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on October 12, 2012
When I was choosing my iPhone 5 case I really wanted something with a kickstand because I was using an HTC EVO 4G for a little while and that was a feature I really liked. It came down to 2 cases, the Seidio Active with Metal Kickstand or the Incipio Kicksnap. I really liked the design of the Kicksnap and the fact that it was a little bit cheaper so I decided to get it. I got the package in a timely manner and my first reaction was "Not what I was expecting". From the pictures it looked like the back had an almost matte black finish and the kickstand and top portion were more rubberized gray but the case is a glossy plastic which I don't personally like because it shows scratch marks really easily, which mine was showing scratch marks after the first 30 min just from having it in my holster. I was underwhelmed by the kickstand too. I thought it would be a kickstand that would lock into place when you opened it but sadly that wasn't the case. In order for it to stay open you have to hold it open and place it down and I've had it close on me while it was sitting on my table countless times. Also when you open the kickstand there's no backing protecting the phone so the phone is open to scratches and such. So needless to say I was upset about the purchase and I just ordered a Red/Black Seidio Active with Metal Kickstand to replace this one. On the upside I will say it's a nice build, I like the rubberized material on the inside of the case and it fits nice and snug on the phone, so well it's hard to take off haha. It's not a horrible case by any means but I was really expecting it to have a good kickstand and like I said I'm not a fan of glossy plastic cases.
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on October 3, 2012
I've had this case all of about 6 hours and I'm already in love with it. Glad I waited for it to come out rather than settling for one of the early crappy cases. It even comes in a heavy duty package, which was slightly unnecessary, but I think definitely contributes to the overall feel that this is a quality product that's going to be good. And it is, it fits on very nicely, and comes with a screen protector (I didn't use it because I already have a Zagg one). The kickstand at first I thought was a little ridiculous, but I've used it a couple of times already to watch some videos on YouTube and it folds back in nicely. Overall, great case, great buy.

UPDATE: After having this case for several weeks I bought a different case. Overall I was looking for a slimmer case to take advantage of the slimmer iPhone and this doesn't provide that. It certainly does provide protection, but is less than ideal. The case does not come off very easily, I even broke the bottom trying to get it off. Also, the cutouts for the speakers don't align properly. The case also seems to scratch fairly easily, it's either that or scratched up is the natural look of the case, which is undesirable. Finally, the kickstand after not long does not go back into the phone as well and tends to stick out just slightly which is annoying. It's not a bad case, but you can probably find better for cheaper.
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on March 4, 2014
For starters, the "kickstand" just doesn't work. It's a cheap, flimsy piece of plastic, and it simply doesn't hold the phone up.

Secondly, the "kickstand" exposes the back of the phone so dirt and things can get underneath.

Most importantly, when I removed this case from my iPhone 5s after using it for about a week, it had left the honeycomb pattern imprint of the inside of the case on the back of my iPhone.

I only paid $5 for it so I'm not going to bother fighting with Incipio for my money back, it's just not worth my time, but this went straight in the garbage.

Do not buy this case. I like Incipio but this is unacceptable. I'm trying a Spigen case now I like so far.
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on June 11, 2013
First of all, I would've preferred if they had made the kickback stand 'snap' into place. It feels as if the stand is connected to the case with rubber, so the tension of it nearly closes it, and the only option is to have the phone stand at 100 degrees (to the table). If you touch the screen, perhaps to change the slide or whatever your doing, the phone just collapses. Pieces of the case have also been falling apart, such as on the sides or near the headphone jack. For me, thats not a big problem, I just needed the stand, which wasn't so good in this product.
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on October 10, 2013
This case is inexpensive and features a useful kickstand (albeit a bit flimsy) built into the case. The kickstand is well integrated into the case when you're not using it, as it fits flush into the rest of the case, but during use it is easy to knock it over. In addition, based on the images provided, the back appears to have a black matte finish, with glossy edges around the sides. In fact, the entire back portion (with exception of the kickstand and the bar at the top next to the camera opening) is glossy black, and it scratches very easily. After a day of light use (setting it down on my desk at work and at home, taking it in and out of my pocket,no keys in my pocket, and I'm careful with my phones in general), it looked like it had gone down a slide made of sandpaper. If the case had a matte finish, or at least a finish that did not scuff so easily, it would easily rate higher.
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on November 8, 2012
The Incipio KickSnap is a solid cover, that as mentioned by earlier reviewers, has some features that might not sit well with finicky users. The unit is not quite minimalist but definitely not cumbersome or bulky like some other covers in the market. The quality of the materials suggest that it can protect the iphone from a drop (although I am not brave enough to test it).

The fact that some parts are glossy makes it susceptible to scratches (and it did scratch right away). This doesn't bother me. I would rather have scratches on a $25 cover than a $700-800 iphone. After all, isn't that one of the reasons why you buy a cover?

The kick snap feature is just okay. I find myself jamming an item between the cover and the kick snap to prevent it from closing on its own. If you are able to keep it open, it does a good job in propping the iphone for watching videos.

All in all, the Incipio KickSnap for iphone 5 is an above average cover if not unspectacular. Solid 4 stars in my book.
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on June 17, 2014
I have been a fan of Incipio cases ever since my iPhone 4 took a hard spill when I slipped crossing a street in the rain and the case was gouged but the phone didn't have a scratch. I hoped this case would be similarly useful for my iPhone 5. Problem 1 - the kickstand doesn't want to stay out. The phone falls down all the time. Problem #2 - when putting the phone in, several places along the edge are now marred as if they were tucked in and I can't get them to smooth out. Problem #3 - it's really hard to get the phone back out. I left this case in the break room at work and got an Aduro COMBO Shell Case & Holster for less money that is much more functional.
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on October 12, 2012
It is a decent protective case, the Incipio iPhone 4/4S SILICRYLIC Kickstand Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Black/Gray iPhone 4 Kickstand cases were perfect but they don't have that for the iphone 5. the back is prone to scratches and fingerprints. it came with about a dozen hairline scratches, when i tried to wipe it off with the cloth it came with, it added 20 more scratches. Thinking they were smudges, i gently used my nails to take them out and it left another permanent mark. after using it for couple hours they back is full of scratches. kickstand is flimsy and does not feel sturdy. maybe i just need to get used to it. the screen protector only has one layer, making it impossible to put on. I don't like this case but its the only decent kickstand case out there. i guess i just have to suck it up and wait till incipio makes the SILICRYLIC Kickstand for the iphone 5.
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on October 17, 2012
My priority for a case was a kickstand. The one I used for my iPhone 4 had a great kickstand but the protection of the phone was "meh" at best. This Incipio case for the iPhone 5 offers better overall protection but the included kickstand is pretty hit or miss. On some surfaces it can work flawlessly, but most surfaces, the kickstand either slips up or with one of the touch, closes right up.

It feels like to keep it propped open, you need something else to keep the kickstand to stay propped out. Given its a new product, the first wave of cases always have mistakes. I'm waiting to see what Mophie pushes out, but for now, this Incipio case offers decent protection for the phone with a passable but not ideal kickstand. The included screen cover is fairly easy to put on and gets the job done if you're looking for basic screen protection. It's no zag, but I'm not a zag fan myself.
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on December 11, 2013
Not a terrible case, but I should have heeded the reviews of others. The pros: snug fit, easy to access charger and auxiliary ports even when case is on, attractive packaging, includes screen overlay protector. The cons: The kickstand doesn't stand that great, it works, but not as well as some of the other (and cheaper) models I've seen. Though I've only had this product for a couple of weeks, the glossy back of the case looks like I've taken it on an African safari with me where I was chased and ultimately mauled by a pride of voracious lions. In short, it's scratched to all Hell. In the end, it's so-so, thus the 3 star rating. It's just "OK".
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