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on July 19, 2012
Backstory: I got two of these lamps, and both flickered from day 1. Hence the critique in this review cannot be dismissed as a one-off.

The lamp is as good as anything out there, once the switch is replaced. Seems Ikea -- whose products are ever leading the race to the bottom in quality, consistency and durability -- saves pennies per unit by using a very cheaply and poorly designed/manufactured switch. Surprised?

Easy to remedy, if you have an amateur's skill with electricals. The connection inside the switch is the "pinch" kind, aka "insulation displacement" type, which is why the light flickers or just stops working. Ikea could care less, of course. But there's no need to throw the lamp away, without at least giving this a try first.


Tools: phillips screw driver, wire cutters, wire strippers, hammer, eye protection

Go to a locally owned hardware store, and buy a Leviton single pole cord switch, cat no. 5410, or equivalent. Leviton 5410 Appliance Switch, Feed-Through Switch Rocker, Single Pole, Single Throw, 3A-125V AC, Brown. (Don't buy the pinch kind. It won't work because this lamp does not use standard gauge lamp wire. Also, I can't recommend buying an inline dimmer, since this is an Ikea product we're talking about, and it could easily melt or exude meatball gravy or lingonberry juice.)

Unplug the lamp, and remove the existing lamp switch by smashing it with a hammer. Yes, you have to smash it, don't cut the wire.

Put on safety glasses or some sort of eye protection, and hold the switch sideways (seam up) on something hard and well supported, like a concrete floor or doorway threshold, not a table or countertop. Hammer the switch straight down on the seam. Two or three well placed whacks, and you get the halves to split open enough to tear them apart by hand.

You'll see two lines, one cut, the other continuous. Pull out both lines. Discard and banish all further thought of this defeated carcass of a worthless Ikea switch.

Don't cut the uncut strand of the wire.

Trim the ends of the already cut line, removing the "pinch" connectors. Discard those too.

Strip the insulation from the ends you just trimmed, about 1/2 inch.

Unbolt the casing of the new switch, and you can easily see where your exposed wire ends should go. (Twisting your wire ends before wrapping and tightening under the lead screws helps. The Leviton thing ought to come with instructions and diagram, but you can ignore the polarity issue, the plug used in this lamp is not polarized.)

Put your new switch back together, and you should now have something almost unknown on planet Earth: an Ikea Jansjo lamp which will actually work -- until the bulb burns out, that is. Guess I'll write another review when that time comes.


I still have two of these lamps, and both thrive, even after 5 years! I have pointedly bought next to nothing from Ikea in the intervening time, but they have no doubt "solved" their end of quality problem by raising the price of the lamp from $10 to $17, or more. I feel certain their materials and most importantly labor costs have only diminished, not increased. Currency fluctuations and transport fuel costs are another story (as is the horse meat in the Swedish meatballs, revelations of slave labor, and the globalist-instigated flowering of "no-go" zones throughout a once proudly peaceful European country). Their problem, not mine.

Thank you to all who have commented on this review. It is very gratifying.
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Enthusiast: Petson October 4, 2016
product misrepresentation by seller!: these lamps are NOT DIMMABLE, despite listed as dimmable in three(3) places on the listing! very frustrating, as it was the primary reason for purchasing and the above average time of assembly required. attempted to dim utilizing three (3) different types of dimmers... identical results; flickering and NO DIMMING.
beware of misrepresented products by this seller!
beyond disappointed, especially after expending the energy to assemble them.
attached are screenshots showing "dimmable" in three (3) places:
review image review image
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on July 2, 2016
I love this light because it specifically targets a smaller area and it is an addition to other lights around my desk. I read a lot at night and I don't want to turn on a bright ceiling light or bright floor lamp, I just need the light on the pages of my book on my desk and this is perfect. I can keep it on and it doesn't distract me by flooding my whole space with light. The base is solid and doesn't tip over easily, not hollowed out like a lot of other desk lights can be. The arm is very flexible so I can quickly adjust angles. There is a clip on the cord for on/off and also convenient for me. I loved it so much that I got a second one for my reading space downstairs, instead of carrying one all over the house. It is light enough to carry easily. I've had it about 2 years and so far bulb has been fine. Just be mindful what kind of light you need and if you want one to function as a typical desk lamp this would not be it. This is more of a task light and should be considered as a complement to other lighting in your room.
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on February 25, 2017
I bought three of these, and the last one 5 months ago for my daughter's room. The light is excellent for reading. However, in the last month the last one I bought started to show a defect: the light fades out and on for no apparent reason. Probably the power unit is dying.... quite a short life! So, I guess if you buy this lamp you have a 33.99% chance to get a good one.
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on June 14, 2017
An excellent Light but I don't like the power supply design.

The problem with the power supply is that it is a very long and tall design. This means it sticks out from the wall about 2-1/2 inches. The cord also projects further out from the wall because it is oriented in the same manner as the power supply itself. In addition to being something you might run into, gravity creates a rotational force that does not help the power supply remained plugged into the wall.

This bother me so much I ended up pluging the power supply into a power strip so it would be pointing upward. I have probably used about 200 of these "wall wart" power supplies and I've never seen such a bad physical design. Otherwise, an excellent night. I've not had any trouble's with the switch that others have mentioned.
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on February 18, 2012
Less than 10 hours into its lifetime the lamp flickers and dims. Mine is probably a defective unit, but I'm unimpressed nonetheless. I bought a lamp, not a light show.
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on December 19, 2015
I'm going to go ahead and rate it 5 stars because it works exactly the way I was expecting it to. It seems to be of quality build considering the price. I know some people have said the on/off switch starts to give issues after some time but I haven't had it long enough for that to happen yet. For me it would be a minor inconvenience as I am able to repair such things my self so it's not a big deal if I need to. The light is a bright warm white. It does have a pretty defined pattern. It beams the light in a perfectly round circle. It is not diffused. For me this is fine as I am not trying to light an entire room or desk but a small area. If you need something that spreads light more soft and even then this might not be the lamp for you. At about 12 inches above the desk it projects light in a circle about 16 inches across. The base of the lamp is weighted so its not going to just fall over or be easy to knock over. The neck is flexible allowing you to point the light in about any direction you desire. In all I think this lamp was a great buy for the price and I most likely will be purchasing another 1 or 2 of these later on.
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on August 15, 2011
Love this little guy. For the price, it's fantastic. It was recommended to me by a friend, and I use it on my work table as a spot lamp. It has been great. Very, very bright for such a small lamp, and it is solidly constructed & points firmly wherever you direct it. I may get another for my desk. While it is bright, it is somewhat concentrated - does not cover a huge area. Would be good for a desk lamp as it does not take up much surface space, and I find it extremely helpful as a task light for doing detail work. There is a tiny bit of assembly required, but I am a complete moron and it only took me about a minute to "assemble" the base. I highly recommend this little lamp.
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on September 1, 2017
I've had this lamp for a couple of months now. I have not had any problems with the switch that some others have reported. I like that the light is directed and the lamp is so flexible. I can have it point at exactly where I want the light. E.G. If I am reading at night and my partner is sleeping, I get good strong light on my book, but it does not at all shine on my sleeping partner.

I like it so much, I bought an Ikea desk lamp (has a row of LEDs on a flexible arm) for my desk. That one has a bit more diffused light, but the same flexibility. It has the same in-line switch, and I've not had problems with that one either. Even if I did, it would be a trivial matter to replace the switch if I really had to.
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on October 8, 2014
This desk light is great!
Nice and warm hue to the light it emits, more like an incandescent bulb, the base is nicely weighted it stays up if you move the light position.

The only "con" I can say about it is the lens on the illumination head itself is sort of a "Fish eye" and this causes the light to glare in your eyes a bit, however you can adjust it to your liking and solve that issue, I just point it at the wall or ceiling and use the reflected light.

It's very bright and helps illuminate things if you happen to be working on small objects, I do a fair amount of watch repair so this light is awesome for that use.

A good purchase overall and the price is very good.
I would buy it again and will probably get a second one soon.
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