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on January 31, 2011
I don't normally write reviews but I think it is worth it to help the many people who may be as frustrated as I was with this product. Skip below to "INSTRUCTIONS" for how to get this product to work.

This device would be great if it actually worked out of the box. I tried installing it on a Dell 700m running Windows XP Service Pack 2. First thing I noticed, according to the instructions Windows XP should have bluetooth drivers already configured...I have SP2 and it did not have drivers for bluetooth anywhere. Windows would not recognize the device as a bluetooth headset nor configure it by just plugging it in.

So I went to option 2 which was use the install [mini]disk to load the drivers. My computer would not read the CD at all, I'm assuming because the CD was blank when I explored it in My Computer :/ So no drivers on the CD. As an alternative, I went to IOGear's website to download the appropriate drivers. Typed in my product info and started the download...... 4 hours it took!!! This is incredibly unacceptable considering the file was "52Mb" according to the website. Anyway, when it finished installing I unzipped the files and ran the Setup.exe. It appeared to load the "BTW" bluetooth software properly, and windows recognized the usb adapter as a bluetooth device, but the bluetooth manager would not allow me to do anything. I would go to "add new bluetooth device" and it would say "no bluetooth devices detected. Make sure they are powered on and connected" I got so frustrated and spent 3 hours searching the web for answers and none fit my problem.

Enter the solution:
I noticed when you install the BTW software package/drivers from IOGear's website, it download broadcom/widcomm drivers for bluetooth. But these don't work for some reason. So I did a little research and came upon broadcom's website and downloaded THEIR bluetooth software package/drivers and it works great now. I guess the IOGear USB dongle uses drivers from broadcom, but the ones they have listed on their website re way out of date or incompatible.

Go to Broadcom's website and download their USB Bluetooth Driver/Install Package

During the install you will notice it looks different than the useless driver package IOGear tried to supply. When you start the install package make sure the USB dongle IS plugged in so it can be detected and the driver package will take care of the rest.

NOTE: you don't have to worry about un-installing any old bluetooth drivers on your computer. The broadcom driver package will remove them automatically and replace them.

Hope this helps all of you that had trouble. My choices were to write a review on amazon or write a nasty letter to IOGear!
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on September 25, 2016
I trust IOGEAR brands, got few items and it does lasts a long time. I used this to connect my wacom tablet, wireless mice, wireless keyboard, bluetooth portable speaker, bluetooth earphones, and connecting laptop-to-laptops to pc-to-laptops, smart phones, it communicates and connects easily.

LIke how it's rounded and just well designed to your laptops/netbooks, won't ever need to pull it in and out again and won't break easy from accidental bumps, which those that protruding longer usb adapter/dongle.

Good product! recommended!
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2011
In spite of all the positive reviews for this device, I am extremely frustrated, dissatisfied, and will be returning the device for a refund.

I attempted to install the device on a one-month-old Dell Studio XPS desktop running Windows 7. Rather than use the included mini CD, I followed the manual and downloaded the newest software/drivers directly from the IO Gear website. I followed the instructions to the letter, waiting to plug in the dongle until the software installer prompted me to do so. The software seemingly installed without an issue, but upon attempting to connect my Plantronics Voyager Pro+ headset, the pairing failed.

Note: The adapter recognised the headset correctly in the "Add a Device" window, but upon attempting to pair the process failed and cited an unknown error code, 0x800004005.

I contacted both Plantronics as well as IO Gear technical support. Plantronics stated that they could not troubleshoot a connection to the IO Gear USB Adapter, but offered to perform some other basic troubleshooting to ensure that the headset was functioning correctly. Since the headset paired to my phone and worked flawlessly, Plantronics deemed the headset to be working in good order.

My experience with IO Gear was less than pleasing, though.

After waiting on hold for about 10 minutes, I was greeted by an extremely rude, impatient representative who began the call by asking for my name and then becoming audibly frustrated, huffing and sighing, presumably at the difficult spelling. Right after she finally got my name right and took down my email address, she put me back on hold for another 5 minutes or so. I have no idea why it was necessary to put me on hold since we hadn't even begun troubleshooting yet.

Then things got worse...

The rep clearly wanted nothing more than to get me off the phone. She failed to even listen to the problem, evidenced by her initial response "I'd be happy to help you install your new MOUSE". Um, it's a HEADSET, sweetheart. Then, after finally cluing in to the correct problem she simply blurted out, "Uninstall the software, reinstall, and that should fix your problem. If not, here's a ticket number and you can call back later. Thanks, bye."

I had to beg her to hang on the line whilst I tried her solution and again she huffed and sighed as though I was keeping her from more important opportunities.

Needless to say, the uninstall/reinstall didn't work, at which time I was told "The unit you received was probably defective, please return it to the store where you bought it. Here's your ticket number again, thanks, bye."

Thanks to a faulty device and some of the worst customer customer service I've experienced in a long time, I have initiated a return for a full refund and I will be ordering a product from another manufacturer.

UPDATE January 11, 2011: At the recommendation of another reviewer, I ordered a Targus Bluetooth Adapter. It installed in about 5 minutes, with no errors and worked perfectly. I highly recommend it as an alternative to the IOGear product.
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on August 5, 2011
Here are the steps needed to get your IOGEAR USB 2.1 Bluetooth Micro Adapter GBU421:

1. Insert into your computer.

That's it! The unit works with zero configuration with bluez (the bluetooth support in Gnome/Linux).

I paired it to my stereo headphones (GOgroove AirBand Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset for A2DP Enabled Smartphones) and within 5 minutes of opening the packaging for the GBU421 and the GOgroove headphones, I was grooving to some sweet tunes.

Don't waste your time and money elsewhere. This works right out of the box with bluez in gnome. I have not tried phone calls or skype, but as a minimum, the following features are working flawlessly on my headphones:

1. Pairing
2. Volume Up/Down
3. Next, Previous
4. Microphone (as seen on my signal meter)

So, as far as I can tell, the combination is flawless.

Loving it!
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I am using a Win7 laptop and I will say this thing works great! I know there are some reviews out there for this product saying it doesn't work but the problem is Win7 removed Bluetooth from the OS for some reason. If you search for the bluetooth stack installer you can download it and then put bluetooth back in Win7. It's an easy process, not sure why Microsoft removed bluetooth from Win7 but that's not the point of this review, point is once you install the bluetooth stack it works great!

Now for this dongle, it is very small and I love it hardly sticks out the side of my laptops USB port. I bought this because I use a laptop at work and we have to lock our computers everytime we step away from them, I have a tendnacy to forget to do this and I found a free program called "Phoenix Freeze" (google it) and it allows you to pair your bluetooth phone to your computer, then when you are within range your computer is unlocked, as soon as you step out of range it auto locks itself. It's a great program and this little dongle works perfectly with it!

The only "con" that I can think of is that it really is very small and is sometimes hard to grip if you need to remove it. It doesn't come out, you just have to firmly be able to grab it. But then again I never take it out so it's not that big of a deal for me.

I am very happy with this little device. It does exactly what I need.
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on April 15, 2011
First off, I need to clarify why I bought this adapter:

I bought this to use my Dual Shock 3 PS3 controller wirelessly on my PC. I wanted to play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on my 42" TV and my PC is much more powerful than either the PS3 or 360, so I wanted to play at true 1080p at 60FPS, but I couldn't have a cord running across the room.

So far, it works great with the DS3 tool. I am only using one PS3 controller with the program, so I can't comment on how, or even if, it works with multiple PS3 controllers. Overall, the DS3 Tool software ( is pretty terrible when you're trying to use a bluetooth adapter.

In order to save some people some time (It took me two hours to get the thing to work) I'm going to document how I got the thing working. I can't guarantee that these steps are the exact way to get this thing working, because I tried so many different configurations until it finally just worked, and now it's working without any problems. Know that this DOES work with the DS3 Tool, but it's not an easy task, and I don't recommend it unless you're computer savvy. If your time is important and you want a high quality controller, just look for a way to get a 360 controller working on your PC. While it will cost you more, it will result in much less of a headache.

First off, when I started, I had version 0.6.0003 (The latest version at the time of this post) of DS3 Tool. It simply DID NOT want to recognize the BT adapter.

So here's what worked for me:
-Completely remove all DS3 Tool software from the control panel.
-Open the Device Manager and find "Microsoft Common Controller for Windows Class." Right click, and remove all DS3 Tool drivers and be sure to select "Delete the Driver Software for this device."
-Download the OLD version of DS3 Tool, version 0.5.0002
-In the program, install the drivers again. You may need to unplug and plug in the BT adapter again so it installs the driver for the BT adapter.
-Make the program check for updates, and update to 0.6.0003 again
-Check the BT pairing screen and the software should now recognize the BT adapter. If it does not, go to the driver install page and run the driver install again. Hopefully, after this, it will now detect the BT adapter. If it does, pair the controller with the BT adapter, and you're good to go!

I can't guarantee that this will work, as I played with this for two hours before it finally worked, but I'm pretty sure these were the steps I followed. After you finally get it working, it works perfectly. However, getting it to recognize the adapter is the big hurdle. I'd recommend NOT updating the software for any future updates if it works. The DS3 Tool, like I said, is just bad software. When version 0.6 was originally released, nothing worked until 0.6.0003.

I hope this helps some people, and the entire point of my review was to clarify that it does work for your PS3 controller if you have the patience to get it working.
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on August 28, 2012
This product does all but one thing (that which I purchased it for ...Wireless access for my wireless items at home)
this bluetooth dongle does it all sync's with desktop and allows your desktop to get wireless access through a phone service that has this ability to access internet from the phone...However my only disappointment with this is it does not give a phone wireless internet access through a desktop computer. I will keep the dongle incase i loose my usb sync cable it will come in handy but for what I purchased it for (Wireless from computer to phone-with wireless ability ) it didnot work. it only has dialup access. so IMO that feature is Obsolete. Other than that Great Product, small 2.1 usb ability. and great little sync abilities. If this is all you needing in a bluetooth dongle ..Buy this product its worth it.
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on October 27, 2011
Not being a name brand junkie, I often opt to go with the no-name overseas manufacturer first -- especially with items that cost, say, $20 or less -- because, especially at low end price point items, product guts are often all manufactured at the exact same OEM regardless of what brand name is printed on it.

That said, this is not true in the case of USB mounted Bluetooth Micro adapters. I have gone through four $2 to $5 micro adapters trying to get better bluetooth connections with various devices (mostly headphones, but also a keyboard and a couple of mice too) to my computer. I finally broke down and "splurged" for a name brand micro adapter (IOGEAR, obviously) figuring for an extra ten bucks it was worth trying one, given the piss-poor performance I have seen thus far with bluetooth. I was rapidly coming to the conclusion that bluetooth might simply suck as a technology. Much to my surprise, however, the IOGEAR adapter works, not only well, but perfectly! Where before with the no-name adapters I was getting lots of drop outs at ranges less than two feet away from the adapter, I now have flawless connections for anything in the same room (~10'+ away). Where my computer's sound driver would often hang when switching between multimedia apps or even sometimes when pausing and resuming music while using bluetooth headphones, I no longer have any issues whatsoever with bluetooth drivers hanging at all. The difference is truly like the difference between night and day. I have totally turned around my opinion of bluetooth technology in a matter of a couple of days thanks to the IOGEAR adapter.

Best of all, I am using this device on a Linux box (which IOGEAR does not list officially on the package as compatible) with the standard Gnome desktop bluetooth drivers and it is working absolutely perfectly. I am the first to admit I might just be a bit too cheap -- when I have over $300 worth of hardware works poorly for six months because I simply was too cheap to spend $10 more on a decent bluetooth adapter -- but damn I am glad I finally figured this one out before chucking all my bluetooth devices out the window in frustration.
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on June 25, 2017
Worked perfectly with Dolphin 5.X

Other adapters (Pluggable/BTD-400 have the same vendor ID and product ID and revision) did not work and had audio issues with the remotes, causing random pauses. This worked natively with Wii motion+ remotes, and remembers pairings for at least 2 remotes.
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on November 24, 2010
I bought this because basically because I read the reviews. I had already used the Targus USB Bluetooth® Adapter - Class 2 ACB10US before, and was quite happy with it, as reflected in the review I wrote. However, I wanted one of these adapters on both of my computers. I initially tried to install this IOGear Adapter on my Dell desktop with Windows 7. I wasted a great deal of time with it, although I was aware and followed the precautions of other reviewers. I finally got it to work, like the Targus worked, except it will not pair with my cell phone.

This must use the same chip or chipset internally as the Targus. It comes up as "Broadcom 2046 2.1 + EDR" (or a variety of it) in the Device Manager, basically the same as the Targus, depending on what version of drivers you use (which all install in a "WIDCOMM" in the "Program Files" folder). The Adapter came with its own software disk. I first installed the software and drivers using "autoplay." It never completely installed. Then, I then ran the installation manually using the latest version, which I downloaded from IOGear website. The IOGear Adapter still would not work completely (although the Targus would). Finally, I tried using a previous version of software and drivers that the Targus Adapter had been using (version "BT_Vista_7_v6.3.0.6300," from the "Broadcom" website). The IOGear still would not work completely, although the Targus would.

I am going to forget about the IOGear Adapter for this system. Hopefully, it should be useful on my Windows XP system. If not, I'll update this accordingly.

My recommendation is to get the Targus USB Bluetooth® Adapter - Class 2 ACB10US and download the WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software from the Broadcom website: version "BT_Vista_7_v6.3.0.6300" supporting Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Extended Data Rate). I have a better explanation of the Targus installation on my review there. It works real fine on Windows 7.
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