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on September 24, 2012
Anyone who knows Indiana Jones already knows the plots of these films, so I won't pontificate on those details, and will get right to the transfers:

The Picture (Raiders):

The picture is very sharp, and the dark scenes show exceptionally deep shadow areas and rich colors, especially in the Ravenwood bar, which looks absolutely gorgeous, even more real than I remember it looking in cinemas, but I'm saddened to see that the highlights in the bright outdoor daylight scenes are largely blown out, white, gone.

This is either a problem with the transfer, or, and I hope not, the source, the original film negative. If the latter, it's so sad to see a great film like Raiders fade over time. If the former, we'll have to wait for yet another transfer. If I remember correctly, Lowry Digital Studios did the restorations for DVD back in 2003. I'm guessing the 2012 archivists, at Lowry or another facility, didn't use that old Lowry transfer for blu-ray because it was a much lower res scan than the 4k scan done here.

The transfer of Raiders also carries with it what another reviewer described as an "orange teal"; that is, everything is colored in a kind of warm, golden amber yellow-orange tint. This is great in the Raven bar and in the Idol's temple when Indy is bathed in the shaft of light emanating from the golden Idol itself, but, in other scenes, like the thunderstorm in the desert at night when the Arabs are uncovering the Well of Souls, the scene should be more blue, and is instead, in the amber tint of this transfer, kind of a neutral gray.

Compared to Temple, Crusade and even Crystal Skull, which look gorgeous, true to their big-screen incarnations, sadly, Raiders is a pale digital facsimile of the original film. This transfer could have and should have looked so much deeper and richer, with black as black, with its highlights preserved, with its proper color pallette. Movies should be honored as time capsules and merely restored to how they looked in the time they were made, not digitally "enhanced", "updated" to today's aesthetic tastes. There has to be some technical standard, a reference point for what a film looked like at the time of its release. The transfer and restoration artists ALMOST got this transfer right, but, sadly, they didn't honor the look of the original film and instead did a "digital revision". If director Steven Spielberg himself signed off on, approved this transfer, he either didn't view it on a correctly calibrated monitor, he was too busy on other projects to really feast his eyes on it, or he's going senile.

Considering that Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite, and, arguably, the best movie in the whole Indiana Jones series, this transfer is a bit disheartening and disappointing, to say the least. To some of you who weren't born yet in 1981 when Raiders was originally released in cinemas, so you never got to see it on the big screen, and thus you have no reference for what Raiders is supposed to look like, you'll enjoy it just fine.

If you already own the DVD of Raiders, hold onto it, as it is, minus the standard-definition limitations of DVD, closer to Raiders' original, true cinematic vision. I'll hold onto the DVD until a blu-ray is done properly, at which point the proper blu-ray disc will assume its rightful place on the throne of its slot in this blu-ray set, replacing this blu-ray disc, which will go in the trash. I have to give the visual transfer of Raiders on blu-ray only a 3 out of 5 stars.

The Sound (Raiders):

Some sound-FX and dialogue are crystal clear, with some new effects added, like dripping water in the South American temple and some new "pfew!" sound-FX of the poison darts spitting at Indy when he removes the Idol from its pedestal and flees as all hell breaks loose (YES! Thanks, Ben Burtt!), others less than stellar, a bit muted, and, like the Jaws transfer for blu-ray, sound mixers added that extra reverb to John Williams' classic score...broadened the spaciousness and cavernousness of the music, but the music now lacks the definition and clarity of the highs found on previous releases. Sounds like the London Symphony Orchestra is performing at a ball game. Enveloping, and yet lacking definition. Disappointing. I have to give the sound of Raiders a 4 out of 5 stars.

Now, onto Temple and Crusade...

The picture:

I'm only guessing here, and could be wrong, but it looks like these ARE the earlier, and excellent 2003 Lowry digital transfers done for the DVDs, now shown in their native high-res format, instead of being down-rezzed by the picture-quality limitations of DVD. They look great! The color red is more prevalent on the blu-rays of Temple and Crusade than on their corresponding DVDs, which is especially useful, and wonderful, inside the Temple of Doom, with all the red presumably coming from fiery volcanic fissures. This is a masterwork of film lighting from the late, great cinematographer Douglas Sloccombe, and is presented here gorgeously. Bravo!

The sound:

It has some nice new discreet directionality in the rear surrounds, which is especially evident in Crusade, when the Messerchmidts are chasing Indy and his dad. And John Williams' scores have never sounded better!

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

Picture quality seems to be the same as the previous blu-ray, which already looked quite good, faithful to Skull's theatrical release. The main difference here is the sound has been updated to DTS-HD, adding more depth to the soundtrack.

The extras from the DVD set are all here, with some new additions:

On Set With Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I found particularly rivetting, about the increasingly lost, dying art of on-set live action production. It shows the miracle of what was accomplished in-camera, with very little reliance on post-production, until we get to the opening of the Ark of the Covenant, with director Steven Spielberg saying how hard it is to explain to actors something that they can't see, and won't be there until post-production visual FX are completed. What I found most captivating about watching this footage is it shows just how tireless Steven Spielberg is. He really deserves all the money and credit he gets, because he works very hard. And he clearly LOVES what he is doing, making movies!

The original 1981 featurette, The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Melting Head, showcasing a modern reenactment of what was required to make Toht's head melt.

Indy's Women, showing a recent AFI interview with all three leading ladies in the classic trilogy, Karen Allen from Raiders, Kate Capshaw from Temple and Allison Doody from Crusade, talking about their characters and the experience of working on a tough, physical movie.

and probably one or two features I left out. It's a schmorgasbord. Enjoy!
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on September 20, 2012
Yes, it's finally out!! Been waiting so long! But... Not sure if everyone else is oblivious to the risk of this collection but read on...

What is seriously going on with the execs who make the decisions for these long awaited collections? Is it a conspiracy for companies to give us bad packaging in hopes we ruin the product in hopes we buy it again after we ruin them over a long period? I'm not a movie troller who hates movies and Indiana Jones is one of the greatest franchises ever, I'm just fed up with these horrible packaging ideas. Basically the Indiana Jones Adventures is in identical packaging to the Clint Eastwood collection which was one of the worst packaging ideas ever. Here's the main issue, these treasured movies are stuffed in between two pieces of hard abrasive cardboard. In order to pull a movie out, you have to grab both sides of the disc right near the edge, immediately putting finger prints on the information side of the disc. Not to mention pulling it out on the bare cardboard as it's packed in so tight. Do this over a period of time, you're asking for trouble. Even trouble, i noticed a tiny 2cm scratch on Raiders the FIRST time I pulled it out from rubbing against the cardboard. Mind you, these blu ray discs can withstand scratches, but how much and for how long do you want to chance it? It's packed in so tight, it's just bound to happen when one day you're gonna freeze up thanks to a nice scratch from your case. IF you buy this collection which I still say you should, just take them out safely as you can and store them in a regular DVD Case. A major pain and yes, the case is basically worthless and nice to look at, but don't risk it if you want to savior this collection that is wonderful if you can salvage it before ruining it. Some people have said squeeze the cardboard to loosen and wait for it to fall out, I did try this on Raiders and temple and the disc did not move

If you want to know about the movies, on how they look, I actually think the older movies look even better than Skulls. Obviously the first 3 classics got the most love. Skulls is inferior, so we know why though. The extras are great, a nice documentary of watching Raiders with lots of deleted scenes and lost footage is an amazing find. Bonus materials are amazing! Just be really careful taking these movies out of the cases. Feel free to use Crystal Skulls as a coffee cup holder. ;)
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on September 21, 2012
I have been enthralled by all things Indiana Jones since Raiders of the Lost Ark came out in 1981. When the last movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out a few years back, it created a new interest by younger moviegoers in Indy's adventures, and that was pleasing to me in itself. I was curious, however, why it took so long for this series to be released on Blu-ray, and after an interminable wait to just get it done, here it is. And the series has been dusted off, buffed up, and a good amount of bonus material involving the "making of.." these movies has been released along with the movies. To Indy junkies it's like nectar from the gods. To casual viewers, perhaps the bonus material is not all that big a deal.

The series now takes up much less space than owning all four of the movies in individual cases; that in itself is a plus, as is the improved quality of the movies itself. But after all this time, and all the hype, when you open the package you may wonder, as I did, why they had to make the case on the cheap and have you slide the movies into cardboard sleeves instead of mounting them on little hubs as is usually done. It may be no big deal to the majority of people, but to me it's sort of like someone running their fingernails over a chalkboard to slide a pristine disc in and out of cardboard, which in itself is abrasive and is more so as it picks up dust over time. I'm sure the movies will continue to play fine for a long period of time, but I am also sure that each time you slide one out, the disc surface will have more and more little micro-scratches marring the surface.

A set such as this deserves decent packaging. In short, the movies are great and worth the wait. The packaging is cheap in order to save a few cents per set. There is really no excuse for it, sorry.
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on October 21, 2016
Great Indiana Jones set. Includes all 4 movies and lots of extra features like:
7 Hours of Special Features
- On set with Raiders of the Lost Ark: Witness the making of Raiders as it happened with newly revealed footage that puts you on the set during production, alongside filmmakers, cast and crew.
- Film Foursome: The "Making of" all 4 Indiana Jones Adventures: Join filmmakers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas for an up-close look at each production, and the evolution of the original action hero, Indiana Jones.
- Cast and Creator Interviews
- Behind-the-Scenes Peeks: Stunts, Sounds, Special Effects and more!
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on February 22, 2016
Great price for Bluray complete set! I can't wait to show my kids the adventures of Indiana Jones!

*I just tried playing disc 2 and it's doesn't work at all. It's thicker than disc one and three and barely even fits into my Bluray player. It's too late for me to return. My kids are very sad now.
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on October 30, 2015
For the price you cannot complain at all - Its Indiana Jones, all 4 of them ( say what you will about the 4th movie, its still Indy - not his fault he was taken advantage of ) The upscaling and remastering of the film is fantastic.
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on April 16, 2016
This is a pure classic!! The sound and audio quality is hands down the best! And to have all the Adventures on Blu-Ray for the price is well worth it! Packaging was great, no different than buying it from a Best Buy or Target!
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on June 5, 2016
Lot's of fun with good ol' Indy. And he looks fantastic in Blu-Ray. I like the packaging - each fold has artwork from the film that coincides with the disc inside. That is, if you are looking for the original film "Raiders of the Los Ark" it lies behind the movie's poster/artwork, etc.
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on February 24, 2016
This has all 4 of the movies, great set! watched all of them over a 4 day period, enjoyed them..
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on July 27, 2016
We have been buying movies from when my husband and I were kids and introducing them to our kids! The quality is great and there are many other review that seems bad so I was not sure at first. I was pleasantly surprised that it was working well with no technical issues at all and the sound quality is also great! We have been enjoying them as a family for weeks now ! I recommend this!
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