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I Am the Messenger
Format: Paperback|Change
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on July 12, 2017
I had just finished reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and wanted to read another book of his to compare writing style and content. The two books are very different in each respect, but both leave you with thoughts to ponder. I recommend this to those who are interested in self reflection.
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Enthusiast: Batmanon July 28, 2013
I first read this book in high school and loved it, so I bought it for my Kindle to reread, and while it's still a good book, it doesn't hold up as well the second time through.

'I am the Messenger' tells the story of Ed Kennedy, a man chosen to help the residents of his ghetto-ish town, and the people he meets along the way. Most of the characters and lessons learned are fun and inspiring.

The only problems I have with this book are:

1. Zusak uses a lot of one sentence jokes and descriptions that get annoying after a few chapters, and
2. The ending reveal of who's manipulating Ed is pretty dumb.
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on September 3, 2014
Now this book did kind of start of slowly for me but the overall book was just great. The amazing thing about this book is that I can use direct quotes from the book to tell you exactly how it made me feel. "I didn't know words could be so heavy." It reminded me that "Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are." And the most important thing it told me to hold onto in life is that "Maybe everyone can live beyond what they're capable of."
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on April 11, 2016
This is my first time to read a Zusak book. I really like the effortless writing style, and it was a quick read. The beginning took off well, lagged a bit in the middle, and then did disappoint me at the end- it just felt rushed. To me, this book was just ok. I liked the protagonist but not sure I would try another Zusak novel.
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on September 22, 2017
I found this book a great disappointment after The Book Thief. I just loved The Book Thief and felt that it was up there with some of the best novels I have ever read. But this book was hard to get into, and I found the voice of the narrator really annoying. There were some poignant moments and warm insights into sad and messy human lives, but overall I just didn't enjoy it that much. Too many stories, too much humility from the narrator, too many characters to really connect with them.
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on August 2, 2017
"I'm the message."

This is my read at least twice a year book. Each time I take away something new from it. Extremely relatable, funny and sad. To say it's one of my favorites is an understatement.
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on September 4, 2017
Was not sure I was going to be able to read this book, bought it for my kindle because saw the young author had won an award. Language a bit raw in the beginning yet so very glad I trudged my way through as it TURNED OUT TO BE A GREAT READ!!
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on May 31, 2016
This was a very good read until about five pages from the end when the answer to the mystery is revealed. The ending was rushed, not in the least believable. It's as though the author just threw something out there so that he could be done with it. On a positive note, the characters, including the dog, were well developed and the plot itself was well put together. But because of the utterly ridiculous ending, this book gets a 3.
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As I was more than half way thru this novel, I still was uncertain as to the number of stars it might receive. The story here is conveyed with a gentle touch of humor.

Slow moving, but yet able to be followed, its main character, Ed Kennedy, goes thru his life somewhat lost and without purpose or aspiration.

His most open affection is for his coffee loving, stinky dog, `Doorman'.

Ed surrounds his non-working hours with Ritchie, Marv, and Audrey. Playing cards together is a main focus of their get togethers.

Ed's mother is formidable. She is forever changed and marred by the unfaithfulness and lack of ambition by her late husband. Ed's relationship with her is filled with misunderstanding and lack of affection. She is a character for certain.

His life continues without event until he unwittingly foils an attempted bank heist and secures the perpetrator no less.

Soon after, Ed Kennedy receives delivery of the first of four Ace playing cards (different suits) with three notations on each. He finds himself attempting to decipher their meanings and embarks on a series of adventures, dangerous meetings and curious circumstances.

What becomes of Ed and those around him would make for an enjoyable Lifetime movie!
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on March 1, 2013
Written with unique rhythm and lyricism, I Am The Messenger is one of my favorite young adult books ever.


It's that good.

From the opening scene at the bank, just one of many hilarious situations, you are pulled into Ed Kennedy's world. I love the way that each of Ed's best friends, Marv, Ritchie, and Audrey, are given their own dimension. We see them through Ed's eyes. We observe them, we watch them struggle and grow, we watch Ed's perceptions of them change.

One of the most resonating messages in I Am The Messenger is that every person has some great need within them that they try to hide or avoid or work around like a giant pothole in your driveway. These needs are often most visible to those that know you best, like friends and family members, but most of the time, they are ignored. Never acknowledged or talked about, because they are difficult.

Although much of this novel is serious and compelling, the narrative is lightened by humor and the camaraderie between Ed and his friends. Ed as a main character is fantastic... he is richly drawn, a supremely regular person that becomes epic and unforgettable.

I Am The Messenger is a truly unique and memorable young adult novel that will leave its mark on every reader that follows the journey of Ed Kennedy. Please, please read this book!!
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