Customer Reviews: IIT 90200 Eyelet Pliers with 100 Eyelets
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on July 7, 2013
So, I do a fair amount of costuming and corseting. Because of this, I have used numerous installation methods: Dritz eyelet pliers, numerous specialized eyelet setters (with a mallet), even industrial hand presses (when I've been fortunate enough to be at a workshop that has one).

Because I am generally using eyelets for thicker materials (or multiple layers of it) I needed something that would install sturdy eyelets, wouldn't make a ton of noise in doing so, or cause too much pain to my hands. I also needed something with the strength to deal with hard brass, and double sided eyelets, as the latter are essential for better longevity in a costume.

Hammering die setters can be loud, especially in an apartment, and tend to be very brand-specific forcing you into only buying one brand of eyelet for it to work. Hand Presses are phenomenal, but also phenomenally expensive. And most eyelet pliers require an insane amount of grip strength and yet often install misaligned eyelets due to poor plate-to-plate contact.

I found these to be a great solution for me. The compound action means I don't have to strain my hand much to squeeze, and the alignment has always come out perfect. It works very nicely even with my hard brass grommets with washers. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants a consistent eyelet installation without the expense of a press.
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on October 26, 2013
I needed eyelets for a costume I was sewing for my child. After reading reviews of all the possible tools, I selected this one. It did NOT come with any directions, and the manufacturer's web site did not have instructions either.

In order to unlock the pliers, you need to remove a small metal cylinder from a hole in the side mechanism--this took some time to figure out. Where this cylinder came out, there is a hole punch to create the hole in the fabric. There is a sliding piece of metal that screws into the side of the pliers here to adjust depth in from the edge to make the punch. The punch did not work great on my fabric--satin--but well enough that I was able to use scissors to complete the hole. The actual squeezing of the eyelet onto the fabric was very easy and you do not need to have super grip to do it.

The eyelets that come with the pliers are 3/16 inch (4.7 mm). They are single-sided. When applied to satin, at least, they leave very ragged metal edges on the other side. After doing some practice eyelets on extra fabric, I decided that they would not work for this fabric--they'd catch and cause runs. Perhaps other one-sided eyelets are different, but these seem very cheap.

I found 2-piece eyelets (I'm still not sure of the distinction between these eyelets with washers, and grommets, although it seems the grommets may be larger?) that were 3/16 inch at Michael's Crafts and they worked perfectly. The costume looks professional and there are no sharp or ragged edges on either side.

I think these pliers could easily be used for the next size smaller, 1/8 inch eyelets, but you would not want to use them to make the punch in the fabric, since the hole would be too large and the eyelet would pull and slip out. I think you could probably also use them for the next size up, 1/4 inch eyelets, but may need to augment the hole after using the punch mechanism.

Overall, this is an easy-to-use product and did exactly what it was supposed to, without much hand strength, and without damaging any of the eyelets or the fabric. I'd give it 5 stars if the eyelets that came with it were not so cheap.
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on December 10, 2014
I just opened this product to use for the first time and its broken. Not a little broken or scratched...I noticed when the arm fell off - that it is rusted to the core. Horrible. Thankfully Amazon refunded immediately. Amazon service really is great. peace.
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on May 16, 2014
These pliers broke the first time I used them, when I was punching a hole in three satin ribbons stacked together. They also came with no instructions and it took a little bit of online sleuthing to figure out that I had to remove a small pin to get them to open. Don't waste your money on this junk.
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on June 26, 2013
I've been using this tool for reinforcing bookmarks and reinforcing ribbon that hangs on metal hooks. It does the job well! Eyelets that come with it are 3/16".
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on August 17, 2013
The pliers do set 3/16" eyelets as advertised and has a hole punch, but that is it. There is a small metal rod inserted through a hole in the hole punch shaft that needs to be removed so the jaws will open. There is also a spring loaded guide pin in one of the jaws that occasionally gets trapped inside the jaw casing. You have to use something to coax it back out when that happens. The action is OK.
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on May 10, 2016
I bought this to convert a piece of clothing to a lace-up style. It came with absolutely NO instructions so after a while of trying to figure out how to unlock it, I was finally able to unlock it and test it. I tried it on 2 different types of materials: terry cloth (wash cloth--it was the closest thing to me at the time that didn't matter if I put a hole in it) and a satin type material. The terry cloth did very well, the hole punch tool punched the hole right out and the eyelet clamped on perfectly. The satin type of material did not do very well with the hole punch step.. instead of punching a hole, it kind of just chewed the material so I had to make the hole with scissors. I also discovered in some of the cases the hole that was made was bigger than the eyelet so I had to go back with needle and thread to close the gap - I think this could possibly be because of the type of material I was using (satin-y) so I just used scissors to snip a tiny hole only big enough to fit the long part of the eyelet through. This is a big and heavy tool so at times I had to use both of my hands to finish setting the eyelet (small hands). All in all I really like it and will get plenty of use out of it.
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on July 7, 2016
Crap. Went to set first eyelet into a piece of light canvas (about half the weight of a military duffel bag), and with one hand I squeeze until the two handles touch each other. I look, and the eyelet didn't pierce the canvas or even start to set, but I had bent the handles down until they were touching, with very little resistance. I actually thought I was pushing through the canvas, but nope. Piece o junk.
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on December 4, 2015
The eyelets that come with this tool are crap, but I was buying for the tool itself, to use with these grommets Amanaote 5mm Internal Hole Diameter Gun Black Eyelets Grommets with Washer Self Backing Pack of 200 Sets in a corset that I'm making. They work wonderfully together even though the grommets are a little larger than the eyelets that came with the tool.

The pliers are very easy to use, and don't require too much strength to squeeze. As someone who insists on constantly typing, sewing, and knitting despite carpal tunnel, my tools need to be hand-friendly, and I did not experience any pain or cramping while using these to set grommets in one side of the corset (haven't finished the other side yet). I was able to quickly and securely set my grommets, the tool working very well with them. I didn't realize until re-reading the questions just now that the tool actually punches holes - I had been poking holes with a seam ripper, then using a knitting needle as a makeshift awl to make them bigger (which is probably better for the fabric, but is more work), which is what most corset-making tutorials tell you to do, and which worked just fine.

I wouldn't use the included eyelets on a garment. Perhaps on a decorative pillow or something similiar where the backs won't be exposed or rubbing against anything. They splay very poorly, and leave very rough edges that are going to catch on everything they come into contact with. Don't buy this expecting to use the eyelets for anything that's going to get regular use. I used a couple to test out the pliers before setting a couple of my good grommets as practice and finally moving on to my project, and that's honeslty about all they're good for.
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on July 19, 2015
Very sturdy construction for bargain priced pliers. I was surprised by the heft of the pliers.

I will use with Kydex, so pre-drilling is a must. The eyelets that come with it are very weak and not very useful in my situation. Worth noting is that to actually use the pliers, you must remove a small pin as noted in other reviews. It feels wrong to pull out what looks like part of your new pliers, but you must. I placed my pin in the small zip bag the cheap eyelets were in and stowed the whole mess in case it needs locked again.

Functionality seems to hold true for the stronger eyelets I ordered to use on Kydex though, obviously, more pressure is needed to set the eyelet. That said, the amount of pressure is not excessive. I would classify the other eyelets as medium weight and have not used these pliers on the heavier weight ones.

Shop around on Amazon before you buy. The price range was impressive.
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