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on December 22, 2014
Be very careful when choosing an adapter like this one: your needs will dictate which is the correct adapter for you. The safest bet is to look at the device you are trying to connect and count the number of pins.

3x8 + big pin = DVI-D, a dual-channel DVI connector for high , meant to send high resolution digital video
3x6 + big pin (missing 2x2 in middle) DVI-D single-channel connector. Also digital video, but lower maximum resolution.
3x8 + big pin with 4 pins around it = DVI-I Supports digital and analog video (assuming you use a VGA connector on the other side)
3x10 + big pin = M1-DA, usually used on projectors to input high resolution video. Usually used with HDMI or DVI on the computer side
A few PC makers use a similar looking connector to output two different video signals; these require a manufacturer-specific Y-splitter cable.

If you are trying to connect the DVI output on your computer to a regular TV with an HDMI input then use this model connector with a regular HDMI cable. And if your PC's video card supports it, (and you install the HD audio driver) you can also use this connector to send audio through the DVI port and into the HDMI cable to your TV, eliminating the need for a separate audio cable. I use this method to hook my GeForce GTX video card (DVI) to my HDMI TV.
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on December 22, 2014
I purchased this adapter so I could connect my PS3 to my Acer monitor. The adapter took approximately one month to arrive which is understandable when something is shipping from China to the US. This adapter however will not work with the PS3, PS4, or Raspberry Pi. If you are planning on using it with those devices don't bother. It did however work with my PC's Geforce FX 660 Ti, so the adapter is not completely faulty, it just seems incompatible. I bought another adapter from Fry's for 10 dollars which was a cable with an HDMI ending on one side and a DVI-I connection on the other which works perfectly. Perhaps if you are planning on connecting gaming consoles or the Pi look for a DVI-I not DVI-D.
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on May 5, 2017
Item is exactly as described. If you're needing to hook your older PC monitor to a television, laptop or projector than this is your product. Item is well made and easy to attach. Simply push the DVI-D end into your PC or monitor and tighten screws and push the HDMI cable into the HDMI female end.

I purchased this item because, my monitor broke on my laptop computer. I needed to connect my HDMI cable to a older monitor that only had a DVI-D connection originally made for a desktop PC. Item works great, there's no glitch, scrambled or vibration in the laptop to monitor image.

*Know that the DVI-D end does not carry sound. You will need to still use your computer speakers if using a monitor or your television speakers if attaching to a PC. Only HDMI to HDMI adapters carry sound. Look carefully at the adapter to see if you're going to actually need a male or perhaps female adapter. If you want to plug a HDMI cable into the adapter than you're going to need a male adapter. If you're going to plug the adapter directly into your PC, monitor or television HDMI port then you're going to need a female adapter.

Item arrives quickly and is well packaged in bubble wrap. It's a quality built DVI-D to HDMI Female adapter comparable to any high end electronic store. You can't go wrong ordering on
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on January 30, 2016
I purchased this adapter in order to connect the HDMI-only outputs from a Raspberry Pi B+ and a Raspberry Pi 2B to a DVI/VGA equipped Dell 1908FP. It arrived in a small padded envelope. One pin was slightly bent and had to be straightened in order to connect the monitor. Using this adapter with the RasPi I was only able to get native VGA resolution, because the HDMI "read" of the monitor appears defeated. In order to achieve maximum resolution I had to manually adjust the HDMI output settings in /boot/config.txt. This appears to be a common problem with older monitors and the RasPi in particular, so not a difficult solution. The details can be found here:

The adapter does not appear to function with my other monitor, a Viewsonic VA930M. The monitor powers on, flashes briefly and then turns off completely.

For my purposes it functions as necessary for the arrangement I have available, but buyer should beware. It may not function with all configurations.
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on November 16, 2016
The product was dead on arrival. Additionally, the product was not a DVI-D as described, it's DVI-I so the analog pins prevent you from using this adapter in a DVI-D port.

Physically, the plastic molding around the HDMI port appears to have been modified as the edges were jagged and the port shielding is crooked.

Low quality, item not as described. TL;DR NOT RECOMMENDED
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on September 11, 2016
This item took a long time to ship (about 1 month - shipped from Malaysia). The packaging was fine, but the adapter itself clearly had visual signs of poor craftsmanship. The screws on the side were very short and were not long enough to actually screw into the slots (you can see in the pictures I've added that the screws are shorter than the male DVI piece). This really wasn't a problem though as it attached to the tv just fine without having to screw it in. On the female HDMI end, there was also a little bit of the black plastic that was kind of over the opening, but it didn't seem to affect anything (sorry forgot to take a picture of the part). I can't say as to how well the item actually works because I purchased this specifically to use with the Amazon Fire Stick I purchased. My tv does not have an HDMI port and so I thought I could use this HDMI to DVI adapter; unfortunately, after receiving this item I discovered that the Fire Stick does NOT support DVI. =( Of course I got this item 3 days after the return period for the Fire Stick had expired. =*( Anyway, I initially thought that the problem was with this adapter (considering all the visual imperfections), and so I contacted the seller and informed them that the product did not work. They responded very quickly and offered to either replace the item (which would have taken another month) or a full refund (they specified that I would NOT need to return the damaged item). So while I can not verify whether the item itself is as much of a bargain as it seems - I decided to write this review because the customer service was excellent (thus the 4 stars).
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on April 7, 2016
I couldn't be happier to be writing this review right now. For some stupid reason, I bought a monitor that didn't have an HDMI connection, even though my macbook only has an HDMI output (and not a VGA output.... VGA, really?). I've been through multiple adapters, none of which have worked. I'm so grateful for the Importer520 Gold Plated HDMI Female to DVI-D Male Video Adapter. Now I can finally use my beautiful monitor that doesn't have a VGA output. The nice thing is that the screws that hold the adapter to the monitor are really easy to turn. In previous attempts, I've found that the other adapters were basically impossible to connect because of the fact that you couldn't use a screwdriver on the screws. You had to do it with your hands, but that would only work if you were 2-3 years old but had the strength of a professional wrestler. This is the only adapter you need to go HDMI to DVI. Thank you Importer520!
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on May 29, 2016
Other reviews say it does not have audio, so I was surprised when audio came out a tv I intended as monitor. In windows 10 the sound output device is "speakers 2 high definition audio device". In linux the sound output device is "HDMI 2". Picture quality depends which cable I use. For example, a cheap HDMI cable I have works perfectly with my Roku, but shows distorted picture with anything else. A better HDMI cable I have works with any device.

Many video cards with DVI are video only, so don't expect sound if you plug into a video card. My DVI is on the motherboard, with video and audio directly from AMD APU. Also your DVI must be type D or I. Type A is analog only. Also you need to check resolution, that your card can handle the resolution of monitor or tv.

This adapter allows my PC to have dual monitors, both with digital quality video and audio.
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on October 18, 2015
* It's cheap.
* It takes so long to be shipped from Asia, that you'll be so happy when it finally does. (Until you try it, maybe.)

* It takes forever to be shipped.
* It didn't fit any of my DVI monitors. It connects, but it's so long (1 3/4 inches, or 4.5 cm), that it doesn't leave enough room for an HDMI cable to connect to it. There's not even enough room for a 90 degree HDMI adapter! None of my various HDMI cables could bend around the corners of my Viewsonic and Samsung monitors. Without using a pocket knife on a monitor and/or a HDMI cable, I cannot even try this adapter. So, does it work? I dunno.

Since I tried it with multiple monitors and HDMI cables, I've got to think that this is a common problem, and so I've given it a low rating. Hopefully it'll work for you.

Had they made it L-shaped, with DVI-D at the top, then I could use it on all my monitors.

Please let me know if you liked or didn't like this review. Thanks.
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on November 20, 2013
It works. Needed one of these to hook my Chromecast to an older monitor (for video streaming purposes only...not audio of course).
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