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on October 29, 2013
1. People who own dogs.
2. People who suffer from or who have loved ones who suffer from depression.
3. People who want to know what it feels like to have beverages snarfed through their nose(s?).
4. People with a sense of humor.
5. People who know how to order things on amazon.
6. People who are familiar with Allie's site and thus already know some of the content and are ok with that because it still makes them snarf beverages through their nose(s?)
7. People who did not preorder this book and so are not now reading it like I am.
8. People who are unfamiliar with the behaivior of geese and/or enjoy cake.
9. People who like books that are color coded instead of numbered to delineate beginnings and endings.
10. People who are not dead.
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on October 29, 2013
I got the book this morning, and as I was hobbled by pain from an ACL surgery and unable to take painkillers because they would make me loopy at work, instead I read this all day. (Shhhhh. It is okay. I also helped customers.)

There are a million things I love about this book, but I can start with the fact that each chapter is printed on different-colored pages than the ones on either side of it, which makes the book look like a rainbow when it is closed. A RAINBOW, GUYS.

The Depression chapters (previously published on her blog) are revelations to those who have experienced depression and touchstones of understanding for those who have not. The Dog chapters are hilarious to both dog-lovers and cat-lovers (AKA dog haters). The chapters that peek into her childhood make me wish I remembered anything about my life before I was twelve. But you know what? I'm going to take a page from this book, and just imagine that my childhood was just as fantastical, wild, revelatory, unintentionally hilarious, and unique.

Yes, there are a few chapters that are repeats from the blog. Sadly, the fish incident did not make it... that one is still my favorite. But the ones that did make it are definitely worth the re-read. Also, the majority of the book is new material, including some introspective chapters ("Thoughts and Feelings" and the two-part "Identity" chapters). Those, to me, were the best ones of the whole book. I love that the author is so freaking honest (can you swear on Amazon? Imma go with no) about EVERYTHING. She holds this mirror up to her guiding principles and then picks everything apart until she's left with this uncivilized and selfish husk, which she then covers up in a sparkly jumpsuit to make it all better. WHICH IS SOMETHING WE ALL DO. We're all basically uncivilized and selfish. But this author has the guts to admit it.


I feel strangely proud of the author for producing this book. Proud like a father, even though she is no relation to me and I have never really met her. I want to give her all the gold stars possible. If there were more than five available for this review, I would have gone with more than five. All the way up to eleventy.

Buy this book. Read it. Go read the blog. Re-read everything. Then buy the book for your friends.
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on October 29, 2013
I've been a fan of Allie Brosh's (Allie? Can I call her Allie? Is that weird?) blog for years now, so I was never not buying her book. Her blog is less a series of wordy posts about what happened that day and more comic strip about fish murders, spiders, spaghatta nadles, and the single strangest childhood since Drew Barrymore's.

Her book? It's an offline edition of her blog. So in other words, it's just about perfect. Some new...chapters? Posts? What do you even call these? Anyway, parts of the book are new, others are from the blog, all put together in something approaching a coherent narrative. I'm not terribly upset about blog posts being included in the book. It wouldn't make sense without some of them, and some others are just so good and so well-known that to leave them out would make the book incomplete.

It's much bigger than I had expected, containing a good eighteen chapterposts from 10 to 50 pages long each, but that doesn't matter because you'll read the whole thing in one sitting if you're not a communist. The first chapter alone has swearing at a two-year-old, time travel, and nudity of the most gratuitous sort. In that order.

The thing about this book (and Allie's blog) is...beyond the laughs, she's actually really good. Her two posts on what depression is like (both included here) are the best explanations I've ever seen. And what look initially like simple stick figure drawings are actually surprisingly detailed illustrations that convey a full range of emotion. The art is good, the stories are fantastic, and her telling of them is what makes it all work. Most importantly of all, the cover is a pleasing shade of yellow.

Buy a copy for yourself. Buy one for the office, one for the house, one to keep in the gentleman's closet, one for your neighbors, one for everyone you know for Christmas. You'll like it, they'll like it, it'll class up both your workplace and your toilet.
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on May 20, 2014
Everyone needs to read this book. It is full of awesome and 100% approved by my very own Simple Dog. Allie's work is amazing and hilarious. I would buy anything she writes!
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on August 21, 2015
You have to know Allie Brosh's hysterically funny work to appreciate this calendar. Otherwise, you would just be confused. However, if you know her work, just the mention of a story will set you laughing loudly and sometimes non-stop. For those of us of the great old days of SNL, remember how one line from a skit could get you going? This calendar and her stories are just like that. "Beeeees?"
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The genius of Allie Brosh is that she makes you feel like she's inside your head. Or that she's your best friend. She's remarkably good at expressing her feelings on seemingly trivial topics that others have overlooked-- her material isn't stuff that's been done to death, but the smaller things that we don't usually talk about... like how you get halfway across a grocery store, decide you DON'T want those canned mushrooms after all, and then have a fight inside your head about what you're going to do with those mushrooms. Put them back randomly wherever you are, get a little closer to the canned mushroom section...?

The funny thing is that I tore open this package, saw the cover, and immediately sat down on my stairs and smiled, looking at it as if I were about to read a friend's book, and I was so proud of her for getting it published. Then I remembered that Allie Brosh has no idea who I am. She's my secret friend. So secret that she doesn't know it yet.

She expresses things that are apparently very common human emotions and tendencies that we don't talk about, and she does it with these primitive cartoons and really funny commentary. She's so beloved that she disappeared for a year and no one forgot about her... how often does that happen?

To be honest, I wasn't thrilled with the format choice for the book. I thought it should have been a wider/larger book, because some of her stuff works better when you can see more frames. I'd even venture to say I preferred reading it online... scrolling rather than turning the pages felt more natural to me, but that might just be habit.

The new material here is just as good as the old material. It's all pretty awesome. And I'm still proud of her.
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on November 2, 2013
First of all, I have to say that I actually did purchase this book. Also, it is excellently color-coded.

OK so here's the thing. This book is a magic packet of glee-generating mushy madness. I love it almost as much as it loves me. When I walk around on the streets carrying it, people will randomly come up to me, look at the book, and start to giggle. Sometimes it happens in big crowds, especially when I am on the subway. I think I have actually begun to suffer from some hearing loss as a result of all of the spontaneous snickering, chuckling, crying with laughter, and farting in terror that occurs around me when I carry this book. I have three cats. I have gotten into the habit of moving this book to a high place that the cats cannot reach because its pages function as some kind of strange super catnip madness. Even my cats can tell, at 50 yards, that there is some cracktacular yummies in there.

I have also found that the jacket of the book is capable of functioning as a ward against evil. Recently, a local policeman who usually tickets me for my tendency to walk around with a stuffed alot made a vampire-like hissing noise and ran away when I held this book out in front of me. It even exudes a luxurious and pleasing odor that wards off the smell of pee from my three cats. I left it on top of the washer at the laundromat and not only did my clothes come out smelling better, they were cleaner as well. If this book were a beautiful woman, and I were not already married, I would marry it.

Finally, you should buy this book because its author is awesome. The core of her life seeps from this book like the sap from a maple tree being tapped for syrup. And she has already boiled her ideas so much that all that is left is the maple flavored essence. Also, it is yellow.
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on January 1, 2017
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and this author!! This review is long overdue. I purchased the book on a whim in the Denver airport after Christmas 2016...before my return trip to where I currently live in the midwest. I was SOOOO sad to leave my friends and family...devastated.

I deal with depression and I have a dog, and the story about not returning the dvd to the RedBox...I've done that. I have done or have very similar stories to some of the scenarios she describes. There were so many stories in this book that felt like the author had peeked in on my life. Anyhow - I ended up laughing out loud reading this book on the airplane on the way home (instead of crying) ...because the stories are so funny. She is amazing at explaining the crud of depression and how your brain thinks when you suffer with depression.

The writing is brilliant. These are not just good stories. The author is a good writer and of course I love the pictures as well. Everything about this book just kills me (in a good way.) Due to the depression, I could barely get through a very short 40-50 page book, and yes this is animated and very easy reading - but I almost got through the entire book in about 2 hours on the plane...and I've reread many of the stories multiple times.

I know Allie has a life, but I'd love to read more books from her in this style.

Recommended for the following: If you have a friend with deep depression and you want to understand him/her better - because it sounds so illogical...then you should read this book. If you are a counselor who has never personally dealt with depression - you should read this book. If you are depressed and nothing sounds fun and you feel like life is impossible and perhaps cannot stop crying...if you think nothing will ever get better...then you should read this book, because it will make you laugh.
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on February 9, 2017
Oh, Allie, how I adore you! Allie Brosh, like many of us, works hard to manage her depression disorder. Her wit (for those of us) is highly entertaining, self-deprecating in a humorous way, and gives the reader someone with whom to identify. We all have our dreadful days, Allie included, but her humor lends a lightness to some common frustrations. I open the book and read it at random, often finding myself howling with laughter. I bought one for my friend as well, so now we get to share our hearty laughs with each other over the phone. Allie's simple drawings are silly and funny, too. She does a fantastic job of taking harder life experiences (and episodes of depression), puts them into perspective, and keeps her readers laughing at the craziness of it all. She makes me laugh every time I open the book, and I can easily identify with her! Bravo, Ms. Brosh!​
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on March 13, 2017
I am an ugly laugher. This is something I didn't know about myself until I read this book. This is the type of book that's not merely amusing or funny in the way of smart satire. No, Brosh's brand of humorous life observation, coupled with her rough but charming illustrations, will have you clutching your side, desperate for air. My husband banned me from reading this book at night because my hysterics woke him up, and I got a lecture about REM cycles and proper adult bedtimes (incidentally, my husband is a fully-functioning grown up and not the target audience for this book). Despite the author's questionable life choice to be a dog person, I felt like I could relate to everything in this book. And I also found it empowering in a way. Being a superstar adult is not for everyone, and whether or not it was the author's intentions, I feel a little better about it after reading this book.
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