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on June 12, 2012
Joel Rosenberg, author of nine New York Times bestselling books, writes his most comprehensive and personal work in his newest book, Implosion. The question addressed is: "Can America recover from its economic and spiritual challenges in time?" Implosion is a well-written, easily understandable treatise of Rosenberg's end time theology, political expertise, historical study, economical research, and biblical perspective.

What this book isn't: It isn't a rant on the government. It isn't simply his opinion. It isn't a sensational doomsday approach. It isn't narrow-minded. And most importantly, it does not leave the reader without hope.

In an honest, thorough, and credible voice, Rosenberg challenges the Church, individuals, and government officials in ways that have potential to reshape our future and, thus, the future of the entire globe. As much as he shows the planet is headed in a gloomy direction, he also gives reason for doable optimism if we accept the challenge immediately.

Rosenberg states when his points are speculative. However, in supporting those speculations with facts, statistics, and current events, each of the scenarios becomes plausible. The four scenarios Joel believes "could make America unable--or unwilling--to play a key role in the unfolding prophetic events of the last days are:
* Economic Implosion--The United States implodes financially and economically.
* War or Terrorism--The United States is devastated by a surprise military or terrorist attack or series of attacks.
* Natural Disasters--The United States is devastated by an unprecedented series of natural disasters.
* The Rapture--The United States suddenly loses millions, or tens of millions, of people when the Rapture happens, leaving the rest of the American people devastated and triggering any number of cataclysmic events." (p. 127).

The facts--unreported by the mainstream media--will grab the reader's attention.

It is critical that this book is read by as many people as possible while we still have opportunity to make choices for the future.

(I am a freelance reviewer and was given a review copy of this book with the understanding I would give objective feedback.)
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on September 30, 2012
The book starts with a jarring review of the state of the American economy. Joel compares the debt in Greece that, following on the heals of one of the deepest and longest economic contractions in America's history, provoked an international monetary chrisis.

He discusses how the Russian and Chinese economies are flourishing, with China buying most of America's massive debt: a debt larger by far in percentage of a gross domestic product than that of Greece. A gross domestic product that is also vastly larger than that of Greece, creating the potential for a much more cataclysmic monetary crisis.

His basic question, focussed upon end times prophecy, is this: Does America have a place in end time events? His answer is almost certainly not. He reasons from scripture and refuses to speculate where scripture is silent, with the exception of where scripture is silent about America. From that silence and a great deal of plausible speculation he reaches the conclusion that America, as we know it, will probably cease to exist before the second coming of Christ.

He invests a chapter each to the first and second great awakenings in American history. These chapters are very informative and a refreshing ray of hope in a pretty dismal picture. He begins casting a vision for the future that with the question: "How then shall we live?" and sows the seeds of a living hope to round out the book.
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on September 25, 2012
Being a fan of Mr. Rosenberg's political thrillers, it was not difficult to pick up Implosion. I found this non-fiction book very relevant, in my opinion, to the situations our nation faces in the present. The exciting and gripping style that the author uses in his fiction writings shows itself at times in Implosion as well. Facts are presented in an easy-to-understand manner, definitely not feeling too cumbersome. Several chapters of theories as to what could cause the United States to "implode" are revealed in a way that causes the reader to think, but without trying to create or expound upon conspiracy theories. Rosenberg is very mainstream in his hypotheses, yet still remains thought provoking.

Implosion was a refreshing, encouraging, and challenging book that I think any concerned American should read. I picked this book up thinking it would be political, but found that it was not just the typical current-events rant. Implosion doesn't simply list out all of the problems with America: it gives the honest and Biblical solution.
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on July 11, 2015
This book gives us scenarios of what could happen in America but then Mr. Rosenberg goes on to challenge all of us as Christians to do our part or this country WILL implode. He states several times that he is not predicting the future but is merely stating ways our country could fall. This is a good book to read. It will challenge you. Are you sitting and ignoring what is going on around us in the US? Are you praying for our country? This has become especially important since SCOTUS made their landmark decision on gay marriage as well as the continued attacks on our family (Christians) by gays. Are we going to stick our head in the sand and say "God take care of me and mine" and that's it? Remember, EVERY person who follows Christ is your brother or sister. Read this book and heed it.

I've read most of Mr. Rosenberg's novels which are some of the best reading around. This book is up to the high expectations I have of Mr. Rosenberg's writing. He is well informed and researches his info thoroughly.
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on September 20, 2014
A must read for every American who cares about this great Country..... Christians, Jews, and non-believers. As a believer this novel was a reawakening for me. We tend to forget that God our Creator is in control, not us. The Jewish people are God's chosen people and our Lord and Saviour is Jewish. Regardless of what we may believe, the state of Israel is pivotal in God's plan for humanity. Rosenberg's outlook for America is dire. He paints a picture of a government that is spending us into bankruptcy and doesn't really care and of biblical prophecies that don't include the U.S. A country that has lost its moral compass and is spiraling down from its position of the world's conscience and leader. His advice is that there must be a spiritual reawakening and we all must diligently pray for The Lord's hand to once again be over this country and for the protection of Israel and the the Jewish people .
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on May 16, 2014
This rating was chosen because it gives answers to the past and existing problems that America has economically, politically, and spiritually. An excellent read for anyone who is interested in our beautiful nation and who has the understanding that we are at a "Y" section of the road...we need to choose.
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on August 12, 2017
This is a very comprehensive and clear writing of the condition and challenges of our world today. The author describes the implications of massive debt, the erosion of the middle class, the terrorist threats around the world and the challenging relationships with several countries. It isn't a question of if but when and the author offered what actions should be taken.
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on January 10, 2018
It is an interesting read, and thought provoking. Even if you don't agree with the conclusions, it will give the reader a different perspective.
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on July 18, 2017
VERY TIMELY! A MUST READ! (especially if you have not settled your spirituality - this will help!)
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on November 16, 2012
The historical perspective presented in this book is very helpful in allowing the reader to grasp the significance of the situation in which we find ourselves today. Topics included the economic challenges, terrorist challenges and the possibility of natural disasters. As I was reading the natural disaster section, one question posed was, "What if a hurricane hit New York City?" Well, as I was reading it, that very thing happened!
There were parts of the book that I don't agree with, like the Rapture section. I also thought his lack of discussion of the drug issues of our nation was a lost opportunity.
On the whole, it was a very interesting and thought-provoking book and I would strongly recommend it.
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