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on September 25, 2012
I went to help my mom after the High Park Fire in Colorado in Aug 2012 by clearing burnt timber along her driveway. I decided to drop-ship these from Amazon to her house before I arrived based upon good reviews and my experience suturing chainsaw lacerations in the ER as a resident and family physician. First day of sawing, running a bigger saw than I had used in the past, tired and neglectful that it idled down slowly - saw pivoted in my L hand as I reached for a branch with my R hand, and I felt a "bang" on my left thigh and the saw was suddenly quiet. I looked down and had crossed the blade onto my leg - the blade was now stuffed with white strands from the chaps, and I was unscathed. Saved me from my very own trip to the ER and allowed me to cut another day (and the chaps were patchable with duct tape). Yes, they make you sweat more than just wearing Levi's, but they are easy to put on, fit fine (5'11", 195#), and are reasonably comfortable all day. Buy them and WEAR THEM - they are worth every penny.
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on May 6, 2016
Had a near miss and it scared me into buying this item. While waiting for my purchase to arrive I had a second incident (picture attached), it scared me into putting the saw down and not touch it until my chaps arrived. I'm not a total idiot, just had too many things in my mind and tried to do two things at once twice.
The chaps are nice and have plenty of protective material, they fit me pretty good being 5'10" and 200 pounds. If you're going to buy something that you are going to trust your life with, go with a well known and trusted brand. Husqvarna has always delivered in my book and that's why they are the ones I gravitate towards.
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on April 12, 2017
Found myself at the ER today with a very lucky nick just above my knee.
Should have been wearing caps!
Orderes these so as to never have this happen again.
Chaps are much less money and pain than an ER visit and stitches.
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on June 27, 2017
I was wearing these last weekend limbing a large tree w my Shtil and a nice new sharp chain. I was getting comfortable and moving quickly, pulling the saw back I pulled it right across my left leg, I felt a tug as the saw sliced into the chaps. It started pulling fibers up into the chain. I was able to freeze and throw the chain break on and stop the saw. No doubt this would have ruined my weekend and cost a pretty penny to stitch my leg up. I"m grateful to have been wearing them and hopefully learned my lesson about moving too quickly w a chainsaw. I am buying a new pair in case I hit the same spot again. Its cheap insurance and an absolute must!!!!
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You'd better get these if you plan on using a chainsaw!!! I didn't have these and almost chopped off my left leg!!! So, when you are using a chainsaw for any period of time, you get tired... when you reach a branch above your head, you WILL end up allowing the saw to kinda swing down and hang as you rest for a second until the next cut... well, this happened & I cut through my jeans right at my hip... zero blood, but jeans are shot... It only took a blink of an eye & the jeans were shredded... jeans offer NO protection to speak of.. I just got lucky!! Being that I was way in the back woods and over 45 minutes from any sort of civilization, I'd have surely blead-out. These chaps appear to be great construction & if I understand it properly, if cut with a saw, there are threads inside the chaps that shred & string out to stop the chain. Sounds like it'll work since I saw what happens when accidentally cutting through some twine that was imbedded in a tree. These things DO make you much hotter & sweatier than without, but you will be much better off sweaty with 2 legs!!!!
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on January 6, 2018
Been using these going on two years, and have fortunately not had to test them. I was new to chainsaws when I bought them, but have been clearing some land and have cut down and sectioned over 100 trees now. They gave me a lot of peace of mind when I cut trees on steep hillsides. You have to stand in sometimes a little awkward ways, and these give me the confidence to be able to stand in a stable position that might be a little sketchy. I'm in a tropical climate, so it can be hot and humid. The chaps can feel hot and heavy, but I won't cut anything, even smaller jobs, without them. Just take a break, have some water, cool off, and go back to it. I've accidentally cut through pants with a hedge trimmer so I have some sense of the possible damage when you let you lose concentration for just a second.
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on February 11, 2013
I bought a set of these last year after a "Near Miss" with a Stihl 250C... We own a large Mountain-Top Ranch which was in bad shape when we bought it.. the previous owners had let it go down badly while living in a different area, so we have had a LOT of work to do to bring it back up to what we knew it COULD be (It's Beautiful Up Here!)... I have worked around Saws "part time" on and off most of my life; my Father-In-Law and I even owned a small logging Company at one time some years ago. I own multiple Stihl Chain Saws and use them extensively up here at the Ranch. I recently bought a new Stihl 290 Farm Boss, with a much longer blade and Chain than my other Stihl's have, and was using it to cut a large Oak that had been blown down on a steep hill-side at the Western end of our property during a storm. The Oak was bent badly by another tree that it had tangled up in as they fell, and I knew the Oak was under a LOT of "spring-pressure". I was cutting into it slowly to relieve the tension little bits at a time, and I had cleared the area around my feet (I thought) because I knew I'd be stepping back away from the tree quickly multiple times as I let it relieve the pressure it was under. I stepped backward UP the side of the hill I was working on as the big Oak began to slowly crack, like I had planned for it to do. Just as I put my right foot down, my combat boot landed on a BIG mushroom that I had kinda kicked UP the hill-side to get it out of the way.. unknown to me, it had slowly rolled back DOWN the hill to a point right behind where I was standing (Duh.. That "Law Of Gravity" hasn't been repealed yet).

When my Boot lugs got filled with SLICK "Mushroom" I lost traction and went down into a sitting position.. the 290 was already Spinning down, and I was trying to keep the chain AWAY from my body as I fell, but the longer tip of the blade "Tapped" my right Mid-Thigh pretty hard anyway... I flipped the Saw off with my right hand as I set it down on my right side, and at the same time applied direct pressure to my thigh with my left hand until I got the saw stopped and safely on the ground... then I used BOTH hands to apply direct pressure to my leg, over the Chaps (with a pair of "Digital Camo" BDU's under the chaps)... Once upon a time I was a Paramedic, so I figured the chaps AND the BDUs would be good enough "Initial Bandaging" to help control the Bleeding until help arrived with my larger Med-Kit... you don't remove a "Bandage" from a large wound, you just keep applying more bandages on top of the old ones as they soak-through, so I wasn't about to remove the chaps or BDUs at that point... I dug my iPhone out of my pocket and hit the locator icon that signals my Wife and Daughters on their phones that "Something" is wrong, and gives them my location on a Satellite map (They knew exactly where I was, but they were working further away on the property)

I kept waiting for the Pain to hit... Chainsaws don't "Slice" flesh, they "RIP" flesh, and even though the chain was starting to slow down, I had tapped my thigh GOOD with the chain still spinning pretty fast! When my wife (A Nurse) saw the chainsaw sitting beside me, and "White Fibers" everywhere, she said "Oh my God!" and ran down the hill to me, white faced, while sending one our daughters for a large Med-Bag... I just couldn't understand why I wasn't spurting Blood, and in agony!

We hit the fast-tech buckles on the chaps and removed them easily... To our amazement, my BDUs weren't even torn!?!? My Leg was undamaged! In fact, Despite the "White Fibers" strung out from the chaps everywhere, The chain didn't even cut through to the back-side of the chaps!!! I was FINE!

That was a BRAND NEW, Genuine Stihl, Large-Toothed, Chain! It was "Factory Sharp", it had maybe 10 minutes of use on it when I fell, and the Chaps stopped it from cutting through to my leg! I'm still Amazed!!!! That's just "impressive as HAIL" (Sorry for the profanity, but it is!)!

Those chaps paid for themselves many times over in THAT instant! I really thought that chain had AT LEAST cut me to the bone! The really funny part is, the OUTSIDE of the chaps wasn't even that badly damaged! It looked worse than it was due to those fibers inside being pulled out by the chain, and getting "fluffed up", I think they're still VERY usable (unless I happened to tap that exact same spot again), but I'm not taking any chances... I've already bought a new set!

I have worked around saws for YEARS, and I've SEEN some of the typical Horror Stories you hear about, actually happen to other people, but I'd never cut *myself*.. thanks to these chaps, I STILL haven't cut myself! Someone in another review said something like, "You're CRAZY if you're using a saw and aren't wearing protective gear".. I'd like to Second that comment, and add the words "ABSOLUTELY INSANE" in place of "Crazy"! If you're around saws long enough, it is GOING to happen eventually, no matter how careful you are! For those people who say "Chainsaw Chaps are too hot to use comfortably in the Summer", We live in the Deep South where "Fighting back the plant-life" can be nearly an everyday thing, and I'm very comfortable around large saws, but I DO respect them! Even in mid-summer, when it's scorching hot outside, I wear my Chaps! As they used to say in the Military (and probably still do), "More Sweat In Training, Less Blood In Battle".. For Chainsaw Chaps, I'd modify that a little to say, "A Little Sweat Is Better Than A LOT Of Blood!"

For me, It made the difference between, "Spending the next few days at a Hospital having Multiple Tendons and such reattached, Hundreds of Stitches reattaching everything and closing up the wound, and then spending MONTHS recovering and sweating in Physical Therapy"... and, "Simply putting my Chaps back on, Clearing the fibers out of the saw, and spending about an hour finishing the job of clearing the Storm Damaged trees on that back hill-side, then going on about my daily life!" I'll take that second option EVERY TIME! PLEASE,Wear Protective Gear! Seriously, the cost of replacing the Trauma Bandages and other supplies used in my Med-Bag would have cost more than these Chaps! I don't even want to THINK about what the final Hospital Bill would have been... but a LOT more than Sixty-Something Bux! You buy Insurance for your Home, Vehicle, and your Family's medical care... buy a set of these as "Insurance" for yourself! And remember, you only have to pay THAT tiny premium ONCE!!!
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Let me start by saying that I've not ever had more than a superficial cut from a chainsaw, but I started wearing protective clothes after chewing up a good pair of work pants and scratching my knee about 20 years ago. These chaps are new. I got them after wearing out my previous (another brand) blue jean style protective pants. They have some major advantages over the latter. First, they are cooler, since the backside is open. The second is that they cover the entire front of the lower body instead of just the legs like the blue jean style pants, i.e. they give some protection to the pelvis and the femoral artery areas. Third is they allow a little more freedom of knee movement without scratching since the Kevlar is outside rather than inside the user's pants.

I've heard that if a running chain gets into them they will wad up and jam it faster than jean style, but I hope to never test that theory. I have no desire to be the new improved idiot who proves the design isn't really idiot proof.

I got the blue rather than the orange since I usually wear an orange helmet or hat in the woods and my chainsaw is orange, so after a while it just gets odd to be out there looking like a pumpkin.
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on November 5, 2013
I am a wildland firefighter and outdoorsman. I have logged hundreds of run hours on a saw. I am fit and generally safety-conscious. When using a saw I have helmet, eye protection and ear plugs. I wear steel-toe boots. Chaps? Pfffft.... yeah right.

So about a month ago I was working some dead oak. Been at it 20 minutes maybe? The saw zigged when I was certain it was going to zag and I found myself with a 4" gash across my thigh. That quick - it kicked, the log unexpectedly separated and and in the blink of an eye I was chain-bit. Now the ONLY thing that prevented this from being much more serious if that the chain grabbed my heavy-denim shirt and then my pant leg - else I would have probably gone deep into my leg.

Bought the chaps the next day which IS a day late.

Won't even think about starting the saw without chaps and the rest of my safety gear.

Yes $60 is some change for sure.... hey, what's your deductible for medical?

Okay, sounds like I'm preaching...

The chaps are decent weight, decent fit and easy to move around in. I actually feel a lot more secure, am not bothered by brush and branches now (bonus) and I know that had I had these on last month I would have saved myself from being bitten.

One reviewer mentioned safety color instead of the dark blue - I agree, great suggestion.

They fit, they're comfortable and I feel better having them on when using the saw.
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on July 31, 2014
I used these for the first time last night after work to cut firewood. They have already paid for themselves, so glad I had them. I was cutting the top of the tree into pieces and used my left leg to kick or roll the log over so i could complete my cuts and I must have kick my leg up too high because my knee came up and hit my chain which was still spinning fast. The chain tore through the outer covering but stopped once it hit the white stuff inside. My knee was completely protected, not scratch. I had I not had the chaps on I would have been headed to the hospital for sure. In all honesty, I think I might have been a little less careless with them on, you feel a bit bullet proof, so I'll have to be mindful of that and be more careful. I don't think i will ever operate a chainsaw again without wearing these. No different than wearing eye protection when using saws, etc.. As far as the tear in the chaps, i think it can easily be sewn with a patch or something. The white stuff inside seems to be just fine.
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