 + tax... and then another $35 for them to tell me its better to just throw the unit away.
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on June 5, 2016
It took 3 return trips to Home Depot but I finally got a good one. They discontinued the one I bought because it's pump never worked. I have the one with the deck scrubber attached (removeable) to the base. The engine is the only good thing as its a Honda. If you buy one, get it used and prepare to replace the pump. It'll work fine after that.
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on April 17, 2014
I called the number on the back of the Husky power washer for assistance. Not only could I not get assistance, the customer service rep tried to sell me a "free" $100 Wal-Mart gift card for $2.95. I tried to avoid that option by pressing "3" and came to the same offer. I thought "why not?" thinking Husky was a reputable company. I started to sign up, but changed my mind when the process was very time-consuming. I told them the deal was off, but now they continue to call, aggressively saying they're charging me $59.00. DON'T ACCEPT THE WALMART GIFT CARD OFFER UNLESS YOU WANT TELEPHONE HARRASSMENT.
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on July 6, 2012
I bought this in 2008, used maybe 2 hours the 1st year and 1/2 hr during the 2nd year, when it failed. The Honda engine runs just fine, but there is no water from the pump. In fact, when connected to the hose with the engine off, you cannot even get any water to flow with the wand lever depressed. So, something has seized. I searched online and found numerous complaints about the pump and the need to replace it, somewhere around $160.

Update Aug. 2, 2012

Additional research shows you can buy a replacement pump much like the original one for ~$70. But the useful life was rated for only 50 hours.
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