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on August 29, 2012
No beef with how the adapter works. The adapter itself works fine for me at the moment on Windows 7 and I'm keeping it despite my reservations of IOGEAR practices. I don't like it for the following reason. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE POST DRIVER INSTALATION SURPRISE & EXPERIENCE with this product. It is absolutely deplorable that something called easybits chat & games installed WITHOUT USER CONSENT during driver installation with absolutely no uninstall option. That is correct: No advance notice that easybits was installing and no uninstall option after its very unwelcome discovery. Had to manually search and delete any references in my system folders and registry to this completely useless and dispicable intusion into my pc.

Did I miss an optout during installation? Don't think so, and I'm not interested in wasting time to test on another pc to confirm.

Copy and paste the following link for experience of reviewer Ericwag at the Newegg site:

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on September 29, 2016
If you are buying this for use with a Bluetooth mouse, save your money. This product drops connections randomly and occasionally (Razer Orochi). Definitely do not buy this if you are using this for gaming, not fun when you lose mouse or keyboard connectivity during a fight or online play! Kept receiving a lot of BTUSB errors, BSOD when turning on wireless headset (Bose QC3) in event viewer and the device blocking Bluetooth devices due to it being faulty under windows. I have tried using the latest Broadcom drivers to no avail. Its frustrating having to pull the dongle, reboot, delete software, reboot, reinsert dongle, let windows 10 install or custom install just to get this to work.

On another desktop using Debian 8.6 Jessie(Linux), it took a bit of customizing of blueman and bluez drivers to get it to work, once working I could use my Bose QuietComfort 3 with no issues. Haven’t tested a Bluetooth mouse yet though.

In summary, avoid if using this to game with a Bluetooth product such as mouse or keyboard.

Note: Using this in a USB3.0 slot gave odd behaviors, plugging back into USB 2.0 did this work somewhat. Still avoid.
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on April 22, 2017
Using a bluetooth game controller, the input goes haywire or the signal is dropped entirely when the adapter is plugged into the back of the PC, even when sitting less than 5 feet away. It seems to need line of sight. I moved it to a USB hub sitting on top of the desk and it works fine, though moving it can be problematic, since it fits so snuggly in the USB port, you almost need pliers to tug it out.
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on March 28, 2013
Since the introduction of Bluetooth I have been underwhelmed with its performance and frustrated with the amount of effort it took to get things working properly. If all I wanted to do was connect a phone to a headset there wasn't any frustration, but when I wanted to use it for stereo sound, file transfer and sync my PIM I was busy creating restore points, installing another driver and rolling back to try again. The only way I could get my PC to do do A2DP or anything else was with the Asus BT211. It took an effort, but it worked. Unless you put it in a Windows 7 laptop. Then you were constantly losing the device, having the device show back up, undoing whatever Microsoft had done and re-installing the BT211 software (and NEVER plug it in until it tells you to). When I went to Windows 8 (with Classic Shell - the best open source savior of start menu) the BT211 had reached its end. With skepticism I bought this (IOGear GBU521). I had searched for Windows 8 drivers/software online but hadn't found anything definite. The tiny CD came with a directory "Win8" with just one file "Setup.exe". I clicked. It ran. It stopped and said, "I don't see any bluetooth stuff". I plugged in the adapter. It finished. I rebooted. No errors in Device Manager. I added my Belkin F8Z492TTP Bluetooth Music Receiver which is AV1 on my Yamaha receiver. Connect! Go to Control Panel -> Sound. Select my Bluetooth link to the Belkin as my default Playback. Music! Very clean, pretty high quality sound playing a flac. Moreover, I can tell the difference between my flac and my mp3 over this connection. The chip is a Broadcomm which is probably what you have in your phone and tablet and ... IT WORKS!

I will be buying more of these. While I already have options to connect various tablets and phones over bluetooth, there are three more laptops in the house that could use this and one more for my media server/HTPC.

There is a lot of crossover between various connections. Like everyone else I have HDMI, Component, Composite, RCA and 3.5mm cables dangling here and there to accommodate my menagerie of media devices. I have WiFi (dual band N), but there are places where bluetooth just works better. And with bluetooth I'm not polluting the neighborhood with my 2.4 ghz radio signals. My adapters are all Class 2 which means they are great at 2 meters and can work (sort of) at 10, but at 30 meters there isn't a peep.
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on January 2, 2017
First impressions.... The piece fits incredibly snug into the the usb port on my mid 2012 macbook pro with mac OS Sierra 10.12.2, I had to grip it with my teeth to pull it back out. Upon plugging it in, nothing happens. No pops up notifying recognition of something new; I wasn't sure if it was working. I plugged it in with bluetooth off, so I turned bluetooth back on and paired with my speakers. It worked, but I wasn't sure if it was the dongle or my internal bluetooth connection, so I pulled the dongle out (with my teeth cuz it fits so tight) and the connection was lost, plugged it back in and the connection automatically came back. Works great. No more lag or skipping. I just wish it wasn't so hard to plug in and pull out. I only have two usb ports and the other has a dongle for a wireless keyboard, luckily that one is easy to remove.

Update: I've noticed that sometimes when watching online videos there will be a delay, or an advance actually; the audio will start before the video. If I remove the dongle and restart bluetooth it goes back in sync............I've noticed that if I disconnect and reconnect the connection, but not the physical device from my computer, then it will not reconnect properly the first time, instead it will play through my computer's internal speakers, but disconnecting and re-connecting the second time fixes the glitch. Still, it's starting to get annoying to have to disconnect and reconnect so often. At first I would have to dis/reconnect when first opening a video in either youtube or netflix but then I could continue to watch/listen in sync even after new videos loaded, but now I'm having to dis/reconnect with each new video loading. Not sure what is causing this, if it's the IOGEAR device or my computer or the bluetooth receiver on the other end........Pretty sure it is the IOGEAR device. When connecting with my internal bluetooth there is skips but audio/video are in-sync, and when connecting a different device to my receiver there is no problem at all, but going through the IOGEAR transmitter causes audio-advance/video-delay that is very frustrating, removing stars because of this.
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on December 27, 2014
This works perfectly with every computer I've tried it in. It comes with a driver disk, but since I primarily use Windows 7 and later, the drivers are found automatically by my operating system. I have consistently been happy with IOGEAR products of all kinds (dongles, KVM switches, external USB peripherals) in the almost two decades I have been purchasing and using them. I love that IOGEAR keeps updating the drivers for their devices for an extremely long time, that they provide PDF copies of their device manuals for downloads (even for the archaic products that I still occasionally use), and that their customer service department is responsive and courteous, even when I'm using one of their really old products. :) This is the kind of track record I look for in companies when I'm deciding which brand of product to purchase to solve any computing need I have.
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on September 11, 2017
Works on both macOS and Windows perfectly (so yes those hackintosh users, this is a good product to use). You may sometimes have to unpair and pair the devices again upon startup though or just wait a bit.

Does not seem to work on Ubuntu for me. I'll update this as I continue to research why this is the case. Due to the inherent incompatibility with Linux distros right now, I gave it a four star.

Also it was REALLY difficult to remove after putting it in one of the ports. It had an extremely tight fit (yes I put it in the port correctly...).
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on July 17, 2016
Arrived Friday and installed today. Mini CD installed and device found and installed. Rebooted and noticed a HUGE performance hit. I'm running dual Xeon 4core 2.4 with 32 gigs of memory and felt like a dual core. Could not open the application to connect Bluetooth device. Reinstalled and had the same issue. Uninstalled with revo and performance came back. Somethings not right. Might be Xeon, might be RAID, could be anything.......
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 17, 2017
Not really happy with how this turned out. I have to force it into the USB port and in order to take it out I need a tool to remove it since it is jammed in there pretty tight. I also don't think it did anything to improve the Bluetooth signal. It maybe gave me an extra 5 ft of room to move, if that
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on November 2, 2015
Here's the thing with this item, and the reason that I give it three stars.

I had researched and decided to order this item, to assist in modifying my Macbook so that it would be able to complete "AirDrop." I spent a couple of days in research and settled on this particular model and device.

When it arrived, I plugged it in and immediately my laptop malfunctioned and shut down. When I rebooted, it went to the "grey screen of death," and to make a long story short...I had to reload my operating system. Fortunately, I'm an IT savvy individual, and I know how to deal with most problems that might afflict my device. But for someone without my "particular set of skills," they may be up a creek (at least think they are).

In re-reading, and going deeper into questions and answers regarding this item, apparently many Apple users have been able to use this with no problems. However, it crashed my laptop which doesn't please me in the slightest.

After learning that it's not supposed to work with Apple products but is only compatible with PC's (again, some Apple users state it's worked for them), I decided to try it with my PC and it does function just fine in conjunction with it. But the results from using it have been ho-hum.

Therefore, I cannot provide a positive review, and advocate that this is a must buy for anyone. Others on here have had success with it, and I don't doubt their claims, but that wasn't my personal experience.

If you're an Apple user, be aware that you use this at your own risk. At least if using with an Aluminium, Unibody late 2008 Macbook as I did. I'd skip it and find another solution. PC users, if it's a replacement, maybe you'll really dig it, but if your existing bluetooth capability works, don't expect much of an impact on it either way.
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