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on February 26, 2014
I bought this Lego Workstation and Storage unit for my 6 year old Grandson for Christmas. At the time, it didn't create the excitement of his other gifts, but I must say it has become the "workhorse" of his Lego collection. This case makes it easy to keep all of Legos in one place. When he spent the night at our house last week, he brought two of the trays along with him so he could play with his favorite toys (Star Wars Lego sets). It is sturdy and well-constructed. It has helped him learn how to organize and keep his projects and instruction books all in one place. I'm thinking I m going to have to purchase another one this year for his sister who recently got her first set of Legos. ~ a very satisfied grandmother
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on January 1, 2014
This workstation is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! My son is 5 and is constantly misplacing his Lego pieces, especially the "extras." This is a great station for him! We put the extra pieces and the instructions in their own baggies and then put those baggies in the bottom cases. Once his items are built we put them into the other cases. And, the cases are grab and go for when we go and visit grandparents or family.

The only downfall is that it is a little high for him to build on and not a lot of space at the top. I bought extra of the flat building plates for him to build on the regular table. So, I almost wonder what this would be like if it was wider instead of taller. For example, maybe put three cases next to three cases and then possibly double or triple the building plates on top. Just an idea.

Otherwise this is perfect for organizing and not killing your feet or knees when you step on pieces or kneel on them!!!!
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on January 21, 2013
This is a good idea for a young Lego collector! My 10 year old is quite addicted to Lego's and has been for quite a while. I think this was a little immature for him, I'm not I said he's 10 but he puts together the ages 16+ sets in no time. Anyway, he didn't really use it, it's still sitting empty in his room. It might be that it's not big enough.

It arrived boxed and unbroken but I also purchased the Arko Mills 10744 44 Drawer Hardware and craft cabinet so they were shipped together and packed nicely. It seems sturdy enough and came with both base plates...I didn't have the problems some reviewers did with packing or missing base plates.

If you have a younger child looking for a place to put their bricks, this is it..if you have an older child, building and collecting sets, this might not be it. The giant tubs that have to be dug through to find those parts are still favored over this for my son so you might look for something else.
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on December 30, 2014
Great set of cases for our Legos. We use them to divide up our minifigures and small sets into categories (Star Wars, The Lego Movie, Superheroes, Assorted Minifigures, Random Parts, and Manuals). This allows Dad to keep track of the figures and helps limit Son to a portion of the Legos at any given time.

Each container closes in two places and holds firmly, has a fun lego face on top, and is very colorful. There is a green Lego base attached to the top which functions well as a display for our most recent set. As our Lego collection grows exponentially (I SHOULD be concerned about this...) I am already considering purchasing a second.
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on June 26, 2015
I bought this for Christmas for my son and we use it for regular Legos as well as Duplo Legos. There is plenty of space for the zillions of sets he's gotten as gifts and nothing has broken yet [knock on wood] despite the fact that he and his friends pull these out regularly and drag them all over the basement. I included a photo of the playroom so you can see the size compared to toys and organizers, but I promise it doesn't always look this way :)
review image
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on January 10, 2013
If I had a penny for every single Lego piece my son has, it'd at least pay for his sister's Italy trip this summer! Despite spending some considerable time sorting everything, my son (and so am I) is tickled with this 6-tray organizer. He has organized by color with the black, white and grey actually taking two containers (and they're full). The trays slide in and out easily; handle for easy carrying but I'll be honest, my son likes to cart the whole station wherever he is playing in the house. Thankfully, even with full trays, pretty lightweight and maneuver-able. They close securely so neither one of us is worried about spilling a unit as long as we know they're closed all the way. But his creations have been non-stop since Christmas. He can find everything so much more easily now. I would highly recommend this workstation and storage unit.
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on July 26, 2013
This organizer is even MORE than I expected. My son, who is an 11 year old Aspergers child, LOVES Legos. He also loves to be organized, it goes with the territory with Aspies. He was so excited when he saw this storage unit. It's a very adequate size and is super cute. I was also able to order these insertable dividers so that he can sort out the smaller pieces. He was THRILLED by this feature!

The feature he was most excited about is that these aren't just typical drawers. Each "drawer" is actually a case that he can take out and carry with him when we go somewhere. He loves to play with his legos in just about every place we go. So, now he can bring them AND keep up with them and keep them organized.

I recommend this unit for anyone who has a kid with lots of Legos.
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on March 16, 2014
This is expensive, but it's totally worth it since it's the only thing of its kind that I could find. It's a shelf with "drawers" that are cases that click closed. The cases are clear colors and decorated with a minifig head on top. They have a molded handle on top and 2 clips, hinge opening like little briefcases. We have instructions/project pieces separated in each, and the kids carry them to wherever they want to play with it. One of my kids uses it to keep "his" stuff separate, or little things he made that he doesn't want to lose/be taken apart by the other kids. The base plate on top comes off - it's stuck on with that clear dot 'glue' like the magazine address labels. Pull it off slowly and then peel the rubber dots off. It was actually very easy in my case but I can see how it would be hard, sometimes that stuff sticks. I was hoping these would fit on top of my existing sterilite 3 drawer unit but it's slightly wider.
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on March 28, 2016
This tower is a lifesaver for a Mom with kids who love Legos. The closing/opening mechanism is easy enough for a 3-year-old and anything I don't have to constantly open/close/repeat for my kids is a bonus. The colors are fun, and the tower is just as described. The design was genius because the top part can be used for building Legos as well.
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on February 22, 2014
I bought this for my nephew's Lego collections. It keeps all his collection pieces together and makes them so portable. Each container is fully contained, these are not open drawers. It occurred to me this would help organize my craft room as well...prioritize my projects, scrapbook pages in progress, sewing projects, I have everything I need for a sewing project in one container. We live in the back country of San Diego in case of a wild fire it will be great for keeping important papers, for instance mortgage papers, insurance papers, pictures case of an emergency we can grab and go.
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