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on August 20, 2013
Long Story Short? BUY THEM!

IF YOU TAKE YOUR TIME... and not try to rush this you will get a FLAWLESS 100% Bubble Free installation. If you get frustrated.. rush.. have a dusty climate.. a fan.. the Air Con.. running.. people breathing.. dog & cats running around.. etc you are going to have issues.
IF YOU DON"T GET 100% OF YOUR OILY FINGERPRINTS OFF THE SCREEN before installation.. you are going to have issues.

I did not touch my screen one time with my finger from the time my Tab 3 8.0 came out of the box until this product arrived 4 days later. I only used a stylus and still wiped the screen down with a 100% cotton towel every hour.. so I got a head start on what most of you will have to deal with.. but doing so rewarded me with a 3 minute flawless bubble free installation.. I checked it this morning because I honestly thought it somehow came off.. I had to use a magnifying glass to look around the home button and make sure it was still there.. that's how good this protector installs you cannot tell it's even there..

And the best part is.. it feels just as smooth as the glass.. I hate to even touch it! it's so beautiful.. thank goodness I'm use to using a stylus about 95% of the time

I have had the INVELLOP Screen Protector on my iPad Mini for the last 10 months and the results are the same.. I got 3 in that pack as well and the 1st one is still so smooth bubble free and un-scratched, that I have 2 new ones still in their packet as well for the Mini.

That's just how good this Company's Protectors are.
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on June 2, 2014
So there I was, sitting in the bathroom getting ready to put on the screen protector. The bathroom? Yes, a perfect place to install screen protectors, especially 10-20 minutes after a shower when the moisture helps to keep down all the dust. Anyways, so there I was getting ready to install the screen protector - you know the one.....the free screen protector that came with the $5 no-name case you bought to protect your $200 tablet. The "precision cut" protector that was designed specifically for your device. The one where the cutouts for the camera almost line up....but not quite.

Step one - peel back on the #1 tab and carefully place the protector on the screen.
Step two - carefully work the screen protector up (or down) the screen, using a credit card to smooth it out and avoid any air bubbles.
Step three - remove the #2 tab and admire your masterpiece.
Step four - cuss and fuss at the 300 miniature air bubbles that refuse to come out.
Step five - attempt to remove and reinstall.
Step six - say "f it" and rip the thing off and throw in the trash.

Yep, so that's how it went with the free screen protector. 10-15 minutes down the drain.

Sitting there with my 3-pack of Invellop, I decide that I'll attempt this one more time. Let's face it, screen protectors are a pain to install. Like me, you probably know somebody that is a master at installing them, but you always want to try it yourself. Seriously, how hard can it be? It's almost like coloring inside the lines. At some point in your life you figure you are capable of installing a piece of plastic on a device.

So I figure I'll give it one more try. I've got a 3-pack. If I screw it up, I'll just take the remaining 2 to my buddy and let him do it.

I grab the Invellop and the first thing I notice is that the camera cutout is larger and actually fits perfect around the camera lens (and light sensor).

I perform the steps outlined above, but get to step 3 and I'm done. I ended up with 3 small air bubbles that were easily smoothed out. Installed. Perfectly. In about 3 minutes. I guess quality products really do make a difference. Now we'll see how long the $5 case holds up......
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on November 7, 2013
Bad product with terrible video instructions. First off, the screen protector is quite thick, so bubbles, if present are WAY bigger. Secondly, I even did the shower thing and what happens is when you remove the first screen to apply, the static from that being pulled apart pulls ANYTHING in the area towards it like a magnet. Third, the advice to use regular tape to pull off the protector to get dust underneath out does NOT work. It pulls the top film off, leaving the protector behind, which wouldn't be a big deal except when you lay it back down there are MORE bubbles that need to be squeegeed out, meaning you scratch up the screen if you separate the two and use the squeegee. Fourth, why would you think your blue tape would remove dust from the sticky underside of the screen protector? It's tape vs tape. Tape wins! The screen protector holds on to the dust and if you squish them together, you just make it worse. Overall, bad product with even worse instructions. I will be buying a different screen protector.
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on August 18, 2013
I purchased this for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3, 8". There are 3 screen protectors in the package. The instructions refer you to a youtube video to see how to install it. The video emphasizes installing in a dust free environment and they are *NOT* kidding. The adhesive on this grabs dust out of the air. I managed to get it installed but it wasn't as easy as the wet installations of other screen protectors. This is a 100% dry installation. My issue is the screen protector is cut crooked, it doesn't fit exact. I ended up having to choose to either have the protector centered around the home button and have the front facing camera off kilter or vice-versa. The dry installation was no faster than wet installation. For the price and protection this is adequate. Hopefully I can replace this protector with one of the wet installation protectors when they hit the 3rd party market. This will work until then. Pros: dry installation, crystal clear once installed, does not appear to affect finger touch/drag feel on screen, decent price, includes 3 protectors in each pack. Cons: cut a bit crooked, adhesive seems to invite dust, difficult to install without dust underneath it, slight touch/drag when using stylus on screen.
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on May 24, 2014
Fits perfectly. It's difficult to put in place and keep out the dust and air bubbles, but if you use extreme patience, it can be done. I would guess that watching their how-to video would help, but I have some experience doing this on phones, so I skipped the video. Next time I'll watch it, just in case there is a good tip on the video. So clean and clear that my wife didn't even know I had put it on her tablet. She thought there was a little dust fleck on her screen and she could get it to move. It's because it was a little speck that I missed while installing the screen protector. All in all, I did a pretty darn good job installing it, and my wife is very happy to have the additional protection for her tablet.
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on May 17, 2016
For my daughter. She loved it!

Often, I see people posting a life story with their review. I'm not interested in the life story, I want to know about the product! Now I know why - I have a low rating because I don't use a lot of words!
I cannot artificially inflate my words used just to have a higher grade.

If there is something you want to know about this product, ask away!
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on October 7, 2013
It really is crystal clear. I can't tell that I have it on my tab 3. Good for the price. The installation was easy. Followed the video. I ran the hot water in my bathroom for about three minutes to let it steam up and then applied the protector. I have two tiny little bubbles but that is because they are on the white part of the table it and i couldn't see them with the part 2 of the screen protector on. Once I took of the part 2 I used the scrapper to make them smaller. But like I said it's on the white part and close to the edge so it doesn't bother me. The actual screen part is great.

Tip: Make sure you take off every single fiber otherwise it will be a hassle, even with the tape method which is decent enough.
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on February 20, 2014
These are great. They come with detailed instructions and that lil dust picker is a godsend. That said, I just can't find a dust free environment in my house, since I live in a pretty dry and dusty area, and this made the installation a bit daunting. I could never get it clean enough and there were always at least two bubbles caused by dust bothering me. In the end, I just had to give up and leave it like that.

Once the protector is on tho, you can see the screen perfectly and just the feeling of knowing something is there, saving the screen from scratches and fingerprint smudges is great. If your skills suck and you can't get the installation done without a couple bubbles, at least make sure the bubbles are not in a highly visible area and move them towards the edges. You won't even notice them after a few minutes. I don't.
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on July 24, 2014
These do what they are supposed to do, protect the screen, but I found them almost impossible to put on without getting bubbles or lint or dust or anything else under them. It's not a huge deal when you are looking at the screen because the light helps the bubbles dissapear, but I said a few not-so-nice words trying to put them on. Also, I've noticed that they get smeary a lot sooner than other screen protectors that I've used in the past.
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on September 4, 2013
This item worked great! It fit my samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0" perfectly and went on very well. The sticky blue tape that came with it was extremely useful to remove little pieces of lint that got stuck between my tablet screen and protector while installing. Instead of making it worse with my fingers, you use the tape to "pick up" the pieces of lint off of the protector which helps give you a perfect finish when laying it down. I had to pick up the corner of the cover a couple times and peel it back to remove some of these pieces of lint. In the end, after removing the lint and puching the air bubbles out I got the best finish I've ever gotten using these kinds of screen protectors. The touch performance through the screen protector is unnoticeably different to me with it on. If you're debating between this product and one of the cheaper ones, spend a couple more dollars and you won't be sorry.
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