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on October 17, 2014
I bought this under the impression that i would be able to play all my favorite games with ease...

But the controller ports are completely screwed up or completely unresponsive !!!

You grow up playing Sonic, Mortal Kombat Mario, Mario All stars...Contra... on and on and on and on... and you have that old "Trusty" Controller that you etched your name into and bring it to a friends house because it's your own Tried-And -True controller that you have either beat Bowser, Shao Kahn, Robotnik or just furiously smashed your fingers into a bloody, blistered mess by trying ... well THAT controller goes from Hero to Zero with this machine (At least the one i bought anyway).

On top of that.. The 2 "wireless" Controllers supplied with the systems take 2AAA Batteries and if you dont point them exactly EXACTLY at the recieving end of the sensor on the machine, it doesnt recognize the button you are vigorously pressing. The other one of the two just plain DOESNT work at all...so..?

If THAT doesn't grind your gears, The button Configuration is ass-backwards! "A' on the old ones is 'B' on the wireless ones. So when you are Reptile, crouched down ready to plant an upper-cut into Katana's Throat and send her into an acid bath... Better remember to use the "???LOW KICK???" button instead of "HIGH PUNCH" to deliver that Blow to her stupid "Fan-Weilding" face... (you guys know what im talking about)

I would proceed with caution when buying this machine. I am on the verge of sending mine back.
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on February 2, 2015
For me, this was a budget buy as I really wanted to start playing some of the classic games that I grew up with, and I wanted to use actual cartridges rather than some emulator. Let me tell you that this is probably one of the greatest purchases I have ever made. The controllers it comes with are crap, but it allows you to use the original controllers instead (which are reasonably cheap). You can also use the light gun provided that you are not using an HDTV. So far, this thing has been able to play any and every game I threw at it. Sadly, this will not work with the Sega CD, Sega 32X, or the Sega Power Base Converter. If you wish to use any of those, you just might want to buy yourself a Sega Genesis anyway (I am still planning to). I ordered this from Amazon a few years ago and it still works really well. If you want something to play your Sega Genesis, SNES, and NES games on while using the original controllers but you are either on a budget or simply do not wish to search out and buy these three systems separately, I cannot possibly recommend the Retron 3 enough,
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on June 29, 2017
This system is so cool I bought it in all 3 colors! It will handle everything that you can throw at it! The game genie for the SNES will work on this unit with no difficulty. The game genie for the NES will also work, however you have to buy a separate adaptor for that to work in the SNES part of this system! The super Gameboy will also work in this system too! The wireless controllers are a bit slow, however the corded controllers make the game you are playing seem super fast and that's an excellent! I would suggest that you use your corded controllers all the time instead of the wireless controllers that come with it. Game cartridge wise, this system can handle almost any game you throw at it. In short, this system buries all of your old school systems. It replaces everything! I kid you not! Your money will be well spent if you take very good care of this system! It will last you until your lifetime anyway! Trust me! Take a chance!!! What have you got to lose!!!
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on September 18, 2013
First thing out the box I plug in my Genesis Pirates Gold and it says it is not for use in a Japanese Mega Drive system... aka the Genesis socket of this unit is built to Japan specs, not American and won't play all the games. Same thing with Jurassic Park "Developed for use only with NTSC Genesis Systems". This system sold in the American market, designed FOR the American market, won't play American games, only non-region coded or Japanese MegaDrive

Once you start playing, it's hit or miss whether a cart will boot or you get a blank screen. Often you don't even have to take it out of the slot, just hit reset.

The controllers do not even come with batteries and most people don't have AAA laying around, it's not a vert commonly used size.

The next thing you notice is that the controllers are not marked 1 or 2. In fact, there's no way to distinguish them other than trying them out and seeing which one doesn't work. At first you think it is like PS3, whichever one you pick up is automatically set as #1 but it's just not the case. Pick up #2 and nothing happens.

Once you do find the right controller you notice it's WAY too small in the hand, about the size of the original system which was targeted to kids... WE ARENT KIDS ANYMORE. Make them bigger!! Keep your targeted demographic in mind.

In fact, if they were bigger you could get something else in there like AA instead of AAA batteries or, a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a mini or micro usb charging port, or I don't know, let's say...

BLUETOOTH. Seriously, they can put a bluetooth radio in a usb jack and sell it retail for $0.99 including shipping half way across the globe. THE WIRELESS IS HORRIBLE. With the IR remote bulbs I have to sit closer to the console than I would if I had wired controllers AND have to maintain PERFECT line of site. There's also a considerable lag between hitting the button and the game reacting. Seriously, the information is moving out of those crappy IR bulbs at the speed of light, maybe you can make a console that responds to the input just as fast as wired

Most of these problems can be fixed by using corded controllers, but why should I have to? I'm paying WAY more for this one. Plus the console is already on a tv tray in the middle of the living room to make it reach anyway. Going to a corded controller would literally give me more freedom. On the other hand, it's still better than the Gen-X Duo. Not because it plays a third system, but because the Gex-X Duo has even worse problems than this thing.

Once you do figure out which controller is which, you find out that it plays almost none of the games as 2P. It won't even let you choose 2P on the menu. In fact, The system doesn't allow you to move on the startup menu at all from the 1P position, my NES Metroid does not move down to the CONTINUE option to enter a code the same way other games will not move from 1P to 2P on the start screen. This is not fixed by using hardwired controllers. In fact, during Castlevania II, when I die and get the CONTINUE/PASSWORD screen, it will not even let me move down to PASSWORD so I can get the continue password.

A major flaw, nearly every time I reset by holding the start/reset button on the controller it resets with sound only. I have to power down the system and power back on to get video. Most of the time using the reset button on the console body also does the same thing.

I did not try the S-Video output so I cannot comment, but I have read numerous other reviews that only 2 of the 3 systems will play output over S-Video making it useless.

I plan on getting a Retron 5, I EXPECT THIS CRAP FIXED IN THE NEW MODEL. In fact, the upscaling should be OPTIONAL on the R5, some of us like the old pixelated look with the crappy MIDI sound
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on March 5, 2012
First off let me say that this is by far the best retro clone system to date. I've read a lot of different reviews and have heard the different issues that people have experienced with this system. Well, here's what I've experienced.

Everything looks pretty good for the most part, however the sound on most of the games doesn't sound right. For example, on "Super Mario Bros." the sound effects are on cue, but the theme music and sounds on each level sound buzzed and odd. It also seems like the music misses notes sometimes. However, there are a lot of games that I've tried in which the sound was original like you were playing it on a regular NES(Gun.Smoke, Batman, Kung Fu). If you played these games back in the day like I did you'll be able to tell the difference and if you didn't then you won't notice it. Other than that it's ok. Haven't had any compatibility issues so far.

Awesome looking graphics and same great experience just like the original SNES gave us... but once again the sound just doesn't match up. When I say sound while talking about the SNES I'm referring to both sound effects and music. Everything is in sync there's no problem there, but for some reason (and this goes for all the games I've tried) the sound on every game sounds like the pitch has been tuned down lower than what it's supposed to sound like. Like the NES I was able to notice this because I know what each game sounds like on the original SNES. Not a big deal but just something you ought to know. Out of the 12 games I've tried there's only one that didn't work and that game was "Batman Returns". Title screen and cut scene with the batmobile came up but had no sound and after the "Act I" screen it just goes blank and stays there. There's nothing wrong with the game and I know that because I tried it on my SNES and it worked fine.

Sega Genesis:
Perfect, nothing wrong to report at all. The sound on every game sounds just like it would as if it were being played on the original system and the same goes for the graphics as well. I was very pleased with this after discovering the sound issues on the NES and SNES ports. No problems with compatibility either. The only minor problem is its hard to pull the cartridges out when changing games, but the same goes for the NES and SNES. But Genesis games are the toughest ones to pull out. Other than that it's perfect. So if you bought this system mainly for Genesis games then you won't be disappointed.

The Retron 3 is a very small system and will easily fit in well with most entertainment centers. You can have 3 games in at once and the rotating dial makes it very easy to switch between systems. In my opinion the best part of this system is that it supports all of the original controllers for NES,SNES, and Genesis. And if you don't have any of the original controllers I would recommend investing in those as soon as possible just so you can have the best experience with each system and since the 2 wireless controllers the Retron 3 comes with are completely useless. Other good news is that you can use the Game Genies on all 3 systems!

Like I said before, the 2 wireless controllers that come with the Retron 3 are not worth even trying out because you have to be at the exact same level as the system for the controllers to work and even when you are at the same level as the system some of the buttons don't even register and it's very frustrating (buy the originals). The AC adapter cord is unusually short and makes it very difficult to set up if your TV and entertainment center are decently spaced. This also makes it difficult to play Genesis games because the 2 controllers I have for Genesis are very short and because of that I have to keep the system on the floor pulled out as far as it'll stretch so that I can sit on my couch and still have some slack in the controller cord.

Lastly, the decks on all 3 systems have a really really strong grip. You literally have to hold the system down with both palms while trying to yank the cartridge out with both of your hands.

Overall I think this is a very good system to invest in. Like I said it has it's flaws and its not perfect. But it IS the best dual retro system on the market so far. It's also a cheaper alternative for someone who wants to experience 3 classic consoles for around $50. As opposed to buying the original systems themselves and spending well over $100. And if your worried about game compatibility I think there are lists on other reviews of games that have been reported as non-compatible. So if your on the fence about purchasing this product, and can get over the minor sound issues with the NES and SNES ports and two useless wireless controllers, then I say go for it.
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on May 8, 2014
ever wanna play nes snes and genesis but only have 1 open electrical socket, no problem with this console. you can load this bad boy up [i have 5 cartridges inserted at the moment] it runs the super game boy, sonic and knuckles with sonic 2 or 3 ontop just fine... i only own 1 nes cartridge which is dragon warrior and came across a finicky thing where it only works when leaned back, i added a weight on the back and havent had a problem since...
the supplied controllers are worthless and lag badly when using 2 at the same time, the buttons are oddly mapped like A is B, also you must point the controller directly at the receiver [like an old tv]. I highly recommend using real controllers i'm using a nes max, a performance turbo 3 button genesis, and 2 snes reproduction controller. all work great.
I havent come across anything that isnt compatible with this beast so far

all in all its a great 3 in one console [lose the stock controllers] and works as advertized , it would be 5 stars if the stock controllers were usable but they definitely made up for that with 6 original controller ports
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on December 4, 2013
Works ok. Yes it plays nes/snes/gensis games with out hesitation, the biggest annoyance is the video connection via old school RCA cables (red,yellow, white). This makes the picture display on your TV very grainy!! So I guess in a way it does feel like your playing on an old early 90's television even while playing on a brand new flat screen. This system also fails with the controllers, they are almost useless! The battery operated technology inside them is VERY basic and they will only work if you are about 1 foot in front of the console, so forget playing from your chair or couch. Do yourself a favor and order the actual nes/snes/genesis wired controllers a head of time before you do decide to go with the Retron 3. Bottom line.... only order this system if you simply must play your old video games right now! The smart thing to do would be to wait until the newer, more advanced Retron 5 model comes out the beginning of next year. It will have a 720p HD resolution via HDMI connection and the ability to play super famicon/master system and gameboy/gameboy advanced cartridges as well and will also come with greatly improved wireless controls.
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on January 29, 2013
Overall, this product rocks. I am getting the games from my parents' house this weekend so I can start to enjoy and relive my childhood memories :)

I bought this and I live in Seattle so I got local shipping for $3.99, plugged it into tonight, fired right up, and started playing Super Off Road on the NES side with an original Nintendo controller. I then got my old Genesis games out and tried it with the wireless controller, I read they were bad but this one didn't even work. So I played some more NES. I then went on to try the other wireless controller and it worked, I did have to be careful not to get out of the line of view for the IR sensors though.

So far, I haven't noticed any sound or video issues, and I haven't even used the S-video cable yet, so I am pretty ecstatic and happy about this purchase. For under $60 to get 3 consoles in 1 and to be able to start playing and collecting old school video games is awesome. I forgot how fun old games were. Way back before the games of online multiplayer games (which I enjoy as well) but it was so fun as a kid to have friends come over and play games, it was a fun experience and now we can all reminisce about it :)

Do yourself a favor and buy this. My only complaint: I want more games ;)
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on January 29, 2015
Here is a game system that brings back the fun and joy to everyone and every age to video game playing. I got this and every game super nitinedo, nitinedo and Sega genesis played. ( remember this if you had old games or you bought used game please take a q-tip dip it in alcohol then clean inside game cartridge and it should play) but you will have a game system that plays 3 different kind of games. If you are looking for a certain game and you can't find it on amazon go to>lukies.com. The price is great The controllers I use rechargeable batteries I hope this will help you
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on March 6, 2014
My TV inputs change on their own during gameplay, so the channel changes when I use the wireless controllers provided. I even switched input connections on the TV and it still does it, so I can't use their crap controllers...

After owning this system for a year or two, the SNES port quit working. The game will still come on but after a few minutes it just cuts out. I believe it's the internal wiring because I checked the port and saw no debris and even cleaned it for good measure, but it still cuts out... I recently picked the system up and heard metal moving around internally. I assume whatever came loose is why the SNES port no longer works properly. I'm surprised the system works at all the way it clanks around in there and it's such cheap plastic it will probably fall apart more if you take it apart... I only play this system every now and then too, which is the sad part. I switched my ranking from 5 to 3 stars now because of this.
***Update*** Now that I seen Hyperkin came out with a SNES system since my original review, I'm giving 1 star. You guys wish. I'll give my money to CLASSIQ or take my chances with any other brand, before I ever give Hyperkin another dime!!
review image
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