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on May 7, 2017
I'm not really a person that l would buy a rock album, however this album is simply AMAZING. My favorite song is "criminal", if you like this genre of music get this one without hesitation!
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on June 1, 2010
While this album has a lot of my favorites and all of the fillers are good, it just doesn't have any serious standouts. That's the only thing I dislike about my favorite band. They have plenty and plenty of awesome songs and there isn't a single one I dislike. But on each of their albums, they only have a few that come up and slap you right in the face. Here's the breakdown of the album.

Indestructible- A really good motivator. You hear the army sirens and gunfire/helicopters in the background and you instantly know it's going to be hard hitting and fast-paced.

Inside the Fire- A great follow-up track. Some people feel it's overrated while others feel the opposite. I, personally have no preference. It's a good song that starts with a riff that instantly gets you in your headbanging, bird-flipping zone. Once it kicks in with the evil laugh, you're instantly banging your head and singing along with David as he portrays the devil in a tragic story related to his past. The only thing about this song, is that it gets tiring REALLY fast.

Haunted- Definitely my all-time favorite. Starts off with a clap of thunder and you can tell that it's going to be dark and brooding. There's a calming and yet aggressive and haunting riff in the beginning before it breaks out into the band going totally all-out on the instrumentals with David blaring their darkest lyrics ever. The chorus is good and gets you ready for the verse that follows after. About halfway through the song, there's an evil chant/whisper you can hear from Dave. I can't tell if it was during the recording in the studio or if it was Johnny, but you can also hear a second voice just before each line with Dave repeating what was said. It's kinda annoying to me but I can't tell whether or not it really helps the song. You remember that headbanging mood "Inside the Fire" put you in? I won't spoil the ending.

The Curse- This one's awkward. The guitar is.... different to say the least. Nevertheless, they pull it off and the lyrics are brilliant.

Torn- Dave stretches some notes here. Good lyrics and good guitar work by the one and only Dan Donegan.... naturally.

Divide- The lyrics to this may be a little cheesy but they awaken that rebellious side that lays dormant deep inside your body. Pretty generic, balls-out riff from Danny here but it's still good. It ends with a Dave shouting "Divide, Divide, Divide....! Break and apart and....! Divide, Divide, Divide.....!"

Facade- Brilliant song here. Good, heart-breaking lyrics and a really catchy riff from Dan. David really shows off his singing and songwriting capabilities here. I didn't care for the solo at first but it eventually grew on me.

Enough- See "Facade". Only thing I have to add here is a shout out to Mike's drums. Also, Dave stretches his notes again and shows the more emotional side of the band.

Perfect Insanity- Really good song. Not one of my faves but the entire band shows off their skills here. A lot of people seem to really like this one.

Deceiver- Cool lyrics, cool guitar work. I guess it's more of a "rap" side of Disturbed that mixes with hard rock. The only difference? It actually works out for the best.

The Night- I have no idea what this song is about but the lyrics are incredibly deep and REALLY well thought-out. Good guitar and Dan just breaks your face with an outstanding solo. Once again, Dave shows his unparalleled vocal prowess here.

Criminal- Used to be an all-time favorite. The only really impressive thing here is the chorus; but that single chorus kills every Priest song out there. You name it, it beats it hands down. Really impressive lyrics and at the end Dave changes/adds an extra line in the chorus for one last round and makes it work for all the better. If you listen closely, you can hear Dan delivering one of his best masterpieces ever as you can feel a sudden increase 10x in Dave's emotions.
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on June 14, 2008
What is not to love about Disturbed's 4th release. Indestructible delivers the goods YET AGAIN. It's impressive to read all of the reviews as there really doesn't seem to be anything negative being said about this album. Disturbed continues to deliver the kind of metal that is intelligent, inspired and addictive. What I love most about this album is the hard driving metal riffs with an almost danceable beat (title track), introspective lyrics (Inside the Fire), solid guitar solos (several) and according to All Music "mean and melodious" vocals (David).

Death metal fans can claim that Disturbed's vibe isn't metal, but listen to this CD and you will be convinced that metal can be melodic, driving and hypnotizing, anyone will be convinced that metal can range from dark, gloomy black metal to the more creative progressive sounds of say a band like Tool. Disturbed has their own unique heavy sound that simply makes you want to get up and move. David Draiman claimed this record was chock full of potential hit singles and he is absolutely correct. Every track is great and if you like any of their music you will LOVE this album.

Here are some of my early favorites:

Indestructible-Gritty with fast edgy vocals, inspiring lyrics and a driving guitar solo at 3 minutes in, opening sirens are unusually melodic as they fit nicely into the background of the opening riff without being cliché.

Criminal-This is probably my favorite track on the album, it starts out with a classic Disturbed opening ala "Fear" ultimately delivering a more refined melody, with an alternating guitar beat, I really like the clean chords and neat transitions, same edgy lyrics unique to Disturbed but David sings them with less growl and scream. Makes for a well rounded metal sound, but with the trademark fast lyrics. I love the riff at 3:16 and 3:30 it is really catchy and echoes the alternating riffs at the song's opening.

Enough-Another favorite track right from the first time through, the chorus demonstrates how David has evolved as a singer, it's hauntingly beautiful but rugged and edgy with nice vocal transitions from the growling opening to the chorus. The contrast between the two styles really make this track vocally one of the more interesting. It is David's ability to both growl and sing that make him one of best metal vocalists of this time.
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on March 9, 2017
It's Disturbed what more needs said.
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on November 26, 2016
Disturbed's best album. Just recently got into them again. Had the first album and liked 6 songs so I decided give the rest a try.I was so sick of everything on the radio, I decided to buy each album each week and listen to it all week long (3-4 times) in order to decide which was my favorite. INDESTRUCTIBLE DEFINITELY.
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on June 23, 2017
Great LP
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on May 2, 2013
This is a well focused, driving effort. The themes are darker and the pace is generally fast. Vocals and guitar shine and provide the variety and interest that differentiates Disturbed from hollow screaming thrash metal. In my opinion, the writing quality stepped up after dipping a bit on the last few releases. I would describe the overall effect as distilled raw power. If it doesn't leave you ready to throw back your head and loose a primal scream, you should probably make sure you still have a pulse.

Simply put, if you're intrigued by the samples, the full record gives you just what you expect with vocal and guitar fireworks mixed in for good measure.
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on June 24, 2008
The fad known as nu-metal has passed as by just like some of the bands- Staind, Scott Stapp, and Limp Bizkit to name a few have faded with time, most of the bands-Disturbed, Mudvanye, Slipknot, Godsmack, Korn are among bands who survived the fad and now basically play hard rock music instead of metal. Ive always loved the bands first cd The Sickness but I learned to like other metal and nu-metal and most of the bands, were put on the back burner. For some reason I bought this cd-maybe the cover-and I loved it. Dave is a great singer and the songs flow together well thru out the cd; I highly recommend this cd to fans of Disturbed or hard rock. The funny part is there is a few f-bombs and I can hear some kid playing it and there mothers hear it and try to sue Disturbed or the record company because they didnt add a parental advisory sticker on it. Still, a excellent cd and ill back track there previous cds to see if they were always good.
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on January 7, 2010
With the advancements in music technology, buying LPs seems crazy. The tech is dated mainly because sound quality was easily compromised and the records were huge, which make carrying them around a hassle. CDs are losing the fight because of MP3s, because one can store thousands of songs on a single device without the burden of bulky carrying cases.

Anyway, for those who are nastolgic, LPs will never die. First, of course, is the art. The cover is drawn by David Finch who is a pretty big comic book artist(New Avengers and Ultimatum). There is also an etching on the fourth side that is wicked. The playback is pretty awesome from decent speakers. The bonus CD is all the same tracks, so one can add them to itunes or Windows Media Player. The whole setup was $25 when I bought mine and I expect it to increase in value, since it is a collector's item.
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on August 19, 2016
Probably the best album of Disturbed in my opinion. It's just nasty all around. Heavy, powerful, just everything about it is perfect for the gym or driving in your car blaring it out of your speakers like me hahah.
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