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on December 28, 2014
WOW, I LOVE this little unit! Cannot say enough about this little digital player which I got for just $29.95 here at Amazon!! It does have a couple small quirks, but for the price point and value, it's tops!

This little thing is SO HANDY as CDs and DVDs are so bothersome. Before getting this when I wanted to watch something on my computer on the TV, I had to connect the laptop via VGA, as my laptop doesn't have HDMI. Not only is the max resolution of VGA 600x800, but it's a hassle connecting the laptop to the TV, and it puts the laptop out of commission. Now when I want to watch something I can put it on a USB stick and watch it in HD on the TV in no longer than it takes to switch the input and navigate to the file! And the unit is small enough to leave plugged in all the time.

The reason I picked this one over other similar devices is that I read many Amazon reviews for the others, and this one seems to be the one that will read just about any movie file. Reviewers for another popular brand (Micca Speck) that bought the IMP150 too said it plays certain h.264 files the Micca cannot handle. One reviewer had to reformat some of his movie files to play on the Micca, but not so with this one. That's what sold me on the IMP150.

The player was smaller than expected, about the size of a 15-stick pack of gum, which I was happy about. And thanks to another reviewer who raved about this unit but reported the USB port broke too soon, he suggested getting a female/male USB adapter to plug into it. That way you only have to plug something into the USB port once, and from then on, you plug your USB stick into the adapter instead. I followed this advice.

Plus some people complained the remote had to be pointed exactly at the unit, but another reviewer fixed this as well. He noticed the hole in the faceplate for the IR was offset from the detector behind it. He removed the faceplate (which is aluminum and held on by two small screws), and he drilled out the IR hole to be slightly larger. I did the same and now the remote works great!! (This will void your warranty, so if worried about returning it, maybe wait 30 days before doing that.)

The unit itself looks well made (despite the prior report of a weak USB port) and very cool.... I was really impressed just taking it out of the box. It is small but has some heft too. Nice packaging to boot. Then what really blew me away was the remote! (Requires 2 - AAA batteries.) I was expecting very basic functions like 4 buttons that allowed the rudimentary essentials. Not so! This remote has little icons on the buttons that match the software interface for easy navigation. It's so nicely laid out with the "return" button placed right next to the navigation arrows, etc. And it has every kind of function needed, but is so intuitive it's the exact OPPOSITE of most remotes where you think to yourself... god, another remote to learn! Only thing is the Play/Pause button is small, but still... for the price.

Also, the sign of a well designed product is that it is intuitive enough to use without looking at the manual. The product does include one, but the font was so small and the unit was so well designed that I didn't bother with the manual. Just plugged it in, connected the HDMI cable I bought from Amazon (it comes with composite/RCA cables), and connected the USB stick.

As soon as I switched the TV input to HDMI4 where the unit was connected, I got a nice menu screen with 5 icons for navigation... Files, Movies, Music, Photos, Settings. If you've never owned one of these, a little tip... if you select any folder but Settings it takes you to the USB/flash card storage device BUT it will only show the file type of the folder you selected. For example, if you select Photos, it only shows photo formats and hides all other files. If you select Movies it only shows movie files, etc. If you select the Files folder it shows ALL files, regardless of format.

This is good to know as you might think the device has failed if 'half your files aren't showing'... when really it's because you are in a specific mode. To see ALL files at any time, press the File icon button on the remote. OR... if you want to see Movie files, press the Movie button on the remote... same with Music or Photos.

I first selected Settings and went through each one... it is set by default to 720p but I have a 1080p TV so I changed that setting. Also had a couple nice features I was surprised to see, like a screen saver handy for plasma sets that can burn in (set to 2 minutes by default, which I turned to OFF since I have an LCD TV), and a timer so you can, for example, set it to play music or a movie and shut off after x-amount of time, handy for people who like to fall asleep to the TV or to music. I set this to off as well. On Auto Play I chose MUSIC so it would play one file after the next instead of stopping after each song. You can choose this for Movies too, but I didn't, however I was happy to find when I watched a movie that was in two parts, it automatically went from Part 1 to Part 2 without my having to do anything.

The settings menu had everything you need and nothing you don't, and it was again laid out superbly. Probably the best product I have ever purchased for pure value and design (@ $29.95)!

I then navigated to the File icon and you can choose between SDCard or the USB icon... went into the drive and navigated to the file I wanted to play, an HD .avi movie. It worked PERFECTLY. And again the remote was GREAT. It even has volume buttons... as long as the main volume on the TV is up, you can then manipulate the level up or down with the remote AND it even has a MUTE button. Also FF and RW, of course, NEXT, PREV and even a 16:9 button... and more.

Using the FF and RW buttons on the remote, repeated presses increases the speed, though there is a bit of a lag in responsiveness, but more than acceptable for its class and price point imo. Also when you press PAUSE during a movie there is no indication of how far along you are or how much time is left. A small thing, but missing nonetheless. On the plus side if you stop a movie and come back to it later, when you select the movie file to play a popup asks if you want to resume where you left off. Very nice!

I did end up grabbing a magnifying glass and reading the manual just to see if there was anything I was missing... and it's worth the read to see the extra little features. For example when playing music if you press the EQ button on the remote it cycles through pre-set EQs... as it switches to a new EQ mode you can hear the change in the audio, plus the EQ icon on the playback screen changes to match the active mode (i.e. a sax for Jazz, a profile and mic for Vocal, a violin for Classical... etc).

Which brings up the very colorful and nice looking music playback screen. A nice, fat progress bar with current time and total time of song, all the necessary controls needed, meta data displayed at left of title, artist, album, genre, and an animated EQ readout at right. Pressing the >>| will take you to the next song and same with |<< to the previous song. There is also a Repeat button, and it has different modes too that toggle with each press: e.g. to repeat once, loop, to play the song then stop (even if in Auto Play), or to shuffle (random mode). These toggled features of the Repeat button are not documented in the manual. But the icon for the Repeat feature changes on the playback status bar with each different mode, just like the EQ icon changes. Shuffle is the icon with two separate lines that intersect and both point right.

But what I really like is it plays FLAC (lossless music). So you can listen to high quality music though your entertainment center or stereo speakers... you aren't limited to compressed MP3 or AAC files. This completely frees you from CDs or a turntable!

While a song is playing if you hit the Return button on the remote ("Previous screen") it takes you back to the song/file list while the song continues to play, so you can peruse the files if you want to listen to a particular song next, and not necessarily the next one in line.

When a file is selected if you press the OSD button on the remote you have the option to copy, move or delete files. I tried deleting a movie I'd watched and it hung the software. I powered down and back up and the file was gone, but in trying again later, the same thing happened, so I will not use that feature. (Easy enough to do all that on the computer anyway.) I did not try to move files from the USB mem stick to a flash card, as I am not using a flash card.

Another GREAT feature it has it that when watching a movie with subtitles you can press the OSD button and choose to make the subtitle text larger, or even change its color or placement. (This assumes the movie file is made with a proper subtext file and not hard-coded into the movie file ... if you cannot turn the subtitles off, it's not a proper subtext file.)

Another feature I learned from the manual but have not tried... if you put photos on you can select from different transitions to make a slide show. Like sliding away, or UP or whatever. You can also choose to have background music with the slide show... this could be used for all kinds of things... parties, weddings, even work functions or presentations.

The unit does have an unusually bright blue LED light which stays on when it's powered up. I cut up a piece of blue painter's tape to make a "tab" several layers thick which I stuck over it to mute it. It still shines through so I can see it's on, but it's no longer distracting.

I was so thrilled with this unit that as soon as I tried it out I immediately ordered another one for the TV in the other room, along with another HDMI cable ($5+ for 6' gold-plated cable) and a second male/female USB adapter (couple of bucks). I also got another dedicated Lexar 32GB USB 3.0 stick for it, just $9.99 (sale), all from Amazon... which added up to about $48 and that meant free shipping.

One final thing, some units do seem to have an intermittent bug where when powering up with the remote, the unit immediately powers down. Usually repeated tries successfully power up, (which is not acceptable imo), OR, if you unplug the AC cord at the back of the unit, then plug it back in, it powers up immediately every time (a hassle so also not acceptable imo). But once powered up, it ALWAYS works GREAT.

So if needed, the workaround is either A> Leave it powered up 24/7 as it draws almost no juice, or B> plug it into a power strip with an off/on switch and shut off the power strip every night before bed, then turn it on in the morning (re-supplying power to the unit will make it turn on automatically, just like unplugging/re-plugging it in), or C> Use a remote RF outlet switch to turn it off and on. In the latter case the AC plug of the unit would plug into the RF outlet, which is controlled by its own remote. When you turn the RF off, it cuts all power to the outlet, powering down whatever is plugged into it. When you turn it back on, it supplies power, so it's the same as unplugging and plugging back in the unit, but you don't have to get up. (Same idea as the power strip but with a remote.)

Bottom line, if you want to watch movies, play high quality music (or MP3, AAC, etc), and look at photos on your TV, this little gizmo is King. It's not perfect, but it's so good at what it does and was so inexpensive, it's one of my favorite buys of all time. I would not trade this player for another with fewer 'quirks' that nevertheless cannot play all movie files... I do NOT want to have to reformat movies or worry about how they're encoded or framed or compiled... I would MUCH rather get an RF switch or leave the unit on 24/7 and have something that easily and consistently plays all my movie files. I could not be happier with my two IMP150 players!
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on April 11, 2014
I almost NEVER review purchases from Amazon but I had to comment on this latest acquistion. This player is fantastic. No more playing the re-encode game to get your (insert format here) video file to WORK on whatever device you're trying to use it with. I opened the box delivered flawlessly from Amazon, plugged an HDMI cable into the box and my TV, plugged in my memory stick and, viola, I was watching a MP4 file of unknown provenance without a hitch. Seriously....there was NO "setup" configuration was truly "plug and play". You DON'T (repeat....DON'T) have to go through any setup. Unless you're a visitor to this planet or shouldn't touch either sharp objects or anything electronic, this will be a snap. I've tried this animal now with several "suspect" video formats and have yet to be disappointed. True to a previous review, the USB port is a bit flimsy but, unless you're a 600 LB gorilla messing with electronics for the first time, it shouldn't be a problem. Just don't slam your device (or cable) into the input port like you don't give a s***. You know....those morons that think a CD or DVD is indestructible and grab it with their hands like a 15 year old tries to grab their first prom date's mammary glands. (sigh). this if you're looking for something to FINALLY play all those random format video files you've somehow (grin) collected WITHOUT having to google how to use the bastards on your TV set. Nuff said.
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on March 26, 2015
A piece of trash. Did not work at all. I normally don't write reviews even though I should. However, this item did not work. I ordered this item in October 2014. It sat on my shelf. I finally got to use it and lo and behold. Please reconsider your purchase. Total waste of $40. I would have preferred to ride down the road throwing money out of my car window. I would have got more pleasure.

Update: Received an email message from the manufacturer stating this item MAY be defective. Awaiting the outcome of correspondence.

Flash Update: I'm writing this update as I sit here eating a big bowl of humble pie. I received a no cost replacement to my original purchase. Now that's special!! I HIGHLY recommend this company and this product. Once the company receive my email message regarding their defective product, they responded. Oh boy what a response. The customer service is excellent and the new product works perfectly. As a matter of fact, I like this product over the Micca Speck media player I purchased as a replacement. The picture quality is very good. FIVE STARS. Thank you IncrediSonic.
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on July 8, 2013
I bought a Micca Speck and loved it so much I wanted to try this for another room, thus - I have both!

I think they are both extremely similar, but the Incredisonic is slightly cheaper. They both are sturdy feeling and about the same size, but the Incredisonic is slightly better in that aspect. Both have about the same remote control response time. Both seem to play every file I throw at it unless it's an ODD FLV file, but it DOES play most all the FLV files I have. Just a weird one here and there it won't play, not sure why. I think it has something to do with the way the certain FLV's are encoded.

The remote on the incredisonic is "busier" than the Micca Speck, but looking at it you will get used to it. It has more options.

I remember reading another review of the incredisonic and someone saying that when you POWER OFF the incredisonic and power it BACK ON, that you have to remove the hard drive then plug it back in or it will not recognize it. I DO NOT find this to be the case. At the moment I have a 300 gig drive hooked to it, and when powered off/back on, it notices the hard drive without me doing anything......just as the Micca speck does. These are so similar I almost wonder if they are made by the same company with different names.

Neither of these seem to get very warm, which is a good thing. I guess it depends on the type of file you play as to how warm they will get, but with the files I've played so far for 3 hours, it still feels barely warm to the touch.

I will update both reviews if anything happens. I really hope these last because they both are GREAT for what they are designed to do.


5/19/2014 - Wow - the price has really increased for this since I purchased it! By 20 dollars.....Mine is still working great! I hardly ever have problems with this or the Micca Speck..I will say this: My reason for updating is something very weird. I have an .mp4 (h.264 codec was used to encode it) and I'm only getting audio, but no video.....This is the first time I've ran into this not playing a file. It looks like it was encoded using the high profile setting on handbrake. It's ODD because I've encoded my own things using handbrake high profile and they play fine. Someone else encoded it. It plays perfect on computer, but not on the icredisonic OR micca Spec. I just get audio. I reencoded the file using handbrake and it plays fine on both devices now. WEIRD!
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on July 5, 2015
Well worth the price. Does what it says it does and does it well. Had some problems with having to restart power a couple of times before it would stay on. Discovered that player has a resume function. If you powered off before closing file then device would sometimes auto power off right after power on. Two ways to correct: 1 - unplug power to unit (erases resume function) then power on. 2 - remove USB flash drive before starting device. Minor inconvenience and i believe can be corrected with a firmware update. Otherwise player is the best value available. This unit is smaller than a pack of playing cards. Best in class customer service. Contact them if you have any problems! Would buy again. Perfect for travel. Take your media with you. If they fix the power on issue this will be 5 Stars. The new remote is excellent. All functions also work with Logitech 650 remotes.
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on August 15, 2014
OK...I'm in love with this gadget. Not only am I able to view my favorite TV series in MP4 but I can do it on a continuous loop--no switching out discs--no dead air time--no streaming issues. Plays flvs, doesn't play WAV-have to convert to MP3 but really, how often does that happen...?
It's so portable. I just throw everything in a small bag and off I go to my friend's house--find an outlet, connect w/HDMI cable, plug in the USB, set it up and it's hours of home entertainment--we watch what we want to when we want to! You can repeat the last episode(s) or skip ahead with just a touch of the button...simpler than most blu-rays.
I even used it at work last week to make a presentation--this provided the A/V and I gave printed materials for handouts it was a big hit!!! Easy as pie...No need to worry the IT people about their equipment and network--no compatibility issues--just plug it directly in to the flat screen--start and stop with the remote from across the room--actually, better than a laptop! (I am so sick of boring powerpoints-let's have some animation people)
The presentation content was really good and hit the mark-but people didn't want to leave without examining this little gem and when they learned the cost--they went all crazy for it!!
I'm a little worried that "how cool this little instrument is" became the take-away...
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on September 25, 2014
I've been torture testing this thing for about a year and its simply incredible. I hooked up an external hard drive loaded it with all my sons favorite movies and just hit play. Best part is it plays all the movies in a file on a loop. Its been running pokemon for weeks and never stops. My son has buried this thing in a chest of teddy bears while it was on, multiple times and it still runs like a champ, even got to what I can only guess was 100 degrees inside those teddy bears but still works. It has frozen up about 5 times since I've had it, but unplug the power for 30 seconds and its ready to go again. Great solution for a small theater setup in a kids room. Can't be broken! hes hit it, hung it, over heated it, lost it, dropped it, and its still going strong. For the price its a must have, might get one for the car!
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on September 8, 2013
Mind bogglingly cool. It smoothly plays every file I've tried. It remembers where you left off in a movie a previous time. I absolutely recommend this. The only potential negative is that the remote UI is a tad peculiar, but given a few minutes you get used to it. A previous reviewer mentioned the remote requiring button batteries. This no longer appears to be the case. It takes standard AAA's. I've had other devices that play files like this, but all previous ones seem to have serious flaws. The Ruku only recognizes a small percentage of video files. Other devices show the file names in a confusing or truncated format. The IncrediSonic Ultra Play just works. This is my favorite Amazon purchase in the last year.
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on April 11, 2016
I bought a couple of these and they are good picture will play HD movies nicely and play just about any format you throw at it would be a lot better if they weren't so cheap quality one of them the remote just gave out on it and now cant change the source on it to hdmi the remote wont even power off the device. Getting a different name brand theat had better reviews and going to try that out. but it was also twice the cost of this one so you get what you pay for I guess.
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on June 19, 2013
This is quite an impressive little player. So far I'm very happy with this purchase, so much so that I actually ordered a second one to keep in my backpack along with my hard drive containing all my movies. It's kind of cool to be able to plug in anywhere and play any movie in my collection.

The pros:
The remote is pretty impressive as far as range goes. You can be almost anywhere in the room and it will still receive the commands. The other night I accidentally picked it up backwards without realizing and it still worked, even though it was pointed at me instead of the box.

This will play most files. It has trouble with a few, like those I ripped myself and other potentially flawed avi's, but on the whole it works with almost anything.

It's self adjusting if you have an HDMI cable. It switches from full screen to widescreen automatically.

It's low profile. Just a tiny box with a couple of ports on the front, you could pretty much put this thing anywhere and it would be out of the way. I have mine stuck to TV stand under the TV with double-sided tape.

It will resume multiple movies where you last turned them off. I don't know if there is a limit to the number it can remember but so far every time I choose a movie that I was playing previously it asks me if I want to resume playback. And I've been at this for a while. A very handy feature for those of us with a slight case of Attention Deficit Disorder.

There are no controls on the box itself. If your remote stops working or you lose it the player is pretty much rendered useless.

The interface is a little awkward. It lists all the files in alphabetical order with no way to page down. You have to scroll one by one in order to get to the desired file which is a bit of a pain if there are a lot of them. It seems to be old software with a few updates.

Mystery buttons on the remote. OK, it's probably just my own ignorance, but there are a few buttons that don't seem to do what they say they do, or cause the screen to go completely black with no way to reverse it short of pulling the power cord and plugging it back in. Not much of a problem if you just leave these booby-trap buttons alone.

Over all this is a good player. I wish the interface was a bit more intuitive but I can get past that. I highly recommend this as part of anyone's home theater.
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