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on November 10, 2010
I returned a Viewsonic 15 inch monitor to get this Impecca because it (the Viewsonic) had no brightness/contrast controls and would not randomly select photos. The performance and features of the Impecca are however excellent. It is a really nice looking frame with not too much frame and too little picture. Screen clarity is superb on high def jpeg's. It has the capability to adjust brightness, contrast and depth of color, random or other selection of photos, 2 GB built in memory, ability to play MP3 sound files and MPEG 1/2/4 videos. It worked right out of the box, I just plugged in a SDHC card and off we went into the slide show mode. I just recently put a lot more photos and sound files on an 8GB SDHC card. Same response, it just started up and played the files. I give it 5 stars but say its nearly perfect, so what's the problem?
The problems are that the manual is poorly written, difficult to understand, too brief and there are undocumented features. The zoom feature (another great feature by the way) can be adjusted so that the area of the photo to be zoomed can be selected with the up/down/sideways buttons on the remote. The "enter" button on the remote can be used to rotate the picture by ninety degrees (again a great feature right?) but not documented. After rotating 360 degrees, the picture on screen will remain until the "slide show" button is pressed again. So if you want to stop the slide show and keep a nice picture on screen for a while, press the enter button 4 times. Not documented.
The inbuilt speakers are by no means "full range" and leave a lot to be desired. If there was an output to send the audio to even an iPod dock, it would be much better sound.
Except for the manual and the speakers, this thing would be perfect. If it had those characteristics improved, it would get 6 stars. As it is, it looks so good and is so far ahead of other frames I've seen, I couldn't do anything else but give it 5 stars.
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This 15" frame provides for ideal 8"x10" photographs. It's easy to load and operate. Blues, reds and greens are very vibrant. Only the blacks are a bit too black so that dark photos will appear even darker. When set to slideshow, each photographs moves into the frame via a different angle and mode, which makes watching this slide show mesmerizing.

You have the option of three different memory sticks to use for viewing: SD, MC CF, USB (my preference).
You can add music, videos...the options are amazing and for this price this is a great deal.

This frame would make a great gift for a photographer.
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on December 28, 2011
I saw how highly this frame was rated so bought 2 at the same time. One of the main features I wanted was being able to have photos stay for up to 24 hours...Well this frame does NOT have that feature, contrary to the product description. It will only keep each photo for about 15 seconds max. Your choices are FAST, NORMAL, or SLOW, with SLOW being 15 seconds. So that was the first disappointment, but it wasn't as bad as what happened next.
The first unit went haywire when I tried to program it (blue screen, not responding), within the first few days. I returned it. The second one worked after programming for about a week then the 'horizontal hold' or something went out and I got nothing but colored snow. Returned the second one.
Last gripe is the frame is HORRENDOUS to program. OK maybe I'm spoiled by my Apple devices, but it is a really unintuitive and clunky interface. I can't say that I've found a better photo frame yet, but this one sure isn't it.
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on August 16, 2012
I love the IMPECCA 15" Digital Photo Frame, I just bought my second one. The images are very warm and more like Real framed pictures. Also, it's superior in almost every way when compared to the NIX 15" Digital Photo Frame.

The images are very warm and more like Real framed pictures.
Viewing angle, the image looks good from almost any angle.
It senses the frame's orientation and adjusts the images accordingly.
The 3:4 aspect ratio is optimum for most family photographs.
Power on scheduler.
Settings are relatively simple.
It has a real frame with matte and glass around the actual display.
The price seems to be better than the competition, although they've increased 10% in recent weeks.

The duration of the slides is limited to only three settings, 5, 10, and 15 seconds (there is a fix, read on).
If the frame is in Landscape position, when viewed from a low angle (hanging high on the wall) the image tends to fade.
The remote could be improved.
Instructions could be improved.
The display is subject to reflections and glare.

The limited slide duration was a deal breaker, which broke my heart.
However, by copying the images on to the flash drive more than once, you can double, triple, or quadruple... the three duration settings; each copying increases the duration by 5, 10, or 15 seconds.
(E.g., filename.jpg, filename{2}.jpg, filename{3}.jpg, filename{4}.jpg ...)

IMPECCA 15" Digital Photo Frame 1024x768 Resolution with 2GB Internal Memory - DFM-1512

This fix works like a charm, as long as you Don't have the Effects turned on, and it's not set to Random.

If the manufacturer would only alter the firmware to accommodate more flexible slide durations, this Digital Photo Frame would be Damn near perfect!

Undocumented Features:
1. The frame senses rotation between Portrait and Landscape and adjusts the image presentation accordingly.

2. If you don't want Music coming on whenever you turn on your frame, just make sure there are no music files in any of the memory.

(1) Sometimes the IMPECCA does not recognize the external flash memory, or says its files are corrupt. I've found that by turning the power off, removing the flash drive, and then turning it back on and plugging in the flash drive, it loads and displays the pictures.

(2) After I received my IMPECCA I started sorting my 35mm slides and realized I needed a backlit Slide Sorter, which cost over forty dollars. Instead, I used the IMPECCA; I snapped one photo of a white background--preferably out of focus; then transferred it to an empty flash drive. That not only did the trick, but I even have control of the brightness.

(3) To overcome the low angle viewing deficient (hanging high on the wall), invert the frame, and rotate all the slideshow images 90 degrees clockwise (use Jpeg lossless image rotation).

Note: The IMPECCA 15" model DFM-1510, has 3 sec to 24 hours duration, however it's priced at more than double.
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on April 18, 2015
Right out of the box it performed miserably. The roomy 4G storage was impossible to see on our iMac, so we loaded it from a portable drive on our laptop. Convenient. Once the photos were loaded, it displayed our family photos with a new twist. Some were exactly as we remembered, however others had stripes of blue and white across them, or only showed half the photo. Should be interesting during family celebrations to see if Grandma can guess who is missing from the formal portrait of everyone she had taken many years ago. And it's great how the frame picks out a favorite picture in the middle of the pack, and stays on that picture for days. How did it know it was one of our favorites? Eventually we figured out that it wanted to be turned off and turned back on again so we can start at the beginning. It's keeping those last 300 pictures hidden away. When we do eventually get to see them, it will be like seeing them for the very first time. Magical. I sure hope it happens soon. All these features with an amazing price! The only thing better would have been to light $150 dollars on fire in the backyard! Better get yours soon - I hear there are only 13 left! Ironic.
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on January 28, 2013
I purchased this frame about 2 years ago. I was reasonably happy with it when I first purchased it. Pictures were fine - functionality was fine.

I kept it in my office. I tried to remember to turn it off every night and on every morning. I'd say I remembered to turn it off about 1/2 of the time. Several months ago, I walked into my office and went to turn it on, and the frame stayed black. I'm a pretty busy person, but also very technically savvy. I figured it would need a hard reset or maybe a new power adapter.

Nothing works. Technical support is NON-EXISTENT. Their solution for a frame that doesn't start is to see if it is plugged in.

If this was a cheap piece of junk, I'd live and let live. But I paid about $200 for this back when I got it. Now I still have flat screen computer monitors that predate this doorstop by 5 years. I CANNOT believe that 18 months is an acceptable life cycle. If you want a piece of junk, I recommend this frame. Otherwise, I suggest you spend your money on something that will last.
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on July 15, 2013
I bought this frame to loop a short video clip so I could have a moving picture. It was frustrating trying to get the video file to work at first. After days of trying different formats and codecs, I stumbled upon the solution: video files are limited to 800x600 resolution, even though the frame itself is 1024x768. I am surprised and irritated that this was not included in the documentation for this product -- it would have saved me a lot of time. Any video file that is larger than 800x600 shows nothing.

I can't understand why the frame has this limitation. However, even at this lower resolution, the picture is really quite nice, the colors bright and crisp.

The user-interface is pretty lousy. You need to have the manual in hand to figure out how to navigate the menus if you want to do something beyond the basics, setting a video to loop, for example. If you're just putting pictures on a thumb drive and don't have a need for much control, I think you'll be fine. For what I want to do -- set a video to loop -- the sequence of button-pushes is bewildering. And I'm no dummy. Thank goodness there is a remote, as I can't imagine trying to control this frame with the single row of buttons on the side of the frame (that includes UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT, tricky to maneuver the 2d menus with a single row of control buttons).

I've only had the frame a few days so I can't say anything about lifespan of this frame. Some reviewers have had good luck, others not so good.

Now that I've got it set up, I'm happy with the frame though I do wish it would play videos to the limits of its resolution.

Nice picture, good sound, easy to load files. The frame itself is attractive.

Torturous user-interface, undocumented video limitation.

Delete the demonstration music file right away if you don't want music blaring every time you turn it on.
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on March 12, 2013
My fiance and I were shopping for digital frames to use at our wedding in June. We came across this one and thought we would give it a try because of the features. Here are my gripes:

1. The frame would not unmount from the computer (I use an iMac 2010 and am very computer literate). To Impecca's benefit, their tech support was quick to answer my email. However, their solution which I had figured out before they replied, was to unmount the frame and turn it off quickly before the computer remounted it.

2. Transferring from the computer never worked correctly. First I tried to put a new file on the frame with my own photos. When I started the frame and selected the new folder, it still played the pre-installed audio file and all the pre-installed photos. Only after deleting those files off the frame using the built in GUI did they stop playing. Consequently, when I went to delete our pictures off the frame before returning the unit, I had a similar issue. After plugging into the computer and deleting the folder with our pictures, I unmounted the frame using the work around mentioned above, and turned it back on only to find that the folder and all the pictures where still there.....? I then started to delete these using the remote, but gave up after several minutes because the thumbnails load painfully slow and the file structure is all wacky. All of the pictures were spread out on the internal memory with a bunch of blank white squares in between. I would have been there for probably an hour and a half just trying to delete pictures that should have deleted when using the computer. So, no I don't want the headache.

3. The GUI (graphical user interface for those less technically inclined) is awful. From a structural standpoint its ok, but functionally it is slow and ugly. Given that this screen has a super high resolution, why are all the icons so painfully pixelated? They should put a little more effort into the quality.

4. I got an SD card and a thumb drive to work properly in the frame. The downside is, both the SD card and USB drive seem to crash the unit. So after about 6-8 minutes of slideshow the frame just locks up and won't respond to the buttons on the unit or the remote.

Needless to say, after spending $150 on this frame and running into all these issues out of the box, I decided that I don't need another electronic device in my home that has issues and needs constant fussing just to get it to function properly. I do NOT recommend this frame to anyone.
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on August 24, 2012
This is a great looking frame. I didn't have trouble figuring out how it worked and my photos looked great on it. Every now and then it would hang up on one particular photo and I would just power cycle it. That would take care of the problem. After a year and a half of use, it stopped working entirely. I submitted a trouble ticket on Impecca's website but never heard back from them. I called them and talked to a nice person in tech support, who told me it was probably the power or the screen, but that it was out of its one year warranty.

This is too expensive an item to replace every year and a half. My computer monitor stays on as long every day and doesn't stop working after the warranty period. I don't understand why they can't make this nice photo frame work longer.
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on June 9, 2015
We had this frame for 5 months, and the frame worked beautifully for 4 of them. After 4 months the frame didn't always turn on at the scheduled time--we had to manually turn it on. After 4 1/2 months, it stopped turning on altogether. I called the manufacturer and they wanted half the purchase price to even look at it. We have had a smaller SONY digital picture frame running every day, 16 hours per day, for 3 years without a single issue. If Impecca would have stood behind their product a little better, I would have given them a higher score.

The bottom line is that we should have stuck with Sony!
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