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on January 1, 2014
I used the original INVELLOP case for the iPad mini 1, and I bought this newer version for the iPad mini with Retina Display.
Bottom line - I am very happy with this case for the iPad mini Retina. It has taken the good points of the original case, like the:
* slim form factor,
* folding stand (with magnets for locking the stand in place), which means you can position the case for typing or viewing,
* low weight,
* magnetic cover which awakens the iPad, holds the case front closed, and helps hold the front panel to the rear of the case when it is folded back on itself (for reading books, etc).
* professional look,
* comparatively cheap price.

For the new case, INVELLOP have improved a few things. But the new case isn't perfect (I don't think there is a 'perfect case').
It is worth noting several differences between the two cases (good and bad) that I have noticed after a month of use.

+ The material on the new case feels softer and nicer to touch (whilst maintaining its rigidity).
+ The new case offers more protection for the chamfered edge of the iPad.
+ The new case front cover folds more easily than the original (although the original case would fold very easily after a little bit of use and wearing in).
+ The new case costs the same as the original (it did when I bought it).
+ The material and stitching on the new case is better than the original. (the original case on the iPad mini 1 suffered cracks and fraying with use. I noticed these developing on the old case within a month or so. It didn't affect my use of the case, and I would still recommended it over others on the market. In comparison, after a month of use with the new case, I haven't noticed any cracks or fraying.

- The new case doesn't feel like it grips the iPad mini with Retina as tightly or securely as the old case gripped the iPad mini 1. (with that said, I'm not concerned that the iPad mini with Retina will fall out of the new case AT ALL, but the new case does feel noticeably less secure.)
- The new case's folding standing is less rigid than the first version. (again, the case still stands in either position just fine, but it can be 'toppled' more easily than the first version.)

In summary, the INVELLOP case for the iPad Mini with Retina is my favourite case, and I think the best case for the iPad mini with Retina. It is thin, light, looks professional, protects the iPad very well, and is supremely functional. I think it is the best value case out there, and I will continue to recommend this case to my friends and family.
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on December 2, 2013
Just put this new retina mini version on, I got black and my g/f got royal purple, looks like the case has been made slightly thicker and of course has the second mic cut out. I absolutely love it. This one has some improvements. There's a little bit more extra protection by the volume rocker, headphone jack, and sleep/wake button which i also think is great because my friend got some nicks on his original mini from the first version around those areas. Fit is great, nice n snug. Magnet sleep wake flap is nice and strong activates every time with ease. Also when you flip the flap to the back like a book it latches to itself using the same magnets. This version is specifically made for the new retina ipad mini, they didn't just add an extra hole for 2nd mic to old version cases. Well thought out new version. Was upgraded to priority mail but that's most likely because i ordered 2 at once. Such amazing form and function for the price. The new colors are fun too. Thanks!!!!
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on November 14, 2016
I've had a few cases for a few different iPads, ranging from bad to surprisingly great. Unfortunately this one is probably the worst I've come across. The edges of the case hardly feel like they are securing the ipad into the case on nothing more than a wing and a prayer. It doesn't properlly envelop the sides of the ipad to secure it in like a normal case would but instead falls short around almost all the corners. There's no satisfying feeling of it popping into place or it feeling secure it almost feels like the case was intentionally designed slightly smaller than the actual ipad in hopes to just hold it in via tension. I was constantly worried of it suddenly popping out and flinging the ipad out of the case, and thankfully while that never happened it wasn't enough to justify keeping this thing instead of spending an equal amount on a different case that actually felt sturdy.

2 stars because it never actually flew out, but did still cause the stress of worrying that it would.
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on January 14, 2014
Bought this case last week and absolutely love it. Below are the high points while comparing to what I had researched or seen in competitors. Bottom line is that this case is worth paying a bit more for even though it still falls into the "discount" case category particularly when compared to Apple branded cases.
- The cut outs are in the right place and are very neat. Some of the other brands I looked at had holes that were hacked up looking.
- The magnets are good strength. My wife has a new Fintie case for her Air and the magnets let the case sag a bit on the two outside corners. This case holds the cover securely closed all the way.
- Possibly my favorite feature and definitely the reason I paid a bit extra to get this Invellop case was due to the case's ability to have the flap stick to the back when flipped fully open. This was the only "discount" case I found with that feature. In using my work iPad for years, this is a feature I wish old Smart Covers had (not sure about new Smart Covers but they cost a lot more).
- The stand functions perfectly in both positions without any break-in.
- The iPad Mini securely snaps into the back of the case and stays covered when using the stand positions. Some cases I researched had the two inside corners exposed when using the stand.
- The case is nice and slim without adding much bulk or weight to the Mini. This was a feature very important to me as well since one of the reasons to get a Mini is the light/slick form factor.

If I remember I'll try to update this review a few months out with regards to how it's holding up but, for now, I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend this case to anyone looking. The other cases I came close to getting were the Poetic and Fintie but the above bullets led me to the Invellop.
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on July 26, 2015
This case is fantastic for my iPad Mini 3. It fits perfectly. This case gives good grip, it's low profile and protects from scratches and normal wear. It doesn't add much weight either. It feels good! It looks good! The magnetic lid works to turn the pad on/off as described. The trip-fold front lid also serves to prop up the iPad mini horizontally or vertically (while less stable, it does work on hard flat surfaces.) The holes to access the ports, camera, etc all align great. Highly recommend it.
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on July 7, 2015
I have had friends call me "picky"...I prefer the word "selective." So when I ordered this item to save money from real leather Ipad cases I was a tad concerned...but not overly, considering the rating it had.

Let me tell you....the case arrived today and it fits like a glove!! Very classy presentation and feel. If I didn't know it was leatherette I wouldn't have any idea it was... and with the nice, warm feel to it....I really don't care. Love this case! Couldn't be happier!

The magnets that keep it closed work perfectly and I feel the case is secure for travel when needed. Spend the little extra from the neoprene looking cover and get this one! I think you'll's a perfect pick for a "selective" shopper!
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on December 15, 2015
This case has just been fantastic. It's coming up on two years and has held up well. It goes to school and work with me every day, has been all over the world on trips, it probably deserves its own frequent flier account and bachelor's degree. For an inexpensive fake leather case, I am really impressed. Even the microfiber lining inside the cover has held up well. The edges haven't peeled back, and only occasionally do I have to trim a little frayed edge with small scissors or nail clippers.
I purchased this in March 2014, and it's almost the end of December 2015 (the pictures were taken today, December 15 2015)
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on April 5, 2014
I bought this leatherette case cover for my iPad mini in January of 2014.

When I got mine, it was;

Lightweight - I'm not sure where the other reviewers got the idea that this was heavy or bulky but the one I was sent was so light that when I put my iPad mini in my purse and picked the purse up later, my purse was so light that I I almost panicked thinking that it wasn't in my purse - but it was!

The magnets that hold the cover closed is just right - I like the idea that when I flip it shut, it stays shut and I don't even see or feel the magnets when I look at the inside of the cover. That is quality to me!

Flexible and easy to use - See the front cover with the 3 panels? If I take the cover, open it like a book but bend it in the premade seams until the back cover shapes itself into a triangle, my iPad mini is now ready to sit up on its own. No buckles, no straps, no complicated moves that rival chinese puzzle boxes! I simply bend it back and it remains sturdy while propping the iPad mini up!

Well constructed and thoughtfully designed - Again, this is WINNING! The cradle that holds the iPad mini is curved in a way that forms so well to the tablet that it almost feels like the carriage is molded to it! Still if you need to pop it out for whatever reason, it will pop out with ease. The other benefit of the carriage's curvature is that you can easily get to any one of the iPad mini's buttons and switches with no issues (like the volume control, off/on button and switch) which I've seen other covers fail in this regard.

The description says that it's "leatherette" but do not let the label fool you. This looks very professional! Especially since they didn't put that ginormous "Invellop" logo on the front as I've seen with some of their products. Sometimes less is not only better but memorable. I'm glad this company has caught on to that.

So far there are NO cons so unless you have some sort of over the top expectations or they change the design from what they've been sending as of January 2014. Otherwise there shouldn't be any problem for someone who wants a simple, durable yet useful case for their ipad Mini! Great job you guys!

7/19/2015 - Wow! I Can't believe that I've had this for over a year! It STILL looks just as great as the day that I got it! I know this sounds like I'm gushing but I seriously can't believe that this still looks so good after it's been handled the way it has! Not to say that I abuse my iPad Mini but I take it so many places and handle it so often that I would think that it would show some sign of wear and tear but NOPE! Nothing! It even still stands straight up with no sign of tilting when I use the cover to prop it up!

If this company is still selling the same one that I got then you will NOT be sorry if you buy this!
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on May 21, 2014
I manage an enterprise implementation of over 500 iPads. For every new iPad we order, we also order an Invellop case. I hate bulky cases as the whole point of an iPad is to be small and light. Many cases have several unnecessary layers of (p)leather that bulk up the iPad until you might as well be carrying a laptop. Invellop provides cases every bit as lithe and functional as Apple's for a fraction of the price. These cases are not rugged, but are perfect for day to day protection from scratches and minor drops. Not only do they protect the iPads but also dress them up a bit. I am much more comfortable walking into a meeting with an iPad wearing an Invellop case than with a naked one. Of course I only buy black... :)

I have read the negative reviews and can only count them as flukes. We have hundreds of these cases in the field purchased in small lots at random times and have never had a complaint about a misaligned porthole. I use mine all the time with Apple headphones and others without issue. I'm sure it wouldn't work well with a dock, but I don't imagine any of them do.

These cases are not rugged enough to throw in the back of a pickup, but if your'e looking for an in-expensive, functional and classy case to protect your iPad from scratches without insulting the design of the device, look no further.
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on January 12, 2015
Absolutely love this case. You can not beat the price for the quality of product you get. I had a $40 back case and and $40 screen cover that I got from the Apple store and I was grossly disappointed by the product apple produced and sold to me. I then ordered this one and have loved it every since. I use my iPad mini for GA and Military flying so this case helps protect it very well.
Let me warn you this case will not keep your iPad from breaking if dropped but will keep it safe from scratches and day to day wear and tear.
The thing I love most about this case is that the front cover is connected to the back cover and it is very slim. That is what I needed and found it in this case.
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