Customer Reviews: Husqvarna 6021P 21-Inch 149cc Kohler XT-6 Gas Powered 3-N-1 Push Lawn Mower With High Rear Wheels
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on March 18, 2011
I bought this mower at my local shop after seeing a major consumer rating magazine recommended it.
Amazon has the photo wrong at the top of this page. The pic shows a FWD powered mower, and this is
NOT a powered mower. Standard old school push mower. Super easy and light to push due to the ball
bearings though. I'll cut to the chase. First or second pull, starts smoothly and every time. Engine
is strong and smooth in everything but the very tallest of grass. My lawn is centipede and cuts very
well. Only leaves the occasional straggler which is exceptable to me. Pretty good on gas too. My old
Bolens took a tank and half to do my 3/4 acre lawn, and the Husky does it with only one. (Bone dry
though when I finish.)

My only issues with this mower is as follows. The foam padding on the handlebars is worthless. After 3 mows,
cracks and falls off. The bagger only works 75% of the time. There is a huge gap where the bottom of the bagger
rests and grass falls and blows out. Be prepared to buy some foam and glue/tape to close the gap. Where the engine is bolted to the frame are also gaps which grass blows out of. I just duck taped mine up and works fine now. If you don't take care of the bagger issue and the gap on the deck, be prepared to be covered in grass. Also, Kohler parts are semi-hard to find. Your gonna have to buy them off the net or a specialty lawn mower shop (no Wally World). Air-Filter is here:
And the spark plug is a Champion 8815 which is also hard to find instead of the standard RCY ones found
everywhere. While none of these are deal breakers for me due to the exceptional cost and reputation of
Husqvarna, just be aware of these shortcomings. If they fix the bagger and engine gaps it would be perfect! I would give Kohler 5 stars for the engine, but I would rate 3.5 to Husky for the deck design. I included some pics above.
review image review image review image review image
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on September 13, 2011
My primary mowers are commercial grade 36" walk-behinds, but because terrain and/or size of yards sometimes makes those machines too big for the job I always keep a 21" push mower on hand. When shopping for a new mower this year my requirements were a 3-in-1 deck (discharge, mulch and bag), oversize rear wheels, high handle so I don't bend over when pushing down to raise the front end of the mower and an engine manufacturer with a good reputation. This Husqvarna was the only mower I found that met all my requirements without paying $300-$400. Whether you're a home owner or someone who gets paid to mow, this machine is a good one.

If you buy a mower with the belief it will last a long time without having to do anything to take care of it, then price should be your only concern because it's only a matter of time before it breaks. I buy machines that are expected to last a long time, but if anything does go bad I can repair it instead of junking the whole thing. Husqvarna has a very good reputation for outdoor power equipment, and I've never had a problem with a Kohler engine. This mower starts with 1 pull everytime, holds enough gas to mow about an acre and runs smoothly even in high grass.

I also really like the entire mowing deck. I read the reviews that mentioned spitting grass or kicking up dust and I have to wonder the condition of the lawns they mowed. Any mower will kick up dust when run over dirt, and unless you have a vacuum, grass clipings will escape from around the edges of a mowing deck. I've used this mower to side discharge, mulch and bag, and my only complaint is how efficient it is collecting grass clipings in the bag. On one 1/4 acre lot mowing every week, I had to empty the bag at least 3 times during the fast growing seasons. This could be that the bag is too small or just that this mower collects more clipings than other mowers I've used. The wheels spin with no feel of resistance, the large rear wheel make turning easy and the length of the handle is good for a 6'3" guy to push down raising the front wheels off the grass without having to bend over. And if you have to lift it in and out of a truck, it's pretty light.

I do agree with every other comment about the foam grip tearing. You can't make a straight length of foam tube bend 90 degrees without having tension on it, and it's tearing where the tube is trying to straighten out, so I recommend wrapping the ends with bicycle handlebar tape or a similar product within the first month of having this mower to hold the integrity of the foam tube.
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on April 27, 2011
Easy to unbox and put together. Started 2nd pull. Cuts a 1/2 acre lot on one tank of gas. I researched and researched a non-self propelled mower to buy and decided on this model. I read the reviews on Kohler engines vs. Briggs and Stratton and thought it was a better buy. After using this mower I am not convinced that it is the better engine (reminds me of an old Tecumseh engine) and I would now spring for the Honda engine model#7021P over all. My last mower was a self propelled MTD with the Honda engine and that puppy was quiet and had the same cutting power. Ball bearing wheels are nice to push.

Cons: Bagger sealing area is as bad as another reviewer said it is, it pretty much sucks. Handle soft grip will tear and slide. Engine feels unbalanced.
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on March 12, 2011
After researching and reading mower reviews at, Home Depot, Lowes, & other major sites, I was still indecisive on a mower until I came across the Husqvarna reviews on I purchased the CA model of fhte 6021P at my local Sears store today. No waiting on special as mentioned in other reviews. This is in stock and on sale for $219. Brought it home, filled it with gas & oil and like the other reviews..Wow! Started on 1st pull. Runs exceptionally smooth. Engine is quiet and smooth. Ball bearing wheels roll very nice. I bag my grass and the cut was clean and even. I am very impressed with this mower. I feel like I was using a $500 Honda premium mower. Thanks to all the previous reviewers of this mower for leading me to this choice!!
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on June 29, 2011
I really like how this mower is constructed, it runs smoothly and quietly, has individual wheel height adjustments (a plus in my opinion, newer mowers with single lever for front and rear wheel height adjustment prevent you from cutting close to objects with the front of the mower) and seems very sturdy compared to other mowers in its price range.

Almost all problems with modern small internal combustion engines are caused by the use of ethanol in gasoline, up to 10% ethanol in most states. The ethanol quickly causes gumming and tarnishing in the small carburetors and other fuel line components. Any mower you buy today is going to be subject to this problem. My suggestion is to buy a small gas can, I prefer a 1 gallon can, this way your gas will not sit around for long periods of time, will be refreshed frequently. I also suggest using a fuel additive such as Ethanol Shield or similar. Keep the additive in the gas at all times and make sure you completely drain the mower of gas when storing for extended periods and I think this mower will last for several years.

I use my mower without the bag attachment, it does a fine job of mulching the grass, it is better for the lawn and a lot less work for me. Previous to buying this mower, I bought a cheap WeedEater mower from WallyWorld, it was terrible, left clumps of grass when using as a mulcher, vibrated like crazy and just felt cheap in every respect. I returned the WeedEater and bought this mover and could not be happier. To be honest, if it only last a few seasons, I will feel that I have gotten my money's worth.

Like others have mentioned, the mower starts on the first pull every time, has no speed control, speed is set at factory and has a built in governor to keep speed constant, even when under load, when load increases, governor will automatically adjust throttle to keep the actual mower speed constant.

Check your local Home Depot store, you will find a very similar mower under the Ariens brand name for less than listed here, the Ariens mower does not have the foam cushion on the handlebar, something that many have complained about here.

If you are looking for a non-self propelled mower, I don't think you will find a better mower in this price range.

Hope you find my comments helpful.
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on June 19, 2011
I purchased this mower a month or two back and it died on me after only 4 mowings. It was treated well, oiled, cleaned and run on a small mobile home lot that is more or less completely flat. When I approached the shed to get the mower out for mowing number 5, I could smell gas before I even opened the shed door. The engine was pre-flooded with nobody having tried to start it and obviously would not start. The air filter chamber was filled with gasoline and the filter itself had been steeping in it long enough to just fall apart in my hands. The help/repair line folks said: "Its not supposed to do that." Duh. And recommended that I return it for a refund or exchange. I think the Husqvarna mower itself was probably fine, but the Kohler Courage XT-6 engine is a complete dud, no matter what model mower it is incorporated into (it is used in other models and brands). My brother-in-law bought another make and model push mower that also used the Kohler XT-6 and ended up taking it back, too. I have since heard from a salesman at a local store that mowers with Kohler XT-6 engines have an unusually high rate of return. Caveat emptor.
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on May 19, 2011
First of all.... shopping for a lawn mower on-line? Whatareya, nuts?
In my case, it worked a treat. I found this mower, cheaper than any local stores, and
Amazon delivered it for free. It was on my front porch a few days after I ordered it.

As for the mower, it 'assembled' in minutes. Nothing more than tightening the handlebar
and hanging the bagger on the back. Pour in a bottle of oil (included), and fill with fuel.

Amazing..... that's IT. I pulled the start cord, and it fired off on the first pull.
I could have literally been mowing my yard ten minutes after dragging the box to my garage.

Build quality is good, and ease of use is significant. As for mowing, it pushes easy and
it cuts the grass. What more can you ask of a mower?

I will say, it's darn nice being able to choose between bagging and side discharge. It's even
nicer that everything is included to easily switch back and forth. Some of the other makers force
you to buy extra parts from the manufacturer to do that.
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on April 2, 2011
The Champion 8815 spark plug for this mower shows up as "obsolete" on the parts list I checked, so it may no longer be made, even if it's still available from a few online sources. However, Autolite 4164 can be subsituted and is available at my local auto parts store for about $2. FOLLOW UP: I've used this mower for a year now, and I have two small complaints. First, it has no throttle, so it always runs at the factory-set speed. Second, it can be hard to pull backward, even just to turn or preposition it. This appears to be caused by the rear shield that prevents debris from being emitted from underneath the mower.
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on May 1, 2012
Had it 2 years. Still works. Cuts ok. Was running a little rough so I figured some servicing was in order, how hard could it be? That's when the problems started. The instruction manual listed a RC12YC spark plug. When out bought one and tried to replace it. Can't get the damn spark plug out. WTF! Neither 5/8, 3/4, 11/16 deep socket would work. After several trips to the hardware store I found the 18MM deep socket would work(METRIC REALLY!??? who the hell has a 18mm deep socket anyway). Spark plug was a Champion 8815. RC12YC is not even close to fitting in. Off to the store again. Instruction manual was wrong. Good luck trying to find a Champion 8815 locally. Nobody had one or even heard of one. Had to order 1 online.
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on May 1, 2012
The mower starts on the first pull every time, including when it first arrived.

The major flaw is that the width of the mowing swath is inboard of the wheels rather than even with the wheels as virtually every other mower. This may sound insignificant, but it means that you can't get very close to the edge when mowing around flower beds, shrubbery, fencing, etc. As a result I have to spend more time edge trimming.

The large rear wheels have virtually no affect on its roll ability or maneuverability, in my opinion.

I wanted an in expensive mower just for trimming, as I mow 3/4 acre lawn with a tractor, and I'm disappointed with this mower. Buyer beware!
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