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on April 2, 2015
Growing up in the seventies even in Australia you heard things about Lee Iacocca in the newspapers and on the news and not all good particularly around the time Chrysler pulled the pin on Australia after making a deal with Mitsubishi.
Being a student of history I knew that there was more to the Man than what we read in the papers. I was already aware of what he had do for Ford and also he had brought back Chrysler for the bring of destruction.
The one thing I didn't expect from Iacocca's story was an excellent lesson in networking in business. Although in his book he never sells himself as a master net-worker.
Yet in is credit he constantly mentions people by name from mentors and people under him praising the team around him for the success of the company.
This book is an excellent demonstration of How a business is built on people a lesson that is so often forget in today's fast paced world. As the world gets smaller with technology it is more important than ever that your business connections, the people you keep closest at work have more to do with your success than anything else you do. If you are looking at success than this is a must read Lee Iacocca has shared his mistakes and success that is not dry like some autobiography's I found the book both entertaining and informative.
Darren Teale
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on June 12, 2004
Update: I now think this phone should get a 2 out of 5 due to newly found problems, but Amazon won't let me change the star rating. Many people start with a high review of this phone but then downgrade it the more they use it. You've been warned!

The V300 has a lot going for it, but there is clearly room for improvement. But for the Amazon price, it was the best bang for the buck I could find. Here's my thoughts on both the phone and the service. Phone first.

+ Gorgeous screen
+ Decent camera (for a phone)
+ Decent user interface
+ Small (clam shell)
+ Battery life pretty good
+ External display (w/ indiglow)
+ Nice audio sound

- Side buttons can be accidentally hit easily (changes ring/vibrate complete off!)
- Screen cover gets face oil on it easily
- Carrying case doesn't fasten to large belts as good as StarTac carrying case
- Phone randomly shut off after about 1-2 months of use. T-Mobile replaced it with newer version that fixes problem.
- Phone locks up if call drops due to bad/weak signal!! You have to pull battery out and re-boot! Grrrr!
- When storing numbers in SIM, SIM doesn't allow icon "associations" with number (cell, work, home, etc.)
- Can allegedly interface with MS Outlook, but cable-software is another $45. It should be included!
- Included games are playable demos only!
- Time not auto-synchable with T-Mobile GPS accurate time (even though there is option in phone, this does not really synch -- set it to the wrong time to see for youself!)
- WAP sites are text based mostly. Didn't live up to hype.

(the last two points above are likely not Motorola's fault, but they impacted overall rating.)

Phone Service (T-Mobile):
I have mixed feelings about T-Mobile service/customer support. For starters, they sat on porting my phone number from SprintPCS for about two weeks longer than they should have. It was there in there database for processing but it (paraphrasing) "slipped through the cracks" until I called to get status. Before I converted over, though, one operator told me that I couldn't take my number with me (due to going through Amazon) while two others said I could. In the end, it worked out fine. I also had some issues with some T-Mobile store workers. I went down to check out the V300 in person before I ordered. One employee tried to convince me that Amazon wasn't sending back the rebates as a fear tactic for me to use the store instead of Amazon. I got my rebate fine (as I do with all Amazon rebates). And when I returned my first broken phone, they tried to get me to pay for the $15 shipping fee even though the phone problem was a known defect and still under warranty. After I expressed frustration, they waived the $15. Next, I tried to upgrade my service plan to include more minutes. T-Mobile wouldn't activate the new plan until the next billing cycle so I lost a $100+ because I significantly went over my minutes and they couldn't dynamically upgrade the plan before the end of the monht.

Finally, if any of you think you are "buying America" with Motorola, guess again. Motorola is definitely part of the overseas outsourcing epidemic.
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on September 2, 2013
Iacocca's got his weakness, but they're far overshadowed by his strengths. To the point, courageous and like to have fun in life. What's fascinating is his view of business related to government regulation in the early 1980's. I think he was ahead of his time when you consider the S&L crisis of later in that decade and the most recent housing bubble. Iacocca also has views of equity and privilege that are fascinating as well.

It's a quick, fun and thoughtful book anyone interested in leadership or business should take a look at.
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on September 15, 2004
The front screen went out on my S105 and T-Mobile wanted me to buy another phone since my warrenty was up. From the deal I'm seeing on here, i wish i could have just canceled and got a new account, but thats too much effort.... anywho, my choices boiled down to getting the E105 or this v300. I chose the v300 b/c of the extra gadgets (mainly the camera and speakerphone) even thought the rep said samsung users have a hard time getting used to the Motorola OS.

She was wrong! Navigation of this phone was a breath of fresh air! i will say I preferred how the phone book was layed out better in the S105, but everything else is easier to use on this phone and the T-Zones is so much more functional! I'm going to have to upgrade my plan to allow more internet usage! There also seems to be a much better seleciton of 3rd party applications and games for this phone which makes for better usability IMHO.

Reception is the same as far as i can tell between the two (meaning signal strength). Clarity is a tad better in the S105, but nothing worth chosing that over this. If there is even the slightest background noise, they sound the same. The S105 and this are almost identical in size, but the E105 was smaller... not a bid deal to me.

Bottom line: If you are a prude about clarity and size, go with E105. If you want more from a phone than just making calls, get the v300 (or higher).
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on September 16, 2004
Amazon: You just cannot find a better price/rebate anywhere else (If you did, I don't want to know)

T-mobile: Signal strength improved a lot since I last used them (~5yrs ago). From where I live and work, it is much better than my old AT&T which was replaced by this one. But again, you service area may have a differnt story. Customer service was helpful.

V300: I have always been a friend of Nokia, but decided to give this a try since Amazon has a nice rebate. This phone works surprisingly well! I am not 100% happy with the menu (logic) but I guess I am bias since I am used to the Nokia and Panasonic I have owned. I use it as "a phone" for the most part, but the camera and games are decent. Display has good resolution, but the camera doesn't (that's why the pre-loaded wall paper shows much better detail than pictures you take with the phone). Since it doesn't have Bluetooth or IR, you may want to consider the V600 if you plan on exchanging a lot of pictures and tones with other device. Or you can send it through you phone but the charge can add up fast. Some other reviewer mentioned using a USB connection cable, I like that idea. Getting a cable is easy but can someone share about where to get the necessary software and how well does the cable/software function?

Overall, nice phone, good service, great price.
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on April 3, 2014
As soon as I read Chapter 5: "The Key to Management" I ordered hardcopies for both my daughters. I requested they read Chapter 5 the day the book arrived. One daughter complied. The next morning she began adapting it to her personal situation and shortly thereafter instituted it in her place of employment. When her employees and management inquired where she came up with such a creative idea she replied, "Iacocca's biography."
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on February 22, 2004
I've had this phone for about a month now. The phone is way better looking than the pictures show. It has enough weight and the texture is grippy so it won't slip out of your hands. The RF is excellent (with user-selectable scanning mode) and, of course, T-Mobile has pretty good coverage in Los Angeles. Both displays (interior and exterior) are remarkably readable in daylight, and the screen is gorgeous. The menus are fairly snappy and easy to navigate. There are customizable buttons (the smart key, and the 2 soft keys) that make quick access to phone functions. The earpiece volume could be louder, but voices are remarkably natural-sounding and there is almost no background hiss. The speakerphone is loud and clear, so it's actually useful as opposed to gimmicky. The camera is fun to use, although I don't care much for it. The only noticeable weakness is the battery life: Standy time is no where near what Motorola claims. I get about 2-4 days between recharges. The phone comes with a soft blue pouch (or case) with a belt clip. It took a while for me to figure out how to get the phone out of that case (hint: don't pull on the antenna). Overall, this phone is joy to use, and it's arguably the best valued GSM phone to date.
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on March 23, 2015
Iacocca is one of the auto industry's revolutionary men. He created the mini-van after all!
The book describes greatly how he transformed an auto company that was about to go under. (without the help of bailouts we see today)
He also describes the cut-throat mentality of this industry.
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on January 17, 2018
Great book! 3rd one that I have given as a present!
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on March 8, 2005
I haven't had the total breakdowns that other reviewers have described, but my phone also often misses a call and simultaneously receives the message just fine.

More annoying is that it is almost impossible to keep this phone quiet. Even on silent, it still beeps loudly every time one of the exposed buttons on the outside is touched. Which is just about constantly. The key volume switch has no effect on those keys.

The other serious fault is speaker volume. Even on max the volume is not nearly loud enough to hear over street noise when walking nor road noise when driving or riding. The camera is not worth the extra cost for the cable and software that should have been included in the original purchase package. I was otherwise satisfied with the phones features, size, weight and battery life, all of which were an improvement on my LG 510. The biggest improvement over the LG 510 was ringer volume; the V300 has a really LOUD ring. But the LG had a much better/louder speaker.

I was very satisfied with Amazon as a seller and I like T-Mobile as a service provider. Connections within urban areas and on interstates (except I-86) are clearer than Verizon. But rural areas often have no coverage at all.
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