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on March 30, 2014
We LOVE this. Our home basically looks like it belongs to the baby and he lets us stay here. I love that we can collapse it at the end of the day and reclaim a few feet of adult space.

My fave things about it:
-It collapses and opens easily enough to do it one handed if you're holding your baby.
-It's super easy to pull apart for washing
-You can buy different toys to hang (in packs of 3). We like to rotate the toys out so our baby doesn't get bored.
-We can travel easily with it because it folds up and secures with velcro

We learned quickly that if we put the baby down in it at a diagonal so his feet could kick the base of one of the arches he could shake his own toys. Then we'd just helicopter him around each corner when he started to get bored with the view. So by the time our baby was about 5 weeks old he could entertain himself under this for a good 15 minutes at a time. Now, at 12 weeks, he'll hang out playing with the toys for a half hour or longer. We hang the toys at the high setting when he's laying in it and move them to the low setting (attaching the mirror to the base of one of the arches) to do tummy time. Works like a charm!
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on February 5, 2012
I bought the "boy" version of the gym for my three-month-old girl because I needed a second gym that will be easy to transport when we are visiting family etc. My daughter LOVES it and it became our primary gym. If you are OK with the minor cons described below, this is the best deal around.

- My baby loved playing in it, the colors are wonderful and the toys are cute. She played in it till she was 4.5 months and then continued to play with the toys separately from the gym. It really helped her learn to roll over from her back to the tummy
- Some people complain about the quality but I see no problems. Maybe they had defective models? The surface mat is thick and pleasant, I washed it according to the instructions and it is just fine.
- Easy to assemble. Takes a minute of your time and is sturdy.
- Compared to other models -- very compact when folded. I could take it with me when we go to a place she needs to spend an day with me outside home.
- Lots of ways to hang the toys, two levels, and rings that allow you to hand other toys as well
- Non breakable mirror included
- It is both a pro and a con -- the mat is small (exactly as depicted in the pictures). So if you want something compact for your tiny living room it is perfect. I have no troubles with this.

CONS (in the order I personally consider it as a problem):
- You can wrap the mat around the toys and secure it with the strap. This is a great idea, but for some reason they designed it such that you must wrap the mat such that the upper side of the mat faces OUT -- to the dirt etc, while the side that lies on the floor will face the toys! When I want to transport the gym, I end up wrapping the whole thing in another blanket to protect the mat from the outside world,and place the mat on this blanket so that the bottom side of the mat does not get dirty and then touch the toys when I pack it again.
- It is not as compact as it appears from the picture that shows it folded. I took it with us when we had to stay over night outside home, but would not bring it with me for just an hour at friends, for example.
- The rings design is hard to disassemble. So it takes a few extra minutes to hang or change the position of the toys. A bit annoying.
- The faces of the animals appear only on one side. It is more realistic this way, but if you hang the toy the wrong way (or re-position the baby) the infant cannot see the faces.
- It does not have a musical element but I am personally totally fine with this. Just to let you know -- no musical giraffes as some reviews sate. Nothing on batteries etc.
- The mirror is a non-breakable, bending reflective surface. So the reflection is has an effect of a carnival mirror. But it is safe and still fun.
- The gym arrived without one piece (the pillow) and Amazon allowed me to choose between partial refund or return/exchange of the gym. When I called the company they said they are out of these pillows but said they can send a different pillow that would not match the set, because they are out of these pillows. So they have great customer service and Amazon have generous policy, I just wish they could pack it all together at the first place.
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on November 13, 2016
I think I spent more time researching baby play gyms than I'd like to admit. I needed something big enough to fit two babies, foremost. This gym fit the bill in comparison to some of the round-shaped gyms. The material comes clean easily and doesn't attract pet hair (a big deal for us). The colors ans patterns are pleasing to look at (we went with the "vintage boys" design). The toys are good for sensory purposes. They rattle, crinkle, have rings for pulling, and rubber for teething. There's also a mirror. It's flexible and the reflection is warped, but that's to be expected in a baby toy, I suppose.
I also loved that you can adjust the arms to either a dome or tepee shape. I had considered a considerably more pricey gym just because it resembled a tepee, but am glad I found this instead. My older kids like to drape a light blanket on top when they play with the babies.
Mostly, I like to get this gym was fairly inexpensive. The quality is great, and I don't feel as though anything is lacking based on the price.

Easy to clean material
Toys perfect for sensory purposes
Colors not too "babyish"
Toys can be removed and washed
More/different toys can be added
Arms can adjust to two different styles

Pillow is same slick material as the mat, so it slips out from under a wiggly baby. Could be improved by being attached to the mat.

Arms can be difficult to adjust. It took some time and effort to figure out you have to push down before twisting the lever to release the arms.

Mirror reflection is warped (not a con for us but could be for others)
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on June 13, 2016
A few things I love about this 1) WAY affordable. I almost paid $70 for pretty much the exact same item. 2) BRIGHT AND VIBRANT colors. 3) The toys are super cute and not too rough.

Basically it's a small mat for getting used to tummy time and playing. The bars are adjustable for babies size and etc. You don't even have to attach them if you don't want once they're older. All the toys in the ad are the exact same and have little like paper sounds to most of them which is really great for baby! It was extremely easy to put together. I was worried at first because inside the box the rods were straight and in the picture they're curved, but I didn't break them and barely bent them. 100% easy to move around, it's not too big so I can just take it to my living room, my bedroom, upstairs or downstairs. The toys are also removable (have to put them on individually during set up) so if you want one to put on a stroller or play with you can definitely do so. I got the frog, rainbow looking kind and it doesn't look too boyish at all since we're having a girl.

Few unliked things: I wouldn't place this on a hard floor. Like tile or whatever unless you put a blanket underneath it. It's not thick and cushioned at all. AND I really think the best way to wash it would be to put it in a pillow case so that it doesn't get destroyed (the toys..but the mat can go too). The knob at the top to twist as you adjust is really hard to turn.
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on June 21, 2016
This play mat is adorable and neutral. :) The second I put my 4.5 month old under the toy bars she squealed in excitement and kept looking back and forth at all of the toys. I like that there are ribbons in two positions on the bar so you can hang the toys lower or higher depending on your child's reach. Each of the toys are well-made and have a little surprise (like crinkly ears on the elephant, rings to grab on the monkey, etc) and it really keeps her entertained for 15-20 minutes. Which is a lot for her age, and just enough time for mom to eat a hot meal for once. :) The little pillow is good for sliding under her armpits for tummy time, or propping her head and shoulders up so she can get more overhead reach. Totally recommend this play gym!

The only issue I had with it is the top part. You are supposed to be able to easily click it closed so the bars collapse, but it takes a concerted effort and two hands for me. :/
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on September 8, 2016
This has been a nice play mat but this afternoon my 6 months old son pulled the rings off the elephant (tore the fabric) and shoved a ring all the way in his mouth. He would've choked had it not been for my mother-in-law's awareness and quick action.
Never underestimate the strength of a little one and never, ever assume the parts of an "infant" toy are truly too big to choke on.

UPDATE: our kiddo pulled another one of the animals off; tore the ribbon with which it was attached. We plan to cut the animals off and use our own. He still enjoys watching himself in the mirror and kicking the frame (it has held up remarkably well!) to make the little boy in the mirror laugh.
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on February 5, 2014
This is my second time buying an Infantino Twist and Fold Gym. The first time we got this one: I loved it but thought we were done having babies (surprise!) but didn't want to spend as much on this one this time around since we won't be having more. It was on sale for $24 at the time which is an excellent price compared to the $60+ other ones out there. The colors are a lot nicer than in the stock photos on here. It's easily for a girl or boy. I was debating between the girl version and this one and I went with this one because I know they say bright contrast is good for babies. It's got every color on it (orange, pink, green, blue, purple, red, yellow, black, white, etc) so it's a good mix. The animals are adorable. There aren't any that play music or anything but instead they're like rattles. The mirror is easy to see into and not wonky looking like some. It's very light weight, portable, and folds up easy. The pillow is not attached which is fine with me but wanted to put that out there for others. It is a lot larger than I feel the picture makes it look. Compared to the other one we had, I expected it to be much smaller. I was very very pleasantly surprised at the size... it can be used for a while. Last, the bars and all of the toys unattach so everything can be used separately. The toys can attach on to other things and the bottom can be used as a mat without the bars.
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on October 23, 2014
My child loves this thing. I didn't want to buy one for almost $80 and I saw this one was waaayyyy less expensive. I mean come on, they use it for a couple months at the most.

My child spends time batting the toys, looking in the mirror, and also spends tummy time on the mat. The little pillow for tummy time is a little slippery but it works. The toys that hang are great since they rattle. I will take them off and just let her play with the toys sometimes.

The colors are bright and engaging which is what you want at this age. We have hardwood floors and I have to put a yoga mat underneath this mat though. It isn't padded enough to be on the wood floor. My daughter rolled over and knocked her head on the floor since the mat itself isn't padded.

I would highly suggest this product if you are looking for a little gym for your little one.
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on February 4, 2015
This is probably one of the best baby purchases we have ever made. Having 3 children, we have bought, or inherited, a lot of baby products. There are few that we give 5 stars to and this is one of them. One of the best features is the twist and fold technology, so easy my 4 year old has mastered it. So many baby toys are big, bulky, and always in the way; this one we take out when we need and fold up when we are done. We can also take it anywhere, and because our baby loves this toy its nice that its portable and can travel with us.
It comes with the items shown and you can hang them where you wish, plus there are several other places to hang things, so its easy to make things different for the baby. This also works well to promote tummy time for baby; we were only able to use if for "tummy time" for a short while now our baby just rolls back over.
Great product, soft material, entertaining toys, and soft upward legs (which our baby tends to chew on). This is by far our baby's favorite toy.
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on August 9, 2012
I purchased this activity mat when my baby was 2 months old, and I wish I had purchased this sooner. I've only had it for a few months; hopefully, he'll get a lot of use out of it. This activity mat is not only attractive (I find most activity mats to be too bright and unattractive), but it keeps my baby's attention for awhile. All the toys captivate his attention, especially the toy mirror which can be placed anywhere on the soft bars. This activity mat is also easy to travel with. Two thumbs up from me!

- Attractive and easy to clean mat
- Portable for travel
- Movable mirror toy is awesome and captivates baby's attention
- Easy to assemble
- Hanging/dangling toys can easily be swapped with each other and placed on other areas such as car seats, mobiles, etc.
- Cool way to push down and twist the soft bars to make it curve over the mat

- Smaller than you'd expect
- Pillow can be used for tummy time but it moves around too much
- There is a dangling toy that has two rings on it. Although my baby loves to play with these two rings, I cut one ring off because I feel like it is hazardous. He is able to accidentally squeeze his finger(s) between these two rings and also squeeze parts of his mouth/tongue as well.
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