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on April 1, 2017
Good premise, but repetitive.
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on May 12, 2014
This should be one of your "Bibles" when it comes to the fascist Left. Get....This.....Book!!!!! I promise, you will NOT regret it. This is almost a companion book with Kramer's "Ivory Towers". For me anyway. However, this and "The War Against Boys" by Sommers (Go and read the Preface here at Amazon.) should be sold as a gift set.
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on November 10, 2009
Mr. Horowitz makes a substantial and factual argument of how the Left has managed to take control of American universities. David Horowitz was once a member of the radical left--his parents were members of the Communist Party--during the 1960's and 1970's and he experienced first-hand the intricacies with which the radical left organized itself to mine American youth.
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on December 5, 2011
David Horowitz stated that when he attended Colombia and Berkeley in the 1950s, he never heard a professor express a political opinion in a campus setting. My, how times have changed.

After years of "exclusionary hiring practices," faculty liberals outnumber conservatives, 7 to 1. "All the professors had a (John) Kerry sticker on the office door... every single one." (p 72)

Indoctrination U pinpoints the political (vs. academic) nature of many college majors, as bluntly stated in their course descriptions. Egregious examples include Social work, Feminist studies, Peace studies, and African American studies - which was castigated for "fraudulent scholarship." (p 78)

Even Math departments seek to get in on the action. Gutstein has written a guide called Mathematics: Toward a Pedagogy for Social Justice. A Northeastern U. guide for K-12 teachers is called Rethinking Math: Teaching Social Justice by the Number.

In order to combat the intolerance of dissent, Horowitz's Academic Bill of Rights would essentially reinstate the campus codes that were widespread until the 1940s. Decisions would be made "without consideration of one's personal, political or religious beliefs." Good luck Dr. Horowitz. Your opposition is DEEPLY entrenched.
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on October 28, 2014
it is increasingly clear that our culture is growing more accepting of a totalitarian system. The ignorant masses grow ever larger...
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on April 23, 2014
Horowitz can see clearly what is afoot in the world, and can clearly articulate it to you and me. Buy.
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on April 1, 2007
Noone I know is doing more to preserve America than David Horowitz. In this effort, as in his previous work, The Professors, Horowitz reveals the degree of rot in our universities. Our children no longer get an education in your typical liberal arts curricula; they get a left-wing indoctrination. Horowitz brings this message home to you in a very excellent effort. Horowitz writes clearly and succintly; he is easy to read and well worth reading (assuming that you really want to know what's happening to your kids in college these days). I gave it 5 stars only because that's the ceiling that Amazon provided. Actually, I would have no trouble giving it 10 or 20 or any larger number. Ken Eliasberg
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on March 18, 2007
David Horowitz's book is of great value regardless of one's political orientation. He merely argues for dispassionate and objective academic standards. Nothing less---and nothing more. The author is not slightly interested in turning our universities into bastions of hard right political ideology. Horowitz steadfastly refuses to advocate on behalf of affirmative action for conservatives in our schools of higher learning. "Actually, I have never even called for `balance,' only that there should be a pluralism of views represented on a faculty," he adds.

A large number of professors outrageously advance their leftist views in classes that have nothing whatsoever to do with politics. What do Horowitz's opponents have to say in their defense? Regretfully, nothing of any substance. They instead prefer to engage in personal attacks and sometimes outright slander. At the very best, they caricature his positions beyond recognition. A naive outsider might be falsely lead to believe that he is something of a screaming fascist. I would add that many parents are relatively indifferent. Cynically, they only want their children to acquire a degree behind their name and begin earning a good living. This is especially true for those focussing on the hard sciences. Liberal arts classes are merely something to be endured. Keep your mouth shut and "go along so that you can get along" is the standard advice given to the students. Too many conservatives also could care less about left-wing academic indoctrination as long as their major sports programs are not jeopardized. Indeed, a tacit and unholy agreement exists cementing this understanding may already exist within most colleges. Have you, for instance, ever heard of Duke University? Everyone should invest a few hours reading Indoctrination U. You have no moral right to look the other way. Time is getting short. We may be getting to the point of no return. Do we even have a few years? I really have my doubts.
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on April 3, 2007
In "Indoctrination U - The Left's War Against Academic Freedom" (2007), author and academic David Horowitz explores the pervasive influence within most major universities of radical-left professors who, all too often, do not teach but rather engage in a systematic program to impose their views upon their students. Horowitz and his organization's goal is to persuade all universities in America to uphold long-established principles of impartiality and excellence, and to honor academic freedom. He feels that a professor's private political views should be kept out of the classroom (as has been the case until recently), and that courses should be taught with a view towards providing all sides of academic issues so that students are encouraged to think for themselves.

Horowitz' central point is that "students have a right to expect professional (and not political) behavior from their professors in the classroom." To accomplish this objective, Horowitz and his organization have been urging the adoption of a new "Academic Bill of Rights."

Despite the non-radical nature of his proposal, which is very similar to a "Declaration of Principles of Academic Freedom and Academic Tenure" that has been in effect at American universities since 1915, Horowitz and his proposals have been met with vehement opposition and personal vilification by well-entrenched organizations and unions of college professors. Administrators and trustees, perhaps "too busy" with fund-raising and not wanting to make waves, have refused to get involved.

As a result, many individual courses, even entire college curricula, have been designed to further and propagate the views of left-leaning college professors - who, all too often (as Horowitz points out in example after example) regard America as a racist, imperialist country intent on "oppressing" "people of color." They have no respect for opposing points of view, are often not qualified to speak on the issues on which they expound, bring their political views into the classrooms, and castigate, in the most uncivil terms, anyone, whether student or hapless conservative faculty member, who disagrees with their viewpoint and outlook. Guest speakers invited to campuses are, in most cases, chosen for their friendly (read: radical) political persuasions; conservatives are not welcome - and, indeed, professors often encourage students to disrupt the speaking engagements of those few conservatives who are occasionally invited.

The book is both scary and a scathing indictment of what our universities have become - and now these same individuals are spreading their views among high school students. The reaction to Horowitz' criticisms is also troubling; he is attacked personally, his views and proposals are grossly misrepresented, and no tactic is ignored in the extreme left's efforts to discredit Horowitz and his proposals for less bias and more diversity in college education. He is a favorite villain on many extreme liberal blogs, and he is routinely excoriated as a "McCarthyite witch-hunter" who's views are not worthy of consideration.

Here is just one example of the kind of advocacy that's going on in our universities: From the official department website of the Women's Studies Department at University of California at Santa Cruz, on "employment opportunities" for those who major in Women's' Studies: "With a background in women's and minorities' histories and an understanding of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism and other forms of oppression, graduates have a good background for work with policy-making and lobbying organizations, research centers, trade and international associations, and unions. Graduates' knowledge about power relationships and injustice often leads them to choose careers in government and politics, because they are determined to use their skills to change the world..."

I was stunned by the examples Horowitz provided regarding the indoctrination and proselytizing that today poses as education in the "halls of higher learning," and the efforts expended by many professors to inculcate their views in their students. Of course America has its faults, just like any other country. However, many of these professors are entirely ashamed of our country, and believe that America is an evil imperialist, trying to exploit "peace-loving Muslims" (and Muslim terrorists are routinely excused as "freedom fighters"). The words "oppression" and "imperialistic" crop up in their speeches and writings repeatedly. The U of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, who infamously attacked the victims of 9/11, calling them "little Eichmanns," is but one of many.

This book - and the situation that exists in our universities, as related by Horowitz - delivers a devastating indictment of how our "institutions of higher learning" are being run today. I knew that some of this existed, but was shocked by its pervasiveness and the boldness of those who are pursuing their odd and one-sided agenda. It should be read by every American of every persuasion. Whether your bias is Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, please don't listen to the rantings of the bloggers and do NOT judge Mr. Horowitz until you have read this book.

R. Block

Westlake Village, CA
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on February 27, 2007
Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! This book clearly exposes the lefts agenda to use our schools and universities to program future generations to fall in line with thier political and world views. It futher shows how anyone who does not blindly follow the left are targeted and routinely subjected to various attempts at silencing them. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking the truth at what their children are really being taught in school...
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