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on June 24, 2015
Overall this is a great first turntable for a newly converted vinyl fiend. After using my mother's old record player, it was time to get my own. From a purely aesthetic point of view, this record player gets five stars. It's a beautiful, modern-looking and sturdy piece of equipment, and I really liked that a full 12 inch LP can fit on the turntable and still be completely covered by the dust-cover. Assembling the dust cover took about 5 seconds. I also like that the dust cover is clear, so I can watch the records spin (something that is oddly entertaining and soothing). The tone arm is made of what seems like simple plastic, but it's pretty solidly put together so I'm ok with that. As for it's actual record playing abilities, it has so far worked extremely well. I almost exclusively play LPs, which sound and play smoothly. I have a 45 that also plays fine. Note: with 45's, the automatic setting on the turntable causes the 45 to stop before the song is through. Just switch to automatic and all is well. I haven't tried 78's. The speakers on the player aren't the greatest (tinny and like playing music from your laptop speakers or cheap radio), but when I put my headphones in, I was blown away by how fantastic it sounds. Full stereo. I imagine full-blown external speakers would make the unit sound even better. I play mostly old jazz records ranging from the 1950's to now and in varying condition from brand-new to scratched, and the record player's tone arm and needle didn't skip nearly as much as I thought it would, instead playing relatively cleanly regardless of whether the record was 60 years old or 6 days old. Even the newer 180gram records played without a hitch.
I do have two hangups that knocked a star off the review. One of the cons is the needle. As great as it is, the needle makes an odd (grating, chewing?) sound as the record spins that's really only an issue on quieter sections. My second hangup is the fact that on occasion when I turn on the player and play a record after a while of non usage, the record seems to spin slower for a few seconds, as if the belt drive is warming up. It's not terrible, and seems variable, but it is a personal hangup just the same. Lastly, the vinyl converter software included is actually pretty decent and relatively simple to use. I've already converted two rare Brubeck albums onto my computer and into iTunes. Overall, this is a nice record player that does what it's supposed to do, sounds great, and looks beautiful and modern doing it.
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on July 6, 2015
I am an old audiofile from the days of (1980's) records, so firstly this isn't a top of the line DJ setup, but not what I wanted. I wanted something cheap that I could bring to work to just listen too....

I am really surprised by the tone that comes out of these tiny speakers... Loud enough for my office.... Even on really cheap records, the sound is amazing. I cant get over the range and the lack of hiss or pop noises.

If it doesn't last i will drop it down,but so far really pleased with it! Really glad I picked it up!
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on June 11, 2017
I can't say enough good things about this turntable. After finding a box of nearly 100 classic and iconic records (Led Zeppelin, Prince, Stevie Wonder, etc.) amazingly preserved in my parent's basement, my only course of action was to start shopping online for a record player. I'm a student in college with limited space and know almost nothing about turntables, so I figured an all-in-one player was the way to go. They seemed easy to set up and relatively wireless. After a few days of looking around, I went with this one, and couldn't be happier with my choice. The wood frame looks awesome on my desk and the sound is pretty good for the price. I'm not playing music for the whole house, but it's surprisingly loud.

Needless to say, I've spent the last couple days listening to great music, and am very happy I made this purchase.
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on December 13, 2017
We purchased the ION Audio Max LP turntable for our daughter's 15th birthday. Her sister has the black version of the same player and it has been going strong for 9 months. I am happy it is now working as it should, but it didn't come without a ton of frustration... hence a 3-star rating; docking 1 star for lack of coverage in the owner's manual about how to handle a misaligned belt, and docking another star for not addressing a common problem with some sort of sheet in the product box offering a notice about belt problems due to shipping and also no info on whether to use the slip pad. The turntable right out of the box would speed up, slow down and even stop in mid song of an LP. I read reviews and searched online for an answer as to what was going on. Ultimately I requested a replacement through Amazon. Second player arrived even worse than the first. Same thing: speeding up, slowing down, stopping and skipping. Finally came across a link offered on ION's website (had to delete it; Amazon doesn't allow external links in product reviews... just search for it or check ION's comments in other reviews. I believe it is shared in some of their responses to poor reviews. ANSWER: The belt must be PERFECTLY straight or you will have problems. It's an easy fix that could have been included in the manual or an in-box notice. Based on the reviews, many others have had this issue and seemingly blamed it on a faulty player, when they get jarred around in shipment OR not properly installed. Once the belt was aligned AND felt pad was used under the vinyl record, problem solved. Yes, that felt "slip" pad actually serves more of a purpose than just protecting the turntable from dust when not in use. It gives the record some friction so it WON'T slip. Player is working well now. ION Audio, please add this to the manual or in the packaging and save others from what I just went through to get it right. It's an easy fix once you know what to do.
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on February 6, 2017
Super easy to set up and get working. Looks pretty darn cool and works reliably. In fact, heads up for those of you looking to get a vinyl player that doesn't require a bunch of other components: you can take this unit's headphone out put and plug it to another unit's (maybe desktop boom box?) Aux In jack; by doing so, you will easily triple the power of the speakers. If you use the speakers included, just don't turn them up too loud. It's quite a good player at lower volumes, but I enjoy music a little louder, and it's louder notes distorted. This is a great record player if you are looking for minimal fuss and money to get into a decent player to hear the records you haven't listened to in ages. This is not for audiophile or even junior enthusiasts.
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on March 21, 2018
If you're looking for a record player that delivers good sound and looks sharp as hell, stop your search, add this to your cart, start using AmazonSmile if you're not, and order this machine immediately. I had a record player for 10 years that was a large all in one (CD, Radio, Aux, Phonograph, Tape), it finally started sounding a little dicey when I was listening to Fleetwood Mac Rumors album, which is obviously the main reason anyone needs a record player. In order to give the best album of all time the justice it deserved, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I bought a Crosley Player Turntable with USB Connection for about $80. Got it home, shocked by the light weight of the box, pulled it out, and realized it felt extremely cheaply made, but obviously, it's all about the sound. Hooked it up, started the record, and was painfully disappointed. Thought about hooking my old unit back up because it sounded better. The sound of the $80 Crosley couldn't make it across my small bedroom at full volume. It sounded horrible and weak, and was made poorly. Then I started reading reviews on Amazon for a unit Audiophiles would like that were affordable. My choice came down to three options, and this one won. I am so happy it did. The machine feels heavy and well made. I would say that it feel well made for a $150 unit, let alone the $50 that I paid for it. The dust cover closes over the record so you can close it while playing. It fit perfectly on my corner bookshelf that is 17in wide. The speakers in the front mean the sound projects perfectly where I need it to, and this thing is LOUD. The sound not only reached across my room (as it should) it reached down into another level of my house and sounded like a dream. Also, the song Dreams from the Fleetwood Mac Rumors album sounded like a dream on it, and honestly, I don't need much more from life than that. If you're shopping around, give this one a shot and you won't be disappointed. I will update this if anything happens to it in the future. NOTE: I have not been paid to endorse this thing, or Fleetwood Mac Rumors album, or AmazonSmile, but all three of those things are dope, and you should use them all.
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on January 14, 2017
This is an amazing Vinyl Player. The glossy version was $49 when I bought it, which was a great deal for the quality of this product. This is my first record player, and from what I can tell, the sound quality it produces is fantastic. I have it hooked up to some speakers from the RCA output in the back and it's fantastic. The built in speakers are pretty good too, but I definitely recommend getting some speakers. Fits all three size records, and they give you the adapter for 45's. I love the auto stop feature, but sometimes it wont always stop depending on the record, but it's not a big deal. I haven't tried converting any records with the software, but I imagine it would be pretty simple. My only gripe with the project is that the 3.5mm audio out jack is in the front of the unit, so if you want to use some 3.5mm speakers the cord has to come from the front of the machine. You can replace the cartridge too, but I don't really know much about that. To me, the sound is good enough as is.
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on December 21, 2017
Got this for my main squeeze for his bday.

GET THE DUST COVER!!!! I'm so for-serious about that... I live in Manhattan and this place is dusty AF! So i got it, and if youre around anywhere that air resides....... yeah you'll get dust...... and I'll be hot darned if i hear about anyone's records getting dust up inside those crevasses because i failed to add that tid bit in.

The sound gets LOUD too... i have yet to turn the speakers all the way up! The sound isnt like SONOS or anything. Dont expect that.. and if you do... why are you even looking at records? The point is to hear to the pop... (in my humble opinion)

I got this kind for the design. Yes i paid a bit more... but me and my man are 30 years old... what the eff am i gonna do with a suitcase record player? Idk... i feel that suitcase record players just dont fit my man's style. Hes a classic NY lawyer Kenyan man. He like that minimal, sleek, modern, but classic look... Im totally glad i got it because its totally None frill and would work well in ANY style of room. The wood looks a lot better in person than in the pics.

the controls are EASYYYYY to figure out. Like, toats. A child could figure it out without scratching a record, not once. Read the instructions if youre concerned... and then theres youtube and google! figure it out, people!

Anywho... thats that. Get it... :)
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on February 3, 2018
I've been playing records on this turntable for about two weeks now, and it works pretty well. I'll try to remember to update this after I've actually used the USB cable to record records. The built in speakers are sufficient to hear the music, so if I just want to listen, it's fine. I'm using a 3.5 mm to 2RCA Cable from J&D Tech 3.5 mm to 2RCA Cable, J&D Gold-Plated [Copper Shell] [Heavy Duty] 3.5mm Female to 2 RCA Male Stereo Audio Adapter Cable - 3 Feet so I can listen through my external Altec Lansing computer speakers. It plays well, and I really like the soft landing when you release the lever to put the needle down. It also will automatically stop at the end of a side, which is a bonus. The built in speakers could be better, but for the price, they are fine.
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on April 30, 2018
Very pleased with the build quality for the price. Yes the built-in speakers are a bit tinny but I decided it was handy to be able to play something sometimes without having to hook it up to the computer. (I don't have Bluetooth speakers and I'm old and don't feel like getting into a whole other "thing" so I opted out of that model option.) I will probably dig out an old set of bookshelf speakers and wire RCA connections onto them so I can use it away from the computer... I bought this part-way through digitizing my record collection; I had been using an old turntable, which finally died, with Audacity software. I was going to keep using Audacity, which I have used for a lot of different projects, with this new turntable but for the heck of it I tried the included EZ Converter software and was pleasantly surprised at how well it works and how easy it is. In fact I will keep using the EZ software to capture all my tracks. I can always go back and put them into Audacity if I want to do noise reduction, editing, or converting to mp3. (But I highly recommend downloading Audacity for fun if you at all like to fool around with recording; you can do a ton of things with it and it is well supported with tutorials online.)
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