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on October 5, 2015
Forget all the negative reviews,take it from a fan of Ozzy/Sabbath,Randy Rhodes,Zakk Wylde & metal in general. If you are a fan of any of those things & have a sense of humor then this is a book for you ! In this book you will learn about Ozzy,where he was born,where & how he grew up(which was a hard life) and insight as to how Ozzy got into the path of Geezer & Bill,he went too school with Tony and they met back up years later. Insight & info about their formation and details about the band throughout the span of 8 Sabbath albums(all detailed) & why he got released from Sabbath. Then how he got a kick in the butt from Sharon to get himself going back into making music. Also how he came to know Sharon & how they got together,it gives you details about the formation of the solo band,meeting Randy Rhodes and him joining,as well as details about his tragic death. It tells you about his first wife Thelma & their children,tells about all the booze and debauchery in the daily life of Ozzy. Then there is info about lawsuits with band members,meeting Zakk and his time in jail. Playing on the road with 3 children on the bus on tour,marrying Sharon. Info about the Osbournes show,how Ozzy eventually kicked the drugs & smoking and drinking. Tells you about his tragic accident with the quad bike,plus stories about the Alamo,the infamous bat & dove biting stories as well as many others that eill have you laughing constantly. The pranks he'd pull on Bill & Tony as well as the story about,well the chapter entitled "Killing the Vicar" is hilarious. It is like your hearing Ozzy tell you the story personally,throughout the book i swear i could hear Ozzy's voice in my head telling me these insane,sometimes tragic,sometimes low & alot of good times. Experiences with the white powder,rohypnol,hashish,pot,cough syrup,amphetamines,booze,etc. The book has some interludes with alot of unseen photos as well as some really insightful stuff i never knew about Ozzy or Sabbath(like how Bloody Sabbath was recorded in a haunted mansion,while he scared the hell outta Bill) as well as memories on the road with Motley Crue,the idea of Ozzfest,Zakk Wylde. The issues with the teen suicide,the issues with PETA threats,the circumstances leading up to the mistake in choking his beloved wife Sharon. Several times he thanks her for keeping him happy,alive and going. Trust me there is so much more in this book,i could not put it down i read it in under 2 days. Trust me any fan of Ozzy or Sabbath wants & needs this book,it is an instant classic. Must own this hilarious book.
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on September 30, 2016
Interesting to hear Ozzy 's side of things, such as him biting the head off of a dove, and a bat, and shooting his chickens. His retelling of stories will make you laugh out loud. Accidentally woke my husband up a few times while reading. The story of the thermometer had me rolling, as did the banana story. He talks about his different jobs, his family, his addictions, the music, and basically how he is just a normal man who happens to be the prince of darkness. Just because he's rich and famous doesn't mean he doesn't take a s*** like the rest of us lol
I ordered the book used, and it came in great condition considering how it was a library book in its previous life, which means it has that awesome old book smell that I love so much. All in all, an awesome purchase!
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VINE VOICEon April 16, 2010
I Am Ozzy is a quick and fun read. Ozzy goes for a conversational and light tone as he tells his hilarious road stories, but like some recent rock and roll autobiographies that I've recently read (Slash &The Heroin Diaries), Ozzy devotes an over-proportionate amount of time going over and over his alcohol and drug abuse. I was afraid that the book might turn into a dissertation about what happens when you become an addict, then hypocritically preach to the reader about staying off drugs. And sure, Ozzy spent a lot of time recounting his drug and alcohol induced escapades, but he NEVER preached. On the contrary, he couldn't care less what the reader did with his stories of mayhem while being wasted out of his mind.

The first two-thirds of the book are the most fun and contain the most amounts of laugh out loud moments. And I mean laugh out loud; I'd be sitting on a plane with my Kindle and suddenly break out laughing like a madman. You'd have thought I was Ozzy based on some of the looks that I got.

Ozzy starts by talking us through his life leading up to Black Sabbath; you might think this to move a bit slowly, but it doesn't because of how interesting it was to hear about the development of one of the world's most renowned rock & roll bands. Plus, if you're an Ozzy fan like me, the anticipation of already knowing what it's all leading up to keeps the pages turning at a quick pace. The book is a treat once Ozzy gets into the story of Black Sabbath and the crazy and comical stories that occurred during this period. Ozzy spends a deserved portion of the book on the pre-Black Sabbath and Black Sabbath era.

Ozzy finishes off the first two-thirds of the book with the demise of Sabbath and the start of his solo career over the first two records (Blizzard of Ozz &Diary of a Madman). The combination of this being only a 3 year period and Ozzy's limited ability to remember much due to his alcohol and drug abuse make this part of the book relatively and sadly too short. Nevertheless, it is a part of the book that is filled with classic, comical and of course one of the most tragic moments.

The last third of the book is primarily devoted to Ozzy's rise to worldwide star-status through MTV's The Osbournes, his continuing accounts of drug abuse and alcoholism, and his eventual road to a cleaner way of life. Unlike the first two-thirds of the book, little time or mention is made of the making of his subsequent records and how he recruited the personnel for his new band(s). I would have liked to have seen more on his road escapades with Zakk Wylde versus the amount of time he took to talk about the day to day filming of The Osbournes.

Anyway, I Am Ozzy is a good, funny read and I'd recommend it to Ozzy fans and casual readers alike. Here's a funny story that's not included in Ozzy's book: In early 2010 while Ozzy was appearing on The Howard Stern Show to promote the book, Howard recounted a section early on in the book about how the members of Black Sabbath would send women up to Ozzy's hotel room while the band was out on the road. Howard said, "Man, that must have been cool to have all those women." Ozzy said in his mumbled way, "No, that never happened. No one sent me women." Howard said, "But Ozzy it's right here in your book. Have you read your own book?" Ozzy said quite simply, "No." Laughter erupts in the studio. The guy really is crazy.
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on April 1, 2010
I can't believe that Ozzy Osbourne isn't dead. Seriously. After reading this book I was reminded of the old saying - "God looks after drunks, fools, and children". Given that Ozzy could, at times, accurately have been described as all three, it's clear that he has never been in any real danger.

Before reading this book, here is what I knew about Ozzy: he was in Black Sabbath (although they broke up long before I became musically aware), he bit the head off of a bat, Randy Rhodes was in his band and died young, he did a great duet with Lita Ford- "Close My Eyes" - in the 80's (after I had become musically aware), he and has family became huge stars on "The Osbournes" on MTV, it's really hard to understand him when he talks, and his wife Sharon is a judge on "America's Got Talent". After reading the book, I know a little more.

"I Am Ozzy" follows the life Ozzy from a boy in England through his rise to rock superstardom. He grew up very poor, and he tells of the trouble he had finding work and staying out of jail. (He relates that his first job in the music business was as a car horn tuner - although that didn't last very long). You get to follow along as Black Sabbath forms, almost breaks up, and ultimately becomes a success. After they fire Ozzy, you see Sharon help him become a successful solo act in his own right. You hear about biting the head off of a dove, and a bat (he says that bat was an accident). You see the tragic early death of Randy Rhodes, and the birth of Ozzy's kids. You of course live through "The Osbournes" and how much it changed all of their lives.

Throughout all of this, you see Ozzy's incredibly excessive drug and alcohol abuse. He's very honest about his struggles and his shortcomings. That what brings me to the crux of my feelings about this book. I watched Ozzy a lot on "The Osbournes". I, like so many others, came to see him as a kind of lovable, if flawed, anti-dad for the new millennium. In reading the book I kept looking for a tale of redemption that would validate my hope for Ozzy to be a good guy. He is a good guy, but I was left feeling that, more than anything, he was just a very lucky SOB who could have very easily died numerous times due to his own excess. He was regretful for many of the things that happened in his life, but I never felt like he completed the journey. He's sober now (mostly), and appears to have gotten his act together with the help of medical professionals. Still, I was left feeling like I had only watched 45 minutes of the "Behind the Music" and never got to the last "after the break" where Ozzy made his triumphant return and recognized the error in his ways.

Maybe I'm being too harsh. I enjoyed reading the book and will admit that I went back to listen to a few older Black Sabbath songs after reading about their genesis. It's hard not to hear Ozzy's voice when reading this book, so it was a fun read. Be warned - it's full of unrepentant sarcasm and scorn, heaps of profanity and sex, and bad parenting on a level hard to imagine. I learned a lot about Ozzy, but what I really want to know now is - how does Sharon feel about all that's happened? Now THAT'S a book that I would like to read.
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on March 7, 2010
Man, it's amazing how some ghost-writers nowadays are so good. When dealing with these authorized biographies, seldom I've read one that I disliked.

This one from Ozzy is no exception. It's very good. Mind you, he does not even tries to make one like him or hate him. He just narrates his life. Man, I caught myself laughing alone at some passages!

Of course, I think, at general, one must be an Ozzy fan and have a certain knowledge about his career to wants to read it, because a lot of it has been said before in other bands/artists biographies: sudden rise to stardom, dishonest managers, groupies by th e hundresds, booze and drugs, broken marriages, paranoid ripping the band apart and, in the best scenarios, a reborn career. In the worst cases, death or oblivion by the market and fans.

There's a freshness in this narrative that I can not exactly point what it is, but I really had a great time reading it. I would not ge so far as other reviewer said that this was the best book he ever read, nowhre close to that, but I enjoyed it a lot.

But, yes, there is a lot of "missing in action" information here... Jake Lee is barely mentioned (two times). There's nothing about auditioning Zakk Wylde; nothing about the late Randy Castillo, who drummed for him in two albums and died of cancer; nothing about guitarist Joe Holmes or drummer Dean Castronovo, or Geezer Butler going on board. The DOWN TO EARTH, BLACK RAIN and ULTIMATE SIN albums are not mentioned at all, and OZZMOSIS only one time.
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on September 13, 2016
Growing up in the 60's and 70's and being a church going little girl I remember all the hoopla surrounding groups such as Black Sabbath and KISS. Being told by well meaning preachers that they were Satan worshipers. If we listed to them we would all go to He'll. The same was also said about Jesus Christ Superstar.
My 29 year old son loves Black Sabbath and I got him tickets for Christmas to see them last week in Dalles . He said they were great.
I decided to read this book to learn more about him. It was a hilarious book, I literally couldn't stop laughing. I have a new respect for him and so glad that is mostly clean now and that his rock, Sharon is well. That is a real love story there. Definitely worth the time.
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on September 14, 2014
This is a fun read. Ozzy is hilarious. I always heard of his crazy behavior but I never knew how funny he actually was. There are several parts in this book where his descriptions of the situations he ends up in make me have to stop reading and laugh it out for a minute! Of course it doesn't hurt to have so many interesting stories to tell.

I also like how he doesn't hold back and tells it all (well most of it anyway), including his constant issues with substance abuse, domestic violence and poor parenting. Ozzy's life is a testament to the astounding adaptive abilities of the human body. Its amazing how much drugs and alcohol this man has consumed but yet has still perfect functioning internal organs and he is now well into his 60s. If there were an Olympics for how much substance your body can handle, he would probably win every event.

My only complaint is that I was hoping to know more details and interactions with other big name bands he went on tour with, such as Metallica. But perhaps, as he constantly attests to, he just can't remember any of those details since he was always completely hammered. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to read some other books from other perspectives and put the pieces together.
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on October 28, 2015
I love getting the inside scoop on the rockers of my heyday. Ozzy's book does not disappoint! I don't usually leave book reviews unless it is an outstanding read and this is it!! This is absolutely laugh outloud funny at times, and he also addresses the darker elements of his life in a tasteful way without dwelling too long and at the same time not glossing over things like they didn't happen. It's easy to read and I found myself itching to get back to it when I had to leave it . He recounts several incidents that I had forgotten about, giving his side of things that most don't remember getting the full story about beyond the tabloid conclusions. Yes, he has his regrets, as we all do, but his is a very endearing book in my opinion-just pure Ozzy! If you are a fan of the Prince of Darkness, this is a must-read!
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on April 11, 2016
Well written amazing tales of an iconic rock and roll musician. Ozzy is hilarious (as most people know) and the stories here are tales of excess and overindulgence. There is another side of Ozzy that comes to light while reading the book: he is truly a nice guy who avoids confrontation at all costs. The early Black Sabbath years are insightful and allows the reader to step into the creative process.
Some of the tales of sin and debauchery drag on but the amount of drugs and booze consumed by Ozzy is legendary.

All in all I highly recommend this book to those who can't get enough of the backstage, up close and personal views of old time rock and rollers.
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on May 16, 2017
Funniest book I have ever read in my entire life. Ozzy has lead a ridiculously hilarious life and is obviously not above laughing at himself. A wonderful read from beginning to end.
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