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on June 5, 2012
I followed the rather Spartan instructions included with this product and it failed to load the drivers. Every time I plug it into a USB port it tries to load the drivers and fails, then tries again and fails, again and again. I thought maybe Imation would have the drivers available for download on the support area of their website but no luck (they offer virtually no support for this product). I've worked in documentation and QA departments at a number of software firms and the bugginess of the supporting software and drivers and total lack of support from Imation is shameful. I enlisted the help of two of my techier friends, one of whom is a software developer and the other who is a PC support guy at a local company and neither of them could get this waste of time and money to work, and both spent literally hours troubleshooting it, to no avail. Unfortunately I spent too much time trying to get this thing to work and missed the window to return this waste of money to Amazon for a refund, so it turned out to be a waste of money both literally and figuratively. There may be Wireless AV Extenders out there that work, but do your research first and find out if the manufacturer ACTUALLY cares enough about their customers to support their own products before buying. Sadly, it does not seem that Imation does so, so if something goes wrong loading the drivers or software, you're out of luck. As a result, I will likely not take a chance on another Imation product any time soon. Btw, I do not work for a competitor of Imation or am any way associated with such a company; I just wanted to stream content from my laptop to my flatscreen and was bitterly disappointed. I was trying to use this product with an Acer Aspire laptop with Windows Vista OS.
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on January 9, 2013
As has been mentioned by quite a few people who bought this product in the past, the setup may not exactly be as smooth as one would expect it to be.
The main reason for this being the time when this product was developed. I am not entirely sure but I think this product was launched about 2-3 years ago and a lot of things have changed during that time especially as far as windows OS is concerned.
Microsoft has released quite a few updates to some of its drivers and that is what causes this product not to function properly.
So, the thing that I would recommend for the users here is that when you are following the installation steps just make sure that your pc/laptop is not connected to the internet. You can just turn the wireless switch off on your laptop for this purpose till the whole installation procedure is completed. By doing this, you are essentially stopping your operating system from going on to the internet to check for any latest version of the drivers that it has install for this device to work. And if it is connected to the internet it is gonna download those updates overriding the drivers that come with this product. And as a result the drivers that eventually get installed are not compatible with the product's hardware which is the reason why it does not work.

I myself went through the installation procedure twice with my laptop connected to the internet. And, the same thing happened to me that has been mentioned by a few people here. the resolution on my laptop changed and i was able to see my computer screen on TV for a second or two. But then, nothing. It did not sync up and it did not work. So, I uninstalled the whole thing and tried it again. Same result !!

Finally, i again uninstalled everything from my laptop, disconnected it from the internet (turned off the wireless switch) restarted it and followed the steps and bingo!! That worked.
I have been using this thing for the past 1 month now and have had absolutely no problem whatsoever with it.
The only downside is that its only 720p not 1080. But, I can live with that.
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on December 20, 2012
This product had great promise, but fell down hard on installation issues. I purchased it for use specifically on a high-end Dell XPS L702X laptop running Windows 7 64-bit. The basic driver recognition of the USB transmitter stick failed. The device is supposed to be recognized by Windows automatically (zero-config) and then mount as a CDROM-type filesystem and auto-run the application installer (DisplayLink). Nothing I could do would get the system to recognize the USB device, including BIOS updates and Windows USB driver updates. I believe the issue may have to do with the fact that this laptop has some USB 3.0 ports, although moving to USB 2.0 ports did not resolve the issue.

By contrast, the device installed perfectly on a Dell desktop system just as it was designed to do, but that system is of no use as a transmit source in my application so that success was somewhat academic.

Returning it now and purchasing a long HDMI cable. They are cheap, and guaranteed to work, even if they are not nearly as elegant.

- Michael
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on December 10, 2012
Expected Usage: Display my audio and video feed on a tv.

Setup: The product webpage says that its a zero configuration setup however it does need a driver which was hard to find on their website. I had some trouble setting up the driver and could not get it to work and I am a software engineer! I have setup Linux boxes and wasn't this frustrated. Talked to their tech support and apparently you have to pair the receiver to the transmitter. Stuff worked after that - for a while.

Daily Usage: I thought spending time to set it up would be worthwhile if it just works all the time however apparently you need to re pair the thing every time. To pair it you have to physically press a button under the receiver. At this point you lose the whole wireless aspect of it. It's like saying your remote works only if you go to the tv and press abutton and pair it every time you have to use it. Pointless!

I confirmed with 2 separate customer support personnel that this was actually the intended behavior. Which to me is a shocking use case scenario.

I will say though that the customer support was very good and the return was not a hassle. It also seems like some people don't really need to pair this thing every time so maybe give it a shot and if you get a lucky and get a good pair it works great when it works!
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on September 2, 2011
EDIT: After hours of searching around for an answer I found a fix. A random post on the forums indicated that having Windows 7 display settings on a basic theme could cause this behavior. Switching over to one of the Aero themes cleared up the issue and it now works perfectly. Docking a few stars though, for having such an odd bug and for tech support giving me an obvious BS excuse.

-Tested on a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Desktop and a Vista Business Laptop.-

Setup was extremely simple and the unit seemed to be working perfectly right out of the box. Sound was transmitting with no issues and making changes to the resolution and other settings was painless.

The problem I ran into seems to be an uncommon one. Any video file I would attempt to play (.mp4, .avi, etc) would not be viewable on my TV. I mainly used it in Mirror Mode but, regardless of this setting, there was still no video transmitted to the TV. The weird part is, if I grabbed the Media Player window and wiggled my mouse, the video would then update to the current frame. When I stopped moving the window, it stopped refreshing the video image and all I would get is a sort of screenshot of the last frame transmitted. Very strange behavior.

Upon calling tech support I was led through the typical checklist of things I had already done. i.e. uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the software, change resolutions, etc. and still the same behavior persisted. I was told by the technician and his manager that the unit is, "Not compatible with HD Video cards".

Wait what?

I'm not really a video card specialist, but isn't any video card capable of outputting 720p or higher considered "HD"? And haven't they been able to do this for years now? Maybe someone else can shed some light on what exactly he meant by HD video card. My desktop's video card is a Geforce GTX 470 and it's been working flawlessly for over 6 months now. I don't have the laptop's video card specs on hand, but it's an nvidia card that's only a few years old. Perfectly capable of playing even recent games on low-mid settings.

Anyways regardless of the Media Player used, or the type of video file played, the same behavior persisted. This is the only reason I purchased this unit, so I'm a bit underwhelmed.
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on August 27, 2012
We bought this device to use with my wife's tablet PC running the final version of Windows 8 (from software assurance). Understandably, there weren't drivers available yet for this OS that has yet to have its public release. However, confirming this was harder than it should be. Imation's website makes it very hard to find support for their products--updated drivers, etc. Imation points mainly to DisplayLink's website. DisplayLink provides the software that helps control this unit, but DisplayLink says that the manufacturer must still provide certain device-specific drivers. So, while I clearly saw DisplayLink's status on making Windows 8-compatible software, I couldn't even find drivers specific to this device on Imation's website. Again, it's not so much that the the new drivers weren't there--that's understandable. However, the amount of research I had to do to understand who provides what drivers for this device could certainly use some clarifying.

After switching the tablet back to Windows 7, the device installed perfectly. Having read the reviews and their insistence on line-of-sight, i was concerned that my wife wouldn't be able to walk and move about with the device without losing signal. Not a problem at all! As I tested it moving around, it seemed to keep perfect signal. Glad it's finally working! And, now that it's working, it's working well!
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on January 5, 2013
My experience with the Imation Link has been a fairly positive one, although not entirely. I had problems installing the software in the beginning, what I thought would take 5 minutes ended up being a 3 hour ordeal. I plugged the USB antenna into my laptop as instructed, I got 3 progress bars that popped up and said that it had been installed, so naturally I thought it was finished and plugged the reciever in. Nope! I opened up the USB files in a browser and found an autorun that installed additional software, but at this point the reciever couldn't connect so I had to uninstall everything and reinstall 3 times before getting it right.

But once everything was up and running, the picture and sound were crystal clear (the screen is actually kind of dark, but I attribute that to my 7 year old tv). I can watch You Tube videos, Hulu, home videos, streaming videos, Netflix, and I never had to move my laptop from the counter top. Very convenient! Just a reminder to those that might not be tech savvy though, you will have to go to your laptop to pause and rewind the video, there is no remote included in this product. Not a problem for me.

A few other issues I've had are powering up the device and legal notices. There doesn't seem to be an on off switch, so the reviever just powers down after not being used for a while, which means when I want to use it I need to go up to the tv and unplug the reciever then plug it in again. Upon doing this, I get a legal notice on my laptop, the same one that caused me to have to install the software 3 times. You see, clicking the "AGREE" button starts the installer, screwing up the the already installed software.

Finally, as I said the picture is very clear, but there is an issue with letter and pillar boxing. With some movies (based on their original format), my tv has been converted from a 52" to a 43". Again though, I attribute some of this to my 7 year old tv. I feel as though if I were to upgrade to a true HD tv, that my resolution would be higher and the boxing affect would be made less.

All the issues aside, we are happy with the product. We've gotten a lot of use out of it so far, watching a new movie almost every night, and we don't plan on stopping now. Just make sure if you buy this, you have a tech savvy person to call on for help.
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on February 6, 2013
I purchased the Imation Wireless Extender yesterday and received it today. It took less than 15 minutes to set up. This product works beautifully if you closely follow the directions. Previous to purchasing this product I read all the reviews on This proved valuable as one of the customer reviews explained what not to do in order to make it work.
The the beginning part of the installation process the computer asks that you accept the terms agreement. I accepted yes. After rebooting my computer as requested by the software a message came up asking me to accept the terms of agreement oagain. Before this message came up I could see that my computer screen had already doubled on to my tv screen. When I clicked Yes to the terms of agreement the second time I lost the picture on my television screen and it wouldn't come back. The other reviewer noted the same issue during his insulation and reported this writing not to accept the terms of agreement the second time the message came up on the screen. Of course I had to see for myself and selected the terms of agreement the second time. He was right! I uninstalled the software and started the installation process from scratch and when the second terms of agreement message came up I hit cancel and ignored it and it worked beautifully. Just as the other reviewer described this message comes up everytime I reboot a computer I just hit cancel each time. While this seems cumbersome it's worth the results of the product! The only thing I did different from the instructions was choose the double instead of the extender option under the screen resolution section in the computer control panel.
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on May 4, 2012
Here is the process for linking your TV sent from their support.

From: "Imation Support" <>
Subject: Technical Support - Reference 762308

Dear Joe,

Thank you for contacting technical support and choosing Imation. I'd like to attach the paring steps to make the unit work properly:

1. Unplug the transmitter dongle and the received from the power outlet and the TV

2. Let them idle for 2 minutes and reboot your computer

3. Plug the transmitter dongle until the green light blinks

4. Plug the power cord into the receiver, the blue light should stay solid and the green light should blink

5. When the green light is solid they will be paired, now you can connect the HDMI cable into the receiver.

If this proves to be unsuccessful, try to follow these steps. Please disconnect the receiver and the transmitter and uninstall the drivers, restart the computer and download the latest drivers and install them again. You can download them from here:

Once you install the drivers, connect the USB transmitter to the computer, please wait until the USB transmitter is recognized. Once the USB transmitter is recognized you can plug the receipt to the wall for power and then the TV for signal transfer. If the transmitter and the receiver are connected at the same time or if the receiver is on when you connect the transmitter it may not synchronize. Please set the screen resolution to the lowest resolution. The last suggestion will be to check the audio settings of your computer and make sure that the Imation AV extender is selected as audio device. The Imation receiver has a 3.5 audio connection; please try using ear buds or headphones to check if is working.

The unit doesn't work with computers that have HD video cards. If your computer has an HD video card then unfortunately, the Imation product won't work properly. If possible try using it on a different computer. If the extender is working with other computers, you may want to change USB ports from the original computer, install its latest drivers and update it, and try the extender again.

I hope you find this information useful. Should you have any other questions or concerns, contact us again at 1-800-351-8186 from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. PST Monday thru Friday, and we'll be happy to address them.

Kind regards,

Technical Support Specialist

To reply to this E-mail, paste the information below on the subject line.

Reference 762308
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on September 12, 2012
I have never reviewed a product before, but am doing this more to fullfill a threat to Imation's service desk than anything else. I bought the Imation Link for my office so that we could stream video to a big screen TV in our conference room from my company laptop. Set up seemed easy enough according to the PR blurb. I am using a nearly new HP Laptop with Windows 7. The set up seemed to go well and the video was actually very, very good. audio! I am not a newbee to these types of things, so I tried reinstalling the drivers, went to DisplayLinks web site and downloaded the newest drivers. Nothing. Then I decided to give Imation Support a try. What a COLOSSAL waste of time!. They had me repeat everything I had already tried, (and I told them I had tried). Then they said they would consider it under warranty if I paid for shipping to them and they could test it out for themselves. When I got upset at that concept, they pushed me up to a supervisor who went through the whole process again! Well it has been over a month and nothing. Now they are just not answering my emails. I warned them I would write this review if they didn't at least make an attempt to make this right, so here I am. NEVER buy anything from Imation! If you do, know that you are totally on your own if the product fails to perform as advertised.
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