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on August 8, 2012
After buying a $200 iPhone, I wanted to get a cheap running case. This seemed promising and sure enough, it's a solid case. Has an opening so that you can adjust the volume, easy to slid in, and it fits my arm nicely. The same can't be said for my sister though. She tried using my arm band with her iPhone and ended up holding it while she ran. The smallest this can go isn't all that small, almost designed to go on guys with big muscles. But I have decent muscle tone and it held on just fine. The plastic is cheap too but you can still use the phone through it.
For the price I paid for this, I got exactly what I needed: a case that will carry my phone while I ran. Nothing more, nothing less.
UPDATE: So I've been using this armband for a while and it's still great for running. One good thing is that the case doesn't smell! One drawback about it, it's not the greatest for doing arm workouts. While doing arm curls, my biceps feel like they want to bust out of the armband. This is mainly do to the fact that it is not elastic. Other than that, no complaints :)
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 15, 2013
Let me be clear: this is a 2 star product in design and quality. The ONLY reason I rated it at 3 stars is the price. If you are looking for a very cheap iPhone armband, then this is a reasonable choice for a little while. If you are looking for something that will perhaps be your last armband purchase, MOVE ON!

Shipped from China, I purchased two of these armbands - one each for my wife and I. At less than two dollars each (at the time of this writing) I knew I wasn't buying something to last. These were literally purchased as hold-overs to get us started on this year's fitness, while we researched some better choices.

These are made of a cheap mesh, and have a plastic front that allows you to use the touchscreen while your phone is inside. The good news is, they stay on while jogging and the touchscreen is reasonably easy to use while your phone is in the holder. Now for the (not unexpected) bad news:

1) The armband stays on, but BARELY. Not having any sort of non-slip material on the inside, these will slip if you're not wearing them over your t-shirt sleeve. With decent biceps, I can still get the armband to stay on, but at a height up my arm that makes it awkward to use.

2) The touchscreen is useable through the front plastic, but only just. It's a hair on the thick side, and often you have to really press down to get touches to register.

3) The snap/clasp mechanism is on the underside of the arm-band. This means that when the velcro is tight (to keep it on, refer to point one) you feel it digging in to you.

4) You cannot use this arm-band with even the thinnest of cases. It's a tight squeeze for an iPhone 4/4S even without one on.

For the price paid, these will do for now. I can't really recommend them because they simply have too many flaws. That said, if you're looking for cheap or temporary, this is a decent arm-band to go with, but I have a feeling the quality and design is only serving us to buy a better band ASAP.
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on November 9, 2014
The armband does what it's supposed to do, secure your phone to your arm as you take on workouts or daily life situations. I will list pros and cons of this product below.

-Very snug fit, your phone will NEVER jump out of the arm band
-The armband is big enough for someone who lifts a bit of weight, but with the velcro strap, can also be small enough for a skinny woman's arm.
-There is a screen protector connected to the case to prevent any water/sweat from getting to your screen
-The material it's made from feels very soft, no rashes or itching occurred as I used the product
-Very realistic in color, not embarrassed to show off, able to go in stores without looking goofy

-The snug could be too snuggly, you have to take off your phone case in order to use this
-The arm band can build up a smell overtime, febreeze seems to do the trick though it still leaves a bit of smell
-The material can make your arm feel a bit irritated since it's not made of cooling material and you're sweating
-Screen protector prevents interaction with phone until you take it out of the arm band.

If you're really concentrated on working out, no phone breaks with your workout, then I recommend this product. At the price it's being sold, and the quality, I feel absolutely safe to even jump on a trampoline with my phone inside this arm band, that's how secure it becomes! I feel that there could have been some major improvements such as being able to interact with your phone still, while in the case. A flap over the top with a velcro strap would also be nice to just make sure your sweat from your head doesn't drip into it, or rain. Overall a decent product so I rate it 3 stars, if improvements are made, I could feel comfortable with giving it 5 stars.
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on June 1, 2013
I got a few days ago and just spend a few hours with it doing work around the house listening to music and podcasts. It works great for this function. My iPhone 4S slides in without problems. But I have to take my phone out of the normal case I use which is already extremely thin. The strap velcros back on itself. The strap seems fairly long and seems like would work even for most athletes. But because of it's length, it only works on my upper arm and not my lower arm (i.e. you can't wear your iPhone like a watch which actually would be handy if you want to use it for more than just listening). The holder provides access to all ports, buttons and the touch screen. When using the touch screen (through the screen of the holder), it doesn't feel as natural but it works okay even with movements like swiping left/right. I'm not sure if I'll try walking with it -- I don't really need to tell the world "hey, look at me, I have a smartphone." But having this hold the phone on my upper arm works better than putting the phone in my pants pocket in terms of not having tangled/dangling headphone wires. But I guess wireless headset would work too -- but this is a heck lot cheaper! 4 out of 5 because the material that touches your arm/skin doesn't feel great and can irritate after a while (not a problem I guess if your sleeve is a little longer than a t-shirt). And from time to time it'll slip a little.
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on March 17, 2016
I liked this product for the first several months I owned it. It's *slightly* uncomfortable if you are wearing a tank top, but nothing I couldn't deal with. When it was new, it stayed in place and didn't chafe. I like that you can access your touch screen through the plastic window (why I bought this product). My biggest beef is that after about 5-6 months of regular use, the velcro lost its sticki-ness. I find myself having to tighten it over and over again during my runs now. Like cell phones, vacuum cleaners, and hair appliances, I don't think this was made for long-term use.
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on August 7, 2013
I had a previous armband for my iPod which I used for years for running and biking - I'm a triathlete, so an armband is a must. My iPhone was too long for it, so I purchased this. It is extremely durable, the snap is nice to keep the iPhone in, and you can very easily use the touch interface while the iPhone is in the case. I've had no problems with it not reading my touch. The volume buttons are accessible through the side for quick volume changes.

The reason I did not give this 5 stars is it is NOT FOR LARGE ARMS. If I were using this to do arm curls, for example, it would be impossible for my bicep to expand through the curl. The cuff is simply too small, and it does NOT flex. However, to use the band for running and biking where I am not flexing my bicep, it is acceptable. I have an average-sized arm for a man, tending to be more on the lean side than bulky side (due to triathlon). I would think the band would be fine for women.

So, to summarize: great price, great durability, easy to use, but make sure you have small-to-average-sized arms to use.
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on January 29, 2013
Taking the other reviews into consideration I jumped at picking this up for under $2 hoping that it would be a decent fit. The band arrived about two weeks ahead of time, minimally packaged (this was a plus for me, as I prefer items to arrive in my mail box), and the fit was superb.

I can see how this particular armband may not be very versatile in the size range, however one thing to note is that the main elastic strap used to fix the band to your arm has velcro running the entire length of the strap. Although this does lend much to the fit, it's worth saying that in a pinch this armband could be 'jimmy-rigged' a bit to fit much smaller arms than my own (through a series of looping the strap around to achieve a smaller fit.

Either way if you were considering this and you don't think the size will be an issue, I've come to love this thing for it's sheer price-to-value and would recommend it for anyone needing a sport armband to tide them over. The mesh could be nicer and I used some scissors to remove the inside tag and a few straggler threads that were rubbing against my arm on the underside, but 20 seconds of my time was well worth it. If you're in the market, don't hesitate.
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on January 7, 2015
This one is total junk. This will be my third armband of this type and the first two were strong and worked well. This one is a cheap imitation (the seller recently changed its photo to reflect the non-genuine version). When buying this armband make sure you select one from another seller with complete sides. Notice how this one has cut outs on both sides and on the bottom. Other sellers (my first two orders of this type) are stitched all the way around. This one is garbage and blew out two sides the first time I jogged in it!

See this one instead:
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on February 4, 2013
This armband is GREAT for the price, but there are a couple of things that stop me short of calling it great overall. So, bad news first:

-The inside of the band is not all that comfortable. The stitching scratches just a bit, and that gets pretty annoying on longer runs.

-The plastic on the front can get a little wrinkly which has caused me to tap the wrong spot a couple of times. No big deal as I have used other bands that had the same issue, and it really is only a minor hindrance.

Now for the good news:

-This thing is quite inexpensive and seems to be both durable and functional.

-It doesn't slide around much and the discomfort disappears completely if it's worn over a sleeve... I typically don't wear sleeves long enough to pull this off when jogging, but I know some do during cooler times of the year.

The verdict on this armband is that it's cheap and functional. If you want to spend next to nothing and think you can work around the scratchy stitching, go for it. I bought it and haven't thrown it out for a new one yet. It's just good enough.
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on September 28, 2013
The design looks good. This armband held my phone securely. The fabric on the inside felt light and breathable. The main concern I had was the strap adjustment. This armband is not good to use when jogging.

I placed the band around my t-shirt sleeve, cinched around the buckle, and fixed the velcro end. While jogging, my arm movement caused the armband to slide down from my upper arm to my lower arm above the elbow. I kept my arm position bent to keep the armband from sliding all the way off my arm. I tightened the strap a little more, but it constricted my upper arm like a tourniquet. Too tight and it blocked circulation. Tightened normally and it slides down. I used a large safety pin to hold the armband on my t-shirt sleeve.

When jogging, this armband, when tightened comfortably, did not have enough holding tension to stay on my upper arm, it kept sliding down.
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