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on June 4, 2011
Let me start of by saying this is a very good aerial combat game which is staged in the WWII era. I'll list all the major things...

Combat: It's very good, the bullets show real physics, the planes also do, one thing that intrigued me was if you come fairly close to a enemy plane and shoot it down the smoke trail that is streaming behind it which contains all that oil and gunk gets on your canopy--blocking your view for a few moments, it's awesome! It's also very intense when your getting shot up all the time! As you get shot up your planes wings and body gets bullet holes in them, you windshield can also get bullet holes in it, which is just very realistic, the only thing which concerns me is the controls, it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of them but nothing major.

Planes: The planes are incredible!!! There's huge amount of detail, from the paint and the design, to the wonderful cockpits! Everyone of them has there own feel to it as you fly, some are slow and bulky others are fast and maneuverable and some are just in between. There are about 40 planes altogether, which includes basically every plane that fought over Europe. Though they can be more. The only thing I'm concerned here is there are no cockpit views for any of the Axis powers planes, and there are cockpit views for almost all the Allied planes, I don't know what's up with that but they should have really put in cockpit views for the Axis planes as well, it's just not right!(Tip: not all planes are won in single-player, some are won in online matches like the B-17). Edit: I think the updated PC version of this game has cockpit views for the Axis plane ... but not for the PS3 version still ....

Graphics/Terrain: Also incredible! Detail here is amazing, the trees are actually 3D not 2D like in other games and the buildings...3D!!! Let me give you an example, yes you can just plain out crash into the ground, or you can hit your aircraft's wing into a tree, resulting it to brake off and spin out of control and then crash into the ground, that's just how much detail they put in to it. Also it feels great to be cruising along the English country side in my fully loaded Spitfire. You can actually bring down your landing gear anytime and land on the battlefield.

Story: The story is WW2--you start out in Battle of Britain and end in Battle of Berlin. In total there are 20 campaign missions. So you just fight your way to the end, all of them are staged in Europe. And there are about 50 single missions in total, but the single player missions are useless--in one mission I literally shot down only one plane and it said mission complete, like really? Whats the point of such a short mission? I haven't played all of them so I bet there are some long ones.

Online: For playing this in 2011 there still are people playing online. The online isn't much different then the game itself, there's some mode your can play, max online party is 16 players, there nothing great about it, but nothing bad about it either, and there's no glitches I've encountered or anything.

Unlocks: Many planes are unlocked as you go through the campaign and many more through the single missions. Special planes like the B-17 or BF 109 K-4 are unlocked online, the problem is no one plays this game online much so it'll be difficult to unlock them--an easy way to unlock is to set up games with a friend and play matches until you unlock what you want, you can set up 2 player matches for 3 minutes and tell your friend to let you win, like for the B-17 you need to win 20 Strike matches on any bomber to unlock it, it doesn't matter how long the matches are or whatever as long as you win. Also the list has changed, before to unlock the B-17 you needed 50 won matches on strike, but now only 20, so if your looking up the list be sure to search, "updated list" because everything for online has changed.

Also: There's also a very fun mode in single player, which is "training", were you can choose things like weather, map, anti-aircraft fire is it hostile, friendly, or none, time, which aircraft you want to use, which aircraft you want your enemies to have, enemy skill level, number of enemy planes (max 16), and some more stuff, its really fun using just 1 Messerschmitt bf 109 yourself against 16 Spitfire coming at you, or just one against you to see how fast you can shoot it down. Fun huh?

If you want to buy this game for multiplayer don't, no one plays online and you'll never get a full round, only a few people play it online in the world.

Overall this is a very fun game and is great for people who like WW2 era planes!
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on January 8, 2013
Generally I liked this game. Some of the controls with a 6-axis are a bit clunky, however generally pretty good. Visuals are OK, not generally a standout element. The campaign is a decent length, and the missions are a pretty good mix (would have liked 1-2 more naval themed missions). I have two complaints though - during campaign mode you have no options to select your plane or loadout, and (for me) two of the campaign missions were way tougher than all the others. One right about 1/2 way, and the very last one. Not that it matters much because limiting your number of lives in any given mission (user-selectable) increases the points you can earn on a given mission, but I can't see how points matter anywhere in the game. I would really have liked to be able to use more/different planes and loadouts during campaign mode. As it stands there just isn't much sense of advancement in arcade mode - just slogging through missions to unlock the next one, but no sense of reward.
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on March 13, 2012
The only thing I find wrong with this game is that is (rarely though) freezes up for half a second while playing. Other than that this game is by far the best air combat game I own and I own four others for my PSP. This one is obviously more realistic graphically but compared to my other games there has been a lot of effort put in to make this game realistic in terms of the looks of the planes, environment, and the physics involved with shooting the guns, rockets, or bombs. Also there are options to either play this game like a game with easy maneuverability but there is also options to play with realistic controls and reactions and also a mode to play without any unrealistic help from the game; you fly like you actually would at the time, relying on your eyes only. There is a campaign mode which is very fun and single mission; some of these can be a bit hard but if you play enough times (and issue commands to your group constantly!!!) you can get through them. There is also a training mode which is pretty awesome. You can chose the slightest details under which you fight it (i.e time, weather, altitude, location, planes, etc). The one thing that made the training mode a disappointment is that you can fight up to sixteen enemies BUT only on your own. There are no friendlies in training except for ground artillery.
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on July 26, 2011
The historical element in this game is not only something that makes it even more fun and intriguing to play, but lays the backbone of the game itself. There are loads of flight sims out there with so much focus on sound and graphics that the storyline gets put to the back burner, or in most cases, doesn't even have one at all. That is not the case with Birds of Prey. This game draws you in to the most significant air battles that shaped our world into what it is today and saved it from what could of been a global Nazi regimen.

The game has a very good way of taking you through the arial combat chronology of WWII from the battle of Britain to the Battle of Berlin, This also means that you get to fight through the cockpit of many platforms used by the allied forces including Spitfires, Il-9s, and Mustangs. Not going to spoil it from here, you just need to buy this game if you like anything about air combat games. It is now 2011 and this games shines just as good as new. A classic masterpiece and MUST-OWN!!! -JT
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on March 22, 2010
Many years ago I used to play combat flight simulator games on the PC, but I got tired of the hardware upgrade game. It was expensive and frustrating to have to keep upgrading my pc hardware to play the latest games. Finally, after a very long wait, this game comes along and recreates combat flight simulation on the console. I bought a PS3 just to play this game, and I'm not disappointed. I suppose this game doesn't simulate WWII combat as closely as the latest pc games, but it comes close enough for me. The flight mechanics are as good as anything I remember, and the damage modeling is superb. There is an incredible amount of detail in the world the developers created and the graphics are excellent. Sometimes I fly around just to see the scenery. Online play is very fun, and I was surprised to meet a few older players online. Overall the online players I've met have been a great group to play with.

I think this game will keep me entertained for quite a while, and I hope this is the beginning of a long era of flight combat simulators on the consoles.

If you like combat flight simulators, or think you might, and you own a PS3/Xbox, get this game. You won't be disappointed.
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on June 11, 2014
Supplier shipped the game very quickly and arrived new and in perfect condition.
Problem is, you have to go through all the training missions before you can get to the game proper.
This is boring and if you fail to complete a mission then you have to keep going over it again and again untill done.
All I want to do is play the game and have fun.
You must have a good joystick to play, using the hand controller is to hard, as trying to aim with one stick and steer with another is to slow and to much concentration making sure yo uuse the right stick.
All in all for an old game could be enjoyable once I can get into it and play the actual game.
Why it is called Sturmovik when you fly a Hurricane in the training sessions is beyond me.
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on December 5, 2012
I 1st played IL2 on the PC a few years back, even was in an online squad. I was amazed with what the game/sim could do. The graphics where out standing the flight models seemed to dead on. It even had a mission builder w/ the PC version. As for the PS3 version I have to say that they did a very good job with the conversion, the graphis are still some of the best I've seen, each plane type has its own quirks. A few things didn't make it over to the PS3 such as custom control settings and there is no mission builder on the PS3. If you are looking for a flight sim for the PS3 you will be happy with IL2, So Happy Hunting, and Tally Ho!
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on October 14, 2012
This game, for as inexpensive as it is, is a must have. I use the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick and will often just lose myself in the game. The graphics are very good, the controls are good and the story is engaging and very educational. You should be able to find the aforementioned flight stick for under $30 on occasion so keep an eye out and pick up one with this game. The flight stick will work with Appache Air Assault and other flight games as well. Games like these are what I've waited for on the PS3 and other advanced consoles. They're just fun but yet challenging at the same time.
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on February 27, 2011
I'm not the typical gamer but like to do some armchair racing or flying so I purchased this game. It is well done with many different missions and options to please most. I also purchased a Thrustmaster Joy Stick to add another touch of realism to the flying experience. As you start the game you select the options you wish to of which is the difficulty settings, Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator. I found that in the Simulator mode, in an attempt to make the flight characteristics more advanced, the airspeed and stall speed miss the mark significantly as the planes basically fall out the sky while flying straight and level at close to maximum throttle settings. Even so I give this game 4 stars and find that once I pick it up I have a difficult time putting it away.
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on April 4, 2011
I was only partially hesitant to get this game based on some reviews. But it's actually VERY fun. And at this price, well there is no reason not to get it. Yes the game does 'skip' or have a little trouble with rendering. But it's so slight that it does not take away from the game whatsoever. Usually I didn't realize that's what it was until minutes later as I'm into the game and trying to complete the mission. It wasn't a very long game, and I was really hoping for more planes (more WWI style I guess...but this is WWII game!). I was hoping for some bi-wing and tri-wing, but no was still a good time. I would get this game again.
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