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on June 28, 2016
I caught on to this show years after it aired, as a friend of mine gave me Season 1 to watch. So I bought Season 2,
and onward to Season 3.
Started watching 3 and...

Santiago disappears into thin air. Unless he's in Buddy Garrity's basement, but not on the team
Did he go back with his street friends , or succeed to college? we'll never know.
Last I knew Street, and his new girl were deciding on keeping the baby.
Smash was injured? When?
Smash had a 3 game suspension, the rest of the season evaporated.,
Coach's wife is now school principal.
Lyla's Christian boyfriend, POOF, along with how he went POOF.

I now understand there was a writers guild strike or something.
But ONE episode could have explained all this away.

Very disappointed at the producers, writers of the show to just cut and run into a clean blackboard.

That wouldn't happen on "24" or "Breaking bad".

Big unexplained story gaps should not happen in a Top Rated Series.

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This is a no spoilers review. Anyone who is planning on watching this in the winter NBC schedule will not want warnings about what is going to happen. Those of us who have caught it on DirecTV were delighted and stunned. I'm going to try to be fairly nonspecific and most of the plot details that I discuss will occur in the first episode, so not much will be revealed. The review does assume that you've seen Seasons One and Two. If you have not seen those, this review will contain some spoilers.

Season Two of FNL was great, especially the second half of the season, but all in all it was hurt for two reasons. First, there was the rather melodramatic killing of Tyra's stalker by Landry Clarke. Pretty close to universally fans objected to this, though most also enjoyed the time that Tyra and Landry were forced to spend together as a result. Second, the series was hurt by the writer's strike, with the series ending uneasily with Smash being unable to play football for several games. Other fans complained of Lyla's sojourn as a born again Christian and how whiney Julie was in the first half of the season. Along the way, however, there has been a host of marvelous storylines. I gave Season Two five stars without any hesitation, though I also was the first to admit that it wasn't the work of perfection that Season One was.

Frankly, based on pure business considerations, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS should have been cancelled at the end of Season Two. The ratings were just miserable. And despite every TV critic in America just going crazy over the show (I honestly prefer it to THE WIRE and THE SHIELD), it curiously has not garnered any awards attention. How is it possible that Connie Britton has not won a couple of Emmys for Best Actress (no one can seriously tell me that Sally Field has been a better television actress than Britton over the past two years)? Why no awards for Kyle Chandler? Why has Adrianne Palicki's astonishing work as Tyra Collette gone unrecognized by the awards? Omissions like this are an indictment of the awards themselves. And why has FNL not received two straight nominations for Best Drama? It is simply absurd that it has not.

Miraculously, NBC did something uncharacteristic for a major network: it found a way to save a show that deserved saving. They worked a deal with DirecTV to show the 13 episodes of Season 3 in the fall of 2008 with NBC showing the show in the winter of 2009. Kudos to NBC! I have been horrified by some recent decisions by the majors. How ABC could even have considered canceling a masterpiece like PUSHING DASIES, let alone doing it, is simply inconceivable. And how NBC, despite the very good thing it did in saving FNL, imagines that it is doing quality TV a service by gutting five hours of scripted TV next year so that we can get stuck with the repellant Jay Leno is unimaginable. Still, I wish more networks would take the effort that NBC did to save their best shows.

Right now there is no word on whether there will be a Season Four of FNL. My assumption is that after some of the ratings for the winter come in, NBC and DirecTV will sit down and figure out whether they want to do this again. If they do, the format is difficult to predict. There are a few major changes on the show, but within specifying what those are, there will clearly need to be a decision as to whether to stick with the kids who have graduated from Dillon High or keep Coach Taylor in high school football with a new group of players. Personally, I've been hoping that the main kids go to the same college, where Taylor will be named the new head football coach. But if there is no Season Four, they have left Season Three in a place to where it can serve as a series finale. The final two episodes are brilliant summations of everything wonderful that we've cared about for three years.

Season Three is, in my opinion, the best yet. Nearly ever major character has some wonderful story arcs. Because of budgetary considerations and also perhaps the pressure of giving all the characters enough time with only 13 episodes, two major characters has to be written out of the show, though each one gets a several-episode arc to say goodbye. Those two are Smash Williams and Jason Street. Given that both have graduated from Dillon, this was a logical change. Also apparently for reasons of time and budget Santiago, who in Season Two was living with Buddy Garrity, simply disappears with no comment. But the other familiar are back. Season Two ended with Tim Riggins ardently pursuing Lyla Garrity, Tyra and Landry dating as an official couple, and Julie pining for Matt. All those relationships get shaken up (though I won't say in what ways). But nothing is so completely shaken up as Coach Taylor's involvement with the new school principal. And nothing is so funny as the new principal coming to terms with two simple words, "Jumbo Tron."

I especially enjoyed Tyra's arc in Season Three. If you rewatch Season One of FNL, it is clear that early on they didn't quite know what to do with Tyra. Adrianne Palicki, who plays Tyra, is an amazing beauty with incredible onscreen charisma, but for the first three-quarters of Season One she is just in the show simply because she is. She is not integrated into any of the show's major storylines. But once Tami Taylor takes an interest in her (fascinatingly, just shortly after she had forbade her daughter to be friends with her), we get one of the best stories of an individual coming to desire a better life and doing something to achieve it that I've ever seen on TV. And I'll slightly break my promise not to reveal any spoilers by stating that one of the entire highlights in all of FNL comes in the next to last episode where Tyra reads aloud her college application essay. It is as moving a moment as you'll encounter on television and it also marks just how far Tyra's character has come since Season One. And along with Tyra you get her endlessly fascinating relationship with Landry Clarke. If you don't like their relationship one week, check back the next. The tension between his never ceasing adoration of her and her flittering back and forth between valuing him for all his outstanding qualities and her reign as the queen of mixed signals produces many of the show's best moments. And any conversation that the two actors have is special.

This is a season filled with surprises, a plethora of marvelous small moments, a few heartbreaks, and a few shocks. I've gotten about eight or nine people to watch this show and every one of them has become a passionate lover of it. If you already love the show, you'll love this great, great and hopefully not final season as much as the first two.
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on September 18, 2009
I bought the first two seasons of FNL this summer for my son, who was starting to play football. He watched it and said it was good so I thought I would try it. Within two episodes, I was absolutely hooked! The writing, the actors, the story, the football, and lessons....they are amazin in this series. I am very impressed at the values and stories imparted in this amazing TV show. I think about the characters, and when I was going through the seasons, couldn't wait to watch the next episode. I recommend it for 15 and up. There is teen sex and drinking in it, but the consequences of these are presented in a balanced view.

I watched the second season in record time, while working full time. It was hard to believe, but it seemed to get better and better. Then I had to buy the third season. It was great and left an opening for another season. There is supposed to be another season on direct TV and I don't know how to get that yet. I have a list of people who are waiting to borrow the seasons and my son's friends are loving it.

I love this show so much! and I am a middle aged woman who just happens to like sports. I think that even someone who didn't like football could still get a lot out of this series.

I recommend this to teens and adults.
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on December 7, 2015
I started watching "Friday Night Lights" when Teennick started airing it back in May of 2015. Unfortunately, the network stopped showing it halfway through the second season so I was thrilled to find the second and third season on here for such low prices. I am pleased to say the DVD pack arrived perfectly packaged and all four DVDs work fine. For anyone debating purchasing this, debate no more and buy it because you will not be disappointed.

P.S. the third season is really good :).
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on February 7, 2010
I cannot sing the praises of this show enough. It is my favorite show on television today, and may be the best television drama series, ever.

The fictitious town of Dillon, Texas is not just any small town. It could be my small town in the Great Northwest. The character dynamics occur in small towns all over the world, although my town folks may be loco crazy over its nationally award winning high school Lacrosse team or choral group instead of State Championship football team. The way a town puts all of its hopes and dreams into its young people is universal. And in harsh economic times like those we are living through today, those hopes and dreams may be all a town has to hold onto.

I'd like to single out the shows stars, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, as the most believable married couple on television. All married couples can only aspire to have a marriage as solid and supportive as theirs. Chandler's portrayal of the head coach of the Panthers is just right, a blend of passion and absolute no nonsense. As his wife often tells him, "You're a good man," as he constantly wrestles with decisions of doing what's right for the team, and what is right. Both Chandler and Britton deserve Emmy recognition for their honest and credible portrayals of Coach Eric and Tami Taylor. They make it look effortless. The younger actors in the cast are absolutely brilliant and equally honest.

The season finale is quite a cliff hanger that promises big changes in Season 4, which airs on NBC beginning Friday, April 30, 2010. Check your local listing for time and get caught up so you can be ready to watch Season 4!
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on December 5, 2009
Most TV shows are medical, legal and crime related shows. Some of those shows are good and some are bad but those genres are sometimes tiring to constantly see on TV. Friday Night Lights is only one of a few drama shows that is different. I have been a fan of Friday Night Lights since season 1. The show is not entirely about football and it's teen characters and storylines are well crafted. Season 2 of the show was a bit of a decline from season 1 and season 2 didn't get a proper ending because of ratings decline and NBC refusal to order at least 2 episodes after the end of the writer's strike. After the writer's strike ended most network shows filmed at least two to three episodes. FNL didn't.

The production costs deal between NBC and DirecTV saved the show. Season 3 was better than season 2. In season 3 the pressures of overbearing football pushing parents, conflicts of interest in public schools, teen sex and teen characters trying to prevent themselves from living impoverished lives in the future and dealing with family changes gave the show good story material. The characters on FNL are people that TV audiences can relate to more than some characters on other TV shows. Matt Saracen is a teenage boy neglected largely by his parents but he rarely feels sorry for himself and focuses on making the best of his situation while dealing with a grandma inflicted with dementia. You won't find a teenage boy being a caretaker to an ill relative on other shows like The O.C., One Tree Hill, or 90210. Tyra Collete is a troubled teenage girl wanting to make a life better for herself and not end up like her mother or sister. She has her flaws but later redeems herself. Buddy Garrity and his daughter Lyla are two characters getting a taste living on limited means after losing their wealth. The anchors of the show are Eric and Tami Taylor a couple doing their best in their public school related jobs to help teenagers and the community. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton have done Emmy nod worthy work since season 1 but they are continually snubbed by the Emmys in favor of actors and actresses that are on highly rated TV shows. As another reviewer pointed out FNL has won awards that Emmmy winners rarely or never receives and the AFI declared the show culturally significant in 2007. The show will likely end in season 5 but it will end as one of the most unique shows ever on TV.
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on March 27, 2015
Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the show for all the reasons most people have given a 4 or 5 star review. But I got season 3 several weeks after watching seasons 1 and 2 in relatively short sequence. When it arrived it went straight into the dvd player and when I started watching I thought I must have skipped a season without noticing. How/when/why did Tami become principal? What happened between Landry and Tyra? I would have preferred some acknowledgement of that time having passed - flashbacks? exposition? faked on the last FNL?
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on April 18, 2011
I am so amazed that this series wasn't a huge hit. It got better every season. Sure there were cast changes, but the new members fit extremely well into the story-line and the show kept improving. I am so pleased that I am able to own this series so that I can watch it over and over. My wife had never seen the series, but when I showed her season 1 she was instantly hooked. If you think this story is about high school football you're wrong. This is a story about a small West Texas community and the people who live there. The writing is excellent and the acting outstanding. The angst between the characters is magnetic and the stories draw the viewer in. It seems as if one is part of the community and is watching their friends interact. Definitely worth the price of admission and I don't believe anyone will regret the purchase. I sure don't. THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST TV SERIES EVER PRODUCED. My hat is off to Peter Berg. He may not have been the best actor ever, but his producing talent is amazing.
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on April 4, 2011
Love, Love, Loved it! I didn't see my kids for two days while watching the season 3 series of Friday Night Lights (I actually faked a migraine so I could lock myself in my bedroom and watch the last 2 episodes in peace).
The performances alone were enough to hook me, every character resonated with me and reminded me of someone I know because they're all so real. The relationship between the coach and his wife Tammy feels so authentic I wonder if they have a relationship in 'real life' and both of their relationships with their daughter Julie inspire me to be a better mum and really get to know my kids as human beings.
This brilliance of this series really comes down to the genius of the writers. The dialogue (which is delivered with perfection) is true and pure and really hits the spot, I cried, I laughed and I loved with these characters. I really invested my emotions in it and I can't wait to watch season 4.
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on August 10, 2009
I am a huge LOST fan, could care less about football, and WAY past my teen years, yet I am completely hooked on this show. It is hands down the best drama on TV now. I picked up Season 1 a few months ago and after it sat for awhile I watched it in a marathon session. I then promptly went out and purchased the next 2 seasons and am eagerly awaiting Season 4. I tell anyone who will listen to WATCH THIS SHOW. Where are the awards? What's wrong with the industry that FNL hasn't been nominated for everything under the sun? It is perfection. I'm sure everyone who has watched it has been to that school, dated that girl or guy, argued like that with your husband or wife - the lists goes on and on. Never before has a TV show touched me like this one. PLEASE don't turn out the lights.
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