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on November 20, 2016
I purchased these in hope to never worry about my Nikon's battery life. At first they accomplished my goal, no worries while traveling because I had 2 backup batteries. The downfall came a short 3 weeks after the initial use (sat in the box for the first 2 weeks of purchase). After my main battery was dying I swapped it out for one of these and quickly noticed I went from 3-5 hours of use to 30-45 minutes. Which is easily noticeable when you are traveling for a few weeks in Europe. I would spend a bit more and purchase a 2nd official Nikon battery. I hope this review was helpful in your purchasing decision.
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on July 18, 2013
Received These batteries in the mail today, I popped them in the my Nikon D3200 right away to make sure they would work.
They Were Flawless and Fully Charged. I Couldn't ask for anything more. Price was right, Shipping was fast. Butterfly Photo and Amazon are Doing it the right way! It Will Be Nice two have 2 extra batteries. I Don't know how the how long they last yet, but read my thoughts on rechargeable batteries at the end.

Pro's: Didn't have to pay for the Nikon name, and received nearly the same product at a fraction of the Cost
The Charger Came with an adapter that will allow me to charge in my car with what used to be called a "Cigarette Lighter", but is now just called a 12 volt power port. That Will probably come in handy!
Con: the travel charger only uses 2 pins to charge, Nikon OEM wall charger uses all 5 pins on the battery to charge. Based on my limited knowledge two of the pins are used to sense the actual battery voltage While two more are used for charging so the smart charger Will Not "bake" your batteries, so it is theoretically possible based on what I think I know to shorten the life of your battery by using the included charger.

My General Experience over the years is that Having A GOOD CHARGER Is The Most Important Part Of ANY Rechargeable Battery. I'll use a Smart charger whenever possible. I plug Cheap chargers into a timer so I don't fry batteries.
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on March 6, 2016
I don't normally write reviews, but this product made me write this review. I was actually testing the Batteries on my Nikon D3300, and they work pretty well, The Batteries last long. The charger works perfectly in the car and in the wall switch mount. The car charger is very convenient, and I always have it in my Camera Backpack. This product definitely meets my expectations. I will definitely recommend it to anyone.
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on June 2, 2015
I was very skeptical of these off brand batteries actually working in my D5300 Nikon, but as soon as they arrived I charged them up with the included charger and inserted them into the D5300 and they worked. Whoo Hoo!!! What a great price for 2 batteries and they work great in the Nikon D5300. I'll update in about 6 months to see if they continue to work, but as of now these are a great deal.
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on June 22, 2016
I bought these for my Nikkon D3300. I was going on a few trips and wanted several backup batteries. Thankfully I also bought a second genuine Nikon battery. These batties lasted okay at first seeming to keep up with the Nikon. But three months later, they only last for maybe 50 pictures before running out of juice. By comparison, I can shoot pictures for three days with the Nikon. I'm more of a take pictures of fun stuff we're doing person, no where near professional, legues behind in fact. But there is noticeable and vast difference between these cheap batteries and the good ones. Save yourself the pain of having this p.o.s. as your battery and put the money towards a better one. Only reason I put two stars is because the charger can be used with a car cigarette outlet and it charges my Nikon battery. That's pretty cool.
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on August 15, 2016
Purchased this before & have been very happy with it. No issues with non-compatibility (I have a Nikon D5300) or battery life.
Purchased it again since I have lost one of my batteries (and like to have sufficient spare batteries for long photoshoots). It arrived on time in good condition. I thought the battery charger was for the wrong battery -- forgot it came in two pieces, the second snapping into the first. Now the battery fits in the charger and all is good! Great vendor - I was happy with them the first time & am happy with my 2nd order as well.
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on September 10, 2016
Bought this kit for my Nikon D5500, and they are perfect. The travel charger is what I like the most about this kit. You can charge your batteries on the go, or at home. It also charges the stock battery. I would definately recommend this product. Great!
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on November 21, 2013
I waited a couple of weeks before I wrote this review so that I could get an idea of how they perform.

They work perfectly in my Nikon D5200.
The battery life is not quite as long as the factory battery, but it's still fairly good.
The value is amazing.
The fact that I can charge a battery in my car is fantastic.

The quality seems good and it was shipped quickly.

I'd recommend these to anyone I know.
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on June 29, 2014
Value for money is what we all look for in bundle kits and I'm afraid this one simply doesn't deliver that...

The batteries: Typically speaking you want aftermarket products that look and feel the same as the OEM. These weigh half as much as the OEM Nikon batteries, now I can't say for certain this really means anything but it at least says these are not manufactured in the same place with the same processes as the OEM units (which is by far the most desirable aftermarket product type). The batteries simply don't last very long, I get about 20 or so shots with my 105mm prime lens and the battery drops from full to one bar all of a sudden; I have had this happen multiple times with both the batteries and my OEM batteries take many more (100+ pics) with that lens without a problem.

The Charger: The unit my kit came with is made by Vivitar, not known for top notch products but usually functional to a point... In this case the charger seems to charge the battery eventually; operative word being "eventually". The product descriptions states "AC/DC Rapid Travel Charger For Nikon EN-EL14, EN-EL14a Battery..."; this charger is anything but rapid.

The rest: Filler junk, fluff to make the list of what is included seem more impressive.

Bottom-line, I cannot recommend and will be returning mine.
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on September 22, 2016
Terrific! I had somehow lost my original charger which was heavy, with a long detachable cord and bulky to carry around. I looked at the Nikons, and then I looked at alternatives. This turns out to be terrific! Really fast charging, plugs right into the wall (so no cord) , Comes with the US-continental Europe to pin adapter and two batteries. I am going on a long trip to New Zealand and Australia so I am very glad to have this more streamlined and efficient charger. I am testing the charging every day and it continues to work great. Oh and I almost forgot it has a car plug-in charger with USB, which also has an A/C fold out plug.
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