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on April 23, 2017
This show was compelling, I truly couldn't stop watching it. At first. Season One was amazing! The relationships with his patients were thought provoking and tumultuous, his own therapy sessions with Gina really give you a glimpse into how tortured he is about his profession, his marriage, and his ethics. I lost many hours of sleep because I wanted to see what would happen next.

Season Two was much slower to start, and the characters didn't have as much personality as the previous season. When I finally did start to care what happened to them, when it finally got interesting, it was over.

Season Three is perhaps the most disappointing. I had hoped Season Two was a fluke and they'd recapture the magic the show had before, but it just declined even further. Sunil is perhaps the only character with any grit to him, the rest are just vapid filler with nothing to say. We see more of Paul's personal life than before, which is something I wish I'd seen more of in Season One, but his decline into nut-town just wasn't as interesting as you'd think.

It's definitely worth watching, but if you don't make it past Season Two, you're not missing much.
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on March 18, 2017
Seasons one and two of “In Treatment” are thought provoking and compelling. Season three is a disaster. I have not gone back to see what writers or directors were lost, but it is abundantly clear that the third season writers care nothing about either the character development or the story line that came before.
The characters in season three are like soulless zombies walking through the plot. There are some very talented and dedicated actors who are trying their best to make the characters live, but they have nothing to work with. Ian, Patrick and Rosie just completely disappeared. The people left are mere wooden stereotypes. Even Dr. Paul Weston is a shadow of himself.
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on October 7, 2015
I do not ever watch TV but I sped through all 3 seasons of In Treatment and loved it. I do think the quality declined a bit through the seasons, with the first season being the best. In the final season it seemed to me that Paul was more timid, more hesitant in his responses to patients, would say "What.... what... what is it that makes you think that?" I'm curious if the direction of the character changed and why, but this is a relatively small comment. I also wish more would have been done with Paul's own supervision or therapy to show how a more intact psyche can utilize supervision or therapy. We saw Paul's patients regress in sessions with him, and we saw him regress to nearly the same extent in his own therapy. Sometimes this happens, but hopefully/ideally the therapist will be somewhat more healed than his patients. It would have been a way to illustrate what the goal of therapy would be, to see the therapist in his own therapy being more able to integrate interpretations, more able to recognize and work with parallel process, etc. But overall this is a fantastic show that humanizes patients and therapists alike. Highly recommend!
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on August 8, 2015
What a fascinating series! I learned a lot about the power of 'listening' as it relates to Psychotherapy.
The story lines were very relevant to my own life, in almost a spooky sort of way.
Seasons One and Two were more engaging to me, although I was so 'hooked' by Season 3, I just had to watch it.
The best part of the whole series was that it explored so many types of personalities and none of the story lines seemed to come to 'fairy tale' conclusions. All the open-ended stories of each character allow for life to go on, and just as our own, there are ups and downs. I never felt like
anything was 'solved,' only supported and examined in becoming who we are here to become. Paul Weston is learning more about himself, just exactly what he wants to impart to his patients.
Excellent film work and writers who use 'real' dialog make this very personal and transformational.
I would love to see a SEASON 4, just to see how Paul Weston is faring. I came to really care about him and so many of these characters.
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on September 22, 2015
I love how clinically distanced Gabriel Byrne portrays his Physiatrist's character. He virtually never crosses the line. I love how his response is almost always "what do you think/feel/perceive" He does not let his patients get under his skin. He is the consummate Therapist. His patients constantly test, provoke and try to shock him. And he's not having it. One of the most raw scripted shows ever made..
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on October 31, 2015
Season 3 brought us Dr. Weston in a very different place and his 'human' side submerged the more interesting therapy side. The characters he treated were less interesting and really just caricatures. "Jesse" was everything a stereotype could be; "Frances" was superficial and simply boring; Sunhill's character deteriorated into an exploiter; and "Adele" lacked credibility. I hopscotched through this season trying to find an episode that held my interest, but to no avail. I rather kept hoping that the new fiancé of "Kate" was going to be exposed as a pedophile - seemed as though the hints were dropped frequently that he was molesting Max. The acting was artificial and without luster. I never really took "Dr. Weston" seriously as a therapist in this role, but by the end of Season 3 I thought perhaps he should have had his license yanked in Season 2.
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on September 5, 2016
I started watching the first season when I was finishing my Master's degree in counseling. It has been fun to watch Paul go through various complex issues like ethical dilemmas, counter transference, cultural differences, etc. This season really pulls these issues out in the forefront in a compelling way. The acting on the part of the clients is very engaging and well done. Paul is frustrating to watch at times but it reminds us how difficult it can be sometimes to turn inward and face our own deeply rooted issues and to see the way they paint our reaction to and interaction with the world. The season had a good conclusion that left me feeling fairly gratified in the end.
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on June 8, 2015
I enjoyed the first two seasons but it seems the writers may have flipped out as much as the main character did in this season. No one likes a whiny man and whine is what this guy did all season long. He truly became less stable than the first two seasons. I got the gist of what they were trying to convey with the various unstable clients but it just seemed to be missing something the first two seasons had as far as the main character was concerned. Not sure if this was the final season or not but maybe that's what they were dealing with and they had to do something with him. .
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on May 27, 2016
It has been interesting binge watching this show again on Amazon Prime Video. I remember liking it a LOT when it was first on.

Now, I found myself fast forwarding or skipping entirely the more annoying patients.

I also found all, including Paul, patients refusing to take responsibility for their own actions.

I found them all, including Paul, whinging navel gazers.

I guess the years have not been kind to In Treatment, or at least my opinion of it. It's a good show to binge watch if you've never seen it, but if you've grown more cynical or impatient since it was first aired, don't bother watching it again.
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on October 16, 2016
Loved this show, especially Diane Wiest and Amy Ryan (Gina and Adele). Gabriel Byrne great too and so fascinating to watch him at times be a really good therapist and then be so awful to his own therapists, and even act, react, and over-react with them exactly as his patients do with him. Do therapists really put up with so much abuse from patients!?!

Listening to patients describe their sexual escapades was tiring (and sometimes really disturbing), but overall this show is excellent and well worth watching. Great ending, too.
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