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on February 17, 2017
It was somewhat difficult to install, but I managed to do it by myself. I did not know that you may need to saw off the bolts. At this price, I would have expected them to include bolts of various lengths to accommodate different wall thicknesses. The fit was extremely tight. Another issue was that the package only included installation instructions in Spanish and French. I'm guessing they mistakenly forgot to include the English directions. It was no big deal though, since their website has the instructions available for download. Once everything is done, it looks very nice.
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on August 20, 2016
One of the better and inexpensive models. I've seen some that are $500-$800 for a door that perform nearly the same as this one.

Installation for me was a bit difficult, not because of the door but because my wall studs are 10 inches apart in my whole house. So I had to cut open the dry wall, cut the stud and build a U frame with 2x4 to go around the door that will still support the wall stud. I also rerouted electrical wiring because I really wanted the door where I wanted it.

The template they provided for drilling is good. If your installing the door through a wall, take my advice and get a helper to hold the other side of the door while you try to bolt the doors together. Also, pop open the side of the wall kit after you have everything together and guide the bolts by hand to the hole. Playing the guessing game is really a hassle you don't want to deal with when you don't know if its screwing in.

You can easily bend the wall kit so that the grooves slips and back in together and it will save you hours of install time. I'm including a picture of what I'm talking about.
review image
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on November 24, 2015
Well made but read the fine print on what doors this fits..

This comes in four pieces that piece together to make the extension I ordered this with my super-large plastic door from ideal also however there are two super-large models

Ideal Pet Products 15-by-20-Inch Super-Large Original Pet One Flap Door with Telescoping Frame

and Ideal Pet Products 15-by-23.5-Inch Super-Large Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

There is a standard one and a "rough Weather" one This extension doesn't fit the standard dog dog. It is about 3/4 inch too small! I called the company and they also told me you can't make it fit.
Yikes You would think they would as they are made by the same company and it looks like on amazon "frequently bought together" makes you assume that they would fit. It doesn't fit.

However you do need the long screws that are on the kit.

Poor labeling. Poor design that it doesn't fit on all their(Ideal pet product) doors of the same size.
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on March 12, 2016
I bought the medium pet door and in wall accordion kit to replace another one that was installed in our home when it was built 5 years ago. This is superior to the one that was previously installed. Up here in Washington State we get more than our fair share of inclement weather. Some unrelated crawl space work a couple of weeks ago revealed to me that the old pet door allowed the weather to get into the frame wall. I had to take some immediate action to get things back on track. In the end I replaced the old door with this one and given the same (or worse) weather this year than I've witnessed in the state since 1956 (my opinion) I haven't had any water... none... zip... get past the external flap unless the dog(s) carry it in on their feet. And then it's only a trace and evaporates or we dry it up with a paper towel. The original door was installed on the west side of the house so that's where I installed this one... in the same hole. I just had to modify the hole. The bulk of our weather comes from the west and when the wind blew with the old door the rain, snow, sleet would blow in. In fact, it got so bad that I had to slide the plastic sealing door into place to prevent any rain or snow or ??? from blowing in. That defeats the whole purpose of the pet door... closing the door off and effectively locking the pet inside. I haven't had to use the sealing door on this one yet though we're predicted to have some pretty rugged weather over the next several days. But even given that, this door is head and shoulders above any of those I've personally installed or had installed in the past. Just make sure you run a bullet level along the top of your wall frame trims before you drill your holes. I did because I knew better but there's those who didn't and they ended up with crooked installations. RE: this particular door the magnets are strong the frame is very sturdy and the installation is pretty self explanatory. Just make sure you have a good reciprocal saw, a long drill bit, a good drill motor, a level, a tape measure and use the template provided. I also used a sheet rock knife (box cutter) but then again, I preferred to use that rather than the sawzall on my initial cuts. That's just me. Oh, and make sure your wife or significant other is sent on an errand just before you start your installation. It installs a whole lot faster. Take care and enjoy the door.
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on December 17, 2013
I love the doggy door - to me it is the best one on the market. 5 stars to the door, 1 star for the wall kit. The wall kit is required for wall installation but could be improved upon. It should include some snap on tubes to help line up the screws since you cannot see what you are doing. Aligning two holes with a 6 inch gap between them where you cannot see the receptacle for the screw is the worst part of the installation. Also, the liner should be hinged. I initially thought it would be between the doggy door and the studs but it sits on the inside of the doggy door. So you put in this liner, then put in the inside part of the door, lifting the liner to sit inside and then try to do the same after putting on the outside part of the door. Then you try to line up the screws. If it were hinged and could be inserted AFTER putting up the actual doors, installation would be much easier. It gets in the way and is frustrating when you are already struggling with trying to get the screws to catch without being able to see what you are doing. I would have rather bought the long screws from the hardware store and found something else to hide the gap.
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on September 16, 2011
I installed this pet door through the wall, replacing a single flap unit that was worn out.
I also ordered the wall kit, which I consider mandatory for this type of intallation.
This is not an installation for those that have trouble changing a faucet washer or assembling kids toys.
I had to build a cedar frame on the outside to allow the door to seal properly. This involved cutting the cedar siding and the use of a number of carpentry tools. I also trimmed to fit the baseboard molding on the inside wall. Of course, if this is a new installation you must also cut hole in the wall using the included template.

As far as use, it took about 3 days for our 12 year old dog to decide that the 2nd flap was OK and would not hurt her. I also had to install a piece of carpet on the "floor" of the wall kit, as she does not like the slick surfaces.
This unit obviously seals well and will make a significant difference to control air flow into the house. It is well designed and should be durable.
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on April 26, 2014
Ok, the person that said he threw his in the fireplace after fighting with this........ I would have, but couldn't afford to do that. After two days of fighting with this, it is in the wall, a sheet is stuffed around the gap between the wall and frame of door. I will take out, attempt to cut screws more and attempt to get the screws back into the holes which you cannot see since you are not inside the wall. What a flipping nightmare that was. I went to several places, to find screws that were threaded all the way down the shaft, none to be found. One you cut the screws, you better hope you didn't cut too short or you can still tread. I ended up screwing one all the way through the frame on the outside, so now I will have to putty to keep sealed. I will address it again, when weather clears up, but for now it is working, sort of.
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on November 10, 2013
The Ruff Weather Wall Kit was an expense I could have done without. For six pieces of plastic and 8 long bolts, the price was too high, for no better than it fit. It does not snap into the door frames, and mine was actually a bit small, so the flaps catch and do not go fully closed sometimes. I suppose as the flap wears maybe this won't happen, I'll wait and see. But I was disappointed in the fit. One would think there would be grooves or slots forit to set in, but there aren't. As to the door, it seems air tight until the wind blows and the flaps do fly open under what I call low to moderate winds. When the solid door is put in place the seal seems very good. But the whole point of a dog door is so the animal can come and go and you won't be bothered. My advice for the Wall Kit is, forget it and fabricate something of your own. If I had had more time that is what I would have done, but with winter approaching this had to be a rather quick install, and for the most part it was. Getting the bolts lined up through the wall is tough. I'll let you know later own how well it holds up.
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on September 21, 2013
I have had one of the basic doors installed in two doors at my house for many years. Works good. After figuring out that installing it in the door between the garage and kitchen would void my fire insurance... We got a larger dog and needed to install a larger door. The old installs into the bottom of a 1 1/2" thick solid core door were fairly easy to install. The install into a wall was a terrible job. Their video is very well done and makes it appear easy. What they don't tell you is that the screws are too short for a 2x6 wall and that you have to drill the screw holes perfectly horizontal because there is no tolerance for even 1/8" off. This could be done easily in a door. But drilling through wall studs, stucco or concrete block with perfect accuracy is unlikely on a good day. The screws are 9 1/2" long and the holes that they go into are not threaded until you get about one inch into the female end. Sadly, if the female end was threaded at the start of the opening then it may work for a 2x6 wall. This would depend on your existing walls components. Also if you need to push your fingers into the space between the screw and the female end to make it align, there is no provision for that either.

This center piece that you very likely will not want for the wall installation... kept slipping out while we were trying to get the screws lined up. The center piece has no provision for alignment except for pinching your finger tips while pushing and pulling on both ends. They could have easily designed something to be put into the hole after the two outside pieces are installed. This kit functions to force you to align the whole thing before tightening. That forces someone who doesn't know better to make the inside piece and outside piece line up. When it was done, the center piece was not quite long enough the fill the gap. So I ended up needing to caulk the seams. My afterthought is... i thought that i would have been better off buying some wood or FRP from the home center and caulking it in AFTER the ends were in. By the time i figured that out it was already too late. So if you want to install this onto a wall that has larger than 2x4 studs i suggest that you use some screws to attach its flanges to your framing. The 9 1/2 screws are worthless. Too long for a 2x4 wall and too short for a 2x6 wall. 1" screws went in to the flanges perpendicular to my studs and blocking. That was how i finally got it to work. Then i suggest that you measure the distances on the inside and have some FRP cut at your home center to fill the gap in the center. A professional carpenter and I took over two hours to get this thing to go in and I hacked up the stucco and drywall in doing so. Now I will need a stucco repair because we tried to cut back the stucco to compensate for the screws being too short.

If you are installing into a door then you don't need this part. If you are installing into a wall... think real hard about if you want to tackle it. Figure three hours for you and one for a buddy. Figure several trips to the home center and don't schedule this when you are in a hurry. It would probably be good to just have your home center install it.
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on December 13, 2015
Fantastic! I installed this by myself to impress my hubby. He was impressed. it does not take a rocket scientist to install this door. I have no experience in doing stuff like this but the directions were easy and straightforward. From beginning to end I finished this in 1 day. Experts will probably take 2 hours lol! The measurements of the door were exactly as described. I'm thankful for this because I had that exact measurement where the door needed to fit and thankfully it was dead on.
My miniature dachshunds are between 12-15lbs they fit through just great. This really surprised us and they were reluctant at first so I used bacon bribes!

This door is durable. We've had it for 2 years it is easy to clean and still looks new. It really keeps the draught out the little flaps with the metal strips need to be kept clean so they snap shut against the magnets. We love that you can use an additional included plastic door that slides into the door and 'locks' to keep the dogs either inside or outside.

Also added photos and a video

I will post pictures as I can't seem to upload photos right now.
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