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on April 14, 2013
This is a screen protector. It might not do all that it says but it's still a screen protector for a super cheap price. It came in super fast but with no instructions. If this is your first screen protector then do the following.
1. Wipe the device with cloth provided.
2. Use tape or lint roller to go over the face of the device (take your time, this really does matter a lot)
3. Put the protector on from one side to another (make sure that the camera hole and home button hole will both matchup, you will also have to take your time to get flawless result. When you get to a spot where you will always get a bubble no matter what you do, it means that you didn't do step 2 good enough. If you look close enough to that bubble, you can see the tiny piece of lint and your reaction would be WTF. You can also use a credit card to push out the air bubble of their is no lint, or just peel off a little bit of the protector and reapply it again.)
I got flawless result, but i give 4 stars because all three of my screen protectors had dents on it (did not affect the look at all). its also a pain in the ass job so warning: It may cause irritation.
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on August 20, 2014
Product came in a shipping envelope but the screen protectors were unharmed, so no complaints there. I like that you get 3 screen protectors for about two dollars (which is why I bought this since it was so cheap). It is a bit of a challenge to center the screen protector onto the iPad (it doesn't line up correctly to the front camera, but that wasn't a big deal to me since most screen protectors are like that). I ended up having to use the second screen protector because there was some dust that I didn't properly clean from the screen that got onto the screen protector and bothered me while I read or watched Netflix. You will get a lot of bubbles with this screen protector, but you can either use your finger or a squeegee (I had one from a previous purchase of a screen protector for my iPod that I used, it's really useful! Though if you aren't careful you can scratch the screen with it). But anyway, I am so glad that I bought this because i ended up accidentally brushing the back of my stylus against the screen which scratched the screen protector. I also bought this stylus which is one of the best I've ever used for writing but it scratches the screen, hence why I originally bought this screen protector
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on March 27, 2014
I don't think I applied the screen protector right on my first try... It is imperative to remove all the air bubbles, and it is also a fair challenge to do. It probably takes some practice. I didn't get all the bubbles out and it showed. Later on, one of the corners lifted up, which had nothing to do with air bubbles, and I could not smooth it out. I think the concept is more trouble than it's worth, but that's just my opinion. Since it is not such a pricey item, it is probably worth trying.
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on October 31, 2013
Putting on a screen protector is hard - I won't lie. It can make you downright crazy with every speck of lint that seems to show up when you are in the middle of the process. Apparently in my house I'm the PRO at this and all items that need screen protectors are given to me to preform the task.

What I've learned - Tips & Tricks

- work at a table with good lighting.
- make sure no one will be walking through the area when you are about to preform this task
the less movement around you the less new dust will be kicked up in the air.
- wipe the screen off throughly and then wipe it again for good measure.
- take your time don't feel rushed (can't stress this enough)
***typically screen protectors come with 2 sides that peel off from the middle sheet (so 3 plastic sheets are sandwiched together)
(I actually peel off the "top" side to make the sheet more flexible.)
- I then carefully peel the "back" only part way off maybe a 1/3 of the way and line this up on the item (I like to start with anyplace that has a lens hole or something that I need to have lined up)
- once that is lined up and the sides look as if they will go on straight I then use a credit card to gently press down the rest of the back while simultaneously peeling the rest of the back of it off.

If you mess up don't fret you have more and yes I have messed up but not very often and I hardly get any air bubbles or lint trapped under the screen protectors.

Good luck and go slow.
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on March 16, 2017
Thumb print magnet. Doesn't come with any instructions on how to install it. Didn't even had a package presentation. Got it within a regular mail package. I don't recommend it.
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on April 19, 2017
A must buy for anyone who uses an iPad/tablet. I've had it on my iPad for quite a while now and will probably never have to replace it.
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on August 8, 2013
I ordered these because they were cheap and I needed something in a hurry for my iPad. The listing said that it was a 3-pack. My package arrived today with only two. On top of that, one of the screen protectors had an extra hole punched at the top, obvious mistake on their part. I had packaging issues as well since they sent another item with these that ended up denting both protectors. This was because the screen protectors are not in cardboard packaging, just slid into a simple plastic sheet. I tried putting on one, since I had to have something on it, and it was a pain to put on. I have never had so many bubbles. I don't like how it feels when I move my fingers across the screen either. Quality just is not there with this product even with the cheap price tag. Big thanks to Amazon giving me a refund because I was not a happy camper.

Not worth the hassle.
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on March 29, 2013
I really like this case as a case. It does a great job of protecting the computer and also helps to camouflages people tend to think it is more of a book that way. I do not use the external keyboard but have paired it with my iPad two times, both times it worked but I cannot remember the key combination to start it once paired. If you don't remember this you pretty much will need the instructions so don't lose them, I ended up writing their key sequence on the keyboard in the event that I use it in the future. It did type fine. I primarily use my iPad for surfing the net and reading email also it is easy to verbally detect speech into document using the iPad as I am doing now. Also do you know that because I do not store the keyboard with my iPad when I put it in here the magnets do a great job of firmly attaching it to the case that the case is not stretched out enough to easily close it. The case also has a nice magnetic band to hold it shut when the iPad is not in use. The screen powers off and the iPad is in power conservation mode. I will buy another one of these if this leather ever does crack at the bend seam, also I think this is synthetic leather.
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on December 5, 2012
These screen projectors are just good for my ipad 2. Putting them on the screen was a bit difficult but I managed at the end. Visibility it not more than 95%; so expect that you will lose some of the beauty of your ipad's retina display.

The Good:
* Protects you ipad screen as mentioned
* No grease or residues on the screen after if you decide to remove it
* Average value for money. But expected!

The Bad:
* Although it protects you ipad screen but it is not scratch resistant. I was cleaning it with a very soft cloth while some dust particles were on it; and this caused so many scratches on the screen protector that led me to replace it with a 2nd one from the pack.
* Some difficulty in putting it on the screen, but it is expected. All screen protectors are not very easy to apply on your device's screen.

Overall, if you search for a screen protector with affordable price that does its job in protecting your ipad screen, this item is for you. But you need to know that you will surely lose some of your device's screen visibility.
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on September 18, 2014
This is not your top of the line product but if you need something to protect your screen until you can afford one of the really nice ones then this will do for about a month. My daughter actually placed my ipad face down and slid across the floor on it. Yes she sat on top of my ipad with the screen on the floor and scooted her bum across the floor on it and to my amazement the screen protector kept the screen protected but the screen protector was not ok. I wouldn't say this is a negative thing because the ipad screen was fine. Seriously what are your expectations for an item that you pay very little for. M ipad was fine the screen protector ... not so fine. I say its job was fulfilled
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