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on June 30, 2014
Bought 3 of these for my garage and like them so much that I bought another 3. However, like other reviews have said, you will need to know where your ceiling joists are in order to plan your layout and to be able to hang these. Luckily, even though there is drywall in my garage, it is not painted, so I was able to see where the screws to secure the drywall were anchored into the joists, and I just followed the leaders. I can see how people say that this can be wobbly if you're only installing one; however, by joining 2 or more together makes it pretty solid - also, I have mine against a wall.
Installation Tips: Once you have found your joists, first time installation may yield not so great results. My installation of the 2nd set of 3 turned out better than my first. Again, the horizontal support rail will run parallel with your ceiling joists so plan accordingly. In addition, be sure to measure the 36" exactly between the vertical supports - this will be from the inside of the supports. For example, install the right vertical support first and then put the end of your tape measure on the inside of that support and measure out 36" and make a small line on the ceiling. At this line is where the inside of the left vertical support should line up. this will allow for the shelf (comes in 2 parts) to fit perfectly while keeping the vertical supports perfectly vertical. Also, if you're connecting more than 1 side-by-side, make sure that the lower half of the vertical support (each support consists of 2 pieces) is on the inside. You'll see what I mean once you install more than one. Be sure to zip tie the adjacent supports together to get that aforementioned, added stability. Getting the supports in the correct position are the foundation to a great installation. The rest of the installation of the horizontal support rails and the shelves are easy after you get the support per the above instructions.
Time to Install: It took me about one hour to install one with a power drill and a manual ratchet, but then I discovered that I had a drill attachment for my sockets which reduced the time to install to about 40 minutes. Recommend that you drill pilot holes where the securing screws go (I think I used a 3/16" drill bit); don't use too wide a drill bit our you may have to change your layout another inch.
Hope this helps.
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on June 17, 2016
We downsized from a larger home and I still needed the garage to work on my motorcycles but we had a lot of overflow items that needed to be stored. With only a one car garage I tried to make the best of the smaller space and this overhead storage unit certainly did the job. I installed two 36x36 and four 45x45 and my garage looks amazing. I followed the advice of others and purchased better quality lag bolts from the local hardware store. I highly recommend.
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on August 10, 2017
Not SUPER sturdy but I think it will do its job for sure. Bought 2 for garage to get some stuff off the floor. Works great. I will not be testing the 150lb limit hanging overy my cars tho.
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on November 2, 2013
I had installed the full size version of these in my garage and loved them. When installed properly, they are really strong and support a lot of weight. I need more storage space, and realized that these would fit over the garage doors even when they are in the up position. I ordered one set, put them up, and I have not been disappointed. I'm going to order a bunch more and capture all that free space over the doors.
Some people have complained that the shelves fell from the ceiling once they had any weight on them, but I'm sure they didn't install them properly. You MUST screw them into the wood studs in the ceiling, not just the sheetrock. I bought a stud finder to help me do this, and it made the job a lot easier.
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on November 7, 2011
After visiting Lowes and other local hardware stores, found these on Amazon and thought to give them a try.

I am definitely satisfied with these shelves.
I installed them in my garage to get items off the floor. The installation takes some time, make sure you have the proper tools before you get started. Screwing the bolts into a ceiling is tricky and a little tiresome but the proper wrench will save you a ton of time. If I were to install these again, I would try to have an extra person around. One to hold the brackets, the other to screw them in the ceiling. These are good quality for your money.
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on September 24, 2014
I bought 4 of these to keep all my holiday decorations and camping supplies out of the way in my garage. Since they are modular, I was able to install them in tight spots to really maximize my storage space. They go up quickly on a flat ceiling and come with a drill template to take care of the guesswork. Connecting two or more is simple with the included hardware. Since these have such a high load capacity, it's imperative that all mounts are firmly attached to ceiling joists, so just make sure you use a reliable stud finder.
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on June 22, 2009
I actually bought 3 of these things - this one in 3x3 size and also 2 larger ones. I put them up above my garage door about a year ago. Mostly I use them for things that I don't need very often like suitcases. They work just fine.

Installation is not for dummies, though. You need the right tools and a basic understanding of how your house is built. My garage has a truss roof covered with sheetrock so of course I needed a stud finder. Also, those trusses are designed to carry weight pressing down on them from above (the roof) not weight hanging from below, so the 150 lb capacity is a pretty good idea if you don't want to overload the trusses and bow your ceiling.

Working over your head is generally a pain, and I'd say the most useful tool to have here is a cordless drill with a socket attachment for driving those lag bolts.
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on May 1, 2014
I have two different overhead storage systems, and this one is by FAR the easiest to install. It was a bit awkward, but I could do it by myself. It stores 4 of my plastic containers. Even though the picture on the box shows that you can stack the containers to fit two, that's not true for my containers. But overall, I'm happy with the purchase.
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on November 22, 2015
Was looking for a way to store our rooftop carrier overhead in our garage to provide more floorspace.. This unit served this purpose perfectly. Fairly easy to install. Just need to be sure you properly locate the ceiling joists for the anchoring screws and brackets.
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on April 22, 2012
I was skeptical when I bought the shelves as I wasn't sure if they would hold the weight they stated or not and if they would be worth it. They are amazing and hold so much stuff. I was able to put tons of seasonal items up within easy reach in my garage. I bought two and they were a great investment. I like the options to have different heights, I already had a pegboard on the wall and needed to reduce the space. These are highly recommended and a great idea to get your stuff organized and off the garage floor!!
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