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on September 9, 2017
it works great but docking 1 star for two reasons:

The install directions were a bit lacking and I was unable to get the switching methods working without having to call their support who was also not quite so clear and easy to understand. but I was able to get the issue sorted out & get it to start working.
port 1 has decided to flip out when its connected to anything that gets used on a daily basis. it just dies. i swapped my media center which i only switch to maybe once or twice a month onto port 1 and there has been no problem since. the real pain for all of that is that to reset the thing in order to get port1 back up when it does this, you have to unplug EVERYTHING from it. and thats a pain becuase of where i have my cabling run through. there should be a way to reset it from the unit itself that will kill the power momentarily so you dont have to unplug everything to reset it.

Beyond that its been in place for a while now and aside from the two above issues, its been getting me along where i need to be across 3 different machines (soon to be 4) in my office
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on September 6, 2017
Bought this unit and connected my laptop to it via USB-C. Worked fro about a week, then froze and would not respond at all (USB-C or normal usb). I called IOGEAR, they could not figure out what was wrong so I had to RMA it (paid $18 to ship it across the country). Got the new unit, verified the serial number was different from the one I sent back.

The new one worked for a day, then it froze too. This unit is obviously incompatible with USB-C and there is no way to hard reset it. Obviously I wasn't going to pay for another RMA.

FYI, I am a highly technical person (computer programmer by trade) so I'm pretty sure there was no user error involved here
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on April 24, 2015
I got this to replace a TrendNet unit that only switched in one direction via keyboard and required manual intervention to get it to switch after you got to the highest active input, but that's not important right now.
I'm using this for some *nix boxes I have to access remotely so it is connected via a Lantronix Spider KVM. All is working well, I can access via a remote virtual console. the unit switches happily number to the connected systems. The fact that it has no manual switching buttons doesn't seem to be an issue; it is switched electronically and if they keyboard input isn't making it switch, I doubt buttons would help, they don't on any other soft-switched KVM I have used. What I really like is that it is an inexpensive soft-switched 4 port KVM with the guest connections all on one side. I find it interesting that they chose to make it Mac Mini-like in design when it's a VGA switcher. Why not 5 stars? I haven't owned it long enough, if it lives a year or a I get more and deploy them successfully, then I'll bump it up to 5.
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on June 18, 2017
I ended up setting it aside in favor of a more modern Iogear KVM switch with HDMI to work with my computers which don't have VGA connectors. That seemed to maintain the integrity of the hi-res signal. But is what you need is switching between VGA computers, then this one will do wonderfully. It is well built and the price is good.
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on March 5, 2015
I already have 3 IOGEAR KVM switches for other locations, but they're 2-port. I was hoping this 4-port would work the same way because my employees are already accustomed to hitting [scroll lock] [scroll lock] to switch computers. This one requires you to hit [enter] after the scroll lock keys. That extra keystroke is already causing problems. Also, we're only using 3 computers. So, people forget to switch past that missing computer and think the KVM is dead.

I also had a problem with the keyboard and mouse going dead after the first 5 or 6 restarts. Problem went away after that.

They should have just included a push button to switch computers or add the option of omitting the [enter] key. That one extra keystroke is causing me all kinds of grief. I could at least put a label on the button to instruct people to use it instead of the keystrokes.
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on December 12, 2013
EDIT: After contacting IOGear support, I was informed that the product no longer supports the keyboard shortcuts that I stated weren't working for me below. I'm deducting a star for that.

Purchased this KVM after buying a less expensive one that didn't work well to switch between my linux desktop and laptop/docking station. Eventually found a blog post that mentioned this one works, which is the case. Switching takes a couple seconds, but is acceptable. Using with generic corded USB keyboard and mouse from Inland and Kensington, as well as a basic 20" ViewSonic flat panel and Logitec Z623 speakers.

I am able to run at 1600x900 resolution on both computers.

I had issues with screen resolution when I attempted to replace/upgrade the video drivers on one of my boxes (to be more specific, I tried to replace the open source Nouveau Nvidia drivers with the proprietary ones from Nvidia via akmod). I fixed it by rolling back the driver upgrade and rebooting the machine with everything plugged directly into it, then switching back to the KVM's plugs. Subsequent reboots worked fine with the KVM hooked up. I might try the upgrade again later, without the KVM hooked up, to see if it works any better.

I've also noticed an annoying crackling sound from my speakers if the volume is turned up too high, but I've turned the volume down enough to get rid of the crackling and compensated by turning up the volume at the OS/application level, which seems to work just fine.

My biggest complaint, and maybe I'm doing something wrong, is that the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to work as advertised. The manual states that ScrLock+ScrLock+Enter is supposed to take you to "the next port with a computer that is powered on", but it instead takes me to the next port, regardless of whether there's anything on it. I've been using ScrLock+ScrLock+number+Enter to take me to the port number instead, since I only have two computers connected instead of 4. The manual also states that ScrLock+ScrLock+K+Enter is supposed to switch the KVM without switching sound, but that just leaves me with blinking lights on my keyboard. The key combinations are also somewhat long and awkward. Wish I could change them.

I assume I'm doing something wrong, since I haven't seen anyone else complain about this, but I can't figure out what, and the manual hasn't been helpful (seems like it should be pretty straightforward). I'll eventually call support, I imagine.

I also think the keyboard shortcuts are a bit clunky, and would prefer a hardware switch, but this is just a minor annoyance.
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on October 10, 2015
I have two wireless Logitec K400r keyboards that do not have keyboards with mouse pads vice number pads on right. This Unlike the
Iogear GCS1004 (DVI) it does not recognize the keystrokes to switch (FN, scr lk, scr lk, port number). Since it doesn't have a way to manually switch I have to have and extra wired keyboard connected just to switch ports (kinda defeats purpose of wireless keyboard and mouse). Only reason I bought this is the Iogear GCS1722 I just bought evidently can't handle passing the video that works when directly connected (but hey...it switches with the wireless and has manual switches) If I can just figure out how to combine them.
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on December 16, 2015
I could never get this to work 100%. I had it connected to a Mac, two Linux and one Win 10 machines. The monitor, keyboard and mouse connected on all of them. It was Almost great but there were three problems that I couldn't resolve.

My keyboard and mouse are wireless and I could not connect on all four using one Nano receiver. Three worked fine, one would not work until I added an additional Nano receiver, then all four worked.

On the Win 10 machine, the display was very blurry, it looked like there was some interference. The other computers worked fine using the same port.

The mouse and keyboard had a very bad, intermittent lag on one of the Linux machines which made it unusable.

I bought this model for the ability to switch sound as well. I purchased this model instead and it works perfectly, but no sound. IOGEAR 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch GCS24U (Black)
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on August 2, 2015
Works fine like advertised. Switches quite quickly between computers. Good value for money. Give it a 5 stars for VFM.
- The default HKM did not work ([Num Lock]+[-]). After some struggling found that on my specific unit the default for some reason was [Control]+[F12]
- The IOGEAR support team answers were not helpful so don't build on them.
- The two fixed cables are ports 1 and 4. If you connect only two computers to the fixed cables you will have to use the long toggle keys [Scroll Lock] [Scroll Lock] (number) [Enter] instead of just [Scroll Lock] [Scroll Lock][Enter] (or the alternate [Control] combination) which is a bit annoying but not a deal breaker.

Note for AMAZON:
For people using non amazon shipping services, it could be helpful if you specify the packed weight and dims of the product, so people can estimate the actual shipping cost as packed weight and dims differ from the ones listed on the website
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on December 16, 2015
I will say upfront, this review is the type I usually disregard from others. That being said, I have owned this for years and it gets better with time. I do not understand this either but nevertheless when I first purchased this KVM switch I almost returned it. There was lag time when switching from one machine to another and sometime the PC I switched to would not "see" the keyboard unless I unplugged the USB and reattached it.

Now, with the same PCs attached to it, running the same mix of OSs the unit is almost flawless. Those same issues reappear from time to time, but they are so rare now I don't even notice (maybe once every 3 months). My first thought was it must have "updated" itself, but after some thought I realized this is not possible, it has no software (at least none I am aware of or installed).
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