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on April 18, 2013
We use our iPad for our autistic son. It has helped so much with his communication and social behaviors with the apps available for it. However, during tantrums or day to day handling, the iPad takes a beating. Other cases didn't cut it and the Otterbox was just way too expensive.

This case is priced right and very durable. It has a silicone sleeve that covers the iPad then the hard case goes over it. It has been dropped so many times and still looks good and the iPad has survived.

The only con is that it adds some weight to the iPad and the hard shell is secured by 4 tiny torx screws. I'm worried they might break eventually but so far so good. It's a trade off to protecting an expensive piece of hardware as well as for my son's happiness :)
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on October 25, 2013
I bought this for our iPad 1 used almost exclusively by our 3 year old son. It is a solid design that seemed like it would work well. I had two major issues with it though:

1) The rubberized buttons in the case simply didn't effectively push the actual physical buttons on the device. I tried adjusting the case a couple times thinking I must have done something wrong. I confirmed that the buttons accurately lined up, but I just couldn't press them hard enough to consistently activate the physical volume rocker and power button.
2) The rubber seal for the power port is a serious pain to open. I had to get a toothpick or something slender to pry it open each time I wanted to charge the device. Once open, I was able to plug it in without issue (some others noted problems with their plug fitting). It was just much more difficult than it should have been.

In the end I returned the case. I really wanted it to work as the solid construction gave me great confidence that it would protect the iPad from virtually anything my son would put it through. I just couldn't seem to address these pain points which in the end diminished the overall value of the case.
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on March 7, 2014
I bought this case because it was one of the few rugged cases available for the original iPad (version1). I will say this; it is a very rugged case. What I don’t like about it is that the screen protector that came with it was not built in but rather a separate screen protector and hard to apply without bubbles. Other cases that I have used have a protector built in and they are much easier to use IMO. The case also needed to be screwed together with an Alan wrench (included). This was a bit difficult to get together. Once the case was together, it worked great. Very rugged. So to sum it up, it is a good case, just not the most user friendly case out there.
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on September 23, 2016
I love the durability of this product but the only down fall is how heavy the iPad becomes with the product on. We have had a few hurt toes 😕 All that aside the product is exactly as stated.
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on April 8, 2014
sure, it takes tools to put it together. but I turned that to my advantage. I visited our local hardware store, and bought some longer versions of the screws it uses as well as some nylon strap, made myself a back strap that hugs my fear of dropping the ipad at all, and it is armored enough by the case to qualify as a handy bludgeon should I need such without harming the ipad it contains.
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on September 3, 2014
Pretty indestructible. I've had it for a long while now and it's been doing a great job protecting the kids' iPad (my 4yo STANDS on top of it when she thinks I'm not looking...) This case won't come off unless you want it to. Not all my chargers fit into the opening, but the regular, original iPad charger will fit perfectly. Totally recommend it.
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on November 15, 2010
The Incipio Destroyer was great and almost a keeper. It was what I expected based on the name of the product, as it felt like it would protect my iPad from drops. It did provide extra weight to the device, as my daughter mentioned it as soon as I handed her the iPad with the destroyer attached.

Some reviewers stated it was a bit slippery, and the case is made of plastic, so, the user should expect that it is a bit slippery, but, if you hold the device leveraging the edges on the screen side, it is not bad.

The reason I returned the case was primarily due to the fact the Apple VGA connector plug would not fit. The cut on the sync plug opening was just large enough to fit the standard USB cable, but would not fit the size of the plug that comes with the Apple VGA plug. There is not an easy way to make the plug fit, except to remove the cover, which defeats the reason to have the case on the iPad. I hope that Incipio recognizes the problem and fixes it with their next version, as i really did like the case.

Unfortunately i was not able to test with the Camera Adapter, but but based on the with of that plug, i would have expected the same problems.
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on April 17, 2013
This case is great. It stands up to abuse from my 4 kids with no issues. It's been dropped, stepped on, and gotten wet, and is perfectly fine. I love that it can't be taken off easily, needs an alan wrench, to do so, so my Ipad is completely protected. The only thing it is missing is a stand, which limits the ease of use, but only a little bit. All in all a great case.
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on March 5, 2011
First, I want the *maximum possible protection* for my iPad whenever it is outside of it's carry/sling bag.

Second, there is not a single hard shell wapper/case on the market today that beats the Incipio Destroyer for *protecting the iPad* in actual use, short of being waterproof.

Third, I'm an innate modder and inventor. No case I've seen is perfect, as is. I want something with real potential to be more than what it already is.

Integral to the ruggedized Zytel frame is a glove-fit, silicone waffle, shock absorber insert/wrap that fully encloses five sides of the iPad. Exterior hardness alone would be a serious liability for protecting the iPad in a fall/drop, were it not for this critical shock absorbing component. I don't aspire to drop my iPad, but I know it may/will happen some day, because my iPad goes where *none* of my notebook computers ever do.

The design and fit of the unit are superb.

You don't have to do anything at all before you install it, but there are a few things that can be done to make it even better.

The interlocking hard shell is made of glass-reinforced nylon, laser cut/trimmed from injection molds.

This means that there may be some remnant laser "cutting dust" along some of the edges of the hard shell's frame. You might feel this dust with your fingers along some edges, but will need magnification to actually see it for what it is. This fine dust, if present, is physically stuck to some (not all) edges of the frame, but it all comes away very cleanly, despite not being "loose."

One solution is to run a hard finger nail across any "dusty" edges, which is what I did. If you happen to have soft finger nails, you could use the cutting edge of a plastic utensil knife, instead. Then wipe with a damp cloth to remove the detached powdery residue. Another solution would be to use a "dry polishing cloth" for silverware or superfine steel wool to remove the remnant cutting dust. Rub lightly until smooth to the touch. It doesn't take much effort or force, only forethought. Do this before you attempt to assemble the case, if you are going to do it at all. There are four interlocking hard shell pieces and you won't be able to get to most *interior* "edges" once the unit is fully assembled.

There were no sloppy edges or remnants on any of the edges of the silicone waffle shock absorber. When installing the silicone "skin," work from the docking port opening to the opposite end of the iPad. The shock absorber needs to be pulled all the way up over all four edges of the touch screen glass and should also be perfectly flat along of all of those edges. It should also be completely smooth and "flat" over the curved backside of the iPad. (Don't fret about covering the Apple logo; there were two white Apple decals in in iPad's original box.)

The case will assemble properly whether you remove the laser cutting dust or not. Just pay attention to where some hard shell edges clip together and where where other edges slide together. The pieces all fit together perfectly. Clip, first, then slide. Nothing needs to be forced together. If you find yourself having to force any pieces together, then stop; you are doing something wrong. Double check all of the screen side edges of the silicone waffle shock absorber and double check where all silicone plugs/covers are supposed to pass through the hard shell.

The included touch screen protection sheet is the one and only disappointment. I went with the crystal clear, triple laminated, extruded PET splash Masque Screen Protector Films (also available on Amazon), instead. Pricey, but well worth it. Install whatever screen protector you choose before you install the silicone skin.

I created my own "pull tab" for the silicone rubber plug that covers the data/charging/docking port when not in use.

I used a 4" long strip of 3/4" wide, thin polyester cloth ribbon, with 1/4" of the ribbon extending beyond the *top* edge of the closed silicone plug. The rest of the ribbon lays flat, inside the assembled shell, held in place by friction between the inside of the silicone waffle shock absorber and the exterior aluminum of the back of the iPad. (If you are really worried about yanking the pull tab ribbon clear out of the case, you could tape it to the backside of the iPad before you enclose it in the shock absorber. I didn't use any glue or tape and I haven't yanked out my pull tab, yet.) This pull tab makes it extremely easy to open the silicone port cover plug and fully close it back up again, as needed. A very minor, yet very practical, modification that does nothing to compromise the protection of the iPad. Yes, Incipio could have thought of this; but I enjoyed coming up with this simple and elegant mod, too.

In contrast, some other iPad shells require removing an entire section of the frame in order to use the data/charging/docking port or snapping open up a clippy hard shell port cover flap. The former openly compromises complete protection of the iPad in use, where the latter can actually result in marring the aluminum frame of the iPad, over time, because the flap cover clips/snaps directly on the iPad's aluminum body in order to close. Aluminum isn't titanium or magnesium alloy. Aluminum will readily nick and/or deform when subject to seemingly light force.

I don't use or need the Apple Camera Connector Kit or external Video Out cable.

That said, if I did, I would use a Dremel tool to widen the port opening in the Incipio Destroyer's hard shell by a few millimeters, on each side of the port opening, and use an X-Acto knife to similarly widen the opening in the silicone waffle shock absorber, without removing the existing silicone plug/flap. All of that would be done while the Incipio Destroyer is disassembled and the iPad no where in sight.

The purpose of that port flap is to keep dust/debris out of the iPad's port when not in use. It would still completely cover the iPad's port, even with the Incipio Destroyer's openings slightly widened. (I do fault Apple for not standardizing on a single exterior width for all of the accessory iPad connector cables/devices.)

Unmodified, the Incipio Destroyer's snug fit around the data/charging cable and iPad port actually makes accidental damage to the cable connector and/or the iPad's port a lot less likely.

If I had to use SDHC/MMC/XD external memory cards with the iPad, I would rather use a generic USB-compatible multi-card dock, plugged into the USB connector of the Apple data/charging cable, rather than go with the proprietary Apple Camera Connector Kit. (Data card storage is far from being obsolete and Apple should not have required any external adapter in order to accomodate one such card at a time.)

As for on-screen keyboard typing, the raised edges of the Incipio Destroyer over the iPad's touch screen come no where near my wrists or fingers (and I happen to have rather short fingers). No part of the Incipio Destroyer blocks access to any part of the touch screen. There is no impediment to on screen keyboard typing, unless you are in the habit of typing upside down on on-screen keyboards. The raised lip also keeps the touch screen up off of table top surfaces if/when the iPad is set face down for any reason.

The raised edges of the Incipio Destroyer make it easier for me to hold the iPad, especially when pulling and placing it inside a carry/sling bag, without having to gratuitously "fat finger" the iPad's touch screen in order to lug it around.

As for the additional heft/weight... I'm a guy. The additional mass is not unwelcomed by me. (I seriously dislike sitting around in chairs, where ever I may stand. Also a martial artist... You know, wax on, wax off; jacket on, jacket off. Huge repetitions with light weights are routinely used to develop reaction time, speed and stamina.)

My next mod is going to be an external, removable backside battery pack/4-way stand, that can double as a Incipio Destroyer faceplate cover.

(Did you know that the iPad v1 is *deliberately underclocked*? If you clock it up to fully rated component speed, it doesn't even get warm; it just *eats* battery.)

YMMV. But your iPad will not be better protected, in an unpredictable Real World, than in an Incipio Destroyer.
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on June 17, 2015
Exceptional protection for iPad that is regularly used by small children. It does add some weight to the device, but I have found this to be a good feature because it dissuades the kids from tossing the iPad around. Very happy with the fit and the quality.
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