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on March 31, 2012
I bought this book as a supplement to the textbook recommended for my vet school immunology course (Immunology: A Short Course by Croico and Sunshine) knowing that it would be simpler and less detailed. And now that I'm actually studying, which book am I using the most? This one, of course. It may not go to the exact level of detail that my class requires, but it makes up for that by being ridiculously easy to read (how many textbook authors use exclamation points, a first-person perspective, and pictures of hotdogs to get their point across?) and by making immunology possible to understand. I don't think I could survive this course without this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone taking immunology for vet school or med school or even an undergraduate course. I do occasionally switch over to Croico's text if something from my notes doesn't get touched on by Sompayrac (this text doesn't talk specifically about hypersensitivity reactions, which makes me sad), but those occasions are few and far between, and I switch back as soon as I possibly can.
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on May 9, 2012
I bought this book as a first year medical student when my understanding of immunology was very weak. Even after the course was over, my grasp on the topic was so poor that I couldn't pass my final. Desperate to pass my remedial exam, I purchased this book on the recommendation of a couple classmates, and I am so glad that I did. This book really breaks down the first year medical immunology class into a very easy to digest (and dare I say enjoyable!) and CONCISE explanation. Don't be fooled-- this book has a lot of detail in it for being so thin. It reads like a story, following a logical order as it takes you through the steps of immunological development and the variety of immune responses of the human body. The unique story-like format spares no explanation so you don't have to memorize all those little details; rather, they just make sense! Be aware, however, that this is basic/normal immunology-- it doesn't delve into a lot of pathology. It's perfect for the struggling M1 student, or as a way to stay engaged and interested in the topic throughout the course.

Before getting this book, I neither understood nor liked immunology. Now I understand it and enjoy it. Major props to Dr. Sompayrac.
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on August 29, 2011
Is this book short? Yes. Does this book have every detail you need for immunology? No. Is this book awesome? Yes. This book offers the best INTEGRATED view of immunology I've seen, while being a very manageable read. If the book is over 200 pages I just get the electronic copy and using it for CTRL+F'ing everything I have questions about. If it is this size I will actually READ it cover to cover. I read the corresponding section before every lecture and found it extremely useful in actually understanding what those nitty gritty details mean. The author takes time to explain what the acronyms and abbreviations mean, something most lecturers or textbooks never get around to or just expect you to know. It won't have all the details, but that's what tables are for: memorize, memorize memorize. This book is for UNDERSTANDING. Great book!
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on June 4, 2017
This book is very well written and easy to understand for someone who is just starting to learn about immunology, even if you already have an advance degree in science. With lively language, this books helps you to understand the key concepts and build an clear overview for immunology, so you are ready for further readings.
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on January 25, 2017
This book was a great primer to read before the immunology course in medical school. It makes no assumptions that you know the different parts of the immune system and introduces all the key players so that you have an overview of How the Immune System Works (see what I did there) before you attend the lectures/watch Kaplan videos.
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on April 23, 2017
This was recommended to me by Professor Rita Effros at UCLA. It is a very readable way to teach yourself immunology. Plain language and well-written for beginners.
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on April 5, 2017
I don't normally write reviews, but this is honestly one of the best textbooks I've ever read. It's clear concise and focuses on the big picture without negating the details. Additionally, it does a lot of teaching through analogy, which is exceptionally helpful when understanding such a complex system. I'm in medical school and this has been one of the best purchases I've made.
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on May 7, 2017
Makes an otherwise confusing topic easy to grasp for just about anyone. I would highly recommend this product f your are taking any level of immuno.
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on August 31, 2016
This is the best resource I have found during immunology in med school.
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on November 30, 2011
This is a good read no matter what your interest. Dr. Sompayrac's books give the best overview and explanation of Immunology I have ever come across, it is invaluable. It flows very well and it teaches you the basics without overwhelming or confusing you. If you are taking Immuno or Micro or Virology, read it and keep it with you. I have also ordered "How Pathogenic Viruses Work" as a companion to a virology class I will be taking. Often times, very intelligent professors have a hard time dumbing themselves down enough in order to explain (or they assume you already know and skip over it) the basics of the immune system. This book is good for all levels, an explanation that overwhelmed students can understand that doesn't make you feel like a moron whilst reading it. I like it so much I would buy anything written by Dr. Sompayrac without a second thought.
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