Customer Reviews: InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer
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on February 17, 2007
After reading the reviews here, I went to Home Depot this morning and bought the Compact. I planned to install it myself, and did not buy any extras. I could always run back to the store if I needed. The hardest part of the entire installation was getting the old disposal out. I think it was the original installed by the builder 20 years ago. Once I got the old one out, the rest was a breeze. The instructions covered everything well enough that I had no problems, inspite of my wife's questions about whether or not I had ever done something like this before. I did not have to move or replace any plumbing. I did need my wife to push down on the sink collar while I attached the rings underneath. Everything went together well, no leaks. I even took the tension clamp off the old one and used to secure the power cord coming from the wall.

The moment of truth came: I flipped the switch and I was stunned! The box said 40% quiter than the Badger line, but this thing is 80% quieter than what it replaced! I was wowed! Called the wife in to see my handiwork, and she was wowed! (I'm her hero!) With the old disposal, you could not watch TV or have a conversation in that end of the house when it ran. Now, you can stand at the sink and whisper while it runs. There is a low hum, and a very mild vibration.

InSinkErator makes a much larger 1 h.p. unit with a stainless steel case that claims to be 60% quiter than the Badger line. I would be afraid you couldn't tell it was on if it was that much quiter than the Compact. This unit is the best buy around, and would be worth it even at a higher price (but don't let InSinkErator get wind of that). I highly recommend the Compact, and in fact, I would recommend that you not get any other brand!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 29, 2008
InSinkErator Compact Evolution Household Food Waste Disposer, Gray


- These current generation InSinkErators could be the quietest and most vibration-free disposers on the market. The case itself is insulated; the sink-drain connector assembly's metal parts are rubber cushioned; plus the discharge pipe flange is rubber. These anti-vibration innovations work. When no water or waste is in the unit, all you hear is a mild hum. If it was much quieter and you wouldn't know it was on.

- It performs as you would expect for an excellent disposer. Nothing we've fed it has failed to be ground-up and flushed away.

- 3/4 HP has been more than enough to get the job done.

- It's the smallest of the high-end disposers, giving more room to store things in your sink-base cabinet, and more room for your body when working on under-sink plumbing.

- It's good looking and looks expensive.

- About as easy to install as possible, for a disposer. Have a small container of plumber's putty on hand before you begin. You might also need some medium sized wire nuts.

- A four-year in-home warranty confirms the manufacturer's confidence in their product's reliability.


- Years ago, the most common method of electrifying a disposer was to hard-wire it by connecting an NM (non-metallic sheathed) cable directly to the disposer (which is why no cord is provided). A safer method is to use a cord such as the InSinkErator Power Cord Kit #CRD-00, and plug that cord into a receptacle in the sink-base cabinet. (It's "safer" because otherwise, someone could turn the circuit breaker back on while you're working on the disposer, and electrocute you. With a cord, unplugging it is a sure means of power disconnect.) If there is no receptacle there, feed the existing NM cable into a utility box and install one; turn the power off first. Use a receptacle tester (sold by Amazon) to verify proper wiring. If you have the skills to hard-wire a disposer, you should have the skills to install a surface-mounted box and receptacle. (Your county may require a permit to do this work. Whether you get one is up to you.)

-If you are connecting a dishwasher to the disposer, you might need the InSinkErator Dishwasher Connector Kit #DWC-00. Some dishwashers, such as Kitchen Aid models, do not need the kit, because their discharge hose connects without modification to an InSinkErator.


- InSinkErator should design the unit so a special three-prong cord [they could sell] plugs and twist-locks into the bottom of the disposer, while still allowing for a hard-wired option. That would eliminate all wiring directly to the disposer, preventing end-user miswiring of the cord.


This disposer is obviously the result of many generations of InSinkErator improvements; a 5-star appliance.
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on March 26, 2008
I bought this based on the recommendations and reviews here--just installed it last night. It is fabulous! The first time I turned it on I thought it had gotten jammed or something because it was SO QUIET! I turned it off, got out the jam wrench and hit the restart button--only to find out it had been running! You guys warned me, but it is SO TRUE! After the first initial start, you have to listen to hear it run!

Couple of things on installation--
I did this all by myself (female), all on my own, had never done this before! It took about three hours--I also installed the new flange, even though not needed, because it was so pretty (probably added an hour to the job). Use the trick shown in the directions to keep the flange still while you install everything else--completely worth the extra time. Just read the directions--it's easy. And don't forget to pop out the dishwasher plug if you have one.

One other trick--I had a difficult time given the angle, weight, etc., holding the disposal in place and twisting it onto the mount. Tried a couple of things to support the weight and then got my CAR JACK (!!!!) out of the back of my car. I balanced the disposal on the jack and simply hoisted it in place, then twisted it onto the mount! VOILA! Easy as pie!
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on October 24, 2010
I was debating whether to get this model or the comparable 3/4 horsepower WasteKing version. I chose this one for the following reasons:

- Consumer Reports magazine ranked the Evolution Compact as being a quieter unit. Quietness is one of the things I care most about in a disposal. I think any 3/4 horsepower unit will do a great job in an average household kitchen, so in the end quietness and build quality are what separate the units. Based on my actual usage of the product (purchased it recently) I am surprised how much quieter it is than the Insinkerator Badger 1 it replaced. I'd say it's about 50%-60% quieter. Its sounds like how the Badger 1 sounds when it's jammed and you turn it on -- just a hum. I am VERY satisfied on that front.

- The WasteKing has a higher rotation speed but the grinding mechanics of the Evolution Compact seemed to make up for it based on my reading of the on-line product documentation. It's as if the WasteKing has to make up for the less advanced grinding technology with higher speed in order to win the "specs" battle.

- The WasteKing does not have a hole in the bottom for you to put a wrench into to loosen jams. Their sales documentation says you don't need one because the motor is so powerful it will not jam -- whatever. If that is the case then why does the product's user guide instruct you to stick a broom stick in the disposal and twirl it around if it ever gets jammed??? I think not having a wrench hole is a way to keep the price low. And saying the unit is so powerful you don't need a wrench hole is a way for their marketing department to hide the product weaknesses and push units. Stuff like this let's you know that WasteKing has cut corners to get the price so low.

- Based on reading the on-line product documentation, visiting the manufacturer Web sites, and reading user comments I concluded, in my opinion, that the Insinkerator was a higher quality product -- even with the shorter warranty. Yes, the comparable WasteKing model has an 8-year warranty and has a higher rotation speed, but that doesn't mean it's better built. Honda's are know to have some of the shortest warranties in the auto biz, but their brand is consistently ranked among the highest for long-term quality.

- The WasteKing just looked cheap. I read some of the WasteKing comments and some of them mentioned it being made of cheap plastic. The Evolution Compact looks like, and after installing it in my kitchen I can also say, feels and sounds like a quality product.

- Insinkerator has a 4-year come to your home warranty where they'll send someone to fix it. To me that has more weight than a 8 year warranty that I will likely not be able to take advantage of when I move in 5 years or so.

- I often find that you get what you pay for. The WasteKing being so much cheaper kind of worried me.

All in all I am very happy with my purchase. BTW: If you buy this unit and have a dishwasher, don't forget step 16 when installing it! You have to knock out the drain plug and remove it from inside the disposer. I forgot to do it and so my dishwasher didn't function properly. After uninstalling the product and following step 16 all was well. Also, be sure when you install it to make sure all three of those metal install tabs/points are firmly secure.

-- UPDATE ON 1/9/14 ---
Over 3 years later, this thing still runs like a champ. Smooth and quiet. No complaints. I did have to call customer service to get a replacement tubing parts that I lost when I installed a new sink and cabinet. They were a pleasure to deal with and sent me the parts free of charge. Definitely a 5 star product and company.

-- UPDATE ON 10/18/15 ---
5 years later, this thing still running like a champ. No complaints. Still highly recommend.
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on November 1, 2012
2015 UPDATE: I'm keeping what I wrote below, as a record, but changed the rating from a 1. But the fact is, the rust did not spread and has been contained with simple icecube maintenance. And they offered a replacement, which I have not needed. It's an old model, it's not too quiet, and I Don't use it often, but it's still going strong, with no leaks.


All the good things you'll read about this are true.

But did you notice that all the reviews that are positive are from recent buyers?

Anyone who has had this for a while will tell you the real problems that come about. With MINIMAL use, the turntable is already rusting--which means that in a couple of years, it will be leaking. The rust is also preventing one of the lugs from moving.

That is because they are using 400 grade stainless steel, which is not really rust-proof. So they get to say it's stainless, but that does not help you. Just run a search on the type and you will see. They needed a 300 grade one to be fine.

But as the other reviewer said, it's designed for obsolescence, even though the motor is really good.

After 1 hour of haggling where InSinkErator told me
(a) rust is not covered--FALSE: the warranty does not cover "cosmetic rust" whatever the hell that means (actually, it means the rust that will emerge during warranty but will make your machine leak just after warranty expires)
(b) I would have to pay for installation--FALSE: the warranty gives you IN HOME repair

they agreed to send me a new one and to pay for the plumber.

So now I have to wonder: will they send me a refurbished one? And why bother with the same model when the material is the same--and thus the problem will be?

Ah, consumer culture...what a waste.
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on November 29, 2010
Five years after purchasing this, not only has the motor burned up, but the bottom is just about to rust through. I don't find this acceptable, as the previous (Kenmore) model lasted more than 20 years. And those 20 years were the years spent with 6-8 people in the house, now it is just two of us. I'm disappointed to say the least, and absolutely FED UP with planned obsolescence. Obviously IT IS (or was?) possible to make a disposal that lasted a lot longer. I'm delving through reviews right now trying to find a replacement that is quality, but most of the review relate to installation and sound. Perhaps this will be helpful to those of you not wanting to relive this process five years from now?
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on December 28, 2006
I can't say enough about how happy I am with the Evolution Compact disposal from InSinkErator. I had a fairly high end Kenmore disposal for about a year. It did a good job but was noisy. Then this year there was a fire in my condo unit that resulted in several rooms having to be rebuilt, one of which was the kitchen. When working up the remodeling details, I ran across the Evolution Compact at Home Depot. I wasn't up-to-speed on this new series so I went home and read up as much material as I could find. In short, though I didn't really need a new disposal, I decided to give it a try to see if I could reduce the noise in the kitchen. I am SO GLAD I spent the money for the Evolution Compact. It is significantly quieter than the Kenmore. My sink doesn't rattle like it's going to come loose from the countertop when the disposal is running. Best of all, the Evolution quickly gets rid of anything I've thrown at it, all they while doing it quietly. One thing that attracted my eye in the store was the blue color of unit. It stood out from all the blacks and greys around. While appearence in not necessarily something you look for in a garbage disposal, it does project the image of a high-quality, high-end appliance, something that can be a positive if for any reason you decide to sell your home. I highly recommend the Evolution Series to anyone looking for a new garbage disposal. I agree with a prior reviewer, there are other places where you find the Evolution Compact for $159 so it's worth shopping around unless you live in an area where you have to make a long drive to get to a home center like Lowes or Home Depot.
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on December 27, 2011
Nobody would want to replace the garbage disposer every few years. I have gone through three InSinkErators since remodel of my house in 2000. Each time the ingenious mounting design kept me taking the shortcut - buying another ISE so I wouldn't have to remove the sink mount. However, there was a brand new one out of the box that was off-balance and noisy (thanks to Home Depot's easy exchange policy). This time, an ISE 444 gradually failed after six years, just two years after the the warranty expired! I just bought and installed an ISE Evolution Compact. It works well, very quiet.

With an engineer's curiosity, I opened the old unit up to find out why it was making such big vibration and noise. I thought there might be a stuck wood chip from my yard. Instead I found serious design issues that make it NOT TO LAST and prone to inconsistent quality.

1. Although the main chamber and grinding elements are made of stainless steel, there is a (non-stainless) steel piece attached to the underside of the bottom of the chamber (that spins). That piece will gradually rust out (falling apart after six years in my unit). Besides, there is no provision in the design to prevent water and particles from getting into the upper bearing, which also rusts.

These are TIMED BOMBS that will bring the machine down after certain time, and that's what happened to my ISE 444 (the rust out). They are things that are very easy to fix, and should have been fixed long time ago since ISE has gone through many years / generations. I can't explain why they were not fixed in the ISE 444 (manufactured in 2005). I guess I will find out in the Evolution Compact after it fails.

2. The two bearings that hold the motor shaft are aligned by a sheet metal body. If the body has a dent or if the machining tolerance is off, the shaft may suffer excessive wear and lose balance.

I read that Waste King has a fiber glass body and carries a ten year to lifetime mechanical and corrosion warranty (depending on the model). It appears that Waste King has solutions to address these issues. Too late for me now but I will definitely switch over if this Evolution Compact dies again in a few years.
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on November 8, 2010
InSinkErator Evolution Essential 3/4 HP Household Food Waste Disposer

I purchased an InSinkerator less than 12 months ago and had it installed. Recently the casing began leaking and damaged my cabinet under the sink. When I called to gain assistance, imagine my shock to be speaking with the Philippines. Not only did they have difficulty understanding what I was saying, they were not able to answer any of my basic questions about repair response. The individual on the phone could only tell me who to call locally for repair. They only had one option and they had no after hours access.

I called the local representative for repair Monday evening. The repairman never called back. I had to place another call to the repairman. He indicated it would be 3-4 days to get the system in stock, then 1- 2 days before he would be able to schedule the repair. I asked to go ahead and schedule an appointment for 4 days out to prevent the additional 1-2 day delay and he refused, stating if I wanted to argue with him about any of the delay I could find someone else to do it. Sadly, because he is the only authorized representative to fix the system, any disagreement with him means he can refuse and I'm out of luck. I would also add, he advised is the only person who can determine if the system is damaged and should be replaced and if he determines it is not, he has to be paid $85.00. To say this company has a significant lack of customer service is an understatement. I wouldn't buy this product again, to be defective so quickly and have such difficulty gaining assistance with my warranty was a disappointment.
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on July 7, 2008
I am the sort who reads consumer reports and online product reviews before making a decision -- even about a garbage disposal. This seems to be a fine product. I had read someone who said it was so quite they thought it wasn't working. I thought, "yea, right." But then the same thing happened to me. When I first turned it on (without waste the first time), I had to look to be certain it was even functioning. One quick caution -- I also had to use larger wire nuts than the ones that came with the electrical connection kit. Also, there seem to be two versions of the evolution disposal out there. I have seen both a 5/8 hp and a 3/4 hp by the same name at two major competing home supply retailers. I have the 3/4hp from Amazon. While I suspect they are both fine, you will want to be aware of what you are getting.
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